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Hate when roleplays go slow :(
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Draineddddd. Needddd role playyyy. :)


I have been role playing for a good fifteen or so years, and am very open to everything. 1x1, casual, advanced. I usually don't make the posts, but I am very active in them. Role playing is my outlet.

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Still open for people? I'm interested.
In Chosen 6 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Red...muddled red...ooh, even blue! As the group went about the journey to their destination, Vita had taken the time to study each individual person's aura. It was fascinating to see how they were all interconnected in some way. Her eyes flitted between several of the Chosen and found several bonds that had been formed. It shouldn't have been surprising, knowing that some of the Chosen had past emotions that had connected them once on a deep level. Yet, an intense sadness was also intertwined with the bonds. The girl didn't know most of her companions' histories, but her studies helped to make everything seem rather textbook.

The group soon came to a stop for lunch, drawing a relieved sigh from Vita's chest. She didn't mind the burning of her feet or the distance they had traveled. Rather, it was what they were walking towards that made her stomach churn in despair. The thought of having to fight something monstrous overwhelmed her.

Finding a large boulder to sit upon, she cleared her throat and watched the others as they had begun to introduce themselves to the group. She rose a brow at the only three who had spoken. Anguish and loss was apparent with each of them, and it was mostly centered towards the lightning chosen. Vita had heard of the woman before and knew that she had been the chosen once before. It was odd for a past chosen to remain in control. Maybe their emotional chaos revolved around the person who was meant to be the next chosen?

Suddenly she realized that she still had yet to speak to the group. A bright smile tugged at the corners of her lips as a hand shot up in greeting. "Uh, hello, everyone! I'm Vita Axelle, the life chosen. I'm just here to help, really. To lend a shoulder, or an ear to anyone who might need to talk.." Her eyes glanced over to the three before adding to her statement. "'Cause I'm an psychiatrist, by profession. I'm a great listener. Really. My office is always open."
In Chosen 8 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Annnnd done.

@Aerandiryoooooooooo doode!
@Kitty *cough*
Yeahhh, I'm gonna have to pull out of this roleplay. There are just way too many people involved, and I've constantly felt like I'm getting lost in the crowd.
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