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Hello Everyone. Welcome to my page. Feel free to call me Ms. Winters Or Major Winters. Most people do. I have been with the guild over three years now. I have many RPs and 1x1s. Feel free to take a look. I am 38 (Yes I know I am older than most). I am an online college student going for my masters in marriage and family counseling. I have been happily married for 16 years. I have two gremlins. I love to read. Feel free to connect with me visa facebook I like chatting with Guild friends although I don't turn it on often anymore. Not enough time.

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do we want to skip to the weekend? or do you want them to ask each other a few questions first?
"No ones complained about the magazines but I suppose we can get them updated." Roxy answered. Those who stayed usually used their phones to stay occupied. "Amazon can deliver that kind of stuff in a day or two. Add whatever you think might work to the cart. I'll look at it later." She doubted that anyone would care but getting a subscription or couldn't hurt.

Roxy cursed when there was a tap on the door. She stormed towards the door. Why couldn't people read the damn sign. It had first grade level words. Annoyance quickly switched to anger when she saw who was at the door. She unlocked the door. "Follow me." She growled as she slammed the door shut and locked it. She didn't want to talk in front of Devika. "This won't take long." She assured the other woman.
I am looking for people to RP with. I consider myself a decent writer but it depends on my partner. See the samples for an idea of my average posting length. I can do MxM, FxF, or MxF. I am open to almost any idea. My ideas are flexible and can be tweaked in altos of ways depending on the characters. Want to do a teacher/student with shapeshifter, sure. Want to do the beast/slave but don't want to be a slave, be thief instead. Feel free to use your imagination. I like the story to write itself so the plots are a little vague. I am tentatively trying Casual. I can do three paragraphs. Here are mine plots:


























I think this is a good place to end the meeting unless you can think of something else.
"So you gave up." Roxy stated as she continued her inventory. She couldn't imagine accepting having no choice. She had fought her whole life to have choices. She refused to accept the path set for her. But she knew her experience wasn't the same as other people's. It was possible that Devika had a valid reason for not wanting to think about the what ifs. "You could start a blog or a channel on going from isolation to normal life. Theh might have been done but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. Your experience isn't the same as someone else's." She looked at the other woman when Devika asked her about the shop. "Yes this is something that I've always wanted."
"I doubt you would find it very interesting. Have you ever thought about what you would want to do once you returned to society?" Roxy asked as she made her way to the inventory wall. She climbed onto a ladder to reach the top bins. Surely Devika had something she wanted to do. Didn't everyone have a dream or goal. Whatever it was that the other woman had wanted to do was now possible. Roxy's only goal had been a free independent life. Which she sort of had. She knew that having an anchor would endanger the life she had built. She expected one of her father's men to show up any minute to make demands. Maybe by keeping the shop closed they could put that off a few days but she doubted it.

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