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Rest in peace, Koichi Sugiyama. Dragon Quest won't be the same without you
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Timeless River Sora mains unite
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Writing is a fickle process. Sometimes you're not sure what to put down, sometimes you write way more than you ever intended.
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Excited to play Deltarune Chapter 2 tonight. What a perfect start to the weekend!


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Due to some personal issues IRL, I'll be indefinitely off Guild. I apologize for the possible inconvenience, but it's best to consider me dropped out of this
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news today, but I figured I'd post this in the OOC: A lot has been going on, and due to personal reasons I'll not get into, I'll be taking an indefinite leave from Guild. This last year has been incredible and a great experience and I'm thankful to have taken part, and I apologize for the potential inconvenience this could cause. But I hope that overall, you all keep trucking and find a ton of fun in the future.

Due to some changes IRL I'll be unfortunately taking an indefinite leave off of Guild. I apologize for any inconvenience it causes, but I do hope this keeps going, and that you're back in good health soon, Wayward!

LOCATION: Carcass Isle
WORD COUNT: 1,386 (+3, +4 Sakura Collab EXP)

A bit more centered and focused thanks to his conversation with Sakura, Mirage managed to trudge along with a slight bit of additional confidence. It also took him by surprise that, much like Sakura, he was finding himself traversing atop water rather than in it. Thanks to the fusion he figured, which in itself was thanks to Link for the suggestion in the first place. He figured this form, at least for now, wasn't all bad if it meant that he'd have less issues with mobility. That didn't change that the place was disturbing to say the least, however. Hints of paranoia leftover from the Maw had him eying dark corners and higher spaces, wondering what might jump out at them. He kept one hand near his holster with the intent to draw and fire if necessary. Though all he'd seen so far were some snail-like things that, while rude, were more bark than bite. Weren't exactly worth wasting ammunition on, so he took Nadia's route and simply kept moving rather than engage.

Entering the village proper, Mirage felt uneasy. The place was a wreck, and a messy battlefield at that. All sorts of nooks and crannies for something to hide in, yet it seemed that their opposition was right in front of them. "Ahah, there's only what? A few dozen?" He nervously responded to the approaching fish-like folk. This wouldn't be so bad, right? There were a lot more competitors than that in an Apex match! It just meant it was time to lock and load, which Mirage didn't hesitate in doing as he pulled his mighty Wingman from it's holster.

Concerned with Sakura heading for a frontal assault, Mirage decided to take the direct route as well. Traversing atop the water while maintaining his speed was a helpful feat, and he soon discovered how he could essentially treat it like he was on land. With his mobility in check, he had confidence in this confrontation: Except for those huge boys, which he'd leave to maybe the giant turtle with cannons. Or the ten foot tall swordsman. Instead, he went for thinning out the smaller crowd: His arc-star was a no-go with so many people in the water, but whatever an electric explosion could solve, so could bullets! The agile greens saw the Apex Legend as easy bait, a small swarm of five deciding to gang up and charge into him, approaching from a multitude of angles at his front.

"Time for a certified Mirage classic!" He announced as he brought an arm forward; The devices along his suit shining momentarily before everything went dark and Mirage was gone. It was only for an instant as he approached the small violent posse, but that instant was enough to spark major confusion as Mirage reappeared: Or rather, the Mirage's reappeared. A bundle of six shot out from one position, chaotically spreading out and bringing confusion to his bone-weapon wielding foes. As they followed the six figures that now had them surrounded instead, they began to lash out: It turned into a large chase, with the real Mirage bouncing to and fro, sliding along the water below as his swarm helped distract these watery bastards.

The strong boom of his Wingman firing was a welcomed feeling: The powerful handgun ringing out twice as Mirage put a few bullets in one of the fish-freaks swiping at one of his decoys crying out it's static bamboozling insults. The sound brought attention from the others, but the creatures panicked as the other decoys came into their respective visions, lashing out in response and pinging them as clear targets for a trained gunner. If two bullets was the kill, then he'd take advantage now and try to injure a few. Two more bullets rang from his pistol, striking at the locations of two more of those green agile freaks and causing them to sputter out whatever pained gurgles they could muster.

His decoy count was reduced to two, with four fish on his tail still alive. They seemed to pick up that out of the remainder, he was the dangerous one: The uninjured duo launching at him with alarming speed. Darting left, he found them catching up faster than he'd like, going into a slide before shifting on the ground, facing back at them as he launched his primary Decoy in a sliding motion back at them. It caused enough confusion for him to ring out his last two shots, turning one of the predators a one-way trip to being a spirit floating along the muck.

This brought him to an unfortunate situation, however: He was now out of ammo. Frantic to reload, Mirage found himself too slow for his pursuer, having let him get too close for any kind of comfort. A roll from his prone position to the left yielded a dodge from the fish-freak's swing, causing a large splash that shot water around the surrounding area. As Mirage continued to reload, the fish didn't wait to raise it's weapon to strike again: Rather, it raised one foot from the waters and swung it to scratch at him with the horrid-looking claws on its feet, to which he went down flat against the water to preserve his face from being sliced like deli meat and infected by mucky waters like these.

As the creature turned, it was riddled with bullets: A reloaded Wingman blasted a bullet straight through one of it's large-round eyes, while another dived straight through it's agape maw. But even this victory was short lived, as he found himself getting a nice taste of what those bone-weapons could do from the duo of injured freaks he'd had to take his eyes off of. The jaw of one of the bone weapons struck him in the back as he tried to stand, and it sent him down into the water. Gritting his teeth, he turned and opened fire: One closer in his face than he'd like as if it intended to take a bite, causing it's innards to become a splatter on the Legend's face, as Mirage's frantic shooting staggered the last freak alive but only grazed it, leaving him yet again empty on ammo but with a new opportunity.

The staggered freak had dropped it's weapon, which Mirage eagerly wanted. He holstered his Wingman as he shifted forward, and reached in the center of the ripples the weapon caused as it fell into the water. He pushed himself up and lunged forward, not a swordsman or close-combat specialist by any means, but even he could swing a club. He bashed the freak and toppled it over, his hurting back causing him to stumble down after it, which was terrifying in a multitude of ways, but especially because rather than lay down and take it, the freak tried to just take a bite out of him on the way down. "Don't think so, fish-face!" Mirage cried as he shifted the weapon in his hands, cramming it into the creature's mouth. The jagged and sharp bones sticking out of the weapon did not bode well for trying to swallowing it: The creature ending up being slashed from the inside, with Mirage splashing into the water and ash remains of the creature as it died beneath him.

Already panting and sore, Mirage tried to recover. He stumbled upright, hand on his sore back, but noting this wasn't as bad as the time he got kicked in the spine by a robot-legged lunatic, so he'd probably live! As he retreated backwards to try and reload to rejoin the fray, he found himself not being able to catch a break: Wandering too close to a jellyshroom danger zone yielded him with a crabsnake as a reward, which instantly reacted by deciding that Mirage would be the perfect prey to try and drag home as a meal or three. "Oh COME ON!" He complained aloud, struggling to both stay upright against the crabworm, let alone fight it back. The creature brought it's outer claws into one of Mirage's legs, causing him to shout out in pain and panic as he frantically aimed downward to try and blast it before it used it's inner teeth to chew his leg off. But such a distraction, not to mention a newly-found leg injury that would get worse without blasting this thing to pieces, left him in a bad spot for anything that decided to make him prey in his time of peril.

Ah, shit. We can't just live in peace, something's always gotta be happening.

Hope everything comes out clear! I'll definitely be around to post. No worries on the wait

LOCATION: Sandswept Sky - Tostarena Town
WORD COUNT: 824 (+2)

For a tourist, this town was probably a paradise. Al Mamoon wasn't terrible, but this place just had a welcoming vibe and a partying atmosphere. You'd find joy, good food, and even better souvenirs. The average person would probably love this place, and become a visitor more than once after having the time of their life enjoying the cold drinks and living the good life.

Unfortunately for Mao, he was not a tourist. Rather, he was a scrawny and angry-looking man that only increased in frustration every time one of the skeletons attempted to talk him into taking part in something. They seemed to have a pretty set system here, they didn't need more help. Or they did, but not the kind that they gave out money over. Rather, currency would be flowing in their direction, and the little bastards were very thankful about it. Half tempted to take one of their skulls and punt it as far into the sands as he could, he ended up eventually forfeiting his attempts at earning any money and instead retreating from any bonehead in sight to try and regroup with the others.

"Kicking an Overlord while he's down." He spat, boot meeting sand. They were lucky that he had bigger fish to fry with Galeem, or else he'd end up reducing these little salesmen to dust. Crush their spirits and make them actually worth something, rather than let them be a pain in the ass so enthusiastically! He noted that he'd have to focus on building up something trade-worthy, or at least make money at the next opportunity. If it wouldn't turn the entire city into chaos, he'd just pillage. But regrettably he'd have to just wait until he came across some poor test subjects in the making that nobody'd miss before anything could go his way around here.

Aurox's gravelly voice was laughing at Mao, inescapable as the voice came from within. "A TOWN OF WASTES," He remarked, knowing how irritated his host was. "I HAVE NO NEED FOR TOURISM. THOUGH A HINT OF TERRORISM COULD IMPROVE THIS HELLHOLE."

"I don't benefit from that, you braindead stone!" He responded aggressively to the air, noticing a Tostarenan stopping momentarily to look his way. His skull shifted to the side as if unsure if he had been spoken to, but after a scowl from Mao he darted off to mind his own business. "Got to stop talking out loud." He noted to himself, of course, carelessly aloud as usual. The duo argued about violence and not getting tossed in a jail somewhere, at least until Mao managed to regroup with some of the others and start finding refuge in the Happy Hongo.

Which, to the utter lack of success he found in town, at least the food would be free. Mao for one had no issue in taking what he wanted for himself, snacking down and noting mentally that this was definitely making up for the skipped breakfast this morning. The conductor was, however, ruining his meal mood a little bit by trying to poke problems in the current plan. And as discussion began at the table, Poppi and Tora taking different stances on the subject, Mao was more than happy to simply speak in obvious and aggressive facts.

"I don't care if there's twenty, four, or twenty-four going up!" He could take care of this so-called 'Boss', but he didn't need any of these people serving as a handicap because the climb would be too dangerous. "Poppi's right: If anyone can't handle themselves, they'll be hindering us all the way!" It was not at all how Poppi worded it, but sugarcoating it wasn't exactly in Mao's usual playbook. Or showing as much concern, for that matter. Though, one could argue insisting the less capable stay behind was at least an attempt to preserve their lives. "It's better to have a team that can keep steady than a horde that'd end up constantly in need of help. The less complications, the better!" Undoubtedly overconfident in himself, Mao presented a point: Be capable of managing yourself effectively.

As disgruntled as he was, Mao wasn't entirely against turning to keep someone alive, but if someone was in constant peril he'd almost be tempted to kick them off the mountain himself for being stupid enough to go up there. Gear, abilities, or tactics to ward off weaknesses were needed. The fact that Primrose was probably the only reason he might be able to fight at full capacity was not lost on him, either. It made him realize that some might be able to help each-other, though Mao himself had nothing more than his mechanical limbs and an angry Djinn that he didn't entirely trust to preserve the life of someone else, rather than throw them off and wait for the splat.

The end result truly didn't matter to him, either way. But less potential annoyances sounded good, as he'd rather be monster killing than babysitting.
Dakota Rhett

Although tired, it was good to at least see Vincent safe and standing guard outside the house. While one might've wondered why they stopped, Dakota could see the logic in bunkering down until everyone caught up. Unfortunately for them, Dakota knew at least that he wasn't in the best shape to keep fighting off monsters, so they'd possibly have to play more safe than all-out offensive. "We taught those bastards to not mess with us!" He gloated, though his heavy breaths were a sign that not all was exactly well afterwards. All this running, swinging, and magic using was taking a toll. He needed a bit of rest at the very least to recover some of his stamina, but he didn't want to really stand around when he knew Jin and those gals were out there while the five of them here were all grouped up.

The positivity over being reunited was destined to end quite quickly, with Nick screeching as he bolted out with Caelum in tow. Able to hear the chaos within the building, Dakota backed away and got quite the view of the horrid abomination crashing out of the building, causing his eyes to widen as his gaze turned on the two that were inside, wondering who the hell was responsible, though at this point it probably didn't matter. What did matter was that this thing cut off their escape; Which was entirely a good reason to start panicking. If he and Barney just used their Personas, they'd wipe this guy too, right? Though, it was clear he didn't have much in reserve left. He had to mull between trying to potentially lash out with what he had, or holding off if someone got hurt.

Which didn't take long, as when the weapon went through the air it might've been an easy enough dodge, but the aftereffect curse took Dakota by surprise. To the point that he tripped while trying to scurry away, getting damaged in the process and finding himself in even worse shape immediately after the start. He was glad at least that the pain was temporary and he managed to get out of the splash zone of the curse, but that didn't change the fact their opposition looked much worse than the mooks from before. He couldn't get close with something like that, it'd tear him in half! "Yo, uh, what's our magic looking like?" He quizzed his Persona as he tried to recover.

"Unfortunate." It replied, to which Dakota groaned. No wind, no melee, what the hell was left? "Perhaps it's about time you conjure a secondary weapon, much like our peer."

Face scrunching up in confusion as he pushed himself up, he didn't exactly catch on. "What're you saying? I don't even know how my weapon comes back, let alone how to make a new one!"

"You simply need will it! Do you not recall what you were told of this cognitive world? Wasting time will only cause more strife."

"Easy for you to say." Dakota grumbled, trying to figure out what to do. With a deep breath he tried to think of something decent: A distraction, maybe, his eyes able to follow Caelum seeming to lurk off with weapon-in-hand to get the drop of this thing. They needed time to try and brace for this fight, or make moves of their own. Tired and now somewhat injured, he wasn't entirely sure what to make of the situation, so the absolutely absurd-sounding plan his Persona built from Spindle's weird provided information was the best shot he had. He felt Thamyris' guidance in his movements, a hand drifting down to his hip and taking a firm grip of something he was certain hadn't been there before. He felt tension in his arm as it pulled up, holding forward a bulky looking pistol looking weapon.

"The hell? This is nowhere as cool as a freakin' flamethrower." He commented in momentary disappointment, before realizing beggars couldn't be choosers. At the very least it had a more effective range, or so he hoped as he circled Vincent and Nick out of his view to get a proper look at the mess before them. Taking what aim an inexperienced marksman could, he prepared himself for a moment before pulling the trigger: "Let's see how ya returning fire!" Staggering back less from the kick of the weapon, and more in shock that it wasn't just some kind of little hand-cannon. No, what came out was bright, almost blindingly so, flying forward across the battlefield. After recovering, Dakota could silently note what it actually was: A large flare, burning and flying at dangerous levels of velocity towards their opposition. It did begin to notably arc, something Dakota would have to get used to, but he prayed to connect all the same and at least offer something in what he assumed would be another grueling battle.

LOCATION: Carcass Isle
WORD COUNT: 991 (+2)

Although an absolute wreck, Mirage was indeed alive atop his blubbery pillow he washed up with. Though, he was still unconscious, instead indeed getting dragged by Link all the while mumbling about porkchops and how a certain Makoa wasn't about to beat him when it came to cooking. Slumped into a relatively safe place by the heroic swordsman, he slowly stirred and came to with a bite of his own tongue, an unfortunate backfire of dreaming of his signature family recipe, it'd happen to anyone who'd tried it once. His eyes slowly scanned the immediate area, noting the wrecked ship and the disgusting dead sea life around them. For a moment his eyes cautiously eyed the rain, reaching a hand out and finding relief in the fact it was actually water and not some sort of god-awful acid that'd sink through his body.

He noted the paleness of his hand, before looking over his own body. He was a little sticky for reasons that were obvious to anyone who knew he'd been on top of an icky fish, but for the most part he was actually happy to see his smaller but still older body be returned. And with it, his mighty Wingman tightly in it's holster. Though he had liked that Dart Gun, it seemed to be dislodged from him during what was clearly a major crash. Silently he overlooked the carnage of the land they had washed up on, his newly-freed mind trying to piece a whole lot of things together.

Everything that felt so normal before seemed so wrong now. Creatures he'd seen were absolute abnormalities to anything he could process, and nothing felt like anything from home he'd seen before. This wasn't Solas, or any Outlands planet for that matter. Hell, he doubted even somewhere as far off as Gridiron could have a bunch of species like these roaming about. Aliens weren't a thing, humans were the species of the galaxy. Or so he'd thought until now. He recalled his quest to find his mother with ease, but why would he of thought she was here, anyways? She was back in the hospital. He just needed to find a shuttle and get off this god-forsaken rock. Get back to work, before the money ran dry. Those hospital bills weren't going to pay themselves, and those promotional events weren't going to advertise themselves, either!

But a lot of things didn't make sense, even with the logic this was just some batshit planet. Why were the dead turning into these 'Spirits'? He'd never seen such a thing, it came off as a red flag compared to reality where people were buried when they died, not absorbed for their potential. But he couldn't even deny it, as a fusion was the result of his current form. Though, realizing he has a spirit at his command, he picked up a nearby rock and tried summoning his Tempura Wizard with a few different commands, from 'I Choose You!' to the still (In his opinion) brilliant 'Bamfoodzle' wordplay he made earlier. No dice, however, meaning the currently hungry man was going to stay that way a bit longer. Grumbling with discontent, he threw the rock aside as if it was worthless, before eyeing the situation around him in more detail.

"Ooh, man. Haven't felt like this since I was on the receiving end of an airstrike." He complained, slowly managing to stand. The rain was cold, he was very cold, but for the moment he saw some of the others scavenging, and figured he might try and do the same. Long-term goals were getting home, but short-term goals were not dying to the freakin' Maw, and damn sure not to freaky rotten isle. For a moment he toyed with his tech to make sure his suit was still functional, glad to see that he could easily form a decoy, which took a one-way trip into the ocean as he let it run free, just glad the suit was functioning. Second, he tried his visor: Wiping the grime away from the inside, he put them on and found his view functional, even his enhanced zoom. Functioning gear was a great start, though he'd need more than that to stay alive around here. Though, how long did they want to stay around here, anyways?

"She's got the right idea," Mirage added to Sakura's eagerness to continue. "We can get our bearings here, then push on? Doubt we're going to find a way out of this nasty place by making an S.O.S signal." He pulled out his Wingman for a moment, giving it a twirl. He felt a lot safer with his gun at his side, especially after what they'd just experienced. As a new individual made his presence known, however, Mirage momentarily gripped his weapon tighter, but as he seemed to express peace the Legend holstered his Wingman in hopes of not starting a problem. Especially with Sakura approaching this new figure, not wanting the girl in any sort of crossfire.

"Deader than dead." Mirage somewhat childishly commented along with Cadet's question, eyes once again scanning the horrid-smelling viscera. If this guy had something dry they could make a fire with, he wasn't about to turn the guy down. Though he didn't exactly look like he belonged around here anymore than they did, so the whole idea of him showing up in their time of need was at least a little suspicious. Mirage ended up not doing much, glancing about but mostly keeping an eye on their new friend, perhaps a little paranoid or cautious from the whole Maw experience, but who could blame him? He just wanted to make sure one of those in his group didn't end up in danger from a sudden stranger, especially after what happened with those damned chefs. He kept his hand off his holster as to not appear hostile, but still was ready to draw sooner than later if something here went south.

LOCATION: Sandswept Sky - Tostarena Town
WORD COUNT: 815 (+2)

All the while as Tora tried to train himself, Mao spent his time distancing from the situation and instead just watching the desert fly by as their transport went along. Aurox, taking Tora's invitation as a welcoming to kill him and wanting to use his ears to swing him around like a tubby club, found utter disgust in the idea of not taking up the offer to beat the crap out of him. Mao refused for a number of reasons, though one he wouldn't admit was Tora's health. One he would admit, however, he that he didn't trust Aurox to not 'rip the stuffing out' as he succinctly put it in one of his arguments for taking the fight. Was it unproductive? Yes, but it also kept things from escalating in a way that wasn't in his favor.

"WE COULD THROW HIM OFF THE TRAIN." Aurox commented in an attempt to coax Mao from within his mind.

"He'd probably roll all the way back to Al Mamoon." The overlord replied aloud, not wanting to have to go back and get him. "I wasted enough time there, we don't need to make a return trip for the tub of lard."

Aurox though about this for a moment, before shifting his offer: "WE COULD THROW HIM UNDER THE TRAIN."

Mao went silent for a moment, hand raising to his chin in thought. "Maybe we'll see some roadkill on the way." Aurox found amusement in the fact it wasn't an outright refusal of the concept, knowing Mao was momentarily entertaining the idea at least mentally. Thankfully for the overlord, as well as his general standing with the group, such a thing wouldn't be coming to light anytime soon.

Having not cared much for the idea of stopping, Mao figured he'd stretch his legs at least rather than stay on board. Accepting the drink from the small skeletal beings without much hesitation, it took the edge off the heat of the desert for a moment at least. As much as he hated the sand, going up into the snow would be just as bad, if not worse. He didn't figure they needed much of a pitstop either, but one last moment of peace before the chaos started wouldn't be terrible. The overly positive vibes of this town were making him feel a little queasy, but there wasn't much he could do on that front. He'd have to, in his typical fashion, scowl and bear it. Though what exactly he'd be doing was still an uncertainty.

On one hand, better gear for the hike sounded great. His large scarf tucked away could help out a bit, but that and his fancy ruby-centered headwear were about all he had going for him. The last of his money had went towards feeding Klee and himself yesterday, and the last fact you wanted to note about yourself when you wanted equipment was that you were a broke punk. He didn't exactly have much to pawn off, either. Noting he should've robbed the museum while he had the chance, he'd blame Aurox for being a damn distraction and an annoying pile of rocks for distracting him and leaving him flat in the currency department.

Although... Raz was quite generous to Midna, notably having money on him due to actually having a job and not being a mind-controlled Resistance hobo that had been living in a haunted abandoned train graveyard. Mao wasn't a beggar, and though he was definitely a bully, he'd punched Raz enough for awhile. He'd tough it with what he had if it came down to that, though finding some work around here he could do would be ideal. Preferably killing, for the sake of getting Aurox to shut the hell up about the whole Tora thing, sating him so he wouldn't think about how far he could chuck these little skeletal guys. Last thing Mao needed was to nearly get arrested again, over the span of a few days. That being said, he wouldn't be here long, so slipping out with something and never coming back was potentially an option. Unless everyone decided this was where they'd go after their victory against Galeem's chosen, which would make things pretty damn awkward.

"Probably best to keep it legal." Mao noted in a dull tone, quiet and to himself. He raised a hand as a short farewell as he departed off into the buzzing town on his own, a dismissive wave being the last of what he offered as he had no reason to go into any stores at the moment or follow after the others. If he was stuck here until they departed again, he might as well kill the the time by looking for something productive to do. Or maybe something not-so-productive, given the utter tourist attraction this place was. He wasn't exactly on guard, so getting pulled into some shenanigans wasn't exactly off the table...
Ended up being extremely busy and offline for over a week, but just checking in to say I'm here, alive, and ready to post
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