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"Mee'sn like'n pronouns very much. Mee'sn pronouns Doctor. Peoples all around mus'n always be callen mee'sa a Doctor Jar Jar Binks." - Jar Jar Binks
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Theres only one thing for it. Hit the gym.
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Paolo Piacere

Primaris Psyker - Commander of Platoon 7 "Remnants"

The Zangors attention seemed to be less coordinated. They seemed to be searching for the psyker who had drained their witch cousin. Each strike they made seemed a little distracted and more watchful.

Still the men around him died. The deamon tzangoor easily batted aside the mono sword of an armsman and went to run him through with practiced ease. One man, a chef, then cleaved down on the tzangoors bicep with a chain cleaver from the kitchen as though he was waiting for this moment. It managed to completely separate the tzangoors sword arm from the body. The deamon screeched in anger turned, and the arm reconnected itself back onto where it had been separated. The deamon cursed at him.

Meanwhile Paolo was in melee with yet another. The Harakoni guardsman was trying to dodge attacks and find a weapon. He had drawn his stub pistol and was trying to unload it into the nearest threat. Pop-pop.

Paolo looked up from his crouch and saw his combat knives laying on the ground then his stomach lurched as if it had been picked up and thrown several meters and the surrounding ether seemed to crackle like a tesla coil.

"Oh no" he said
as he started to hear the pink horrors keening scream.

Gathering his senses he grabbed the Warhawk guardsman and pulled him back out of the frey.
"Grenades! Now at their back!"

The guardsman knew his orders and stepped back with the fury grenade taken from his belt.
For a single moment he tried to place himself outside of the fighting, into a state of calm.
And all went quet.
He flicked the pin out with his thumb one handedly.
The fury grenade, which was a large sized oddly shaped pineapple painted brown flew over the heads of the melee and even the beasts and expertly clattered off the roof to land behind the enemy line.
In a moment it exploded.
Unlike normal grenades, there was no shockwave or fragments. Instead a white sheet of flames shot up at the back of the tzaangors in between the advancing horrors. Instead of dying down the flames only increased and shot white hot tendrils lancing at the backs of the tzaangors. The air in the hallway became as hot as steam. The grenade just sat there spitting out a wall of flames for what felt like minutes but was only seconds.

The tzaangors screeched in surprise and pain.
"Good" the guardsman thought.
"they dont like flame, just as they say..."

Almost everything within range was completely conflagrated, the advancing cultists, the tzaangors and the pink horrors were forced to wind and alter their course mid air to halt their advance keening and crying.

There was, of course, friendly fire. Some of the Naval Armsman had to jump back as the crazed burning enemies tried to writhe and twist outside of the sheet of white-hot flame. However the flames bounced off of their flak armour and singed their hair only. The completely surprised chaos fell onto the waiting bayonets and chainswords and the Armsmen used this moment to enact generations of revenge upon them, with frightening force.

Paolo stood at the back ready to cast his next power.

Whispering a prayer to himself.
"In the name of the triumvirate, just as it was on Terra past..."

He raised his arms about him in a V to focus his energy.

"To armour those who are blessed..."

"They called it..."

"D R A K E S K I N"

Energy in the shape of a blue bubble burst forth from his body.

Every man of the imperium within range skin started to darken and char to that as black as a salamander's marine. The distractions of pain dulled to a mere background. The burning stopped.

Cultists blades that would have bit, now only grazed in shallow cuts.
The Anger and the fury of the Armsmen was not dissuaded by the distraction of both them and their allies turning charcoal black. In some ways it was as though a picture of art hanging in some gallery.
@Catharyn Maybe the lunar monarchy is the nice name for something thats more like the Italian mafia?

i intentionally left lots of parts vague.

Name: Fret Chappel
Species: Human (Earthican)

Augmentations: Fret has poor eyesight due to an injury sustained while he was in the pan Eurindian army. As such he has a cybernetic third eye implanted in his forehead which helps him to see and has all of the functionality of a smartphone of that time.
Magical affiliation: None developed yet.
Occupation: Prospector
Key skills: 1. Common Knowledge of War 2. Wilderness Survival 3. Technology

Fret was born to a family of 5 and was recruited out of school into the long range desert group. He saw action in the Himalayas and was present in battles between the Eurindian Technocracy and the Lunar Monarchy. The Lunar Monarchy having issued letters of marque that allowed the harassment and confiscation of goods and personnel from the Eurindian space ports and fleet. This state of affairs could not be allowed to continue.

The state of affairs that led to the creation of Eurindia was a period of techno-barbarism where warfare between rival cyber-enhanced humans vying for ownership or access to ever more advanced cyber technology and weaponry led to a complete collapse of the state. Out of this an extremely small group of enhanced humans formed the Eurindian Technocracy. During this period of unrest the Lunar colony reached ascendancy and formed a monarchy based on vast trading wealth from within the system.


Romer pattern rifleers rifle:

A solid projectile weapon given to line infantrymen of the Technocracy.

Stedholder pattern sidearm.

A backup weapon using solid projectiles and improved propellant.

Survival Bag.
A bag containing everything necessary to survive in the wilderness for weeks. Things included are an astronaut tent with warmth-conserving foil. Ration lamp to heat food via light. Miniature thorium "lifetime" battery of the Technocracy. Condensation collectors and poles. Improved aluminum boots. Sat-phone with backup parts. Oxygen scrubber canisters. Climbing ropes and tackle. Medi-gel. Ration foam. Maxi-fibre TM insulate clothing and bedding. Writing e-paper booklet. Knee pads. Hydrogen and Oxygen "tic-tacs". Prospectors pick and hand held diagnosticator. Cheap i-bay plastic astrolabe.


Ok ive started work on the char. It may be up by tomorrow.
I cant wait to see the charsheet to start building my character. The bird-people sound so cool and i'd like to investigate their culture by sharing fireside stories and the like.

My character used to be a soldier in some war and later retired from injury. Obviously, the countries on earth might be different and the geopolitics will be divided up completely differently. I'd like to be left to detail that myself so i can tailor it to my character. Its gonna be something like the Napoleonic war or Battle of Trafalgar set in modern times.
Ok, since our ship is less like the pilgrims and more like that of Columbus or even the vikings that came before Columbus i suspect my character to have a contract to prospect for mineral wealth while others are concerned with map making.

I plan on him having poor eyesight due to having been wounded in a war. Instead he has a cheap cybernetic third eye implanted in the middle of his forehead. It has relatively advanced features like a smartphone from that time. He is a young man, only about 26 and is intent on fulfilling the terms of his contract. Equipped with a basic tent and some outback equipment he intends to set forth and find his fortune under the new star!

I like the writing of the bird-people. I would love him to meet them first. Probably being discovered in an encampment by their tribe. And once he's made a study of their culture to move on to civilization. Though i dont want him to be cut off from the rest of the party so they can phone him at any time on his third eye.

If anyone wants to join his group in this expedition beginning you're welcome to. Otherwise, i think that turning up to a castle as space-aliens might be provocative without contacting some guides first.

Yes i want to play someone from earth. Im thinking of a prospector a bit like people from the American colonization period, but with a modern twist.
Ok im reading up on this but it seems right up my street!
Possibly thinking of a bubble themed hero.

What power level are we talking here?
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