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23 days ago
Current Commies mad bc they dont know how to get rich but just steal from people who do, which, imo leads to a system that punishes innovation. Think about it.
2 mos ago
Would anyone play a game based on Vampires and Werewolfs were you play the leader of an organisation like a Nations game?
3 mos ago
New profile pic. The more you stare at him the more powerful he gets, true fact.


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Im charging up my reply energy. I havent forgotten.
Are you having fun? On MY board?

Have a free bump.
@VeyrinDay Lol i was only being tsundere...

"Good, we all have to point our rifles in the same direction... its the nature of the agency."
@VeyrinDayYeah, she's basically detached and without identity, if im reading this right. Brazen will try to take her under his wing. But mark my words, he will not f*** about if she turns into a loose cannon.
@VeyrinDay Sweet. Cant wait to see it.
I hope someone else wants to take the spot of the person doing the cooking. We have such a diverse team i'd like to see what they're cooking.
Greyson was sitting, legs crossed over on a low sofa of undeniably european make; the sort that makes you squat over if you're more than 4 foot tall and says: “you can perch here, but i hope you dont intend on staying for long”. A low coffee table was also in front of him. On the table was a cup with a slice of lemon in it, teabag label hanging down which said “nettle”. There were also a few personnel files scattered around and one in his hands which was reading. He did not look up when Skye came into the rec room… generally its the custom that you don't have to stand to attention when in the rec room, unless someone says so.

Most of the personnel file history was redacted of-course, which Brazen considered an occupational hazard for someone trying to figure out what the teams strengths were, and how best to support them. But his experience in the field allowed him to make some guesses. The rest he’d just have to learn in action.

He finally looked up at Skye:

“Y’know a single cruise missile would mess this whole base up… beyond that all we've got is Glitches’ countermeasures and that CIWS i saw hiding on the roof… ive never seen one with a railgun though… i hope it doesnt lag.” he said almost to no one in particular. He had an inherent scepticism for new technology, even his own.

When Skye hinted at a briefing for the mission he snapped the personnel file closed immediately, revealing the name on it was “Brazen”. This was now time for business…

“Good, i do hate to be scrambled for action before i even know who the opposition is…”
Alas it is time for me to sleep again. But i will be dreaming of my reply and entrance into the rec room!!

Yeah, i thought there'd be some entertaining sparks there XD
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