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"Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead." -Oscar Wilde

Used to be the user lydyn

So, the types of role-plays I enjoy most? Romance first, adventure second and if you can mix the two together - you're my hero, forevers. I also love fantasy, enjoy sci-fi, interested in steampunk, and can usually find my way around 'slice of life' types.

About me? Very, very simple ... and pay attention; I am a pansexual, girly-girl, nerdy gamer. However you feel about that, that's who and what I am. So in turn, my personas (or characters) are also (usually) lesbians, more feminine / submissive, and if in modern or sci-fi RPs, usually a gamer of some sort. \(^.^)/ Also, I love and adores kittes. <3 So sometimes I like to play cat girls, but worry not for I consider myself someone who skirts around causal to advanced. Character development is my world, yo.

Also you might hear me talk about my partners from time to time, because I'm polyamorous, so there's that as well. In short I don't judge and I'm open to friendly chats, RP offers (if I have room) and otherwise any other questions or comments. <3

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@FoxFire - No worries. I've been really busy myself lately, so I'm not being a tyrant about posts. People will post if they're interested. ^-^
Well, characters need their intros anyhow.

That is a good point! Things have calmed down a bit, so I might be able to post next Monday or so. See? I said it wasn't dead. =3
@Queen Tomato - It's not going to die. No matter if people leave or go, I'll be coming back to post anyways. So if people are willing to be patient... it'll still be here.
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Update: I might be a bit busy in the next week or two - one of my partners lost her job and so we're kind of in a bind right now. So my focus has been on that.
@GingerBoi123@MarsAdept@Evil Snowman@Rune_Alchemist@snake153@Joker892@ihinka@FoxFire - Updated the magic section of the Handbook and added a small bit about Divine Beings & Spirits, though I'll probably expand it later. ^-^

The light sparkled a few more times before a small, high pitched giggle was heard, causing Sofia to tense in disbelief. It swirled a moment in the doorway before quickly fluttering out of sight. Sofia pursed her lips only to chase after the strange sight, far too curious and restless to let such an odd thing go. Jogging to the doorway, she looked down the stairs it had seemed to go, seeing the small thing as it giggled once more. She must be going mad! However, especially for one who wanted more in life, how could she deny such a night adventure? She could but even if it was a dream, she wanted to see what it was and where it was leading her.

With twists and turns throughout the castle, she kept following the soft glowing light, enticed by the sound of it's twinkles. Strangely enough, it chose a path that seemed completely void of anyone else. It must've been a dream! It had to be, right? But if it wasn't, then was she going mad? Was there something to myth and legends but then where was everyone? Too many questions and not enough time as the little fairy flew just out of reach over and over.

Before long, Sofia started to slow her chase as she looked around. Realization crept on her as she descended down into the crypts.. or it the dungeon.. or perhaps ancient ruins. She wasn't entirely sure as everyone was forbidden to come down here, but where had the guards gone? She looked back to the top of the stairs that always seemed sealed, now left empty as she made her way downwards. As she walked after the playful pixie, she found herself walking down a long walkway that was passage over an abyss that seemed without bottom. That's when she really took notice of it.

A giant crystal propped up and chained in the middle, the ruins shifting into the end of a cavern. All Sofia could do is stare at it as the moonlight seemed to shine in somehow, sparkling off the surface. Slowly she started to realize the tiny guide was nowhere to be seen, causing her to take in a deep breath as she approached the large gem. It seemed so beautiful and entrancing that when an image of a woman appeared, it caused her to yelp in surprise. She had golden hair and wore the traditional royal armor of the queen, meant for battle, or at least that was what Sofia learned in her knight tomes.

Sofia stared at the image for several moments before she realized the woman wasn't trapped in the crystal but rather it was like an illusion of sorts. The appearance of the woman seemed to wave for a few moments. Caught by the awe of whatever the abyss this was, she reached out to lean her palm against it's surface. Abruptly the room was filled with light, the sounds of the large shard cracking against her ears as she found herself staring at the woman - she wasn't an image anymore. She wasn't even in the cavern anymore! A gasp escaped her lips as she contracted from the heavenly image.

"Come.. you are needed." Sofia blinked as she was spoken to. She couldn't believe what was happening! She must be dreaming. She had to be. There was no way this was real! Yet as the golden maned queen reached out and cupped Sofia's hands in her own, she could feel the warm touch. This had to be the most vivid dream she ever had, seeing the mystery woman's soft smile clear as day. "This is my legacy. With it, you wield Save the Queen, a blade forged by the divines to serve me. Now.. let me teach you some of the basics.."

"Wh-what?" was all she could muster to say in response as the divine image touched her forehead. Suddenly the light was gone, the queen was gone and she was back in the room, staring at a shattered crystal. And in her hand was a sword that was dark blue with silver linings. It somehow felt perfect fit in her hand, as if it belonged there and hummed with a gentle and yet proud energy. How strange it was to stare at the blade but she did not get much time to think. A whirring started to radiate across the walls, causing a small shake as dust and pebbles to fall. Her eyes shot up to see strange contraptions, almost like cannons seen on airships, but they were unmanned! She could hear them hum to life and slowly aim to her. ".. oh gods.."


Empress Alicia sat on the balcony of her room, arms folded in thought as she looked over her queendom. In a puff of mist, a masked man appeared behind her, walking slowly to join her. "The High Deacon of the Institute asked what you intend with his research.."

Alicia just scoffed and glanced to her mysterious companion. "That is none of his concern. He should know his place." After a few moments, she turned fully to the masked gentleman. "How are the-" The empress was cut off as they both perked up, causing a frown to cross the empress' lips and growling in anger. "How!? I thought we binded it all!"

The man sighed in response and took a moment to gather his thoughts. "I cannot say. We put everything into them. I'll go see what's going on, but what are we going to do if magic is released again?"

Clenching her fists before taking a deep breath and huffing out her anger before adorning a deadly serious expression. "We don't have time to rebind everything. We'll just have to move forward with the plan. I'll go prepare Luna." As she started to leave her chambers, the man simply nodded and disappeared just as he came.

@ihinka - ... lol!! Hey, I met a boyfriend once on here, so you never know! =3 Of course I was referring to my character, but since we're dropping down the rabbit hole.. =P

Omg though, that airship! Please take Sofia with??? It looks so cool. *hugs airship*
@ihinka - Very much approved! Goodness, with all the women folk, Sofia might find love after all! Well, and the men too. =P
@snake153 - Yikes, so sorry for missing you! Approved! =D

@Ryougu - You may want to re-read the handbook I wrote because there's a couple things that need to be fixed.

@Joker892 - Approved, so long as you understand that there isn't any PC killing unless given permission. I need to add that to the rules.
@Evil Snowman - Both nation and character approved! ^-^

@FoxFire - Approved!

@Queen Tomato - Nation and the little bard princess approved!

@Sanctus Spooki - Old man gunsman approved! =3

@Fuzzybootz - Kind of feels like a superhero character? Where did she get her super strength? Not 100% this character fits the theme of the world.
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