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Will be back on monday and will reply to all. Didn't see a reply by the day after? Please remind me.. I might have missed it.
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I'm having a case of writer's block. Will take a bit of a break.
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SOAD made new songs? Guys, I'm a screaming 15 year old again.
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I'm nearing 30.. wanted to learn the violin. Am I too late to start?


After a long absence, I decided to return. Hoping to find partners again, or to reconcile with the ones that I had. Oh and I live in Belgium, so my timezone is quite a bit different. And don't be afraid to contact me after looking through my interest check

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Snow? Wow, in Belgium it is too hot for that. While we usually get freezing temperatures by now. But I know the feeling. My cats think our bed is a trampoline by 7 am
“Can you learn to be an engineer and a warrior? I’m certain that within a few years, that maybe they don’t need as many warriors. It would be a shame to dismiss such a gift.” Artemis told Asdrei’in as she just wanted to be honest with him. “Or be both? Engineer and warrior.” she continued as she knew a few people that were doctors and that did some demanding hobbies. No, she knew the ones that were both, that all had changed with the virus.

“I just couldn’t kill you, I knew I was taking a risk to keep you alive. But.. You fascinated me, you look so much like a human male. Just a lot stronger and…” Artemis started saying, realizing that she almost said that he was more handsome. How could she even think that a creature like him could look at her like that? It made no sense at all. “Way more tall and broad in the shoulders. I always dreamed about space and aliens being real. Of intelligent creatures in the stars.” She said her eyes did betray the fact that it was wondrous to her. As if she was talking about the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

“I couldn’t kill my one chance to talk to the other species that got so smart they made spaceships.” She said as she then looked at him with a smile. By then she had been dressed and she hoped that he would at least like it. She knew one thing, that humans and creatures on earth loved to make themselves look better than they actually looked. To enhance the features that they had, in order to find a mate. Yet to humans it had just been to enhance your own beauty, it even had a whole system made to get money from it.
“I still can’t believe they would grant me that freedom. And I would prefer to eat my own food… I don’t like the idea of meat sludge.” She said as she mentioned that he had explained what he had been eating before.
Only to giggle as he told her that he was indeed dressed. “Yes you are, but dressing up... Is … How do I explain this.” She said as she then looked at him. “Look the lipstick on my lips is to make them redder, to make my eyes greener. It’s to make you look more beautiful.. enhance the good things about your own body.” She said as she then moved her hands over the sides of her dress and then held her hands at the waist.

“This is fitted to my waist, human males… often find curves in a body more beautiful, this shows these curves.” She said as she then moved to pull up the dress a little. “Move it up, show a little leg… and you go from… More normal attire to… sexy.. to attract the opposite sex.. or just to feel more beautiful.” She said as she then smiled as he had liked it. A smile that actually reached her eyes as she then moved to put on some heels. “Heels… I love heels... They make me taller..” she said as she then made the dress fall down again.

“Dressing, to humans it isn’t just for.. warmth and such... It is to show what type of person you are. How you feel inside, what you like to wear.” She said as she then moved to her tablet and quickly went through a few styles that she had loved at fashion shows. Only to step back as the door opened once more. Only to see his hand at the gun, her eyes slowly moving up and down the warrior his body as he seemed even stronger than Drei. Her eyes moving to his face as she figured what the women of his kind probably would find attractive. The huge protruding thing on the forehead and the strong shoulders. His voice was deep, another sign that he was supposed to be more handsome. But quite frankly that warrior scared her, he was staring at her like a predator to his prey.

So she acted as what she would do when she encountered a mountain lion, to stare him in the eye and to slowly back away. She knew that if she had helped him, that she wouldn’t have survived. It was one hell of an assumption, but she felt as if it was the truth. He made the hairs on the back of her neck rise as she then felt as if he wanted her to take her away. Only to breathe again as Azdrei’in spoke. Only to smile as he spoke about taking her to his doctors.

Only moving when she was close to the man that she trusted. “I don’t think he trusts me... He’s scary.” She said as she hoped that he didn’t understand her. He heartrate only calming when she was back around the one that she trusted. Her eyes moving around the ship whenever they were moving. This time she made sure not to look at the others as she then watched another door open.

Instantly she could see the table and equipment that seemed to belong in a medical room. Only to move to a microscope. She couldn’t help but touch it, tears forming in her eyes as it had been so long since she had seen one. “A microscope. I never thought I would see that again.” She told Azdrei’in as she then snapped her head to the woman that stood before her.

“Artemis.” She said as she pointed at herself, wanting to show that she was willing to communicate and try even without Azdrei’in. “Tell them it is a pleasure to try and help them. That I am willing to work with them if there is any way that I can help. I’m just so glad to see things I recognize. Test tubes… Swabs…” she said as she didn’t understand why she was so emotional. “I’m just glad I can mean something.” She said as she then decided to pull out her tablet. Making sure to move slowly and to hold it out. It held the picture of human DNA, their chromosomes, and then a video of the IVF. She knew they were scientists and the base of reproduction was always chromosomes. If they had the same amount and a DNA structure that was alike, that meant that in the worst-case scenario that they could mix species. Only to let them see it before she pulled out a picture of a human womb, and how long it took for a baby to grow. Hoping that it was crucial information that could help them.

If they were wanting to take tests, like swabs and blood, she would easily give it to them. She wanted to know if there even was any hope. Because it could still be of no use at all. They could do a lot without any reward. She just hoped that all of it was good news.
Traning an animal to sleep at the same time as you do is the hardest :P
"I know it sounds a bit crazy, to trust someone that I barely even know. A species that is more advanced than what I ever will be. But I think it is just because I want to believe this is what I'm supposed to do with my life. To make it that humans don't die out, but that they stop being as violent as a race. To become better together and to have it that Earth can heal. I'm usually not trusting at all, but this gives me a purpose. One that isn't just trying to survive on a planet where everything wants to kill you." Artemis said as she tried to make sense of it all. A small smile on her face as she realized she actaully was talking about things again. She wasn't alone and that alone made her happier than what she ever could have expected.

"I'm happier now than I ever was. I wanted to be a scientist and ended up struggeling to survive, struggeling with being alone and then you came. Now I have hope to be a scientist again, to live a life with a job and with conversation." she said as she then looked at him with a bright smile. "I can learn things about other planets... I can help and I can just do other things apart from surviving. That is what is really nice." She continued as she let out a sigh. "You are my friend Drei, nothing will change that. I'm glad you are so quick in learning my language, It's been amazing and now I feel like I don't have to struggle to say something anymore." she said as she then looked at him again.

"A dolphin is what we call an intelligent animal. A species that is aware of itself and that can sort of ask for things. Like we had a gorilla named Coco, who could do sign language." she said as she then moved to her tablet and then pushed him the video of the Gorilla telling his owner that she was sad that a friend of them died. "To humans gorilla's can be violent to. But they still only see them as less, because they aren't as advanced as a human... I don't believe that every life has meaning. I might not be as advanced as your race but I will try to help your kind as much as possible. I only know the basics, but I'm sure there has to be some expert out there that can figure out how it all works exactly. I have so much info on it, and if we can somehow fix our information database called the internet. I'm sure we can find a lot more." she said as she then looked at him with a smile.

"I don't mind that they see me as a savage, humans are savage animals after all. Violence is in our nature and I try my hardest not to fall into that trap. I will do my best to help your kind, I just hope it will be enough." she said as she didn't want to lie to him. She wanted to figure things out and she wanted to make sure that she could help them. "I'll do my very best." she said as she then smiled at him.

"I'll get dressed then. Since they can come in at any second." Artemis said as she then smiled when he told her he wouldn't look. Pulling out a red tshirt, some jeans and a leather jacket, she was sure not to forget her underwear as she then moved behind the wall that would keep her from being noticed. Dressing into the clothes as she was now trying a bit more to look pretty, deciding to braid her hair and walking back out.

"Thank you again Drei, but I was wondering.. Can we go look at space? I've been on this ship and I want to look at it." she said as she knew it was a silly thing to ask. She was there for a mission and she wanted to look at stars and planets. "I always wanted to travel space as a kid. Wishing those stories were true. That I would get a job on a science ship, to solve the mysteries of the world... and now.. I'm going to be a scientis on a spaceship." she said as she couldn't help but smile at those thoughts. "I just hope I'm smart enough." she said as she then looked at him again. "How do I look? Or doesn't your species dress up?" she asked as she then moved into her bag and pulled out some red lipstick. Moving to grab a little mirror so she could do some simple red lips and eyeliner and maskara, it had been ages since she had done her makeup and she finally felt like there was a reason.
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More sleep than expected is always awesome. I'm doing 2 more other replies and then I'm getting to yours. Slowly I'm getting thoguth them :P

And Puppies and kids are like toldlers... Too silent = Deadly
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