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Alright Soooo here it goes,

I'm a 26 year old Aircraft Mechanic who has been at the RP game since I was in Middle School. Happily Married and a huge Nerd. My main interests for RP's and such are Medieval Realistic Fantasy, As in no one person wielding a massive 200 lb weapon in one hand or going way over the top with crazy 25 hit combos in the air. I like things to play out as they would normally of course with magic, magic is always fun. I also like Futuristic Space (Star Wars, Mass Effect, and almost anything involving some sort of Mech). I work a crap ton and cant really get into a real post every day but I do try. If you think you got something I might like hit me up.

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In The Shackled Relic 22 May 2017 4:18 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Yay!!! Sleep time....
In The Shackled Relic 22 May 2017 4:17 Forum: Casual Roleplay
In The Shackled Relic 22 May 2017 4:14 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@13org I don't know if the others are going to post. It's been nearly two weeks since we have heard from any of them. So I think we should just keep it going if you wouldn't mind posting.

Also I'll open up character slots if anyone wants to make a second character to fill our numbers I'll allow it.
In The Shackled Relic 21 May 2017 3:57 Forum: Casual Roleplay
holy mother of CS thats a lot of work. I'll get on one this weekend (wed-thurs for me)
Well I answered the questions given to Silas so far Ill move us forward next week if there are no more posts. I know progress is a bit slow but Id like to know who is still really interested in this rp?
So far the meeting was going well seeing as no one had left the tent instantly upon seeing his face. Silas heard the questions given by his new companions then started to answer them in turn. "My history with the Empire itself wasn't bad I wasn't a slave of the Empire, but a slave of a man. That is a bit of a story for later though. Trust me I am loyal to the Empire as it is the only thing that holds humanity together. And frankly I would rather of been a slave to a man than an Orc." He started with Sonya's question hoping that was a good enough explanation for her. He then turned to Odessa "As for an Intent its simple we will be taking on missions with the intent of helping mankind. And I mean that as a whole, I refuse to become part of some Nobles power grab fueling conflict between man. And don't take this as some Rigorous preaching I'm not here to say I am any better than any of them. I just know the threats we face and think we shouldn't waste our time fighting ourselves." he continued. "Now is there any more questions? or shall we get ready to return to the main army?" Silas asked the group waiting for anyone else to make a move.
Hey guys it's almost been a week since my last post can we get something up please.
well I'm here of course.

cuddle is getting his ass kicked by work

Simple is still out at a wedding from what I understand

Lyla is still around I think just busy

as for Blubaron and Franz I posted on Thursday so it being the weekend when most people are dead for posts I'm not surprised

I'm kinda expecting a real reply/post from everyone some time next week or more hoping :)
Dude I know that feeling all to well. get rest as you can man we aren't going anywhere.
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