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"Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead." -Oscar Wilde

Used to be the user lydyn

So, the types of role-plays I enjoy most? Romance first, adventure second and if you can mix the two together - you're my hero, forevers. I also love fantasy, enjoy sci-fi, interested in steampunk, and can usually find my way around 'slice of life' types.

About me? Very, very simple ... and pay attention; I am a pansexual, girly-girl, nerdy gamer. However you feel about that, that's who and what I am. So in turn, my personas (or characters) are also (usually) lesbians, more feminine / submissive, and if in modern or sci-fi RPs, usually a gamer of some sort. \(^.^)/ Also, I love and adores kittes. <3 So sometimes I like to play cat girls, but worry not for I consider myself someone who skirts around causal to advanced. Character development is my world, yo.

Also you might hear me talk about my partners from time to time, because I'm polyamorous, so there's that as well. In short I don't judge and I'm open to friendly chats, RP offers (if I have room) and otherwise any other questions or comments. <3

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I'll have to check in after work to see who's still around.
@Arthanus - Aye aye cap'n!

Interacting with: Yui @Athol

[♪] Though meant in jest, Nanami still gave a blush, if just at the gentle thought of being treated like a princess by this dashing mercenary. Still, she chuckled softly at the small act and continued to listen with an obvious focus. After Yui's story was over, Nanami bit her lip for a moment in thought. "We have that in common to say the least, a measure of pains..." she spoke carefully as if choosing her words selectively.

"At least you are right to a very large degree - that this company is honorable. Though I can't imagine what it must feel like to feel trapped in a situation like that." She shook her head adamently. "I doubt I'd be suited for many people - I have a particular method to my thinking and a particular taste for the world. I'm rather interested in the old stories, after all." Nanami stretched out her legs toward Yui, showing her level of comfort while she changed subjects, her eyes flicking as if watching the woman's body language closely. "Mayhaps you're right about my talents though - truer than you may have suspected. I found my 'flow' as it were within ruins in the desert. By some miracle.. I survived, by myself.. and came back with my songs."

Pausing, there was a sense of a heaviness in the air around them before she bit her lip again and slowly releashed her small knife from her belt. Though she wasn't dressed in her more traditional battle gear and it was not the blade she used in battle, it was still well-kept. Gently, exchanging looks with Yui, she ran her fingers across the surface of the blade. As if by ancient magic, the small dagger seemed to come to life, whistling an angelic tune. The blade almost sounded... happy... and Nanami broke out in a gentle smile as the song echoed from the metal confines of the blade. Before long, her finger reached the end of the knife and the song faded away. Curiously, Nanami watched Yui's reaction to the close up magic.

Interacting with: Yui @Athol

[♪] "Ha!" she let out, despite the slightest of blushes crossing her cheeks. "Well, for one, I don't use spears.." she teased with her quirky type of humor, "but more importantly.. I'm rather picky about men, so I think they can sense that. Not to say some don't try, I suppose." Nanami left out a slight sigh and relaxed against the small wall provided for the window space, still fiddling with the amulet Alm had gotten her. "I truly appreciate the compliment on my skills, though it's not fair to compare me. My talents are more due to... hmm..." She paused, in deep thought for a moment while she attempted to find the words. "I have a unique preception that gives me an edge, but by no means am I experienced as you are, certainly."

Though now that Yui had actually tried to pry into Nanami's life and reasonings, it seemed the woman was more than happy to share, when normally she seemed to shy about such things. "How - hm. I convinced my father to let me come.. convinced him I was able and willing.. and stubborn enough to find a way without his approval if need be - so he let me. It was a hard argument after what happened to Riou." She pursed her lips at the thought of her siblings having died during one of the Rose's missions. Though at the end, as if sensing Yui's urge, Nanami brushed her lock of hair from her face, giving a cute smile. "And what is a handsome mercenary such as yourself doing here? Since we're asking."

Interacting With: Ffamran @Rabidporcupine, Sho @Zero Hex, Mortimer @Konan375

The crowd of heroes started to mingle about, leaving the paladin to mostly her own devices, but this was something she was more or less used to. It was something she saw up close for the first time when trying to impress Ovelia. Her love was a leader of men and women, a wise teacher, and respected across the land during her time. Ovelia often warned, if playfully, that trying to spend every moment with the warrior princess would leave Ravness lonely. The sacrifice was worth it to be at the top with her love, though after she was slain by Ffamran, Ravness really only knew the Pale Lady to be of any true comfort - even her trusted generals only grew so close.

This scene only reminded her of her last days as a commander and symbol of hope, having to make decisions that no one else wanted to make, to carry that god-awful weight around. It was worth it though - she believed in humanity too much to step down. "Please," she responded, gesturing for Sho to proceed with the burial of the fallen. Her eyes flashed to Mortimer's unliving companion but only paid it a small mind, instead looking at Ffamran. "He's right. Your pleas did not fall on deaf ears - instead I implored those below me to carry out your wishes." Ravness gave the man a neutral expression and left it at that. Seeing as the group may be here for a moment longer while Sho buried the dead, the paladin unsummoned her blade - it dissolved into what seemed like a million tiny mirror shards before no longer being visible. Ravness let out a slight sigh, sure that they all still had hurts since they did not pass through the gates of death like so many others. 'The Pale Lady knew all this would be coming, somehow...'
@Athol - Sorry, I had some PTSD trigger and then my friend nearly committed suicide... BUT I'm okay and leveled out now. I'll probably post tonight.
Very sorry for the late posting. I've been dealing with my PTSD the last couple days. Hopefully all understand. I'll try for this weekend.

Interacting with: Yui @Athol

[♪] Nanami looked up slowly, keeping the tune as the other woman joined in, giving a soft smile. In truth, she could sense the song coming within the beast stone and felt the gentlest of urges to sing with it - it seemed to have been a mysterious, but kind beast. Something she'd imagine a cat-like drake to be like. Though before long, her attention had been drawn to watching the woman sipping tea, somehow reminding her of some kind of warrior princess - perhaps indeed Yui was such, but Nanami really had not spoken to the woman all that much before. A realization came to her as they both finished the tune at roughly the same time, in that this was likely the closest they had been thus far.

There was a quiet thoughtful stare in Nanami's eyes while she fingered the new-found amulet before sliding her hands into her lap. "I've heard you hum a few times before," she began with a friendly smile. "Never for that length of time however. You're very talented, both on and off the field." Nanami wasn't sure if more should be said - she always felt a bit at odds about socializing, thought in truth she adored it. Jing had always teased Nanami about how she saw the world from a different angle. The songbird wanted to say more, like how she enjoyed how Yui always carried herself, how she dressed, her confidence, but felt best not to be so forward so quickly. However she added, "your voice is quite beautiful though."
1) Yes, how long ago they passed away.
2) It's possible, but I'd prefer he had his own legend if done that way.

I'll post tomorrow I think guys. Really busy and emotional weekend. I'm posting in another RP simply because the GM on that one is posting tomorrow as well.
@Arthanus - I still have to respond to Yui, but sorry for Nanami being a bit like she is. ^-^ She's social, but she was just feeling particular this morning. =P
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