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4 mos ago
Current I will reply when the flu isn't kicking my ass...
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5 mos ago
5 mos ago
To all my partners: I left my good phone at my gfs so I won't be able to reply until I get it back,sorry :/
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5 mos ago
She turned me into a newt.... I got better.
5 mos ago
We are the knights who say NEE! We require A SHRUBBERY!


Used to go by Noxxis, left because of a family tragedy. Now I'm back, tragedy over and still just as much of a weirdo. Hi.

When I'm not being a weirdo by myself, I'm usually being a weirdo with either my roommate (who I am a live-in caretaker for) or being a weirdo with my girlfriend who is legit, the love of my life. So there's that. Happy dance.

I'm a transmasc Genderfluid Enby with a sever tendency to act like a small gay boy. I'm Ace and Pan, for anyone wondering. My girlfriend is cis and bi, and severely adorable in every sense of the word. I'm so lucky.

I live in Los Angeles, California and love it. The weather is perfect out here.

I'm obsessed with penguins, Criminal Minds, Fairy Tail, and basically anything nerdy at all whatsoever. I'm a humongous dork that talks too much, sorry about that lol.

Discord: Pronox#0894

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@Sailorsadie we are the only people cool enough to know what this is, apparently.

Everyone else is clearly clueless and should get hip.
Yo Ho yo Ho, I added some Disney.
I also still really want some Persona goodness and I'm always down for more Criminal Minds!

Maybe Fruits Basket? Fairy Tail? SAO? I'M DOWN
Play that funky music, I'm dying I'd boredom
Bump, still looking for Persona!
HEY! LISTEN! Come join this RP...
Bumping with a Persona craving!
Bump, I'm still not giving up.
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