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I'm a 27 year old Aircraft Mechanic who has been at the RP game since I was in Middle School. Happily Married and a huge Nerd. My main interests for RP's and such are Medieval Realistic Fantasy, As in no one person wielding a massive 200 lb weapon in one hand or going way over the top with crazy 25 hit combos in the air. I like things to play out as they would normally of course with magic, magic is always fun. I also like Futuristic Space (Star Wars, Mass Effect, and almost anything involving some sort of Mech). I work a crap ton and cant really get into a real post every day but I do try. If you think you got something I might like hit me up.

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Leonidas had continued to play his part with the festivities. Although he was careful and made sure not to drink much at all and kept his wits about him. That was until a serving girl brought him a plate of food. "My Lord, Sir Acrius asked me to bring this over to you. He says its the best thing he has had all night." she said to Leonidas with a smile setting the plate down before him and curtseying before taking her leave and disappearing back into the crowd moving to serve other guests. Leonidas gave a quick look around to see if he could see Acrius but couldn't make him out among the crowd. But that was fine the lad was probably doing his own sample tour and would meet back up with the prince later on. And with things going as they were Leonidas was awfully hungry and decided to chow down into the food that Acrius had so generously picked out for him.
-=Somewhere inside the walls of Bergkoff=-

A group of 9 hooded individuals gather on an empty side street. "Alright everyone has there targets correct?" One of the individuals said to the group and a second spoke up. "Why are we helping orcs? What is the master thinking." A second spoke up and was quickly hushed. "Don't question the master's wishes just do your job." The first snapped back. "Alright if no one has any real question then move out." A third spoke up. And the group quickly broke up into four groups. Two groups of two took to the roofs heading to their targets while the remaining 5 individuals broke into a group of 2 and a group of 3 each moving in different direction through the city.
Leonidas stayed on the battlements directing the men until the goblin forces were out of range. It was only after their retreat that Leonidas would let himself rest a little. He took a little time to check his wound from earlier making sure he didn't end up opening it again since his bit of patch up healing. "I should of really payed more attention when they were teaching us those healing magics instead of just how to use magic to hurt others more..." he thought to himself as Acrius came up to him with a woman whom Leonidas had never seen before. Although she was introduced as a Cleric she moved with an air of nobility which in itself was a bit of an oddity many born into a noble house wouldn't adopt the practices of a Cleric willingly. Even the way she greeted the prince was reminiscent of the way many nobles had in the past so he assumed she must have some noble blood and greeted her in kind, "The Honor was mine Lady Drana, due to your help our young Acrius was able to quickly fell that troll." He said to her with a grin complimenting her help, although he knew full well Acrius could of used his own magic to light the arrow he wasn't going to bring it up now especially seeing the shape she was in currently. After mentioning her knights that were lost in the sewers Leonidas gave his dismissal letting the cleric go on her way and even offered Acrius as a guard to her until she found her knights if she wanted or needed. After that Leonidas would return to the war room with Zatana following behind. "I don't know if I'm ready for the chew out from Balthazar about getting injured, even if it is just a little scratch... You want to talk to him first?" He said to Zatana in a joking matter as they walked back to the Keep.

As the day went on there were more waves of attacks, nothing nearly on the scale of the morning's attack and after giving the members of the Royal guard an adequate amount to rest they were cycled to the points of battle to help keep the balance in the defender's favor. All in all by the end of the day men were tired and worn out moral was good because of the victories but wavering as it seemed these orc and goblins had unending numbers. The fear and unease was what plagued Leonidas and Balthazar the most so the two decided to work out a deal with the Duke. It wasn't long until what was normally the trade square was abuzz with life, Leonidas and Balthazar were able to convince the Duke to roll out the fine wine and ale he had been storing in the keep and open it up as a means to thank and celebrate with the men. The commotion had also brought out some of the food merchants and even common folk and amidst this siege there was a celebration within the city.

Leonidas sat at a table among the guards with an ale in his hand. Although he wasn't in his full battle regalia he still wore a light suit of armor as "you could never be to careful" or so Balthazar had told him while Leonidas' arm was being patched up. But he drank with his men on this night not above them as their prince but with them as a warrior. The square itself had been quickly decorated and aside from the impromptu bar that had been set up multiple food stands had also made their way around the square providing food and drink to any who wanted to partake. Naysein had found herself a few competent musicians and was using her talents to provide song for the party singing tales of heroism and bravery lightening the mood.
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Leonidas took a moment to breath as the Orc forces turned to retreat looking back over the walls Leonidas gave out a cheer before taking a moment to focus on his broach holding it in his hand while bowing his head and closing his eyes almost as if he was in prayer. "North walls under control. Enemies retreating. How are other fronts? Where am I needed next?" he sent the message to the linked stone that Balthazar carried. "Sewers are secured. West Gate almost under control. Sent Acrius and one other to East Gate for assistance. Return to War Room or East Gate." the reply soon came. Raising his head Leonidas turned to Zatana and Naysein "Things are going well, Zatana, Nan two have done enough, feel free to head back to the keep to rest." He said to the two trying to give them a warm smile. "I'm going to go reinforce the Eastern wall and ensure we make it through this last push." He said before turning and making his way to the eastern gate.

Leonidas would stay on the walls for his trip watching and looking at the enemy forces in the area. Leonidas' presence was quickly realized as he approached as guards announced his approach and a quick boost of morale was felt amongst the troops. A quick survey of the battle showed things were going well for the most part except for the pesky troll at the gate. And although Manald was doing a great job at distracting the troll from destroying the gate the troll's regeneration was keeping him from finishing the creature off. Leonidas quickly commanded the guards to ready a pot of boiling oil. As things were getting prepared he looked out. "Manald, Faira you have done enough we will take it from here! Retreat!" Leonidas yelled out to the two on the ground as the final preparations for the oil were finished. As soon as Manald was clear of the troll the oil would be pored onto the troll as well as a pair of ropes being dropped from the walls giving the two on the ground a way back to the wall. "Acrius hit him with a fire arrow!" Leonidas then shouted the order pointing at the troll flailing in pain from the oil. With the troll hopefully dealt with Leonidas would pick up a bow and help cover Faira and Manald's escape.
After taking a moment to tend to his own wounds Leonidas quickly returned to the fight. Seeing the wound on Zatana he made his way to the drow. "You really need to be more careful this is the second day in a row I've had to patch you up." He said with a sly grin knowing all to well he himself had to be healed moments before. Again his hand glowed as he moved to touch her injured arm. The wound closed itself quickly and although he wouldn't be able to fully heal them they wouldn't trouble her any longer. After the quick patch job under the cover of his troops Leonidas took up his hammer once more.

With a deep breath Leonidas charged into the orcs remaining on the walls becoming a fluid tidal wave of pain as he pushed through supported by the troops and reinforced by Naysein's song. As they pushed forward Leonidas also made sure that he commanded a soldier to cut the ropes as the group passed them.
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Leonidas' heart might of skipped a beat when he saw Naysein up on the walls. "...What is Nan doing here? whatever we could use the help." he thought to himself as he worked to keep Orcs off the walls but he couldn't cover every hook, and once one orc made it to the walls it seemed like they streamed to that spot knowing they had a foothold. Before long a small section of the wall had fallen, the orcs who had made it up seemed to be lead by a pair of them, an ash skinned orc and a hammer wielding brute. Seeing this group he quickly accessed the situation. "Zatana, Na... Naysien I am going to need your help with these orcs on the walls. I'll deal with the one that seems like its in charge you two take care of the brute with the hammer." He said back to them before turning his attention to the Orcs again.

"Bhakk! Know that you face Prince Leonidas Lionheart of the Grand Empire. Your pitiful attack on our walls shall stop here and you will soon go to meet your maker! Men do not fear these beasts! Cut down those who made it to the walls!" He yells out raising his hammer and pointing it at Bhakk. As he starts to close in on the orc one of his hands falls to the amulet of the silver flame on his neck. "Ohh Silver Flame I ask for your divine protection in the battle to come." He mutters to himself as his armor starts to faintly glow with a gold aura. Bhakk smiles as he heard Leonidas's challenge. "Hear that brother I get to kill a prince today!" he snickers in Orcish "I'll gut this one and leave the others to you." the ashen orc adds before charging at Leonidas. As the two clashed Bhakk was the first to make his move coming in with a series of slashes with his sword. The first Was blocked by Leonidas' Maul and after a moment of being pushed back he would come to strike again. His attack would slip past Leonidas' guard only to bounce off the golden aura emanating off of Leonidas. "My faith protects me" Leonidas said with a grin as he swung his mighty hammer striking the Orc in the side in its moment of shock. Bhakk fell back a few paces gripping his side only for a brief second before charging forward again. This time Bhakk stabbed trying to play a bit more defensively. And although Leonidas was able to avoid the first stab the second was able to catch his right forearm The orc grinning as it pulled back its blood soaked blade. Again Leonidas Came forward with a mighty blow in the form of an upward strike and although Bhakk's shield was able to absorb much of the blow the force of the strike sent him flying back and he landed hard on his back. Again Bhakk would charge to attack the Prince and again his blows would glance off the armor and the golden aura protecting the prince, but the Prince's blow would fall on the shield Bhakk and do no real damage. After this exchange Leonidas would not wait for the Orc and quickly followed up his strike with another. Again it would fall on the shield but this time there was a splintering sound as Bhakk's shield shattered under the strength of Leonidas' blows. But in this moment Bhakk saw an opening one he couldn't afford to let slip by The orc slashed up at the prince's arm a clean cut into the prince's left Shoulder left blood flying into the air. But Before Bhakk could even rejoice in his blow the orc realized the situation he was in. Leonidas would see the fear well up in the Orc's eyes as Leonidas' hammer started to glow red hot as the Prince slammed it down atop the Orc's head. The splat of hammer meeting flesh rang out atop the wall as the Ashen orc now sit limp without a head at Leonidas' feet. "Your Champion lies dead, All who come atop these walls will join him in the Afterlife!" Leonidas yelled out trying to intimidate the orcs. After his kill Leonidas would fall back only for a moment as he used his Magic to heal the wounds. Although he didn't fully heal himself he made it so he could continue fighting without a chance of worsening the wounds. Keeping the last bit of his magic for an emergency.
Leonidas continues letting arrows loose felling orcs until he notices a grappling hook fly up and secure itself onto the wall. As the line goes taught he quickly rushes over trying to dislodge the hook. But with at least one orc trying to climb the rope it is to hard to dislodge it. The prince quickly draws his sword hacking into the rope easily cutting it drooping the climbing orc to the ground. But swords aren't meant to strike stone and his blade chips as it cuts through the rope hitting the stone underneath. "Get some axes cut the ropes!" he yells directing the soldiers who weren't focused on firing bows, or rifles at the orcs. After stowing the damaged blade the prince took up his bow again and tried to lean over the wall to fire an arrow at another rope down the wall. As he tries to line up his shot one arrow wizzes past his head and a second strikes his shoulder pauldron forcing him to retreat back behind cover. "Zatana you think you can deal with some of those archers?" he yelled back while tossing the bow aside picking up his Warhammer. Leonidas then started to move to the next hook and smashed his hammer into the face of the first orc up the line crushing the creature's face and sending it falling back down to the ground below.
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