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And now, from my video game music collection...

"The Order That Must Be Protected"-Dissidia Final Fantasy
"Korobeinik"-Tetris (Theme A remix by Intense Symphonic Metal Cover)
"Saxophone Under the Moon (Yagami Team Theme)"-King of Fighters XIV OST
"Agatio and Karst Theme"-Golden Sun: The Lost Age (orchestral arrangement by TandA)
"Asgore, the Fallen King"-Undertale (remix by NyxTheShield)
"The Devil's Swing"-Bendy and the Ink Machine (glitch swing remix by The Musical Ghost)
"French Lady (Charlotte's Theme)"-Samurai Shodown 2019
"11th Street (Theme of Terry Bogard)"-Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition AST
"Knuckles Unknown from M.C. (Unknown from M.E.)"-Sonic Adventure 2 (remix by Jose the Bronx Rican)
"Secret Circumstances (Vanessa's Theme)"-King of Fighters XIV OST
Just passing through with a hopeful Friday bump!

I came across this webpage "I Write Like" which will, upon being given some text or writing, ascertain which famous writer you most resemble in style. Using two recent posts, I apparently write like JK Rowling and Stephen King. Any one care to try it out?
"I'm Not the Only One"-Sam Smith (In the Lonely Hour)
"The Man"-Aloe Blacc (Lift Your Spirit)
"Heart"-Kenichiro Nishihara feat. Substantial (Humming Jazz)
"The Million Way of Drum"-Nujabes (Impression)
"Scorpion Tail (Inherit Remix)"-Incise feat. Need Not Worry (Nobody's Story)
"Flower Dance"-DJ Okawari (Kaleidoscope)
"Only One"-Cradle Orchestra feat. Need Not Worry (Velvet Ballads)
"Venator Ballare (Official Invitation Team)"-SNK Playmore (King of Fighters XIV OST)
"Spectacular Rival"-George Ezra (Wanted on Voyage)
"Think Different"-Nujabes feat. Substantial (Metaphorical Music)
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