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Hello Everyone. Welcome to my page. Feel free to call me Ms. Winters Or Major Winters. Most people do. I have been with the guild over three years now. I have many RPs and 1x1s. Feel free to take a look. I am 45 (Yes I know I am older than most). I am an online college student going for my masters in marriage and family counseling. I have been happily married for 22 years. I have two gremlins. I love to read. We started a YouTube channel to share our randomness.
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Roxy watched for signs that they were being followed. Luckily she didn't see anyone tailing them. She hoped they had been able to get enough of a lead to get out of town without being see they might be able to figure out the next step. She honestly didn't think going to the police would do any good. Maybe someone higher but she didn't know who she could trust. Her father had connection everywhere. Maybe there wasn't a way to guarantee her freedom. Maybe she would have to look over her shoulder forever. But she had to try. She could allow him to force her back into his world. She had earned her freedom and she was going to keep it.

"We'll try the second on. It wouldn't be the first time I went to the bathroom outdoors." She told him as she changed lanes. The second was risky. They would be a lot easier to see but it would also be easier to spot someone trailing them. They wouldn't stop at the first place they came to. They needed a big city so they could ble d into the crowd.
Roxy ignored Wyn's comment. For her chips aren't really a snack. Especially when all they were eating was a sandwich. She paid cash for their food before heading to the van. She got into the driver's seat. She put her seat belt on then opened her pop. She set it in the pop holder than started the van.

Once he was in she headed towards the edge of town. "Make yourself useful and pull up Google maps. We need a way our of town and we can't take any of the major roads." Her father would have people there before long. He knew she would try to get out of his area of influence. His influence here wasn't as strong but he had enough connections to find them given time.
"To go would probably be best." Roxy acknowledged. It would be easier. The sooner they left the better. It wouldn't take her father's men long to figure out where they went. The city was a good place to lose them. If they could make it out of town without a tail they might have a chance. She wished she had a destination but right now getting out of town was her current goal. After that she could figure things out.

"Let's grab a sandwich and a something to drink." Rocy started looking at the sandwiches. She settled on a roast beef sandwich. She grabbed a grape soda out of the cooler and a bag of chips. Then headed for the register to wait Wyn.
Roxy ignored her hostage. Although she supposed he wasn't much of a hostage anymore. She didn't know what to call him now. She supposed it didn't matter. He was a complication. She didn't know how to handle him. She didn't have much experience with people. She hadn't interacted with many people the last few years. She would figure it out she had always been good at adapting.

When she finished filling the van, Roxy headed inside. She roamed through the aimless looking at the options. They should get real food rather than junk food. She'd ask Wyn what he wanted she decided as she headed to the bathroom. She took care of her business before washing her hands. She ran her fingers through her short black hair. Then she took a deep breath and headed back to the store.
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