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Draineddddd. Needddd role playyyy. :)


I have been role playing for a good fifteen or so years, and am very open to everything. 1x1, casual, advanced. I usually don't make the posts, but I am very active in them. Role playing is my outlet.

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This day at work is draggggging. All because I have Thursday and Friday off. Sigh.
So I may or may not be continuously refreshing this page every 5 minutes...I'm that bored at work.
Bhu Adamina

Breathe in, breathe out. Focus on the grains. Each singular, minuscule speck. Imagine them banding together to make a spiral. Good. They're circling around you, forcing your feet off the ground. Just breathe. In, out. In through your nose, out through your mouth. You've got this.

Olive-toned eyelids slowly opened to reveal brown eyes. Staring hard at the pile of sand in front of her, the teenager extended her palms and focused. She had heard stories of other Earth elementals being able to fly in the air with the help of sand and she was determined to prove that she was strong enough. School had been going on for three months now- surely she had something she could show for it? Shaking her head to rid her mind of self doubt, Bhu cleared her throat and returned her attention to the tan granules before her. With a final breath out, she reached her fingers towards the pile and squinted her eyes. As she concentrated, several pieces started to rise and take shape in the form of a spiral. Soon several others joined and were quickly interlocking themselves to make a solid. Her eyes never wavered from the pile as it continued to grow and become larger than she had ever been capable of. She was doing it!

Bhu's excitement continued to grow as the funnel just kept getting more intricate. It was finally big enough for the next part of her trick- getting the sand to lift her off the ground. Clearing her throat, she slowly started to close her hand- and with it, the funnel started to move closer to her. A large grin spread across her face as the sand drew near. She could nearly feel the wind on her face from the ever spinning display. With a large exhale, she stepped forward-

And lost all concentration at the sound of a body hitting the ground. The brilliant tornado exploded all around her, spitting sand in every direction. Her eyes closed in a knee jerk response before she felt the granules hit her face. She groaned at the loss before slowly opening her eyes. The entire ground before her was covered in a thin layer of sand, hiding the grass from sight. Shaking her head, she raised a hand to brush the sand from her hair as she moved towards the sound that had interrupted her focus. "Whoever's out here had better have a good reason for fal-Oh."

She soon came upon Chaska and Alex- and was quickly able to establish that the former had his face against the bare ground. Hearing his excuse to the water elemental, she gave a small scoff and shook her head. The boy was usually always tripping over something. Chaska's question to the boy peeked her interest. Clouding his sight? Was that his way of saying that's all it took to focus? Her sight was perfectly fine. Her concentration was fine, her imagery was fine. Everything was fine! She would have reached her goal if some oaf had watched where he was going.

With another shake of her head, she walked closer to the pair and eyed Chaska. "Sorry, but it isn't always that simple." Bhu glanced over at Alex and raised a brow, a small grin tugging at the right corner of her mouth. "Shouldn't blame the root for your clumsiness. You could have hurt it."


Phoebe Dawn

"Cause I'm happy...Clap along, if you feel, like happiness is the truth.." Bringing her hands together, she attempted to connect the two in a clap until she realized she was still holding her book. Which, in turn, only resulted in her smacking the back of it with her free hand. The art teacher gave a small giggle as she continued to dance around her classroom. It was her mantra to start each day with a song- she may not be an air elemental, but the sound of music could enhance anyone's day. Setting the book down onto her desk, she continued to bounce on her feet as she made her way around the room.

Phoebe swung her hips to the music and hummed along to the sounds playing through the stereo. She had been thrilled when she was gifted with the sound box- yet who exactly gave it to her, she still didn't know to this day. It had just one morning ended up on her desk with a wide collection of discs. It was the lightness of art and the brilliance of air combining to make beautiful harmonies. Made her giddy just thinking about what a precious gift it was.

As she danced, her long pink hair flailed all around her, tangling itself through her arms and around her shoulders. She picked up a bucket of yellow paint and tossed it towards the empty canvas on her easel. A laugh escaped her throat as some of the liquid bounced back and hit her already paint-splotched blue jeans and purple tee shirt. Bringing her left arm up, she dragged it across her nose and could feel the yellow paint spreading across her face. Phoebe shrugged and set the bucket down before heading over to her canvas. Grabbing a brush, she began to draw shapes in the slowly drying liquid.

"Clap along...if you know, what happiness is to you.."


@Zelosse So I'm going to make a teacher...Any class you would like me to take?

@KallethI'm off work in one minute. I'm also considering making a teacher. What subjects need teachers?
@Zelosse I have an app up too :D
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