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I may be a tad rusty but if you are still up for discussion I can send you a pm. I am an active role player but my style differs from some. Is what I meant to say.
I am Blu
To simplify I am looking for a one on one roleplay. I will give info as it is asked. I will either prefer pms here or discord or email.
darkleo23 #5288
I can and will roleplay more than one character if necessary.
I prefer female characters but will swing it around for one particular character I have made.
Rules basically must be at least 21 or I won't bother. Yes
I can do some fandoms but I'm not a big fan so my list is small.
Please post a paragraph at the least. Or give me something to work with. I know everyone is busy but please don't ghost out just let me know. I'm flexible on time frames and will u understand if times get busy just let me know.
I may not always respond right away but I'll do my best to keep in touch each day.
I've role played for 10 years + on other sites. I have experience but I may not be as advanced as some wish. Please feel free to message me!
I have many genre interests but there are too many to list atm.
That's my discord info. Feel free to message me to discuss ideas
Hi! I would love to discuss a body guard/royalty rp.
Hello, call me Leo! I would be interested in this setting:
Two friends begin to practice magick. It starts off innocently, but soon they bite off more than they can chew. Sacrifices, making people fall in love with them, getting involved with darker energies that have no control over. [inspiration: The Craft]
fxf would sound appropriate or an mxf pairing as well let me know and I will pm you with discord info if you wish to continue.
I also like to double up on characters if it's desired or needed.
I will send you a pm.
What about bodyguard/ girl?
I would like to discuss ideas if you are interested!
Hello, I am currently and have been wanting to find a good story to dive into. The most common genres I've done are basically Vampire involved. So I enjoy any pairings with vampires. I kind of wanted to try something new and different but not sure how it would go but if you have anything in particular in mind you would like to try I would be up for it. I follow basically the same guidelines and try to get on at least once or twice a day. If you want to give it a shot I will send you a pm with my discord!
Hello! I've been trying to find a good one on one. I like most of your genre list and found all of your plot ideas super interesting. It's hard to choose one in particular. If you are interested, I enjoy casual to lit role plays. I tend to double up on occasion if its needed. If you are still looking let me know and I'll message you!
I too would love a new roleplay to take over my life. I'll check and see what ya got! Hopefully we can work something out! I haven't been with this site long so I don't have character logs or anything just yet.
I did see quite a few fandom I love so I'll message ya!
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