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Blackmist16's Bio!!!!!

Hello fellow Guild members and random guests and welcome to my bio! I am Blackmist16 and by the looks of it I obviously like Undertale! My favorite character is Papyrus, I also like classic video games like Legend of Zelda, Earthbound, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars!

I have played almost every edition of Dungeons and Dragons, I played Dragon Quest (not the video game), Villains & Vigilantes, Gamma World, Dragon Age the RPG, and Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.

At the moment I am active on the Guild during the week in the daytime in the Pacific Coast time zone, I don't run any threads except for one...

There were two before this one that died but I just wanted to spread the shitposting love!

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Tis quite ironic, and sad.
@Weird Tales

Oh that's sad I was looking forward to this, well I mean it kind of works for me though.
Aster Clement


Interactions: @avorio, and @Weird Tales

Soren seemed to not want to show off his powers for one reason or another but Aster wasn't going to continue on the subject if it bothered Soren. After Soren said that both Aster and Gust would have to see his powers later Aster simply nodded not showing his disappointment.

Aster shrugged in response to Soren's question "I was about to ask you that myself," Aster said "I've got no clue what to do next!" Aster said. Soren seemed like a nice kid, although reserved Aster liked him. Gust would be an entirely different story because Aster still didn't quite understand his half-brother. "This will be interesting" Aster thought.

@Weird Tales

Hey I just made my post I mean I didn't really pay attention I just read through it and noticed you mentioned Aster.
In the land before time, Littlefoot's mom, depressingly enough, died. But he had memes so all was well. Until Megatron laser cannoned the fire nation, destroying many cabbages and causing Littlefoot to become a powerful earth bender after Cera was brutally flung across the ocean. "By the power of Greyskull," the flaming homosexual wombat exclaimed, as he slipped and fell, only to be caught by a hopeless romantic trying to figure out the meaning of extraterrestrial existence in bed. Then he realized that without cheese, he could not feed his grandmother so he bought some power metal, pure cheesy goodness. However, Littlefoot was a metalbender, meaning the power metal could be bent, which would be glorious for Fire Nation. So Littlefoot challenged Megatron to a fist fight aboard the ship shaped like a cabbage. "Help me, Obi-wan!" Megatron cried, heard by a crimson eagle living in your basement furnace. Littlefoot tried to defeat Megatron by singing sweet nothings and tempting him with bacon, which was remarkably effective.

"Littlefoot," Megatron blushes, his metal lips stuck with bits of bacon while dipping some Szechuan sauce, "I surrender to your superior, the legendary Obi-wan Kenobi and his Mighty Morphing Power Rangers." Littlefoot laughed triumphantly and then said, "I am your father." Reaching out, he took Megatron's PC and downloaded Windows 10.

And then Nestor Makhno appeared.

"This! Is! Sparta!" Makhno bellowed, before stroking his mustache excitedly.

"If you say so, kid." Littlefoot replied, teleporting behind him before placing his hands on his shoulders to warmly embrace Megatron. Makhno, meanwhile, welcomed them both by performing an RKO outta nowhere. Littlefoot was stunned, but Megatron was impressed by his outstanding skillset.

"So tell me," said the man in the mirror, now twirling his hair

"No" Littlefoot unholstered his gat and immediately opened fire on his little toes by accident. Thus proving that a good set of fingers was required when you have little toes.

Makhno declared, "We must go bowling at Barney's Bowl-O-Rama. Now."

Littlefoot agreed, so they left. With all the haste of a coursing river.

Once there, Makhno spotted the Red Army. "Do you cheeki breeki, сука?"

The Red Army fired at the man in the mirror. Megatron saw this and laughed. A Tank rolled up and Makhno cried, "TANKIES!" in alarm. An Missile landed about eight inches, detonating Megatron's mechanical wiener. He needed a replacement right wiener, for two wasn't enough. The mission impossible theme started playing, and everyone started dancing the chicken dance. When winter did not come after dancing, the conga line to a white walker banquet was formed. In the end, many things applauded the Red Army & Makhno for taking a joke. Megatron cried, "EW MUST ESCAPES HERE FASTLY". But in the end, it returned to random dancing again. Optimus Prime punched Megatron in his pair of tits. Darkness rapidly approached the two, and consumes them, transporting them as Littlefoot committed Seppuku honorably. Until a Angel tried to play Sonic R on Playstation. The Spirit of Littlefoot went to bukake party. Utilizing a new semen body, he breaks the ice by using an ancient, mystical technique. That destroys the world as Megatron's new wiener launched to space reignited the passion of love before exploding on everyone's faces. Sephiroth arrived on the scene with an oversized magnifying glass, triggering mutation in Megatron's hand and making it go limp, which made him a polar bear with chronic depression. Sephiroth magnified the sun and it made the horse with huge tits.

Then SCP-682 arrived and caused the 2nd coming of Yami Yugi, King of games. Seto Kaiba dueled Yugi to a game of Truth or Duel. The answer was obvious they dueled at sunset in the mysterious shadow realm. The Endless Darkness had other ways to turn a man into a girl by shitting them out of it's mouth. It had never realized how orgasmic this could feel, it wanted to cause a anal fissure inside of Cera's pet cat. So it decided to grind unicorns and some dank memes to booty tap dat pussy ass. But then Littlefoot's soul desired sushi rolls, so he opened a portal. Staring back through it was the Decepticon fleet; they immediately dropped this, sick, beat! Cuz nearby, the Beastie Boys were really kickin it old school.

"Sing we must not!", said Yoga, twin brother of Yoda.

Yugi and the Beastie Boys decided to play hopscotch and all died of pulmonary embolisms. But then the unthinkable happened. Half-Life 3 was released, and this of course meant that Gabe Newell became the new doctor, with complimentary companion included. As Elon Musk charged his electric nipple clamps, he fantasised about Gabe Newell in a sexy nightgown in a self driving automobile.

"Ohh Gaben" swooned Elon, with much drool as he continued eating Littlefoot's computer. Yoga & Yoda drove to South Dakota, where Boba & Mona Lisa went to a water park and swam with the pixies.

George Lucas just sat alone, getting smashed with Darth Vader. But then, suddenly, a new Pokemon was found by the Dark Side of the Force, so cute and fluffy that Leonidas had to slay 87 wolves while having unprotected sex with a leprechaun. Truly it was the marvel of dark bondage when Malekith brought out nipple-clamps and seductivly clamped his own nipples. His nipples began secreting tasty...prune juice cocktail, his favorite muffin topped juice for champions of Springfield's old folks home because
Aster Clement


Interactions: @Weird Tales & @avorio

Aster wasn't completely impressed with his relative but he decided to conceal that "Impressive," Aster said with a simple nod, then he crossed his arms "You were gifted with the power of the winds but I was gifted with something different!" Aster said smirking a little, he was happy to show his powers and not conceal them.

Aster lifted a few inches off the ground and uncrossed his arms "I control the power of the stars," Aster said then in a brief flash of light a glowing sword of white appeared in his hands "I can also sort of control gravity but not exactly for long periods of time" Aster was baffled that the first people he met at Olympus were demi-titans but then when he found out that Soren was the son of Gaia he was taken aback.

"That is incredible," Aster said in amazement, Gust also seemed quite curious "You probably have powers that deeply connect you with the Earth I mean thats a given though right?" Aster said
Which this thread also applies to if people want.
@Weird Tales

I can wait.
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