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3 days ago
Current Going to eat pasta now but don't be alfredo I will return!
3 days ago
Ah..nothing like returning to your roots God I love memes & spam pages they go together like Toby Mcguire and Andrew Garfield!
3 days ago
...oh and also eldritch horrors!
3 days ago
Dust's probably right it'll be like ground hog day except a year
4 days ago


Welcome Everyone...


Blackmist16's Bio!!!!!

Hello fellow Guild members and random guests and welcome to my bio! I am Blackmist16 and by the looks of it I obviously like Undertale! My favorite character is Papyrus, I also like classic video games like Legend of Zelda, Earthbound, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars!

I have played almost every edition of Dungeons and Dragons, I played Dragon Quest (not the video game), Villains & Vigilantes, Gamma World, Dragon Age the RPG, and Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.

At the moment I am active on the Guild during the week in the daytime in the Pacific Coast time zone, I don't run any threads except for one...

There were two before this one that died but I just wanted to spread the shitposting love!

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@The Lost Dae

Okay I never used homebrew. I guess it'll be a learning experience!
@The Lost Dae

What homebrew works best for you and the campaign setting? I think warforged are in a book now aren't they? PM me if you have room or for whatever I guess? Anyway your campaign sounds nice!
I haven't had a group in years and necromancer instantly got my attention, still room?
Is constipated whilst in deep thought.
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I find this amusing

The day has come once again my children, the return is nigh for cringe and trash to flow like a tidal wave of pure crap that will wash away the yoke of uncoolness that reigns over our planet!

Post memes my children let them overtake this thread like Shia Lebeouf did to the internet!

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God of the Tank Build.
Banned for glowing to bright.
I'm available again.
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