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Current Everybody wants a water buffalo, yours is pink and mine is blue.
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6 hrs ago
I really just love Principle Nezu, he's the best.
7 hrs ago
Silly rabbit, rainbow laserbeams are for kids!
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7 hrs ago
I feel personally attacked...
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19 hrs ago
Nobody (save for 1 person) wants to RP the Travelers series by DJ McHale with me and I'm eternally sad.


Used to go by Noxxis, left because of a family tragedy. Now I'm back, tragedy over and still just as much of a weirdo. Hi.

When I'm not being a weirdo by myself, I'm usually being a weirdo with either my roommate (who I am a live-in caretaker for) or being a weirdo with my girlfriend who is legit, the love of my life. So there's that. Happy dance.

I'm a transmasc Genderfluid Enby with a sever tendency to act like a small gay boy. I'm Ace and Pan, for anyone wondering. My girlfriend is cis and bi, and severely adorable in every sense of the word. I'm so lucky.

I live in Los Angeles, California and love it. The weather is perfect out here.

I'm obsessed with penguins, Criminal Minds, Fairy Tail, and basically anything nerdy at all whatsoever. I'm a humongous dork that talks too much, sorry about that lol.

Discord: Pronox#0894

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Bump, still looking for MHA

Gimme some Criminal Minds and HP pls.
Bump, I will not give up on this. There have gotta be some Travelers out there.
Bump with a craving for MHA
Yes for those who wanna write with me! :)
Interested, though I have to brush up on everything.

Happy to have you on board, mate!
Three bucketfuls of cookies and a puppy all free if you simply roleplay with me
Call now! 696-6969
Two bucketfuls of cookies!!
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