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Current I think I am losing my touch.
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Wishing things would pick up.
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I know RPs are Fantasy but that doesn't mean that we can ignore all logic.
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I need a punching bag.
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Struggling. Really need some Rps to take my mind off things.


Hello Everyone. Welcome to my page. Feel free to call me Ms. Winters Or Major Winters. Most people do. I have been with the guild over three years now. I have many RPs and 1x1s. Feel free to take a look. I am 38 (Yes I know I am older than most). I am an online college student going for my masters in marriage and family counseling. I have been happily married for 16 years. I have two gremlins. I love to read. Feel free to connect with me visa facebook I like chatting with Guild friends although I don't turn it on often anymore. Not enough time.
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Sorry it's so late.
Griffin woke up as the sun started to set. He made his way to the shower while he decided what to drink. He usually started the night with bagged blood just because it was easier. He decided he needed live blood by the time he finished showering.

He was in the middle of getting dressed when his phone rang. He listened to the update on the situation. He thought the agents mostly had the demon case under control. Which allowed him to handle the new situation. The new situation didn't sound serious but definitely fit under their umbrella.

He was told that another agent would be meeting him at the scene. Griffin wasn't thrilled at the idea of working with someone else. He was a loner. But the agency was pushing teamwork. Which meant that he had to adapt or stop working for the agency. As much as he disliked admitting it he needed the agency.
Roxy didn't bother looking around as she crossed the street. She didn't need to see the eyes on them to know they were there. She didn't want to see them. It would only piss her off. Anger was the last thing that Jesse needed. She kept her eyes on the cafe. She needed her strength to get through this. She opened the door to the cafe for Jess.

"Get something you will actually eat this time. You're going to be need it." Roxy told the empath. It was her job to look after the empath and she was going to do the best she could. Making sure Jess eat enough was simple enough. Roxy didn't even look at the menu. She didn't need to. She got into the line. She hoped that Jess would be able to eat. She buried emotions as deeply as she could. She was trying to give the empath as much of a break as she could.
@Blueflame I'm a little surprised. I was expecting something else. He didn't do anything but leave a trail of ooze... but I guess that is something our guys would investigate. I'll post tomorrow.
@FalkiThomas@Sleeth@GingerBoi123@King Tai@Raptra
A new noble moving into the city stirred a lot of interest. The man who bought one of the biggest house in the noble district. There was alot of mystery around his arrival. It was strange how little was know about him. But since none of his family lived in the city people figured it would only be a matter of time before they knew as much about him as they did everyone else.

Although rumors had it that the Black Widow had been taken out there was no confirmation of the kill. No one was taking credit. Was it possible that she had started to rumor to get the captain of the city guards off her trail. Most agreed that didn't seem her style. If someone else had killed her why weren't they taking the credit it? A kill like that would boost anyone reputation. So most thought it was a lie. But no one could agree on why.
@Blueflame If you have Mason start causing mischief than @Searat and I can respond to the new situation.
Hours passed without much progress. Michael and Henry found little at Sage's house. She hadn't gone there. Neither of her parents had heard from her. They spent more time blaming each other than trying to help Michael and Henry find anything. The girl's room held a few clues. They would find several books on demonology. Some were the real deal which would raise questions as to how a girl from a non-magical family had gotten ahold of the books.

Jericho would learn that Sage had few friends. They would tell him that she had felt alone and like she had no control of her life. Her parents rarely acknowledged her since her brother's accident. They had tried to help but Sage had withdrawn into herself and had refused to allow them to be there for her.

Curwen would find several books checked out to Sage. Some were the type expected of a girl her age. Others were a little unusual. She had checked out several on theories on the occult. Unfortunately the school didn't have any actually magical or occult books so any information that Sage had gotten from them might not be accurate.
Roxy snorted. "Don't thank me for that. It was nothing." The man had been a jerk but he hadn't been a threat. She had learned to stand up to people like him when she was a kid. It hadn't taken any effort on her part. "Fine we will get soup. Let's go." She wasn't hungry but she knew she needed to eat. She needed to keep her strength. She headed back to the door so they could go to the cafe. With any luck nothing else would happen for a few days.

Not that it mattered when they came back. She knew that they would be back. Her freedom was gone. She would have to find a way to build a new life. It wasn't the first time she had to start over. It wasn't likely to be the last. Life changed. She would figure it out in time. She waited for Jess to finish whatever she was doing on her phone before unlocking the door.

She wasn't worried about who Jess was talking to or what she was saying. There was no point in worry about it. She couldn't control the empath any more than she could control anything else. Stressing about it would only add to the problems she already had rather than solving anything.
I am going to post again but not much will happen. I don't want to push the day too much with people talking.
@Searat I'll see what I can do.

@Blueflame It will be evening. Sun is setting.
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