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Alright Soooo here it goes,

I'm a 27 year old Aircraft Mechanic who has been at the RP game since I was in Middle School. Happily Married and a huge Nerd. My main interests for RP's and such are Medieval Realistic Fantasy, As in no one person wielding a massive 200 lb weapon in one hand or going way over the top with crazy 25 hit combos in the air. I like things to play out as they would normally of course with magic, magic is always fun. I also like Futuristic Space (Star Wars, Mass Effect, and almost anything involving some sort of Mech). I work a crap ton and cant really get into a real post every day but I do try. If you think you got something I might like hit me up.

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Sorry guys been busy the last few days ill get the move on post up tomorrow.
So hows everyone feeling? everyone about ready to move onto next event?
Sorry it wasn't much but got something up for Alm, feel free to move on now @Athol
Alm Listened to Ehri's response, but it wasn't really an answer to any of his questions and ultimately didn't help him towards his goal at all. And before she could even continue possibly giving him the information he wanted another new member came to join the conversation Isbeil the mage girl with what seemed like a withered arm. "Its no interruption at all miss Isbeil," he said with a smile to her as she came up. He decided to let his topic go for now moving inside the barn to sit down on a hay bail after being told he could by Ehri. After sitting Alm took a bit to study Isa She was a big strong specimen of her species, a little bigger than what Alm remembered the Frost Dire Wolf being. But still a normal wolf Alm studied it noticing the differences between the species and taking a few mental notes before moving on. "So what brings you out here Isbeil? I doubt it was to see me so please feel free to ask Miss Ehri what you wish, our little chat can wait." he offered, although his past wasn't really a secret something in the back of his mind nagged him not to speak of his tribes ritual in front of this particular woman.
@Lyla Wow not a fun weekend at all. Glad everything sorted itself out in a good way. Hope you all are doing better
Hey guys give me a day or two and I'll reply to Borg and Athol otherwise I'll probably wait till this upcoming weekend then move the story ahead a bit. I think some people are waiting on you @HowlsOfWinter otherwise yeah I'll leave you all to your own devices.
@Athol Well I don't see many more people posting at the moment because as I said earlier nearly everyone set their characters up to be approached and not many of them sought out another. As it is I see winter and Borg as the only two who would probably post as I had bits of interaction with those characters. Otherwise Lyla is waiting on you, and we are waiting for everyone else to make a move.
Also see we lost another potential because I asked them to make a male character! I'm not trying to make a Harem its just everyone wants to play girl characters! or at least prefers to. BTW @IRLCleric if you are still interested feel free to submit a character I am still down one I don't mind if its another female.
@Athol hey, the whole connection to animals thing works Alm fused with the soul of an animal she bonds with them. I think its fair that Alm gets to explore this bit first as it will help him develop. This literally has 0 to do with Alm's never going to exist Harem, so you can go try to pick up on one of the other girls :p

Shion listened to Octavia's advice while watching her shots improve when her final shot of the round hit its mark Shion grinned. "Good work, You are really improving!" he said remembering how just barley a week ago she could barely even hit the target. But as he turned to look at her it was clear something was wrong. Her skin had turned pale and Shion could tell even though she was trying to hide it she wasn't feeling good at all. "Heading back sounds like a good idea, I think you earned a bit of a break" Shion said trying to play along and not show he noticed and badly trying to hide his concern for the girl. "You go on ahead, I'll clean up things here." He said with a grin letting her go take care of herself. After he was done cleaning up Shion would head back to the tavern to secure himself some grub.


Alm spent a little more time at the training field even getting the honor to have a sparing match with the Guard Captain, and almost bested the older man. But experience won the day and taught Alm a new trick along the way, so overall a fruitful little fight. After his morning bouts Alm had made his way back to the tavern and watched as one of the new recruits from the night before walked to the barn. He remembered her saying something about an "Old blood Clan" and Alm remembered his clan elders speaking about something or other to do with them. So Alm decided to go have a chat with the huntress. He gave a knock on the door alerting them to his presence before starting. "If I remember correctly your Old Blood Clan has a deep connection to animals as well, although I will say it is a slightly different approach. You bond with animals through blood right?" Alm started while leaning against the door. "If the stories are true then you would gain some of the animals abilities, which would indeed be impressive." he continued. "But that is only possible for those with strong with the clan's blood. Now I wonder are you one such huntress? and if so what may I ask did you gain from your companions there? Is there a way to strengthen your bond to improve how much of their aspects you receive?" He continued, asking more for his own benefit trying to unlock the secret for him to advance his own level of control to his own posers. He didn't proceed into the barn just yet, cautiously waiting to see the reaction from the three before making any move.
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