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Yatzee!! 2 in a row!
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Australians dont have nike they have crikey!!
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I guess its true... the media really IS trying to cover up Sound of Freedom with Indiana Jones for some reason...
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Honestly Twilight, you just need to try and focus on what makes other people tick.
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Sorry GM, too many things going on. I'll just go dormant for now.
Sorry GM i'll have a post up tomorrow.
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Heya! ‘You here for the hunt too?

Kai turned to face as the female ork appeared in the clearing.

Dont you mean, you'z herez for the huntz?... he thought to himself. Could it be she's also from America?

"Yeaz, im lookin' for a partner or two to help me catch some of dem Jakalope..." Apart from the fact that he didn't really want to eat a snake right now. He couldn't really believe Jackalopes actually were real. This was something he'd gotta see.

"If wez getz ones we'll getz extra speed for sure, that'd be swell...z."

"I can sprout brambles to keep it boxed in. But we'll have to be fast with the ol'e bonk"
Did orcs say bonk? He meant that he wanted to cause minimal distress to the animal.

Kai tried to retrieve a club from a few thick branches of a nearby tree. He was starting to enjoy this hunt.

"Got a name?"
@Timemaster Oh yes! I was hoping you'd get my hint!

@Rune_Alchemist That goes for Sarvok too.
@Zeroth Im a little surprised they ate the tendons imho, they arnt usually considered food. Basically tough chords that are a bit like the spine and arnt particularly nutritious.

Anyway, if there are none there i'll just have to hunt. Which i was gonna do anyway so...
Yeyeyeyeyeye let's effing goooooooooooooo

Yes boss!

Unless im mistaken no one ate the elwet stomachs and the tendons were discarded as offal?


Kai was just wandering about a little ways outside the camp after being turned loose.

"I could easily just hunt some creature on my own, then i'd be pretty much first to return with a prize... but the animals around here arnt much like the ones back home... they're probably more dangerous than a buck. I should really look for help..." he thought.

He couldnt hear the noises of other Runtz. Though his nose picked something up. On the wind there was a slight smell of charcoal. He looked into the sky and saw a smoke trail.

"Somethins' cooking? If i meander around i might get to ask them what they hunted and what the dangers are"

He languidly walked around to the campsite but it was already empty. So instead he decided to inspect the entrails of what had been caught. Which was completely useless as you cant determine much from entrails, apart from what the animal ate. But he did decide to look for any tendons that were long enough. There were about 3 'piles'. He decided that if he found the tendons he would break off a branch from a nearby tree that was fairly club shaped or staff shaped and try to stretch them along the shaft by meticulously wrapping them around at the top if atall possible. If not, well atleast he had a club, which was better than this old stick. Which he tossed.

"Eyz, anyone elz 'round 'ere?" oh, that was odd... he had an accent... aside from his usual one. He might have to learn to live with it.

He saw the system notification of the "Skill" he had. Had he picked it or had it been pressed upon him?? I think i picked it... he'd noticed that it was a level 1 skill. Wonder what level 3 was...

He readied the skill should it be that whoever heard him call out was not friendly. He dug into his mind and thoughts where he thought it was located and tried to prepare it for immediate use.

Could really use a friend right about now. Hunting alone was not what hed been taught anyway... when... where was he from again?? Well! From 'ere! Aedven! No... nono... from America. How can someone be from two places? Whatwasit the goddess had said? Then he remembered.

"Jeezaloo... better than being dead..." Heh! Thats my normal voice!



Current Stats:
Level: 1 | Form: Orc Runt | Tier: 2

Current Skills:
  • Ingestion - After consuming a required amount of biomass from a particular Creature, 1 of that Creature's Skills can be copied at its lowest Rank.
  • Isekai Skill - Bramble Wall - Rank I - A basic defensive magic of the Wood Element. Thorny brambles rise up in front of the caster, defending them from attacks. Enemies may suffer weak damage from the "Thorn" effect. The brambles wither away after 30 seconds.
  • Empty Skill Slot
  • Empty Skill Slot

Equipment and Inventory:
  • Swaddling Pelts - Equip, Clothes - Old animal skins used to keep an Orc baby warm as they sleep. Once the Runt is old enough to start hunting, these are usually just enough to cover the parts that need the most covering.
  • Wooden Stick - Equip, Weapon/Tool, Material Component - A wooden stick. From a tree. That's...that's all there is to it. Can be thrown.
  • Sharp Rock - Equip, Weapon/Tool, Material Component - A rock with a slightly sharp edge. Useful as a primitive knife or chisel. Can be thrown.

True Age:


Past Life:

Norman Goodwin of Goodwin Logging Co.

Norman started his Logging company in the 70s. He was a hard man to please and required nothing less than absolute competence from his logging crew before he would put them in charge of a chainsaw. Goodwin was a sort of outdoors type and often went hunting in the same logging area. This suited him very well and the money was steady but there was something nagging at the back of his mind.

Many of his competitor logging companies would simply employ anyone who came to their door, a combination of immigrant workers and foolish young men. When they inevitably injured themselves the company would simply look the other way and send them packing. Not so with Normans' outfit. The number of accidents was far less than his competitors, and what this meant was fewer delays, soon his company was growing faster than the others because less delays meant more product.

However, it was one fateful journey while he was driving the long distance in one of his fleet of 4x4s down to the site that he heard a song on the radio. It was the usual hippy crap, but this one really struck him right between the eyes. "Why dont we plant new trees?" he asked himself. Soon he had expanded his company into logging AND planting. This was mostly unheard of at the time, but actually turned out to be quite a good move politically. Soon he had the odd reporter and local politician come around to gladhand. This caused his company to expand even further in his lifetime. A side benefit is that the trees they were planting would be fully grown soon and ready for even more harvest.

Normans life came to an end one day when he was driving long distance and was hit with a hail storm. This wasnt his first hail storm but it was the worst one he could remember. Trying to slow down he ended up spinning around and off the edge of a steep ravine.

All he could see was white snow in front of him until the inevitable 'thud' and immense pain in his hands and face. Strangely, though, the pain was replaced. Then he found himself in an altogether different place, standing in front of Jehanne. Then being born as a young Orc Runt!

Finally! A life to do all the things i never got to do!

New Life:
Day 1 -> Orc Runt
I left a few years for his reincarnated life. Guess i'll deduct those now and just make him older... i wasnt trying to break the game i just thought it was kind of nice. Obviously, his story hints at what Isekai skill he might be given. Which i'll leave up to your interpretation!
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