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Current Sun Killer, sing me to sleep.
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You forgot one thing: Jokes have to be funny.
14 days ago
vWith my new job responsibilities, you very likely won't see me around much.
19 days ago
That feeling when your boss announces his departure, and you're practically the only sane choice to replace him.
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27 days ago
I haven't had a cold in almost two years. Thank God for masks! XD


A guy in his twenties who's been doing this waaaaay too long. Central time-zone, if you care about that sort of thing. Any questions should be submitted in writing.

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Contacted! And I'm still looking!
Hello, folks. I'm back after a lengthy hiatus, and I'm looking specifically for something set in the Soul Eater universe -- preferably after the events of the anime/manga.

It is not required for you to have read/watched both series. There is a wiki for that. You must be able to provide more than one paragraph per post and be of at least a 'casual' writing level. Being able to reply more than once per day is a plus, but I understand that life can and will get in the way. This will be taking place either over PM or on Discord; it's your choice.

I'll lead off by making it clear that romance is optional. If you want that type of thing -- either to feature or be something more under the surface/implied -- I will gladly accommodate you. Let me know at the outset if that's what you're gunning for. Just know that I can only play MxF competently. Any other pairings are not quite my forté. Furthermore, I will only play out romance scenes (if so desired) with someone over the age of eighteen. I shouldn't have to have that disclaimer, yet here we are.

Now for a general framework of what I'm looking for. We will play as opposite sides of a Demon Weapon/Meister partnership. It doesn't matter to me which one I play, as I have character ideas for both. It's ultimately your decision. As for additional characters, we can determine who is playing whom as we go. Overall, I'm more looking for a Death Scythe/Elite Meister partnership. Perhaps one or both of them teach at the DWMA, or they are assigned to one of the foreign branches. Something like that. What's important is that they are just now being paired together at the start of our story. The circumstances surrounding that are up for our discussion, as are the kinds of threats our characters will be facing off against.

Yes, I know Lord Death vowed never to hunt witches or create Death Scythes ever again, but we can either pretend that part didn't happen or come up with some reason as to why the policy had to be reversed. Evil never sleeps, after all.

If you'd like to suggest anything different from what I've outlined above, please do so. These are by no means meant to be a list of demands. The only thing I'm hesitant to do is play as minors attending the DWMA, given the potential subject matter. You'll have to be really convincing for me to engage in that, and there will undoubtedly be restrictions on the content involved.

If you've made it this far, we're probably going to get along. If you're looking for personal info regarding yours truly, it's available in my bio.
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