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Current Things are really slow right now.
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Internet limited until Tuesday. Will post when I can.
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I HATE moving!!!!!!
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Moving day
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I am getting really tired of people dropping RPs and 1x1 without saying a word. Especially when they are still replying to others. Thats just RUDE!


Hello Everyone. Welcome to my page. Feel free to call me Ms. Winters Or Major Winters. Most people do. I have been with the guild over three years now. I have many RPs and 1x1s. Feel free to take a look. I am 38 (Yes I know I am older than most). I am an online college student going for my masters in marriage and family counseling. I have been happily married for 16 years. I have two gremlins. I love to read. Feel free to connect with me visa facebook I like chatting with Guild friends although I don't turn it on often anymore. Not enough time.
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In The Breeds 5 hrs ago Forum: Free Roleplay

@medalliah@Kit DewStein@Helo@King Tai
"We're allowed to team up to certain extent." Roxy answered. It was hard to explain but she tried. "There will be all kinds of tests. Some will be mental, some physical and some will be based on the abilities of the animals we have been combined with. Let's say I go first. It looks like the first test is a physical one. I am most likely going to fail. But I have to try. Once I have tried and failed then anyone else in the group in allowed to help. But we all have to atleast try to do the test. Imagine how much fun that will be when we get to the flying test."

@LadyinInk, @KatherinWinter, @FreeElk, @Simple Unicycle, @Raptra, @bloonewb, @KahleenCuthald, @King Tai, @ineffable, @FalkiThomas, @HumanMusic, @SantosGabriel77, @DriveEMOut, @Raccoon Eyes
Roxy nodded. She never knew how to handle Annie. She had never known her mother so having the other woman act like one, or atleast like some she had seen, confused the hell out of her. Kindness wasn't something she was used to. She didn't understand how Annie had gotten involved with the darker side of the world. The older woman didn't seem the type. But she wasn't the type to snoop. She wasn't going to share her story so she couldn't expect others to share theirs.

"It's going to get louder once everyone gets here Reeve either deal with it or take a break until the meeting is over. I don't care which. But I am not about to whisper when I have so many people to talk at once." Roxy snapped at the scientist. She didn't understand Reeve anyone more than she did Annie. The man was crazy smart. Or just crazy she wasn't sure which. All she knew was that everything he did was well beyond her.
@FreeElk It's fine and I sort of thought that was what Annie meant but I don't like to assume things so I just wanted to double check.
@The Jest @EurmalEye @HumanMusic @Silverstein @AllHollowsEve @knifeman

Griffin was completely and totally frustrated. But dealing with his anger was another reason the higher ups wanted him working with others. That way if he last control they could take over. Not that he would lose control. His anger and aggression might be higher than most but he knew how to control them. He had never lost control but the higher up weren't the type to take chances. They wanted to make sure there was someone who could take him out if the need ever arose.

He stormed to the stairs. The others were welcome to take the elevator but he didn't handle enclosed spaces well and he was already struggling. He saw no reason to add to it. Plus the stairs would give him time to calm down. Which he needed to do before whatever crap the higher ups wanted them to do before sending them out to actually do some work.
@FreeElk I have to ask what Annie means by her comment to Roxy.
Once Jess was done with her breakfast Roxy headed down the stairs. It was weird to have someone with her. She had been alone since she was sixteen. She didn't know how to live with someone. Her life had never been normal. She had never had a sister or friend that could have taught her how to interact with the empath. She was just guessing. Hoping that she wasn't making the other woman too uncomfortable.

She made her way to the doors and unlocked the regular door before going over and opening the metal bay doors. Then she headed over to the desk that she rarely used. Once she reached it Roxy turned to Jess. "I am not a good record keep. The desk is full of invoices and receipts. There are note everywhere about inventory. Hopefully you can sort it out. Most of my customers are the rough sort but they shouldn't give you any trouble."

@SantosGabriel77 do you realize that you just made my character incompetent?
@Raptra you should ask @FreeElk. It's her character'stavern. But I imagine more than one entrance
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