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Happy Valentines Day bump.

Hey there! I'll make this to the point: I'm looking for some Dragon Ball Z smut with a canon x OC leaning, be it more balanced and story-driven or more deserving of this disclaimer (we can discuss specific smutty proclivities in private). For this reason, I'm requiring all characters be written/played as 21 years old (if they aren't already older). As for RP medium, I'm mainly looking to play over E-mail.

If the above had you make this face (and I won't blame you if so)...
...then I don't think this would appeal to you. I apologize for wasting your time and hope you have a lovely day.

The Essentials
I'm equally open to short-term lines and long-term lines (if we mesh and are both amendable to it, of course). One to four paragraphs in the 3rd-person POV (past tense) is my general post average. Some past writing samples are viewable on this page. Fairly lighthearted lines with heaping helpings of humor/comedy, adventure and action (both for my personal taste and in keeping with the Dragon Ball universe as a whole) is what I'm after; I'll pass on self-serious darkness (I like how Ursula LeGuin (RIP) puts it here), gratuitously grimdark/tryhard "misery porn" (everything's unceasingly cynical/rapey/awful Dickensian-level suck, and everyone's an amoral sociopath with more issues than Sports Illustrated), and aggressively miserable/abrasive "2darknedgy4u!" types who brandish their solitude and angst like a weapon at every opportunity.

I like partners that take some pride in their writing; I'm certainly not flawless and don't demand perfection, but I put clear solid effort in my posts and like to see partners doing the same. (That only applies for the actual RP; OOC, I’m cool with any quirks you have OOC.) One-liners, consistently bad grammar, and painfully sloppy/lazy/error-riddled posts just kill my personal immersion. Please also be generally friendly, open to OOC chunnering and shooting the breeze. I greatly enjoy spazzing with partners over RPs and chatting on about headcanons, sharing character-reflective music and whatnot, and building some sort of rapport. (Your RL gender is a non-factor to me regarding compatibility.)

Having a shamelessly sappy/fluffy streak towards romance, I would prefer a relationship not be the line's main source of conflict (give me something like this), and I'd also rather avoid romanticizing/fetishizing abuse. Just because things can get pretty intense in a sparring session--or, erm, other arenas--doesn't mean it has to become sadism or flat-out brutal malice; certainly there can still be some form of affection and warmth. (Basically, if it's something our characters just need a good long rest or a Senzu Bean to heal from, it's fine; if it's something requiring divine intervention by Super Shenron, I'll likely pass.)

I'm fine with getting/giving a reply every 1-5 days (I won't "poke" you unless I haven't heard from you in a week). If we need to put the line on brief hiatus for whatever reason (professional/personal life getting crazy, not feeling inspired at the moment, etc.), just let me know. That said, if ten days pass without any reply/update/note from you (even a "Life's getting crazy; I'll respond ASAP"), I'll assume the line's done and close up (digital) shop. But if you just want to end the line for whatever reason (you're no longer feeling it, personal/professional obligations have piled up, the thought of RPing with me any further makes you envy the blind, whatever), just let me know; it is what it is. And no heavy explanation is needed; "Life is kicking my ass right now; I need to put this on hold"or “I'm not feeling this anymore” will more than suffice.

I admit looking to play an OC of mine within this setting, a Saiyan warrior-monk and iron chef named Razini. Being a wanderer and freelancer (the closest things Saiyans have to a wandering monk-errant), he could play a number of roles: Chef to one of the Supreme Kais (or even a God of Destruction), diplomat from Universe 6, your classic wandering warrior looking to sharpen his skills (physical or energy), being in the wrong place in the wrong time and mistaken as an enemy, whatever. I'd love for a partner to play one of the following DBZ/Super characters opposite Razini, be it straight canon or things being AU (I have some potential ideas and plot bunnies prompts for many of them):

  • Android 18 (particularly desired)
  • Android 21
  • Bulma
  • Chi-Chi
  • Caulifa
  • Female!Frieza
  • Female!Zamasu
  • Kale
  • Kefla (particularly desired)
  • Videl
  • Zangya

Razini's general bio is viewable in the below spoiler (and brownie points for you if you get the clan references within and where they are from, minus the need for blood).

So if this appeals to you, please don't post directly on this thread. (If you do, I likely won't reply.) Instead, please PM me with all of the following:
What specifically drew your interest
A small RP writing sample or a link to one
(this helps us see if we'd mesh as well as shows confidence; if you don't provide one, I'll most likely pass)
RP pet peeves and dealbreakers you have (so I don't unintentionally grind your gears)
Anything else you think is relevant or I should know

But if you decide we wouldn't mesh, then I hope you have a wonderful day!
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