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Current Error: Jellyfish in water cooling system
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"I came up here to kill you" - "Well, I don't have anything good or worthwhile." - "....Damnit" *Retreating footsteps*
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To deny your age is to deny your birthright to run this shithole country.
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Shit, where all the homies at?
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I got a baby shib


Writer info:
Name: Bong
Age: 30+
Time zone: Eastern
- I have 2 fur babies; you're competing against them for attention.
- Married.
- 20 year vet.
- DIGAF about your personal life? no, maybe, yes; depends.

I want to point out now that I'm picky. It sounds harsh, whatever, but I know what I want. If you don't fit, or interest me; we won't blend.
You don't need to know anything about me that I won't tell you, so....don't pry.

RP info:

- Casual mainly, can do novella if inspired enough.
- Prefer 1 on 1, group is ok, but, y'know...."Who the fuck are these people?"
- I will RP on Discord, if you earn it.

- I've never done forums in my life before. Always real time live chat room style, so I have little idea of what the fuck I'm doing here. Hi, hello, yes? No. what?

- 18+ only. Pretty sure that's what it said in the EULA, children need not apply here.

- I drink.

- I smoke.

- I won't judge you if you don't judge me.

- Third person only, N.O. but you sound retarded doing first person. "I punch you in the neck." Is this the fucking 80's? "I open the door." No, it's not highnoon, or oregon trail; and we're not sitting at a table top. 3rd person, or kick rocks.

- Prefer fade to black. smut bores me. if it's interesting and hot enough I'll write it out, but FSG was dumb as fuck.

-OOC chatter: Straight up, I don't really care about your problems; I have my own. If we hit it off, then cool, you're part of the exclusive club. If we're not cool, then politely fuck away from me expeditiously or just simply shut the fuck up.

- I reserve the right to say no to any RP or to end one at any time. You also have that right. Dipping out mid-plot? At least say Peace. Don't be Irish about it. I won't if you won't.

- If I'm on, I'm lurking. As to date, 5/1/21, I haven't made a legit post, but I'm around. I'm the type that doesn't make the first move, so ball's in your court.

- I am a devout man of my religion, please let me utter a small prayer for you.

Praise be to Cappy; we raise our hands and lower our sleeves in honor of the company picnic, may your caps stay sealed.
Ever vigilant, and may your bubbles remain forever trapped; shall your carbonation never escape you.
For thou to taste eternal quench, thou must first know the eternal thirst.
And only in thirst may the quench be known.
And in the quench may you know also true thirst.
And through this thirst may the quench be sought.

Praise be to Cappy.

*The congregation replies with "Nuka-Cola"*

Things I enjoy in RP:
1. Interesting Story. I've been writing for 2 decades, don't bother me with vampiric clan shenanigans and gaeries.
2. Description. Don't send me a fucking wiki link, write it out. If it can't be done, image references only. Don't throw a 3 page long fan page about an LSG DEPCORP 219 freighter. I don't care about the meta of where it came from. Give me a deck map if anything.
3. Action/adventure: Fire fights and near death scenes. I have a habit of putting my character into danger because I enjoy writing it out. Indiana Jones level shit.
4. Slice of life: While I love a fast pace RP, I also enjoy slower moments too. A simple walk with characters talking and enjoying themselves is fun to.
5. Smut: Refer to section above.
6. Human? Anthro? Furry? Scaly? Something else? Ok, whatever, is your story cool?

Settings I enjoy:
I am not limited to them but those are ones I have done and enjoyed.

Movies/Shows/Books I enjoy and would involve in a RP:
Marvel Universe
Animatrix and LDR type anthologies
Cowboy Bebop
Outlaw Star
Space Dandy
Samurai Champloo
Dead Space
Warhammer 40k
Alien (franchise)
Final Space
Fallout (franchise)
Escape From Tarkov
Dungeon crawler types
Space horror types
Eldritch horror types

I'm open to discuss, but beware my selective pallet.

I will not RP as canon characters unless they have an original twist. Straight canon is dumb as fuck, watch the movie or read the book, don't re-write it; I won't respect you, or respond because I'll be too busy enjoying the real original media.

Tropes I enjoy:
Salty old sea/space/whatever captain.
Nervous & naughty young lovers.
seasoned badass couples.
Lone wanderer & friend.
Matronly, Matriarchal. Vice versa.
ultra light hearted/comedic nonsense, paradoxical.

I have a repertoire of characters, but most are loose baselines adjusted for story. I'll play female or male, whichever suits our current wants.

Mode Select:
Very Hard
Nightmare <------

fuck off:

Most Recent Posts

Name: Orion Rex

Age: 53

Height: 3' 4" [101.60 cm]

Weight: 48 Lbs [21.77 Kg]

Species: Cattonese

Hair/Fur color: Ginger and White

Eye color: Tritium Green

Unique marks: Has an external serial port embedded in the left side of his head, behind his ear.

Background: Orion was kidnapped from his regular life on Mau Ceti by a group of pirate smuggler's at a very young age. At first the outlaws thought they could sell him and several others as exotic pets, but soon learned they were dealing with actual conscious beings and not just stupid animals. A short massacre ensued, leaving Orion the sole survivor of his stolen brethren. For some reason, the ruthless pirates spared him and indoctrinated him into their crew. His small size was useful for them, he could squeeze into tight spots that they couldn't; which was good for thievin'. As the years went on, he grew too big to be useful in the art of 'mail-an-assassin'. So his quick reflexes made the outlaws push him into the high speed anti-gravity racing circuits. Orion excelled in these races, making a killing in winnings, as well as starting a promising legitimate career. He was even forced to undergo extensive surgeries to give him an unfair advantage in the races. Just as things got good, they pulled him from the races and forced him to take on a messier line of work. Having invested so much equipment into him, they figured the best return on their investment was to put a gun in the cat's hands and send him off to do what the feline species does best, Hunt. He complied for a couple of years before he grew tired and weary of the slave work. He absconded away with a ship along with his own personal armory and now lives an aimless life among the cosmos.

Having been a salvager, lone pilot, and part-time assassin for a majority of his life, Orion is grizzled and rough around the edges, regardless of how soft and fuzzy he is. He has been a loner from the beginning of his cosmic career and has a hard time breaking such mentality. He went around stealing what he can to make a profit off it, or make a weapon out of it. Eventually, he found refuge on a space station. Working under the Docking Authority as Impound Admin, Rex often came across many new and different faces. Most often larger than him, he would seem a simple target. Little do people know when they see that small fluffy body, cute little face, and rubbable belly, that they are looking into the hardened eyes of a seasoned killer and cartel member. Orion does hold a certain air of power and authority around him. It may just be the deep and threatening voice, or the hardened perpetual scowl on his face; but many don't dare to deny him the info he demands. A perfect presence for the little dockmaster. It didn't last long though; eventually his owners found where he had been hiding and came to reclaim their property. Escaping just by the hair on his ass, he managed to lose their trail again. Although he comes off as trigger happy, grumpy, and generally being an old salt; Rex does have his more compassionate moments. More than willing to watch your six and toss you an extra magazine if need be, but be damned if you rouse the old man from a cat nap too early.

Character Pic:

Body Augmentations:

Metal-Glass alloy skeletal replacements from the neck down.
Central nervous system piggy backed with neural net wetwork interface matrix and ballistics trajectory computer.
Heart replaced with high volume pump to keep him conscious during extreme G maneuvers.

These augmentations give little benefit to his physical strength and were only designed for heightened reflexes, muscle speed, and skeletal rigidity. Beneficial for piloting high speed craft, to combat atrophy during space travel, and predict ballistics pathing

Was born!
[Age: 3] Picked up by Pirates
[Age: 4] Was taught how to pick locks and open doors.
[Age: 4.5] Forced to start stealing things
[Age: 9] Could no longer be sent into marks via the mail. Was upgraded to pocket picking and smaller petty crimes.
[Age: 10] Received first gun!
[Age: 13] Was taught how to fly; Received Pilot's Certification.
[Age: 15] Was involved in more varieties of jobs. Smuggling, Forgery, Drug Trafficking.
[Age: 21] Was signed into a Pro-Amateur Anti-Gravity race to alter handicaps. Ended up taking first.
[Age:22] Took 2nd in the Wuxi Interstellar 4400
[Age: 23] Took 1st Feisar Tournament
[Age: 24] Signed on as P.T. For Team Mirage.
[Age: 25] First major Aerial Skirmish. 118 Confirmed Kills; Also took 2nd place in the Galactic Grand Prix.
[Age: 27] Under went body augmentation surgery.
[Age: 29] killed 13 high political officials on Giliese 44; resulting in societal collapse and aerial war. 770 Confirmed Kills.
[Age: 30] Lost the Icaras 5-lightyear Dash by .0047 of a second.
[Age: 30] Took 1st in the Triakis Super 600
[Age: 31] Signed on as Head of Engineering for Anti-Gravity Systems.
[Age: 32] Took 1st for every event in the FX9000 Championship
[Age: 33] Placed 4th of 3,028 in the T.G.E.E.R.
[Age: 36] Assisted in the destruction of planetary body 49-19K; Aerial Battle; 438 Confirmed Kills
[Age: 40] Assisted in Heist; killed all associates.
[Age: 41] Fled from his remaining 'employers'
[Age: 48] Hijacked gold mining operation.
[Age: 53] Assembled a Crew

Voice claim: Tom Lister Jr. (Reference: youtube.com/watch?v=J-IIwSu_yyo )
How far will you run from your problems?

There's no doubt, everything is in space. You'll come across something you don't like eventually. The question is, will you face your problems head on? or run from them for as long as you can?

A clan of pirates, known throughout the galaxy as the 108 Stars, has put their fingers in nearly every pot. The 108 becoming a nearly household name, only intended to be whispered to an uncle in the backroom of a basement. Their aggression and ruthless tactics let them bully their way in and clamp down on their current victim. This goes without saying, the wake of people dealing with the collateral are often filled with revenge, but none have yet to achieve it. Some even succumb and lay their legion with the 108; If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Galactic Renaissance

Here, we will find a small group of individuals who have found common ground, or at least a use for one another. Could be simple drifter colonists trying to find a new home; or even a pair of smugglers running from the next job, to the next, to the next. Regardless the background or credo, our group has found binds and relationships that brought them together.

The reality of this realm being a rough one. Although the stars are full of light, life, and beauty; the duality of existence dictates the underbelly of such beauty must exist. An underbelly that is no stranger to trafficking, slavery, extortion, and the common dealings associated with such underhanded trades.

Our captain has clawed and fought his way out of this underworld, and now seeks something a little more legitimate to round out his final years. Once an involuntary pawn of destruction, He found a way out and took it. Now, with a small ship under his employ, he hopes to fill the empty quarters with a few more crew, maybe even amass a small fleet.

This is where our crew comes in. A random tangle of weirdos, pulled from the cosmic dust. Much like the days of old, if a captain needed a crew (and not the attention of any governing alphabet body) Where would they go to find a crew? What is your motivation? What makes you want to travel the stars? is it revenge? seeking knowledge, or some kind of treasure? The answer is more obvious than Jizz being blasted out on stage by the band.

  • 18+ ONLY
  • Group max of 5
  • No minimum post req. (But be warned, lack of content will result in lack of story.)

    • There will be peril
    • There will be death
    • If you don't make the cut, there is no participation trophy. Tough.

Make a basic character sheet and submit it for review.

Hair/Fur color:
Eye color:
Unique marks:
Character Pic:
(Add whatever else you want.)
How far will you run from your problems?

There's no doubt, I'm an idiot and don't know how to use this place yet, but everything has moved over here.


Honk Honk.
Mostly do sci-fi based RP's, but willing to discuss a SL. Hit me up.
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