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Alright Soooo here it goes,

I'm a 27 year old Aircraft Mechanic who has been at the RP game since I was in Middle School. Happily Married and a huge Nerd. My main interests for RP's and such are Medieval Realistic Fantasy, As in no one person wielding a massive 200 lb weapon in one hand or going way over the top with crazy 25 hit combos in the air. I like things to play out as they would normally of course with magic, magic is always fun. I also like Futuristic Space (Star Wars, Mass Effect, and almost anything involving some sort of Mech). I work a crap ton and cant really get into a real post every day but I do try. If you think you got something I might like hit me up.

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So very interested and working up a character, just a few questions.

1. what is the standard fighter used in the Mandalrian Republic? I saw the cap ships but are we still using the ARC-170 starfighter, and the Z-95 Headhunter, or would your standard T-65B X-wing starfighter, and TIE line be in production yet? If the Ladder would the republic have x-wings as their design was just made as an update to the arc and headhunter fighters and the design was originally stolen from the empire by the rebels.

2. My plan is to have a fighter pilot character (if it wasn't obvious from the first question) who was injured in a crash during a battle and such got himself some robot limbs. What sort of hidden addons would the Mandalorian Republic allow to be fitted into these prosthetic limbs (because hes broke and would have had government pay for some nice bling after getting injured in their service). What I am thinking is a hidden blaster kinda like the super battle droids and maybe, big maybe here an implanted AI / Astromech system that allows his astromech to remain in him,complete with a security spike for hacking purposes, with a shell unit in the ship in case of the need for emergency repairs and such.

And 3. Is there an ongoing struggle/war/skirmishes going on between the republic and other factions that could be the origin of the injury and if so how long has the fighting been gong on. If not I can make the injury come from fighting off some pirates or such
@Eagis oops I thought I said so yesterday but approved go ahead and move the character to the CD tab but please hold up on posting while I think up a wasy to introduce you into the rp
Hey for those interested I posed a permanent link to the discord server on the 0th post for OOC, ic, and character taps
@TheDarkTemplar@Eagis I would be glad to look at a few more CD if you guys want to make them up
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