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10 mos ago
Current One month away from SMT V's release. Super hyped
10 mos ago
Rest in peace, Koichi Sugiyama. Dragon Quest won't be the same without you
10 mos ago
Timeless River Sora mains unite
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11 mos ago
Writing is a fickle process. Sometimes you're not sure what to put down, sometimes you write way more than you ever intended.
11 mos ago
Excited to play Deltarune Chapter 2 tonight. What a perfect start to the weekend!


~ 27 Years Old.
~ Enjoys all sorts of settings, and genres. Fandom and Original. Loves writing combat, and sappy stuff.
~ Slow but steady posting schedule, and notifies you of complications!
~ Stupid funny meme guy that prefers friends rather than flame wars.

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Dark Cloud 6 mos ago
Please come back Potemking, we miss you. Hell I miss you, you were so fun to talk to and you were a good friend. Although the VM's you left me were silly and funny it meant a lot that you wished I would come back.

Now I wish you would come back, you were an awesome guy and a really good friend.
Lugubrious 6 mos ago
Missing you!
Dark Cloud 8 mos ago
Zoey Boey 9 mos ago
Dark Cloud 1 yr ago
How do you feel about Flex Tape®?
PPQ Purple 1 yr ago
Random question of the day.
Is this forum running too slowly for your liking as well?
Demonic Raven 2 yrs ago
Your custom title makes me smile but your interest check being down makes me frown. I didn’t mean for this to rhyme, I’m just a shitty doctor Seuss in my free time. Shit I did it again! I really gotta stop.

Anyways, thanks for the status like and I hope to see your ideas soon. :)
Pronox 2 yrs ago
Your dp makes me happy.
AlternateMan 3 yrs ago
Yeet me like one of your french fries
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