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"Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead." -Oscar Wilde

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So, the types of role-plays I enjoy most? Romance first, adventure second and if you can mix the two together - you're my hero, forevers. I also love fantasy, enjoy sci-fi, interested in steampunk, and can usually find my way around 'slice of life' types.

About me? Very, very simple ... and pay attention; I am a pansexual, girly-girl, nerdy gamer. However you feel about that, that's who and what I am. So in turn, my personas (or characters) are also (usually) lesbians, more feminine / submissive, and if in modern or sci-fi RPs, usually a gamer of some sort. \(^.^)/ Also, I love and adores kittes. <3 So sometimes I like to play cat girls, but worry not for I consider myself someone who skirts around causal to advanced. Character development is my world, yo.

Also you might hear me talk about my partners from time to time, because I'm polyamorous, so there's that as well. In short I don't judge and I'm open to friendly chats, RP offers (if I have room) and otherwise any other questions or comments. <3

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Time & Date Stamp: Jan 1st, 8:27 P.M.
Weather: Snowy
Location: Queen of Hearts Bar
Interacting with: Effie (@ineffably), Ayla (@Camey), Kaïte (@Lumiere)

Ardella smiled amusing then and glanced to Ayla for a moment, flashing a cute smile. "I had a suspicion you may ask that question, at least in relation to my sentience." Still, despite her own apparent enjoyment of the conversation, she still kept unusually still for any human, hinting at perfect motor control of her body. "I presume I possess as much sentience as any human, though I also believe is much different as I am quite synthetic. While a human is born with genes and biological programming, so to speak, mine is far more rigid in many cases. Essentially my primary functions and base programming is akin to a human's base personality, however everything built up from that is my own experience, my own emotions, and my own thoughts." There was a subtle shine, even in her cybernetic eyes as she smiled just slightly more. "So, going onto the second question, my wants and desires are both of my independent wants combined with my base programming - so while I was made to serve, it also gives me a lot of joy to do so. Though combat is less enjoyable for the action, for me. Rather, I enjoy it because I like protecting others."

Taking a moment to pause, she slowly bit her lip, showing first the first time a more causal and human habit than her normal formal and polite aura. "In fact, I've even developed a preference in my Master, at least that I'd much rather a female one to serve. I have also discovered or developed some other habits as well, from simple experience I've had with my previous Mistress." Glancing to Ayla, she blushed slightly and bowed her head. "Apologizes however, I did not mean to overshadow. I think that's all I'll say for now so miss Nez may also reply." Even on her behalf, despite knowing much of how Ayla seemed to 'function,' Ardella was clearly treating the fellow android simply as another sentient being, giving her the same respect as she was anyone else.

Time & Date Stamp: Jan 1st, 8:23 P.M.
Weather: Snowy
Location: Queen of Hearts Bar
Interacting with: Effie (@ineffably), Ayla (@Camey), Kaïte (@Lumiere)

Giving a gentle smile to Kaite and leaving the quiet creature to it's meal, she glanced for a moment towards Ayla. Again, the reminder occurred to her, picking up on the tiny smile and that particular tone. Suddenly Ardella could 'feel' herself blush slightly. It was something that had been programmed into her since her creation - those who had made her kind were very very particular in making sure each of their servants were as perfectly human as possible. At times she wondered what the purpose was compared to having human servants, though she had since surmised it was the advantages of having a tireless companion. Still, Ardella averted her eyes as soon as she knew she was blushing lightly and looked back to Effie.

Nodding as Effie started the questions, she patiently waited until they were all asked and gave another glance to her fellow android. "My knowledge base is a combination of programmed knowledge and learned knowledge. I am one of fifty Servant Combat Androids and therefore my primary function was always service and protection of any Master or Mistress I had chosen to follow." She paused, slightly hesitant to mention but continued anyways. "I do not require consistent connection to any server as my own memory banks are large enough to hold the knowledge of a full human adult. Which is rare, I understand, however my creation was extremely expensive and thus was afforded the latest in many technologies." Again, she pondered and then just smiled softly, keeping a very polite and formal position.
@vide - Yes you may.
@vide - That is acceptable. The only other concern I have is try to make sure extraction won't be used in a hostile way without a player's consent. Meaning, at least ask if they're okay with such a scene if it goes down that route. Otherwise I'll approve him, just be careful not to cross lines.
@vide - Sorry, busy day and this slipped my mind. I'm not sure you can do any level of 'balancing' to justify doing something without a player's consent. I mean, even attacking someone randomly, if you give them a chance to respond to said attack, you aren't taking their freedom away. With that ability, you're forcing them into a corner, so to speak.

Time & Date Stamp: Jan 1st, 8:21 P.M.
Weather: Snowy
Location: Queen of Hearts Bar
Interacting with: Effie (@ineffably), Ayla (@Camey), Kaïte (@Lumiere)

Ardella seemed to study Ayla as she spoke, twirling the straw in her drink as she received a smile, which Ardella returned politely. She excused the waitress as she started to look around, causing the android to tilt her head a little, watching Ayla wander back towards Effie. Though Ayla never saw it, she smiled softly to herself - being dismissed as such reminded her of her early days with Mistress, before the woman had learned to love Ardella. Though her eyes went back to the drink and back to watching Ayla walk across the floor. She picked up the drink and pursed her lips. "Strange for an android to order a drink she does not need to drink. She must be trying to hide." She considered her next actions for a moment. "Best be polite," she added to herself before charging the woman's card to the drink, though she promptly emptied it and wiped the table down.

After tucking the cloth back into a pouch of hers, she glanced around. No one seemed to need her attention, plenty of the other staff taking care of customers. Instead, she looked back to the fellow android, the scholarly woman and the bunny creature. 'Ah!' she thought to herself and made herself upstairs quickly before coming back down with the stew and water. It was a good excuse as any to indulge the woman's questions anyways. Before long she was setting down the stew and water in front of Kaite, with a warm smile before slipping a piece of chocolate next to it. "Thought you may enjoy a little bit extra," she mentioned kindly before standing back up and smiling to Ayla and back to Effie. "Happens I have time now, if you wish miss."
@vide - I'm only concerned about the nature of his powers creating a non-consent situations among players. Such as, "Strong willpower lessens the effect, but in time, it surrenders to its influence." So basically even within time, the player will have to react without consent of the situation. Since I want this to be a fun environment and not one filled with hostility (OOC anyways), I'm sort of worried about that in particular.

Time & Date Stamp: Jan 1st, 8:15 P.M.
Weather: Snowy
Location: Queen of Hearts Bar
Interacting with: Effie (@ineffably), Ayla (@Camey), Kaïte (@Lumiere)

Despite that Effie found her comment to be rude, it in fact seemed to make the android beam with pride, smiling and almost standing just a little taller. However as she seemingly dismissed her waitress, Ardella did a small curtsy and turned, seeing Ayla waving her over. However before she could make a move, Effie caught her off-guard by wanting to speak with her further. There were several times a person would be interested in her design, surely, though this was the first she had experience with such passion since leaving her manor house. Ardella smiled once more, happily so and bowed her head just a bit. "Of course miss - I would be happy to be of assistance, truly." Despite being an android, even her voice modulation perfectly mimicked the tone of a full-blooded human, giving off a warm feeling.

Again, though, she was interrupted by another voice breaking the silence, causing her to blink. Usually not so many people were so forward in interacting with her - most found androids to be nothing than things, which she did not mind so much, as most did not grasp the level of complexity her programming was coded with. Still, it caused her pause as she clearly considered and then quickly turned toward Ayla, offering a polite wave, trying to indicate for her to be patient with the new customer. "Might I suggest a simple beef stew. It will not be much more than beef, potatoes, onions and seasoning, but it shall allow you enough left over to choose perhaps a simple water, giving you plenty of energy." Though it was far too rude to say as much, it did indeed look like the poor creature needed it. "If you're willing, there is a screen at your table where you can order it. I shall endeavor to make it my task to bring you the requested food when it is ready. However, if you would please excuse me - I am being beckoned by another customer as well." Having fully turned towards Kaïte by now, she gives another gentle curtsy and smiles politely before taking her leave.

Having politely left the previous two tables, she finally found herself in front of Ayla's table, giving a small bow of her head in greetings. Though she paused for a moment, glancing to the woman's full glass and giving a soft smile. "Good evening miss, how may I be of assistance?" She stood there, just like she did with the others, formal and polite with her handed folded in front of her.

Time & Date Stamp: Jan 1st, 8:13 P.M.
Weather: Snowy
Location: Queen of Hearts Bar
Interacting with: Effie (@ineffably)

Ardella paused as she caught the eye of the silver-haired woman, however she held up a single finger, indicating that she had noticed and was apparently about to do something. Staring for just what seemed a moment, she turned to the bar and got Sam's attention. Quickly he made a drink, which Ardella grabbed, gave him a polite bow of her head and briskly made her way over. Though the yelling of a drunk man caught her attention, one of the many other waitresses was already on her way. Quickly turning her attention back to her current customer, Ardella did a very light curtsey and set the drink on the table - which happened to be the exact fruity cocktail that she had already ordered several times.

With a gentle smile, "May I be of further service, miss?" she asked. Now that she was up close however, Effie could easily tell the android looked far more human than the normal variety. Almost so much so that it would be difficult to tell the different in many cases. Even her expressions seemed wholly genuine, polite though reserved in nature. Ardella even did something that an android would not likely do, indicating curiosity as her eyes flicked over the small pile of books in mild interest. She didn't say anything though, showing she had good manners in not prying upon customers business. She stood perfectly still though, hands folded in front of her like some formally trained servant girl.
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