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The proper answer is: Ice Cold
1 day ago
Praise be to Cappy and the Blessed Pressure. Let not your carbonation go flat Shall your Fizz stay virile and strong. Ready to burst upon caps release and let those who know the Eternal Thirst, Quench
4 days ago
You know her, we love her! The all knowing, all wise, ever effervescent and frothing! CAPPY.
6 days ago
Praise be to Cappy and let the True Quench be known.


Writer info:
Name: Bong
Age: 30+
Time zone: Eastern
- I have 2 fur babies; you're competing against them for attention.
- Married.
- 20 year vet.
- DIGAF about your personal life? no, maybe, yes; depends.

I want to point out now that I'm picky. It sounds harsh, whatever, but I know what I want. If you don't fit, or interest me; we won't blend.
You don't need to know anything about me that I won't tell you, so....don't pry.

RP info:

- Casual mainly, can do novella if inspired enough.
- Prefer 1 on 1, group is ok, but, y'know...."Who the fuck are these people?"
- I will RP on Discord, if you earn it.

- I've never done forums in my life before. Always real time live chat room style, so I have little idea of what the fuck I'm doing here. Hi, hello, yes? No. what?

- 18+ only. Pretty sure that's what it said in the EULA, children need not apply here.

- I drink.

- I smoke.

- I won't judge you if you don't judge me.

- Third person only, N.O. but you sound retarded doing first person. "I punch you in the neck." Is this the fucking 80's? "I open the door." No, it's not highnoon, or oregon trail; and we're not sitting at a table top. 3rd person, or kick rocks.

- Prefer fade to black. smut bores me. if it's interesting and hot enough I'll write it out, but FSG was dumb as fuck.

-OOC chatter: Straight up, I don't really care about your problems; I have my own. If we hit it off, then cool, you're part of the exclusive club. If we're not cool, then politely fuck away from me expeditiously or just simply shut the fuck up.

- I reserve the right to say no to any RP or to end one at any time. You also have that right. Dipping out mid-plot? At least say Peace. Don't be Irish about it. I won't if you won't.

- If I'm on, I'm lurking. As to date, 5/1/21, I haven't made a legit post, but I'm around. I'm the type that doesn't make the first move, so ball's in your court.

- I am a devout man of my religion, please let me utter a small prayer for you.

Praise be to Cappy; we raise our hands and lower our sleeves in honor of the company picnic, may your caps stay sealed.
Ever vigilant, and may your bubbles remain forever trapped; shall your carbonation never escape you.
For thou to taste eternal quench, thou must first know the eternal thirst.
And only in thirst may the quench be known.
And in the quench may you know also true thirst.
And through this thirst may the quench be sought.

Praise be to Cappy.

*The congregation replies with "Nuka-Cola"*

Things I enjoy in RP:
1. Interesting Story. I've been writing for 2 decades, don't bother me with vampiric clan shenanigans and gaeries.
2. Description. Don't send me a fucking wiki link, write it out. If it can't be done, image references only. Don't throw a 3 page long fan page about an LSG DEPCORP 219 freighter. I don't care about the meta of where it came from. Give me a deck map if anything.
3. Action/adventure: Fire fights and near death scenes. I have a habit of putting my character into danger because I enjoy writing it out. Indiana Jones level shit.
4. Slice of life: While I love a fast pace RP, I also enjoy slower moments too. A simple walk with characters talking and enjoying themselves is fun to.
5. Smut: Refer to section above.
6. Human? Anthro? Furry? Scaly? Something else? Ok, whatever, is your story cool?

Settings I enjoy:
I am not limited to them but those are ones I have done and enjoyed.

Movies/Shows/Books I enjoy and would involve in a RP:
Marvel Universe
Animatrix and LDR type anthologies
Cowboy Bebop
Outlaw Star
Space Dandy
Samurai Champloo
Dead Space
Warhammer 40k
Alien (franchise)
Final Space
Rick & Morty
Fallout (franchise)
Dungeon crawler types
Space horror types
Eldritch horror types

I'm open to discuss, but beware my selective pallet.

I will not RP as canon characters unless they have an original twist. Straight canon is dumb as fuck, watch the movie or read the book, don't re-write it; I won't respect you, or respond because I'll be too busy enjoying the real original media.

Tropes I enjoy:
Salty old sea/space/whatever captain.
Nervous & naughty young lovers.
seasoned badass couples.
Lone wanderer & friend.
Matronly, Matriarchal. Vice versa.
ultra light hearted/comedic nonsense, paradoxical.

I have a repertoire of characters, but most are loose baselines adjusted for story. I'll play female or male, whichever suits our current wants.

Mode Select:
Very Hard
Nightmare <------

fuck off:

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Mostly do sci-fi based RP's, but willing to discuss a SL. Hit me up.
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