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Current True that. It is very easy on the eyes and I hope it never changes that.
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Will reply to all my remaining rp's tomorrow.
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And the violence causes Silence, who are we mistaken! - Zombie - Cranberries / Bad Wolves (Awesome cover) It's still the same in 2020
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I have two longer posts. To those 2 people I haven't replied to yet. I haven't forgotten. Will post tomorrow for a decent reply
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I actually have wondered that as well Turtoise.


After a long absence, I decided to return. Hoping to find partners again, or to reconcile with the ones that I had. Oh and I live in Belgium, so my timezone is quite a bit different. And don't be afraid to contact me after looking through my interest check

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To Artemis it all had been very strange, a week ago she had been alone, thinking she was going to die of being alone or killed by other humans. That she would have taken her life or slowly would have turned mad from being on her own the whole time. And now, she stood in a room that had a bed hanging from the ceiling, far larger than what she was used to seeing and she was floating in space. It was all so strange and she barely could wrap her head around it all, she was in a spaceship surrounded with aliens and she never had felt so safe.

Even when there was clear dislike from some, they never once had a murderous glare, most were curious about the human that was with them. They all gave her the benefit of the doubt and when they were led to the room. She tried to understand what they were talking about. Wanting to ask him why there was only one bed. The said warrior had a bigger thing on his forehead and to her he seemed far more dangerous because of it.

Only to let out a sigh of relief that he wasn’t leaving her, only to notice that there wasn’t really a room where she could change. She looked at him and gave him a small smile. “Too bad there is no window to look outside. I barely had time to look at space.” She said as she then looked back at the door. There were many noises and to her it seemed really strange, she wasn’t used to it all and it made her feel uncertain.

“It is strange to me, your kind is nonviolent. Almost nothing on earth is nonviolent.” She said as she then looked at him. “And then there is your kind. Even when they do not trust me, they… allow me in here… give me a room.” She said as she moved her hand through her own hair. “Just for a bit of peace and food, I think a lot of humans would be willing to see the good. But still I don’t trust my kind to keep peace.” She said as she then moved to grab her tablet. Deciding to show him the video that her kind had made. Avatar, the one with the aliens that were more kind that her kind could ever be.

She then moved to him as she smiled, knowing that she had a powerbank and that it would easily last a week even when showing him a bit of a movie. “I could show you the movie I talked about. How I see humans. To show what they would do if they ever got into space.” She said as it was clear it made her sad. She wasn’t proud of her kind and she felt more at home when she was with aliens in a ship. Still there were so many things that she didn’t know and it made her feel like she was out of place, how would she ever think she could have a place among them?

His kind was all that she wished humanity was like and she didn’t know what she could do to make herself feel better. “I want to learn your language. I won’t be as fast as you. But it would be nice to understand what they are saying.” She said as she then wondered if he even would want to see the movie, would he even want to be near her.
Artemis didn't even move at first as the other male gave her a command and then moved his finger. She knew that they weren't going to hurt her, but she wasn't going to let them take her away from Drei, she felt safe with him and he put her at ease. Only to feel his hand on her back, instantly her body responded by raising the hairs on her neck. This wasn't in fear, but a whole other emotion. Her heard was beating faster as she looked at the others of his race. They didn't look all that different, but enough to see that each one was different.

Looking back at Azdrei'in and giving him a sweet smile. "I think I'm more safe here then I ever was on earth," she said as she then moved to follow the other male that clearly was another male warrior. Making sure to stay silent as she didn't want them to think that she knew his language. Only to look to the side and her eyes opening wide as she could see the ship look out upon space. She stopped moving as she started at the nebula that was in the distance. Only to see the other planets as a smile formed on her lips.

It was clear that she was distracted by everything that was happening. Only to hear him speak again and starting to walk again. Looking around the halls that were of the same metal of the rest of the ship. Everywhere where she walked, she could see the looks of his kind, trying her hardest to look as innocent as possible. Noticing that she only ever saw adults. "Are there no children?" she asked as she then noticed a woman that stood in the hallway, she was elegant and she could see that they were much taller than her.

She couln't help but stare, she was tiny and shapeless compared to those women and she realized that she was caught looking. Instantly she wanted to hide, but instead she tried to say the words that he had learned her. "S’dei dra jina Artemis" she said as she stumbled a bit on those words. Only to look back at Drei. "I probably said something else Azdrei'in?" she asked as she felt so out of place. What was she doing on that bloody spaceship?

She had noticed the looks that her saying those words had gotten quite a few stares and she just wanted to hide. But she didn't, she just moved her eyes to look around at the ship as she realized they were walking for a while in what seemed like a long hallway. Only to follow the other warrior.
Artemis couldn't believe all this was happening and that she really was up in space, she felt joy and safety now that she wasn't on her own planet anymore. Those years of survival had made it hard to relax and so she was happy it had happened once more. That she could just enjoy the moment without worry of what would happen. Truth to be told, she soon would meet the rest of his kind and that made her very nervous. She didn't know what they were like and she was terrified that they would change her mind about her.

"Humans are smart and aware of our aggression. One very smart human called Stephen Hawking once said that space exploration was the future for humanity if we were able to control our aggression. If not that said aggression would be our downfall. And he was right." she simply said as she had seen the way he responded about the movie. She wondered if she could ever show their kind what the problem was for the humans, that they could make sure it wouldn't be their downfall. She wanted her species to become better, to be surviving, and thriving like his kind.

"The pulling down is a force called gravity. At least that is what we call it," she said with a smile. "We don't know how to control it so we fought against it to make our ships go into space. With huge controlled explosions. Elon Musk was a man that made electric cars and he made the first rockets that went to space and actually landed back on earth." She said as she then chuckled. "Must look like a silly thing to you now," she said as she then watched as they moved towards the hatch. The ship opening itself up as he went through some barrier, one of his kind stood there, he looked tiny at first as he moved his hands to make it clear where he should land.

Her eyes wide with wonder as she made sure to hold on to his chair as she wondered how bad the landing would be. Somehow it all was calmer as she then looked at him with a smile. not thinking about how much air would be on the ship, they seemed to be alike in that way after all. She didn't even think about the sicknesses they would have on the ship, it was something she was aware of, but she figured it all was controlled. Only to feel nervous as the ship landed, realizing that there was far less sound than she expected. Only the barking of commands as she moved to grab her suitcase.

As the door to the pod opened, she looked into the spaceship, as a leaner looking male of his kind was standing close to the ship. He was the one that was just shifting boxes and he couldn't help but look at the human that was on the pod. Artemis then gave him a small smile and a wave as she tried to be nice, only to have him look away and get back to the working. It was only a few moments before another came out, it seemed he was closer to a warrior as he was broader like Azdrei'in. She then moved to get behind him, as she didn't know what he would do.
Artemis was glad that he was honest about the idea of her getting sick. Only to laugh at his attempt at a joke. “Did you just tell a joke?” she asked with a beautiful smile as she looked back at his face. Only to quickly turn to look back outside of the window. Why was it that she felt an attraction to him, was she really deprived of touch so much that her body mistook it for something more? It made no sense to her. “I’ll try not to throw up.” She said with a smile before she watched the spaceship take off.

“Most predators hunt at dusk or twilight. Lions hunt during the day, making sure to hide in grass and such.” She said as she smiled at him. Always loving the images in his head “Actually your planets looks a lot like a movie we made. I’ll show it to you.. it’s a story. Showing how evil humans are.” She said as she always had loved that movie. “Deer.. if you shine a light in their eyes they freeze.” She said as she wanted to tell him about the fact that predators had different ways of hunting.

Her eyes moving to the light on his skin as she almost went to touch it, only to keep herself from doing it at the last moment. “Your planet is beautiful. A lot of trees.” Only to gasp at how fast they were moving up in the air. Her eyes showing her excitement as she then leaned forward a bit to try and look at the ground. “This is amazing.” She said as it was clear it was a wonder to her.

“It is so silent. Human spacecrafts are very loud.” She said as the craft stopped. Somehow she wasn’t even sick, she just had felt the push of G-forces like it would be in the space mountain at Disney land. But without being pushed back.

“Yes, I’m ready” she said as she turned to look up at him, she barely had seen him when his skin was glowing, and it made him look even more beautiful. A smile on her lips as she then moved so she wouldn’t fall off as the craft would move again. Making sure to tighten her core muscles as her breath was taken away when he let her go in space.

Instantly the pressure on her body was gone, barely even thinking as she stood up and moved to the side as she looked at the earth. “Oh, my.. God.” She said as she looked at her planet from the window. Her eyes then moving around as she started laughing. Looking at the starts as she then realized she could even see Mars. “That’s Mars…” she said as she smiled back at him. It was then that the craft moved, and her eyes widened at the mere size of his spaceship. Moving as close to the window as she could.

It was the same metal as his craft, only many times larger. How was it that she hadn’t seen it from the earth itself? Her mouth agape as she stared at the thing. Tears forming as she was mesmerized. Goosebumps rising on her skin as she watched the craft move closer. Only to realize then that she was going to be the only human on a ship filled with aliens that were sent to kill her species.

Her heart was beating fast in excitement as she then looked at him confused. “Why aren’t we floating?” she asked as she was in space. “We should float in space. No gravity.” She said as she realized she could still stand on her own two legs. She felt a lot lighter, but she still was standing. Had they found a way to harness gravity?
Can I also add the next part of the trip, when she feels good enough? Or would you think that is controlling?
It took all of her willpower not to jump up and down and clap like a child when she realized she was going up in space, granted it would just be outside of the earth but it was like a dream come true. She was going to go where she never thought she would go and she was eager. Even if it meant going to the ruined city. She didn't want to see the other humans and she certainly didn't want to watch as one got killed, she knew they were feral and her mind told her to stay clear of those.

"Oh, like Hello, good morning, good evening, good night," she said with a smile as she tried to understand what he was trying to tell her. Deciding to try the foreign words on her lips. "S’dei dra jina Artemis" she said as she tried her best to mimic it. Her voice wasn't used to the throatier sounds of his language, so it sounded a lot softer than how he made it sound. Smiling the whole way towards the ship.

When the ship had come into view, she was mesmerized, her hand over the smooth surface as she then looked back at him with the joy even evident in her eyes. Before, there had been worry and fear, since she had been surviving for so long. Now she was just enjoying the moment, only to feel him move behind her. The spaceship making sounds that were far softer than what she had expected and gasping as she walked inside. "You were looking at the birds and the trees like that. I always thought space travel was a dream," she said as she looked at all the dials and lights. Only to look around the small vessel "You know, this is more like a pod, a smaller one that is part of a larger ship. For scouting." she said as she smirked. "At least humans got that idea in movies," she said before she realized she would have to sit on his lap.

She made sure her dress was pulled down, her suitcase had been sucked to the ship itself and so she gently moved to get on his lap. Making her realize that he was much taller than she had in her head. His body was warm and smooth as if his skin was more that of leather like a snake. Though she avoided touching his bare skin and tried her hardest not to let her skin turn red. Making sure to make herself comfortable while trying not to get in his way.

Her eyes looking in front of her as she realized she would be able to see the ship take off. Turning in his lap so she was facing the window. "I'm going to space," she said as she was smiling widely, her heart beating faster as she wondered what it was like. Only then to wonder how bad the G-forces were going to be. "Can I get sick? Like from the ship moving," she said as she tried to ask if she could get motion-sick. She was terrible with boats, but even then she was excited.

"You know, I know this beautiful place called the grand canyon. I think you might like it, or the Amazon forest," she said as she could see all the possibilities of the ship. She could show him so many things. "Or the pyramids. Earth has a lot of beautiful places."
That indeed would be interesting. And maybe even some male that is seen as highly attractive by the standards of his kind. But she is just being nice to them. I can already see it happening.
It is really fine. I'll reply tomorrow :) Life happens
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