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"Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead." -Oscar Wilde

Used to be the user lydyn

So, the types of role-plays I enjoy most? Romance first, adventure second and if you can mix the two together - you're my hero, forevers. I also love fantasy, enjoy sci-fi, interested in steampunk, and can usually find my way around 'slice of life' types.

About me? Very, very simple ... and pay attention; I am a lesbian, girly-girl, nerdy gamer. However you feel about that, that's who and what I am. So in turn, my personas (or characters) are also lesbians, more feminine / submissive, and if in modern or sci-fi RPs, usually a gamer of some sort. \(^.^)/ Also, I love and adores kittes. <3 So sometimes I like to play cat girls, but worry not for I consider myself someone who skirts around causal to advanced. Character development is my world, yo.

In short I don't judge and I'm open to friendly chats, RP offers (if I have room) and otherwise any other questions or comments. <3

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@AWACS Approved, go ahead and move her to the CS tab!
@AWACS Seems like a fine idea to me!
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@Lucky - Very well done! Great example. ^^ Approved, but give me a moment before you post in the character tab. I'll let you know on discord!
@Sylvan@Lucky & anyone else, your wish is my command. ^_^
@Lucky I'm pretty relaxed but keeping it fairly sci-fi would be preferable. ^_^ I happen to be a big fan of cyberpunk, but not a big fan of "everything is going to shit" all the time, haha. I plan on running a group of 4-5 as that's my preference as well! I can make a discord server, if everyone wants one. ^_^
@Lucky Hello and welcome! Glad to see someone else excited about this! Nice to meet you. ^_^

1) The "stats" weren't really planned exactly. I was more thinking of things I would like to know about the character to help them fit into the roleplay or present unique challenges for them. First and foremost, they need to be 100% accurate, but if you want to include a flavor answer from your character please do! Realistically, no one should be 10 across the board, since even aliens are mortals and have failings afterall. Conflict breeds roleplay and it's difficult to have that conflict without weaknesses!

2) Yes, it's like inception in that way. ^_^ I would say their VR selves would be similar to their real life looks, but can deviate a little from it if they want. If there are special reasons for their looks to deviate extremely from their real looks, put it in the character sheet as a special request. ^_^ I'm pretty relaxed.
@Sylvan Absolutely - again, it's more about moving the story forward. Give enough that myself and others can work with and respond to and it'll be dandy. Just avoid the pitfall of describing someone standing around for a whole post... for example, include facial expressions, ticks, micro expressions, things that other could pick up and respond to out loud or silently. ^_^
@kersel Just put your heart into, that's all I ask! Usually a decent post in my experience (and I've been roleplaying some 20 years) is around at the very least 3 paragraphs to get across everything in the scene. That's what it's all about afterall, crafting a story together!

As for training, probably sensitivity training, PTSD awareness, empathy - on the job training would probably consist of more experienced nurses (not all divers persay, since patients also have a life outside of the VR module of course and we will explore that too) helping those newer with understanding of issues you might come across, being patient, that sort of thing. Of course, there are always those who slip through the cracks... >.>
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