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You don't like a third party flying in on a car from halfway across the map to shred you after you just barely managed to kill another squad? Funny, neither do I
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Woke up on the floor today, apparently I fell off my bed and didn't even notice lmao
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Pathfinder comes with the initial roster, though Wraith can also be a good solo choice. It doesn't take long to rack up levels to get the Legend Tokens to afford new characters, so never pay cash
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@Bondye In general, mobility legends are the best for solo play. Octane, Horizon, Pathfinder, Valk. This advice was brought to you from a filthy Mirage main


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Been working on some NPC things, might get a bit of it done tonight along with some minor locations for a little bit of worldbuilding fun.

LOCATION:Al Mamoon Northeast - Rocket Inc.
WORD COUNT: 1,174(+2 EXP +10 EXP) Level up!
MENTIONS: Midna, Jesse

Midna's frustration only confirmed Mao's assumption their side had the same failings in capturing anyone. Though, considering she seemed to be the only one here actually bothered by this result, he was somewhat confused to how his brainwashed group had been gathered up before. He supposed some of the others, like that giant detective and fat hamster were the more reasonable ones. This group seemed mainly consisted of wildcards that sold him on the group's goals, or at least their methods for reaching those goals, weren't the same. Maybe Midna was too idealistic with her wish to save everyone, but Mao could see the benefits despite her just trying to be a 'good guy'.

Observing his new prize in his Glass War Axe as he followed Midna over to Laharl, his face twisted a little at the example she provided on how to uncurse others. You literally send a heart to them? That was so... Cutesy and disgusting! However, Laharl seemed better than before, proving it worked along with his eyes changing from that red glow. Reluctantly he'd keep it in mind, as it was better than not knowing. Things were better this way though: The last thing he needed was someone ratting that he saved a fellow demon. That blue runt wouldn't of ever let that go, Mao was sure of it.

"I'll keep this noted." He spoke in acknowledgement of Midna's lesson, avoiding the snark this time. As cliché as it was, there were good uses for this ability. Being able to harness it himself could be useful, even if the concept was a bit of stomach souring one. He'd have time to linger on that pain later, as he had both physical and mental pains to deal with aside from Friend Hearts. With no damn healer, Mao noted he was stuck with his crisped wounds, which were causing pain just by existing, let alone whatever fight came next.

Then there was Jesse, confirming to Mao again these people weren't on the same wavelength. Her words left him conflicted, feeling an odd sense of annoyance with her despite mostly agreeing with what she had to say. Resting his axe on his shoulder, he decided to pipe in. "There's more than just that God's Curse at play here." Mao added, unsure if Jesse was filled in at all considering how hurried everyone was. "Number Two... The Resistance Leader's brainwashing is at play. It either changes your view to make the acts of violence seem right, or makes you completely oblivious to the harm you cause. It's brought this group together by force. I doubt most of them would be in this situation if she wasn't involved."

A momentary thought about Klee and Baz caused Mao's expression to be etched with determination, not caring about why Midna's group had come here in the first place, or intervened with the issues of the city. He and Jesse were both gleaming until today, making Mao assume they picked Jesse up around here as well. Bolstering the ranks was the obvious answer, but who knew how long this had been going on? Mao's memories went back a way, but if they've been traveling this world the whole time that Mao himself could remember in this world... It wasn't a lot of time, in retrospect. There was probably a long road ahead to hoping they could surpass the being that brought them here.

Ciella's insistence that they push on was something Mao could agree with. Eyeing Midna for a moment, he decided to not give her a hard time amongst the trouble she was having, instead choosing to push his wannabe parole officer towards their next task. "Let's try and put that demonstration to use down there." He commented, not backing her from a morale stance, but more as a long-term strategy to defeating Galeem. It's not like he didn't have people he wanted to save, but he wasn't about to put that information out there for an entire group like this. She'd just have to take his words as best she could, and perhaps stick close if she wanted to work together on saving a life or two during their descent.

Mao had no fear in taking front: Though he didn't know Braum in the slightest and his lack of speaking made it clear he didn't care to do so, his defensive capabilities were notable. Whatever appeared, Mao was willing to be the first in the fray. But the last thing he expected to appear was a maze. A maze with moving panels that did nothing but make the path more annoying to find.

"Tch, sounds simple." Mao spoke in agreement with Joker, pushing his glasses up with confidence. "Simpleton puzzles like these are nothing my 1.8 Million E.Q can't solve!" With a confident boast, he took the lead with an extreme lack of hesitation, a step on one of the panels sending him spinning out of sight with a yelp of surprise. He was spun across six panels, before finally arriving on a yellow one. Taking a second to recover from the dizziness, he pressed onward to see where he'd end up. There were multiple options, the demon scoffing at the first one because it lead barely anywhere except a few spaces to a yellow spot.

Going down, he decided to try the third panel he saw. It took him back towards the right, then a couple of panels shuffled him upwards to a yellow panel. Too fixated on going forward, he simply didn't notice that it was the same spot he had disregarded moments ago. Walking farther to the right, he had another split in his path. Go upwards, to which seemed too far up to be progressive, or down. He chose down.

Presented with three more arrows, one stood out in particular because it pointed back up towards where he came. "Crafty bastards." He grumbled, deciding to take the panel to his left. It brought him spinning through four more panels, before yet another yellow panel blessed his travels. The bright colors were starting to hurt his eyes, and the spinning was getting to his stomach. Deciding to take a momentary break, he observed his current location, one path having an arrow that pointed up again, but on the other side, he saw a wide doorway. shouting back at the group with surprising closeness, as if he still wasn't too far away. "The damn exit is blocked by this one panel! That's so damn rotten..." If he had to keep spinning like this, the maze would be turning into a water slide as Mao's innards became his outtards. "I'm going to get the name of whoever design this crap, and then put 'em on two panels that will spin back and forth. Forever!"

Relieved thanks to his moment of ranting, he began to try and deduce where to go next. Where were the guinea pigs when he needed them? He might have to go back on helping Midna with the friend-hearting if one of these rebels sent him back to the beginning...

LOCATION:The Maw - The Depths
MENTIONS: Sakura, The Proxy

There was a lot to be stressing about. The Command Center was getting more hectic as Mirage attempted to fend off Junior's underwater stalker. Camera view shaking as she grabbed and pushed attempting to make the BULL move, which Mirage met with setting himself to continue in reverse to negate her pulling. Unfortunately, this seemingly craftier than expected faceless individual let him go, which sent the machine floating through the doorway and crashing into a few pieces of debris. Pincers attempting to scramble for her, he utterly missed his mark and the girl got through: However, it seemed to be enough time as even from where Mirage was up above, he could hear the water draining.

Another unfortunate thing was that, with the lack of water and the sudden crash, the BULL was beached. Since Mirage would have to travel down with the others anyways, this wasn't a huge deal, but he wasn't happy with leaving Junior alone. With the increasing chaos in the Command Center and a thud surprisingly close to him, he had to try and slide out of the helmet so he could observe and continue the mission in his actual body.

Pulling his helmet off wasn't the greatest idea, however. He knew something was in the room, but seeing it was worse. The Proxy's empty sockets gave him a moment of nausea, but he held tight as a sound from Bella caused it to travel away from the source of that previous thud... Which, judging from Peach being there, made it obvious what the sound was. Alright, Elliot. You've always been the sneaky one. Time to tread carefully.

Palms resting gently against the chair he was in, the tips of Mirage's shoes graced the floor as he lowered himself down. His gaze shot around, noting everyone in the room. With how they were now, they were surprisingly spaced out: If this thing couldn't see, then they could probably keep using misdirection to lose it. But with the water draining, the others might come back, unaware of their current plight. That meant getting rid of this huge blob, and Mirage had a slight idea on how to do that after a moment of observation.

He began to slowly pace himself towards where the Submarine and BULL had took their dive. Without the water, it left a drop that'd serve well for getting rid of this thing. But he'd have relocate to space himself from the others, first. This also kept any source of noise away from the injured Peach, who he'd try to help once the threat was removed. All he could offer to Sakura was a finger over his lips as he passed by, the finger then gesturing to the drop that was now accessible in the room past that damaged fence. He tried to match his gentle steps with the monster's, eyeing it's path and figuring it'd be quite random without sight, so the best he could do is try and travel at angles that'd give him more distance.

His lungs burned from the lack of breaths he was taking, trying to stay silent as he positioned himself between the patrolling Proxy and the damaged section of the fence that had saved Peach's life. His steps still followed after it's own, feeling his ability to stay quiet running short. So he'd take his chance; He figured at worst the noise he'd make would bring the Proxy to his side of the room and let the others start slipping out. And at best, it'd take a four-floor drop into barely any water, and considering all the debris down there, it'd be lucky if the fall was just blunt damage from gravity.

He pulled out his trusty Dart Gun and took aim, thinking a small prayer for himself as he hoped his optimism wasn't misplaced. He had to get out of here and get help down to Junior: This damned thing was in the way, and with one injured, two petrified, and Geralt not being close enough to be filled in on the idea he had... It didn't leave him with much choice at this point.

The dart fired, the sound potentially alerting the Proxy but it was quickly replaced by the platform connecting to a higher spot on the fence, above where the Proxy had damaged it, the sound from both the platform's connection and the movement of the fence hopefully putting it into a further alert that something was trying to climb again, redirecting it from Mirage.

All the little trickster could hope is that his plan didn't backfire on him.
Reposting for the selection process after all the CS's are up.


South City, Heading To Green Hill

Vector's eyes widened a little bit at the offer, a smile curving onto his crocodile face. Living the backstage MVP life for a simple job like this? He liked the sound of that, even if he hadn't planned on going to the festival prior. That'd be a good reason, most certainly, and he was pretty sure it'd motivate the boys too. "Ain't one to decline a gift like that! We'll take it." This brought Vector to putting a hand near his mouth, trying to 'amplify' his already extremely loud voice. "Y'hear that, boys? You get this job done and it's backstage passes for the festival!"

Charmy looked back for a moment, the offer hyping him up big time. "For real?!" He questioned, wind of Mina passing him up to catch up with Amy causing him to flip in the air, as his excitement grew. It was cool enough not only being able to watch it, or heck, meet Mina Mongoose on the streets like this, but now backstage passes for finding Sonic?! Oh, you bet the little guy was revved up and ready to go. Except, Mina and Amy were speeding ahead. And that meant they could find Sonic first; What if he didn't get the pass if they went ahead and got sight of him?

Thinking fast, Charmy latched onto Espio's back. "Step on the gas, we gotta get those passes!" He demanded, pointing forward.

Espio glared up at Charmy with mild annoyance. "If you want it so badly, you ought to catch up to them."

"I don't need to do that! 'Cause I know how to get a burst of speed outta you!"

Espio was confused by this response, up until he felt a sharp sting on his backside. His eyes nearly shot out of his head from the sudden attack from Charmy's stinger, his legs quickly moving forward and picking up a lot of speed. The Ninja's agility was being put to embarrassing use, the adrenalin from the attack causing him to easily bypass both Amy and Mina as they sped towards those hills. All they could hear was some disgruntled pain from Espio as he went by, with Charmy waving a hand in the air, laughing: "Yeah! High-ho, Espio!"

A sweatdrop of embarrassment from the display, and the fact all the speedsters left him behind, Vector paused for a moment as he was now too far for the Sling Rings to make a connection. He looked back at Cream, nervously laughing. "Guess I'm taking the slow route! Tell your mother I said hello, yeah?" A small chortle escaping him, Vector began to make his way towards Green Hill, now trailing quite a ways behind, but just because he was a big guy with a big brain didn't mean he couldn't gain some decent speed. He just wasn't much compared to most frontrunners.

I can't believe they DITCHED me! He would complain to himself, noting to not buy their meals on the company dime next time, if they were just going to ditch their boss.

Been working on a draft for my character since I showed interest, figured I'd post the progress here. Some things will potentially change but I like where I'm at currently.

  • For Empress, I don't actually know about there being a connection to ice element myself, since the only Empress character I recall off the top of me head has the Psychokinesis element. I can tell you right now we don't have anyone specializing in ice though, so it's available

I think this comes from P3, because the Empress party member is Ice-element.

Most arcana aren't locked to an element, they just tend to have certain elements or physical/magical focus compared to other arcana. (Magician is a great example, as throughout the series the character associated with it has shifted from Fire, to Electricity, to Wind. Expect Ice in P6 or something lmao)
A little more unique than the canon region romps you usually see. I'll start thinkin' on a character for this one.

LOCATION:The Maw - The Depths, Underwater

While Mirage's backwards adventure had proven safe enough, he was pondering where his other self had gone. He'd known kinda where the controls were too, right? So he should've came this way. But instead it had split off to go to the bottom, Mirage's light not picking up on the creepy water lady or their diving suit companion. They didn't have time to worry much, however, as they had a mission to finish. Junior slipped through fine in the submarine, but the BULL was a bit of a tighter fit for the doorway. Instead of going fully through, Mirage used the BULL to block the entrance, doorway meaning their faceless stalker had a lot less angles to strike from.

"Junior should be working on draining the water," He informed the others, so they knew progress was being made. However, this was soon followed up by a moment of panic as the water lady made it clear she had intended to attack from above: The blocked doorway keeping her away from Junior but that frustration was clear as it obviously wanted to get by still. He yelped in response to it entering his view, deciding to attempt to fend it off as best he could. Let's see how y'like these precision pincers! Crossed Mirage's mind as the robot carried his thoughts into actions: The BULL's appendages lashing out in an attempt to snatch up the girl before she could find a way to slip by.

As Mirage took action to defend Junior, it turned out that stuff was happening on the surface too. The shaking was enough to almost make Mirage fall out of the pilot seat, but he kept steady as his grabbing effort continued. Bella's uncertainty at a certain noise that seemed to be crumpling through the vents was worrisome, but all he could manage at the moment was a minor update again. "If something does, we just have to last a little longer! The water should be draining any second now-- Damn it, stand still!" He cut off his update to voice his frustrations at his underwater opponent.

He had to leave the rest topside to the others. The creature emerging from the vent was alarming less because of the thuds and more because of Rika's reaction: Head jerking towards her for the shriek and then towards the noise that came with tossing a television. He was paranoid, but knew there were a lot more of them topside than at the bottom. So he had to work where he could, and trust the others could secure the top. Otherwise he was pretty exposed to an attack, and a mixture of fragile human body and worsening hunger meant a physical blow wouldn't yield good results right now.

I'd be up for having a server, though I'm fine either way.

Overall things are looking pretty good! I'm excited to see what else we get cbaracter-wise
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