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Draineddddd. Needddd role playyyy. :)


I have been role playing for a good fifteen or so years, and am very open to everything. 1x1, casual, advanced. I usually don't make the posts, but I am very active in them. Since I am a work at home mother to three children and only two of them are in school, I do need my time away. Role playing is my outlet, so I can post up to several times a day.

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I'm so glad you're okay! We're supposed to start seeing Irma by Sunday.
@Dirty Pretty Lies
Yep, I hear ya. I'm in Florida.
Soooo I'm back now, after my life chaotic-ness.

Madeline Diller

The sound of gunshots tore through a fitful sleep and caused Maddy to wake with a start, her upper body shooting up into a sitting position. Her hand clutched at her chest as she tried to even out her breathing. As she focused on her breathing, her eyes glanced around her dark bedroom. While she hadn't been a victim of the shooting, she was most definitely an eyewitness. That was enough for her to be plagued with nightmares. The introvert didn't have it that easy, though- the fear didn't only just come at night. Cars backfiring, fireworks, any loud noise in particular had the girl quickly thrown into hysteria.

Maddy thought she had had the panic under control. As the years went on, the panic and anxiety attacks had lessened. It only started to get worse when she received the invitation to the reunion. The very thought of once more being inside those walls...

She needed to clear her head. The walls of her room were quickly starting to close in on her. Hurrying to her feet, she pulled on a pair of jeans and shoved her hair up into a ponytail. Maddy grabbed her keys and headed out to her car. Surely there had to be something she could do at the office. Hurrying out to the car, she stopped and let out a breath. She would have to pass by the school in order to get to work. Shaking the thought away, she headed back into the house and started to clean. Busy work always seemed to clear her head.

Several hours passed by and the house was near perfect. Heading back into her room with a full basket of clean clothes, she started to fold when she heard her phone start to ring. Maddy raised a brow and grabbed her phone before glancing down at the unknown number. Could very well be someone who worked at the paper with her. She opened the message and froze at the face looking back at her. As he started to speak, tears quickly hit her cheeks and her hand clutched around the cell phone. She couldn't stop herself from breaking out into a complete sob and sitting down onto her bed. Pressing her freshly laundered clothes against her face, she dropped the phone onto the floor and wept as a panic attack seized her body.

Brinlee Wynn

"And cut!"

Brin quickly sobered up and focused on her breathing to calm her nerves. She knew she was going to have a hard time with today's script- she rarely enjoyed showing such emotion, much less having it be the center of attention. Grabbing the tissues that were offered to her, she gave a small smile and headed off to a bathroom. She splashed water on her face and stared at the woman looking back at her in the mirror. It was uncanny how she could so easily relate to Maddy. They were both introverts and both really felt alone, even ten years later.

Sure, everyone was nice to her. But, ten years later did little to quell her fear of feeling like the outcast. They were nice to her and treated her as though she truly did belong, but how much of it was just an act? They were all getting paid to be here. They all had a fan base that seemed to be constantly watching them. It was hard to tell who truly was genuine in their actions.

After having calmed herself down, she grabbed a sweater and pulled it over the tank top from her scene. She really didn't have anything planned for the day and wasn't really sure if she had any more scenes with Maddy. Brinlee quickly found a seat on set and sat down, watching everything and everyone around her.
Okay, okay...I'm posting.

Did all three of us@BrutalBx@AnaSilan Sunja want to join in on a collab so that we can get our peoples to the library?
Okay, I'll definitely have something posted tomorrow. Been dealing with funeral stuff.
So the Roddy/Decky collab is on the go!

Looking forward to seeing everyone's reactions to the Charlie video!

Sorry, I've been....yeah.

I'll have something posted tonight.
@AnaSilan Sunja

Sorry about that :(

I'm good with moving forward also.
I'm here. Cancer sucks. But I'm here.

Season 1. Episode 11: Lord of the Ridge

"Peeps? I don't have any peeps" Truth be told, at that point in his life Roddy Callahan didn't have a lot of anything, let alone friends. It was one of the reasons he had decided to help out Maddy at the paper. Being the little brother of the most popular guy in school has a fair few drawbacks. One of which being an inert loneliness that drifted through ones heart like a debris across an ocean. He smiled gently as he placed his hands into his pockets. "How about this? I'll go with you as far as the library and then I'll leave you to your own devices ok? I know you're a big girl an all but southside is southside, can't be too careful. What do you think, deal?"

She had started to fret about getting her first ever late fee from the library. Maddy could absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt, not let that happen. That sort of thing could go on her personal record! Couldn't it? She was sure it could. That meant a smudge on her school records- surely she could kiss any kind of scholarship goodbye. They needed to leave. They needed to leave now. The girl could feel herself start to hyperventilate as she clutched the book and her keys in her hands, the metal edges of her house key digging into her skin. Turning away from Roddy, she feverishly nodded her head. "Fine, fine. We need to hurry. I can't let this happen. I don't do this. This never happens to me. This could be the end of me for all eternity!"

Rod raised his eyebrows in curiosity. Madeline Diller sure was a strange one. "Alright lead the way" He followed as the girl lead him out of Edenridge High and into the car park. The trek to the Southside shouldn't take too long. Edenridge was a small enough town after all. They could get there, Maddy could drop off her book and Rod could walk to his house, demolish some of his fathers brisket and be jamming to Jimmy Eat World in no time. He gazed across the skyline that stretched out towards Boston with a little smile.

After nodding her head just a few more times, she grabbed her book bag and dashed out of the room, straight for the parking lot. Her car wasn't much- a little hand-me-down mid-size from her oldest brother. He definitely didn't have use for the car in the city. Maddie rushed over to the door and quickly unlocked it before sliding into the driver's seat. Tossing her items into the backseat, she fumbled with the keys as she tried to make contact with the ignition. She let out a frustrated breath before finally securing the key. "Drive, you fool!" Maddie rarely even noticed that she threw out quotes from Lord of the Rings; it had become a part of her normal vocabulary. When the engine cranked over, she let out a small squeal. "A-ha!" She glanced over at him. "Seat belt. Now. Let's go, let's go, let's go! Losing time here!"

The Lord of the Rings references were strong with this one. Roddy climbed into the car alongside Maddy watched as she faffed around with the car keys. Immediately his brain was telling him this was a bad idea, the girl was clearly insane and he was probably going to die in this car with her. Yet his heart felt the need to continue on with this journey, to complete the epic quest they had begun about two minutes prior. "If you're having trouble, Mad I can go grab someone? I think Decky Boaz should still be around, he's handy when it comes to cars and he's a Southside local! He'd be perfect for our little trip"

Blinking at him, she tilted her head in question. "Decky Boaz? But he's..." She cleared her throat and shook her head, yet was unable to disguise the pink tint to the top of her ears.. "My car's fine. Totally fine. Nothing I can't handle." With another nod of her head, she went to hit the gas when the car suddenly died. "No! No, no, no, no!" Maddy groaned and laid her forehead on the steering wheel in defeat. "There goes my scholarship. I'm going to end up working at Walmart for the rest of my life. Be a cat-lady. It's all gone."

Rod's eyes widened as Maddy went off on her tangent. "Breathe, Diller. I'll go get Decky and we'll be at the library before you know it" Maybe jumping head first into Maddy's quest was not a good idea...well too late for that now. Rod climbed out of the car and headed towards the school. Sure enough, still hanging around shop class was Mordechai Boaz. "Decky, kind of need a hand over here. If you're not busy would you mind taking a look at this car?"

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