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Current Getting my second vaccination tomorrow, I'm still going to wear a face mask if I go out regardless of whether I am fully vaccinated or not.
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Beware the shadowy corners, for I am t-posing in the darkness nearby.
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*Is Canadian* Shit totally forgot it was Canada Day.
3 mos ago
Hi? Yes? This is your subconscious speaking. Fucking stop fantasizing about ploughing the AT&T lady and go pay your TV bill.


If it wasn't obvious already I am a very big fan of Undertale, and always will be even all these years after it came out. In a way the game had many messages it was trying to get the player to understand, but I can see I'm getting off track so maybe we should get to talking about me a little more.

I'm in my twenties although I have the maturity of a child at times, and I'm a guy who is straight but funnily people often thought I was gay in high school but not in the mean way. I came here when I was still in school six years ago and the world wasn't as screwed up like it is now, but the funny thing is I actually stumbled upon the guild completely by accident from looking up some stuff about TTRPG's and on a whim I signed up. It was a rocky start here for me as I wasn't able to be online as much due to family issues so I was here sporadically at best.

However in November of 2020 after four months of recovering from surgery I found a way to return to the guild after three years of inactivity, and I don't plan on leaving until I have to but I hope I never have to as this hobby of mine has grown into a sort of passion that has helped me get the interaction I need from my boring life.

I like video games with roleplaying elements and impactfull decisions, which if you have played Undertale or the Witcher you will understand what I'm talking about. I am very interested in joining anything TTRPG related or with any tabletop elements, and have always been a sucker for fantasy genre RP's.

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spiral origin 9 days ago
Potemking 2 mos ago
Come back ya bastard

mantou 6 mos ago
hello stranger-

you greeted me the other day on my welcome thread! today, your statuses caught my attention so I thought I'd just say I hope you're doing alright! please don't be so hard on yourself. you're not as bad you think you are. please do keep on writing and doing what makes you happy.
TGM 6 mos ago
consider this shout tentative
MajorGremlin 6 mos ago
The scientist sets down a plate of "celebratory" spaghetti, with a note: "Kick ass, you glorious GM!"
RainyHigh 6 mos ago
What's Brooklyn 99?
.... Yeah Pimento is just freaking crazy. LOL.
pugbutter 7 mos ago
Do you mean SirPugger? Or someone else? 😁
TGM 7 mos ago
u following me around chief
AnnaWinters 10 mos ago
You do seem familiar
KatherinWinter 10 mos ago
Maybe next year I'll try again. None of use are good when we start.
Gunther 10 mos ago
Love the status. I'm all outta bubblegum.
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