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Alright Soooo here it goes,

I'm a 27 year old Aircraft Mechanic who has been at the RP game since I was in Middle School. Happily Married and a huge Nerd. My main interests for RP's and such are Medieval Realistic Fantasy, As in no one person wielding a massive 200 lb weapon in one hand or going way over the top with crazy 25 hit combos in the air. I like things to play out as they would normally of course with magic, magic is always fun. I also like Futuristic Space (Star Wars, Mass Effect, and almost anything involving some sort of Mech). I work a crap ton and cant really get into a real post every day but I do try. If you think you got something I might like hit me up.

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@Eagis oops I thought I said so yesterday but approved go ahead and move the character to the CD tab but please hold up on posting while I think up a wasy to introduce you into the rp
Hey for those interested I posed a permanent link to the discord server on the 0th post for OOC, ic, and character taps
@TheDarkTemplar@Eagis I would be glad to look at a few more CD if you guys want to make them up

Hey guys finally got a post up. Sorry for the long delay just had stuff come up and wan't able to get around to it. I took some liberties to move everyone just so we could get progression going but feel free to describe what you were doing in between me moving everyone in your posts. Thank you for anyone who is still here and wants to continue, and I understand for any of you who have lost interest in this RP and feel like bowing out.
Alm had made his way to a dilapidated pillar while keeping watch. As he climbed up he noticed an intricate drawling carved into the stone. He wiped away some of the dirt and looked at the ancient drawings. The hieroglyphics were well beyond his ability to translate, but one marking stood out to him; some sort of snake depicted in crusted stone. After taking a bit to study, Alm turned his attention back to observe the room. So far everything was still quiet, such enough that Alm's gaze began to wander. Among the nearby dead Alm spotted a notebook sticking out fromf the pocket on a dead mercenary. He quickly hopped down and plucked the book from the pocket. "Lets see what you had to say," Alm said out loud while he started to flip through the pages.

It wasn't too much later that Iroryn ran off in the direction of the scouts after hearing some sort of noise. Alm readied himself at her movement and called out for the others to do the same. "Dammit we're to spread out... and running off on your own didn't help" Alm muttered to himself as he tried to make a plan for the situation. Luckily it didn't seem like there was any danger as a few moments later the scouts and Iroryn returned with another human in tow. Alm took a moment to look over the newcomer. "You must be Ashdane," Alm said while waving up the journal he had been reading, "The Captain here seems to have thunk you were a capable sort, although it does seem you two didn't get along to well." He continued looking at the pages once again. "So can the "Insufferable Bastard" give us a clue into what was going on here?" Alm asked reading the title from the book then looking back at the group.

But before Ash could respond a noise filled the tomb that filled Alm with dread. An Orc war horn came from outside the tomb and Alm looked around frantically. "Everyone follow me, now!" he shouted, darting off into the pathway opposite to where Ash, Iroryn, and the others had come from. The Irregulars quickly dropped what they were doing and followed Alm, the last member disappearing into the darkness just before the first orc made its way into the chamber. Soon enough, some forty Orcs had made their way into the tomb. At the entrance stood what must of been the Orc Warboss with a familiar one armed black orc at his side."I though you says them gitts be in here?" The Warboss said to the black orc. "Dem Humies must be deeper in boss. I swear they waz here," The black orc replied. the Warboss gave a huff. "Alright Boyz! we got some humies to hunt! No one hurts my little brother and gets away with it! Find them!" The Warboss shouted and was meet with a cheer from the Orcs.

During this ordeal Alm and the rest of the irregulars stayed out of sight. Alm frantically tried to think of how they could get out of this. Just when he heard the "speech" from the warboss, he knew they didn't have much time. Alm had just turned to the irregulars, about to say some sort of plan, when it happened. From the pathway opposite them a spear flew out of the darkness impaling one of the lead orcs dropping the beast to the ground. This action halted the rest of the orcs, frozen in their tracks as they were in a state of certainty where they had not expecting to be attacked. Moments later, more spears flew from the darkness followed by a wave of Snakemen who fell upon the orcs in abrupt assault. "Dese aint humies..." the warboss grumbled in surprise, "But dese gitts will be a good fight! Boys attaaack!!!" He howled with a sinister grin of bloodlust, eager for the challenge while making a gesture with his weapon, pointing at the snakemen's entrance point.

Alm sat for a moment surprised. These snakemen might just have saved their lives. Their involvement was more than enough to distract the orcs, and it gave Alm the time he needed to think. "So I have a stupid idea..." Alm started, looking back at the group. "I say we use this nice battle to our advantage. Right now the orcs are distracted, this will give us the chance we need to win this fight. If we are able to kill that Warboss, the remaining Orcs will break and retreat. That being said, we don't know how many Snakemen there are in this tomb, and if we make the orcs retreat then we will be their only targets. Again, this is a bit of a stupid plan so I'm up to a vote here and also for any other sugetions." Alm said to the irregulars. They were safe for the moment and they had the time to talk... for now.
@AmeliaAnny we have quite a few people who went MIA so i could take more. feel free to pm me your questions
@Sanity43217@Milim hey guys do you have an eta for a post? I am planning to have the next one up this weekend.
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