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I have been role playing for a good fifteen or so years, and am very open to everything. 1x1, casual, advanced. I usually don't make the posts, but I am very active in them. Role playing is my outlet.

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A collab between @Sailorsadie & @HaleyTheRandom
Featuring Delaney & Rowan

Stumbling out of the alchemy with Miles, she wiggled her fingers at the man as she walked into the main area of the Coven. Her weary and drunken mind had already forgotten about the werewolves. Looking for more rum, she moved over to the party table and found one almost empty bottle left. ”Finally. Delaney grabbed the bottle and downed the rest of the contents. She wanted to block out the fact that maybe their lives were headed for such deep shit now that Carlisle was cursed and the barrier was down.

Though, she did wonder if her makeout session with Rowan would be honored. She grumbled as she set the empty bottle down, reaching for another one. ”I did my deed. Now for my reward..” With a smirk, the girl went off in search of her hunky dunk.

After the attack from Lucien and his werewolves, Rowan had done the best that he could to remain cordial with those around him. He understood his duties as a healer, but sometimes the responsibility pissed him off - especially when he had much better things to do. He didn’t want to think selfishly, or make his fellow Coven members feel like he didn’t care about them - he did.

However, in all honesty, there was only one person that he cared to check up on right now.

After helping a young red haired man, Rowan rose from where he was knelt on the ground to take a look at his surroundings once more.

That was when he spotted her nearly dancing her way across the wooden floors, bottle in hand.

Delaney. His Delaney. His woman.

Was it strange to think of someone as yours when you had no claim to them to begin with?

Right now he didn’t care. They had both nearly just died. Carlisle was cursed, the barrier was down, and he was drained from healing others. He deserved something good in this life.

Quickly closing the distance between them, Rowan wasted no time wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her as close as he could before burying his face in the top of her head.

”You’re okay,” he breathed.


Delaney barely had time to react when an arm snaked around her, slamming her into a wall of muscle. She blinked and hiccupped before settling as she heard his voice. Burying her now healed nose against his chest, she inhaled his scent and beamed. His statement about her being okay confused her. Why wouldn’t she be okay?

Giggling, she pulled back only enough to look up at his face, a huge grin on hers. She shrugged her shoulders. ”Of course I’m okay!” Delaney giggled again before continuing. ”I was just looking for you!”

She lowered her voice to a very loud whisper as her face turned as serious as it could in her drunken stupor. ”I punched a werewolf in the face.” Her nose scrunched at the thought. ”Damn, my life is weird.”

It suddenly dawned on her that maybe he wasn’t okay. Delaney blinked and pulled back more to inspect him. ”Did they get you? I’ll kick another werewolf’s ass if they hurt my hunky dunk.”

Watching her expression and paying attention to the jokes that Delaney had made, Rowan's worries seemed to fade away.

”Yours, eh?” he chuckled, watching her inspect him from head to toe. ”I’m fine. Couple of the younger kids got banged up, but it could have been worse - they could have come prepared with actual numbers. But –” His gaze falling to the bottle in her hands, he shook his head, ridding it of all of the negative thoughts. ”It’s over now. I have much, much better things to dwell on.”

Delaney nodded along as he spoke before bringing the bottle to her lips, taking another swig. She didn’t necessarily want to drink anymore, but the drinking hid her fear. The barrier was down. Werewolves were getting in. What else could come through and terrorize their little town? The thought made her take another sip.

She perked up at his last statement and she beamed before looking back up at him. ”Yeah? Like what?”

Crossing his arms across his chest, Rowan smiled down at her. ”If I remember correctly - I think you and Lilith struck some sort of deal back there before all this shit hit the fan. I always like to make sure that the winners get their trophies, ya know.”

Delaney scrunched her nose at his statement before her muddled brain brought everything together. The make out session. Her eyes widened a bit before looking back at him. A smile tugged at the corners of her lips as she watched him. ”That’s right…A little makeout sesh with yours truly.”

She blinked once more and tried to shake away the rum that was now floating in her bloodstream. ”That’s uh, you know. If that’s something you want too. All about consent over here.”

Continuing to watch her, Rowan's smirk never left his face. He wondered if he ever saw her the same as he did; wild a free, an absolute force of nature to be reckoned with. Hair like sunshine, and eyes as blue as the sky on Sunday morning. At her mention of the ‘make-out sesh’, he silently laughed and quickly followed it with a roll of his eyes when she went on to explain.

”Woman, if you don’t get your ass over here –”

With Delaney being so close to him, Rowan decided to wrap his left arm around her waist for the second time, his right hand gently cradling the back of her head as he dipped her towards the floor before planting a kiss on her lips. He preferred whiskey over rum any day - but on her lips? He swore he’d never tasted anything sweeter in his life.

”Consent is hot. You are hot. But please do not ever hesitate to kiss me. Ever.”

As they both stood back up, Rowans eyes fell to the bottle of alcohol in her hand once more. ”Bring your prize and let’s go.”

Delaney was stunned as she was dipped back, but then the world fell away when his lips met hers. Her free hand came up to cup the nape of his neck as he kissed her. But then his lips went away long before she was ready. She blinked up at him and her legs turned to jelly.

Huffing out a breath as they both stood back up, she had to blink away the dizziness from her eyes. Damn alcohol. She didn’t know what to say to the man. He had kissed her. He actually liked her! Delaney beamed up at him and bounced a bit on her heels. Right then and there she was determined to kiss him whenever the hell she wanted. Rowan was hers and he just had to deal with it.

She held up the bottle and smirked at him, her brows wiggling. ”Alright hunky dunk. Where are we going? Your car? Your place? Can’t really go to my mine, I still live at home.” Her nose scrunched as the alcohol continued to make her ramble. ”I can try to sneak you into my place. Ugh, I really need to get my own digs. Living with my parents is wholly inconvenient.”

Hunky Dunk. Rowan didn’t think he would ever get used to being called that, but he didn’t mind. It was her nickname for him, and he would gladly take it if it meant he had somewhere special in that heart of hers. As Delaney rambled off her list, he took the moment to think.

”My place,” he responded. ”I can make you a nice pasta or something like you like, and then we can stare at the stars or some other romantic shit.”

Her face immediately brightened as a huge grin stretched across her face. Delaney leaned into his chest as she smiled up at the tall man. Her drunken brain was still a bit muddled, but she was becoming sober by the minute. ”Aww, so it’s like a date?”

With a smirk, she tossed the bottle onto the ground, not caring where it ended up. Carlisle could clean up after the party for all she cared. She took Rowan’s hand in hers and gave a slight nod. ”Let’s go have a date, hunky dunk. And I’m so cashing in on those kisses you owe me.”

Location: Apartment 4B. Sadie's and Ember's apartment.
Interactions: Sadie @Days Mentions: Christian @wolflover, Rhys @Pyxis

Seeing her friend's reaction to the jumpsuit positively thrilled the young woman. Hugging her back, she bounced on her heels and beamed as she watched the woman walk off. Sadie went back to her bathroom and spritzed herself with her favorite perfume. She didn't necessarily need to impress the friends that would be at this dinner; they were all family at this point. However, there would be a couple pieces of eye candy. Not that she wanted to date anyone. Her career was at the forefront of her mind. But she was a young, attractive woman. And women of her stature had needs that just couldn't be met with anything store bought. Maybe she could get a decent lay for the after party.

Hearing Ember calling out her name, she let out a breath as she looked at her reflection in her bathroom mirror. She spruced up her curls a bit before adding a light gloss to her lips. Winking at herself, she headed back out to her bedroom. She wasn't the cooking type, but was definitely the party type, so she grabbed a few bottles of heavy liquor from the top of her dresser. Thanksgiving was about to be lit. Sadie walked out of her room and held the bottles up for Ember to see, a smirk on her face. "Any bets on who's going to get absolutely smashed first?"

The young woman let out a light laugh before looping an arm through her roommate's. "Don't be so nervous. I love you, so they'll love you too by default. Don't worry so much." Giving her a quick peck on the cheek, she led her to the meeting place. Sadie gave a few taps on the door before letting herself in. She immediately beamed at seeing her party buddy, Angel. "Hey, girl, hey. I've brought reinforcements." Setting the bottles down on the counter, she quickly grabbed herself a cup and made herself a double shot of liquor. Sadie sipped from the cup before turning to face the others in the room. "Guys, this is my girl Ember. Embs, you know Christain and Rhys. That's Jasmine and Isabelle and Angel."

Taking another sip of her drink, she raised a brow at them. "Looks like Daniel is running late, per usual. He'll show up sooner or later." She moved to the table and took her seat. "This looks amazing. Knew we made the right choice by having the chef do the heavy lifting."

A collab between
Erik Matthews Marabeth Golding Sabrina Arison

First day was finally here.

A blacked out Rolls Royce pulled up to the curb, it's tinted windows reflecting the school. The back passenger window was slightly down, a young girl’s face peaking through. A small smile tugged at the corners of her lips. She knew her best friend was already there as per her live stream, so she was in a hurry to catch up with her. The summer had been great, but there was nothing like school at Edgebaston.

Seeing Alistair at the front gate, Sabrina let out a slow breath. The returning senior really couldn’t stand the boy, yet she put up with him for her twin’s sake. Or maybe in spite of it. In reality, she would probably ask how high if Alistair were to tell her to jump. Anything to put a good word in with Persephone and to stay on her good side.

The young brunette waited until her driver came around to her side. As he opened the door, she stuck one leg out, her heel landing on the curb. She grabbed the help’s hand and pulled herself out of the car. Looking up towards the school, the girl’s smile turned into a smirk. It was her senior year and she was ready to rule the school. With Persephone, of course. She had been apart from her best friend over the summer as she vacationed with her mother in Bali. Now, returning with a fresh tan and longer extensions, she was ready for all the school year had to bring.

Walking over to the front gate, she looked Alistair over and couldn’t help the small smirk on her face. He was no doubt giving all the freshmen a panic attack. She rolled her eyes and slipped her purse over her shoulder. Sabrina wasn’t ready to mingle with the lesser of the twins. The girl moved past the boy without a second glance, her heels tapping along the concrete as she made her way to LaRue hall.

She spotted riffraff along the way. Eyeing the redhead, she let out a scoff and rolled her eyes. The girl was too…happy, for her liking. Besides, Persephone didn’t care much for the girl, so why should she? Tossing her hair over her shoulder, she sneered her lip at the girl as she continued on her way to her dorm. Her luggage would arrive shortly thanks to the hired help.

Raising a brow at the look, Marabeth bit back a smirk and gave the girl the brightest smile she could muster. She raised a hand and wiggled her fingers in a small wave as she walked down the main walkway to the school. Her destination was the front gates to welcome any and all newcomers that would arrive. Then again, she hesitated in her steps when she noticed Alistair doing the exact same thing. She rolled her eyes and let out a slow breath. She could handle the LaRue twin for exactly two point five seconds before he got under her skin. But, she was stronger than that. Love was louder.

Mara moved over to the senior and stood next to him, a beam on her face at the arriving groups of young people. She bounced a bit on her heels and raised a hand in greeting. ”Hi there! Welcome to Edgebaston! Oh, I love your hair!” Turning to another new face, she looked the girl over and clapped her hands. ”Those shoes are to die for. You’ve got to tell me where you found those.”

The roaring of a motorcycle stole her attention away. Looking towards the lot, she waved her hand towards her fellow classmate. She leaned over and nudged Alistair with her elbow. ”Oh, look. It’s one of your favorite people.” Mara nodded in the boy’s direction as he walked up to them. ”Welcome back, Erik. Nice of you to join us.”

Walking up to the school, Erik gave a slight nod of his head to the girl before raising a brow at Alistair. He couldn’t stand the kid, yet he had to give him props in the gym. There was more to that kid than met the eye. Looking back over at Mara, he gave a lopsided grin. ”You act as if I’ve been gone this whole time. Literally been here all summer. So have you.”

Marabeth shrugged and ran a hand through her hair. It was true that she didn’t have anywhere to go like all the other students did, but she liked to act as if she had a life outside of the school. Most of the other Independence Hall kids just stayed outside of the school year since they had no home to run off to. Didn’t mean she couldn’t pretend. ”Don’t be such a spoil sport, E. It’s the first day!”

Giving the girl a small chuckle, he tucked his helmet under his right arm and held onto his backpack’s strap with the other. He slung the bag over his left shoulder and winked at her before heading towards the school. Erik was excited to see the friends of his that had been gone, but he was more thrilled to see one girl in particular. Hopefully it wouldn’t be too long till her voice would be back, fresh in his head.

A @Sailorsadie & @HaleyTheRandom Collab. Starring: Delaney, Erin, and Rowan. Featuring: Serena & Lilith. Mentions: Daniel, Victor, Carlisle, Miles, Hayden.

After the fight was over, Erin had slipped an arm around Delaney’s waist, guiding her out onto the veranda.

As they stepped out into the night air, Erin took a deep breath and helped her friend onto a bench before ordering Serena away to go find medical supplies. In the meantime, Erin had grabbed some spare napkins off the corner of the snack table on the way out the door. Now looking at Delaney with concern, she began to dab at the small cuts on the other woman's face.

”Can you please explain to me how you can’t go ten minutes without getting into a fight without me? Do you know how offended I am right now,” she joked, trying to play off her concern.

Wincing at the small dabs, she eyed the woman. They were harmless compared to what she was hit with, but it didn’t mean they didn’t sting like a bitch. Delaney huffed out a breath and allowed her favourite person to clean up after her mess. Again. She felt like absolute shit.

”This time it wasn’t me. Bitch collided into me and then dumped her bottle all over my new outfit.” She scoffed and rolled her eyes. ”Ruined a perfectly good jacket. Who does that sewer rat think she is?”

Listening to Delaney speak, Erin's eyes narrowed in frustration. ”Sounds like home girl just showed up looking to start shit to me,” she responded with a sigh. Standing up and moving so that she was standing behind Delaney, Erin began to pull her friend's hair back from her face and up into a bun.

”I’m glad I hit that bitch,” Erin stated sourly, her face scrunching up in disgust as she pictured the newcomer in her mind.

”Glad you hit who?”

Hearing a deep voice, Erin looked up to see Rowan walking over their way. Her expression quickly changed as she tried to hide the small smirk forming.

Rowan, on the other hand, was clearly concerned. As Erin watched the young man take in the scene before him, she could have sworn she saw a small anger brewing in his eyes.

”D,” he questioned, his voice firm. ”Who did this?”

Delaney hissed out a breath at her hair being pulled, the strands tugging at the spot where she was hit with the bottle. She could have sworn shards of glass were still mixed in. ”Tulip, I love the hell out of you, but you need to stop bringing strays home. Especially rabid ones.

She smelled him before she heard his voice. The combination of his cologne, charcoal from the grill, and a small hint of turpentine from his woodwork hit her senses and she bit back a groan. Her second favourite person had arrived.

Glancing up as much as she could at the voice, she let out a resigned breath. ”That new girl, whatever the hell her name is. Kolby’s new meat stick.”

As Erin continued to pull back Delaney’s hair and remove what glass she could. Meanwhile, Rowan took a seat on the bench beside Delaney to assess the damage himself.

With a small huff and a disappointed expression, Rowan rolled his eyes at the mention of Kolby. ”Well, I can’t hit her - but I can hit him,” he offered. Looking up at Erin he added: ”Tell me you guys got at least a few good hits in?”

Erin laughed. ”You bet we did. Broken arm, bottle over her head. Left her in her own mess - literally. Maybe we did too much, but -”

”Justice isn’t always fair,” Rowan interjected.

Practically on que, Serena walked up with a basic med kit and a few healing potions. Quickly handing them to Rowan, she turned on her heel before being stopped by her cousin.

”And where do you think you’re going,” Erin asked inquisitively.

”To get wasted,” Serena retorted as she turned her back on the group once more. ”I did my part, now I deserve my reward.” Holding up her right hand, Serena held up a peace sign, walking back through the entryway to the house. ”Later losers.”

Rolling her eyes and moving back in front of her friend, Erin picked up the med kit off of the bench and offered it to Delaney.

”Want me to keep playing doctor, or can you handle yourself?”

Her entire body tingled at being this close to Rowan. Delaney looked back up at her best friend and gave her a small grin. ”I can handle the rest from here. Thanks lovey.”

Taking one of the potions from Rowan, she looked it over before downing it in one gulp. Her nose scrunched in distaste before letting out a slow breath. She glanced at Rowan next to her and bumped his shoulder with her own. ”As much fun as it would be to see you knock the shit out of Kolby, I wouldn’t want you to start anything just because of me.”
Rowan chuckled. ”I have my own reasons for wanting to hit that one. Besides, I wouldn’t be starting anything.”

”Just finishing it,” Erin replied with a laugh of her own. ”I’m going to go get us all something to drink. Be back in just a sec.”

As Erin walked away, Rowan turned back to Delaney, leaning back on the bench and stretching one of his arms out behind her so that it rested on the back of the bench.

”So,” he began, trying his best to keep things casual. ”What’ve you been up to besides all this mess?”

Delaney’s eyes widened just slightly as she watched Erin walk away. That witch knew what she was doing. She cleared her throat and poked at her nose, wincing. It was still incredibly sore and she knew the bags under her eyes would be a lovely shade of purple.

She cleared her throat as he started to speak. Delaney swore at herself. You’re not a school girl anymore, talk to the man. But hello, have you seen him? Why am I talking to myself? Talk to him!

Taking a breath, she plastered a small grin on her face before turning to her head to respond to him. ”Oh, you know me. Work. Work. And then some more work. Now I have to find a spot for all this Coven crap now.”

She shrugged as she watched him. ”What about you? Didn’t see you at Huskers on your usual day. Everything okay?”

Careful to keep his eyes glued onto the party goers he could see through the door, Rowan did his best to keep his expression calm and collected. She knows what day I come in? Better yet - she was looking for me?

Clearing his throat, Rowan was unable to hide the small half smirk that had formed on his face despite his best efforts. ”Oh yeah, I’m fine. Just got a little busy with work. Helping dad at the Mill, busting out commissions. Usual things.” After a brief pause he quickly added: ”I’ll be sure to come and see you Saturday though. Schedule should be pretty clear then.”

Don’t grin like an idiot don’t grin like an idiot don’t grin like an idiot. Crap. Delaney felt the corners of her mouth raise in a smile. ”Saturday would be great. Pretty busy night though. But I should definitely see you.”

She scrunched her nose, immediately regretting it. She huffed out a breath and groaned. ”Okay. Be truthful with me here. How fucked up do I look?”

At her mention of it being a busy night, Rowan had to fight the urge to laugh once more. Delaney knew good and well that he’d be there until after close, helping her clean up if she needed just as usual.

Turning his sole attention back to Delaney, Rowan took a moment to look her over from head to toe. Glass in her hair, eyes bruised, hair sticking to her face - she was still the most gorgeous thing he had ever seen.

”Well,” he sighed, grabbing one of the small pieces of glass he saw from her hair. ”You’re beat up - that for sure. But I’d bet money that if Erin would let us borrow that camera of hers, we could still get ya on the cover of Vogue.”

”Not a chance in hell of you touching my equipment,” Erin called out, now just a few steps away from the pair. Taking a seat on the ground in front of them, Erin handed both Rowan and Delaney a red solo cup before cracking open the bottle of rum. ”Respectfully, of course,” she added, looking up at Rowan for a moment before her eyes flicked over to meet Delaneys. ”Shots?” she asked, a mischievous smile now plastered across her face.

Delaney couldn’t help the slight flush in her cheeks at his compliment. If only that man knew what he did to her. Her attention then went back to Erin and she raised a brow at the empty plastic cup in her hand. Then, she saw the bottle.

She was about to respond yes, absolutely before she caught Erin’s grin. Her brows furrowed before catching on. Delaney bit back her own smirk before reaching out her cup. ”Yes, please. Fill er up.”

Upon request, Erin poured a decent sized shot in her friend's cup before doing the same for Rowan. Giving it another thought, the blonde quickly poured an extra splash into the young man's cup before filling her own. Raising the solo cup in her hand, Erin pondered for a moment on what to say.

”Here’s to be the new generation or something,” she said with all of the cheerfulness she could muster. Throwing her head back as she took her shot, Erin caught a glimpse of the night sky as her eyes froze on the stars. Hands falling back to her lap, Erin kept her eyes glued on the sky with a confused expression.

”Hey, uh, guys? Either this shit is super strong, or somethings happening with the barrier.”

Delaney threw back her own shot before looking up at the sky. She furrowed her brows and tried to see what Erin was seeing. Then again, she was already three sheets to the wind before the added shot. But, as she studied it, her head tilted to the side in thought.

”Ah, hell. You’re right, I don’t feel that weird vibrating thing anymore. Thought it was just having the shit beat out of me.”

Looking up at the sky, Rowan watched along with Erin and Delaney as the blue hue seemed to flicker and spasm, folding in on itself until it disappeared. With a huff, Rowan looked back down at his empty cup before reaching forwards and grabbing the bottle from Erin.

”I’m no Montgomery,” he stated, pouring more of the alcohol for himself. ”But something tells me that’s not supposed to happen.”

That was it. The vibration she had felt all her life was gone. She rose a brow at the empty feeling. What was the best cure for emptiness? More alcohol. Delaney shook her head and grabbed the bottle from him once he was done. She poured herself a triple shot before knocking it back.

”Unfortunately, this is our circus, and these are indeed our monkeys. But I’m definitely not drunk enough for any of this.”

”Me either,” Erin sang, now grabbing the bottle from Delaney as she poured herself another round.

”Is there even anything we can do.” Rowan questioned. ”Not trying to be pessimistic - just realistic.”

Knocking back her next shot, Erin began to pass the bottle around to her friends once more. ”Well, I know I can’t fix it. Neither can Laney, sadly. But -”

Stopping mid sentence, Erin had made eye contact with Lilith from across the veranda as the brunette seemed to wave them over her way. ”I think she might have some info for us though,” Erin sighed. Standing up with her cup still in hand, she reached her free hand out to Delaney as Rowan stood up himself. ”C’mon.” she said, nodding her head in Lilith’s direction. ”Let’s go see what all this shit’s about.”

She absolutely one hundred percent did not want to go. Huffing out a breath, she slung back her last shot before taking her friend’s hand. Delaney pulled herself to her feet before wobbling slightly. She squeezed Erin’s hand in reassurance before nodding. ”Hold up.”

Delaney turned back to Rowan and grinned up at him, thanking her liquid courage. She managed to stand on the toes of her heels before planting a kiss along his jaw. Her voice lowered for just a moment towards him. ”You look scrumptious tonight.”

Winking at him, she looked back at Erin and nodded. ”Alright, I’m ready for Lil to further ruin my evening. Let’s go.”

With a smile, Rowan dropped his head and redirected his attention to his feet - doing the best that he could to hide the giddy school boy expression on his face. As Delaney grabbed onto Erin, Rowan took his place beside the pair and wrapped an arm around Delaney’s shoulders as they walked. He couldn’t help but to laugh at her comment about Lilith; she was a sweet girl, but her overall attitude and her future predictions could be a little off putting at times.

As they all walked over, Rowan tried to make out the scene before him. Miles was clearly drunken, Daniel and Victor looked concerned, and Carlisle…

”Hold the fuck up,” he said, holding out his free hand, palm facing forward. ”Why does he look dead?”

”Lycan curse,” Lilith stated simply.

”Because that doesn’t raise anymore questions,” Erin grumbled, liquid courage now coursing at full speed through her veins.

Giving Erin a brief glare, Lilith took a deep breath before speaking again. ”A few weeks ago, Carlisle let me know that he was doing some personal research in the basement. Specifically - the forbidden library. I had a vision, told him not to fuck with this book I saw, and he ignored me - obviously. He told me earlier today that he had been placed under a Lycan curse, but there’s so many variations of them I didn’t have the time to research them all. And quite frankly, I’m tired of cleaning up his messes.” Sighing, the brunette rolled her eyes. ”But here we are again.”

Feeling the rum hitting full force, Delaney groaned and leaned into Rowan’s hold. She buried her face against the side of his chest and inhaled his scent. It was one of her favourites.

She looked over her shoulder at the frozen Carlisle and scrunched her nose, instantly regretting it. Delaney wrapped her arm around Rowan’s waist and grumbled. ”No. No, no, no. All I wanted was a nice little party and to see my man here.”

Glancing over at Carlisle, she huffed out a breath. ”Always gotta ruin everything. Stupid Grover.”

Still very drunk herself, Lilith chuckled at Delaney’s comment as Rowan tried to get to the bottom of the situation.

”Lilith - not trying to be rude - but what exactly do you need us for?”

”I was wondering if you’d be kind enough to help us move him to a safe place. Either that or vote on rather for me to banish him or not…” Trailing off, Lilith’s eyes now met Erins. ”I’d really appreciate it if you went and found your cousin - discreetly. Someone needs to tell Serena what’s going on. And Delaney…” Looking at the other girl, the realisation that Delaney may not be able to help right now hit her like a ten ton weight. ”I can’t bring the barrier back up by myself, but I was thinking that if you’re willing to help, maybe we could work something out?”

Erin nodded her head, slipping off to find Serena. If Lilith wanted to handle another awkward situation, Erin was going to let her. Lil might have been a strange one - but at least she had a decent mind.

Listening to Lilith speak, Rowan instinctively pulled Delaney closer. He understood where Lilith was coming from, and fully agreed that the barrier should go back up as soon as possible - but that didn’t mean he wanted Delaney exerting herself anymore. Shrugging his shoulders, Rowan looked down at the blonde before sighing.

”You know I’m always willing to help in whatever way I can,” he began, his gaze now meeting Liliths. ”But ultimately, it’s up to her.”

Delaney tried to break through the haze that was a half bottle or more of rum. She didn’t want to help. All she wanted was to stay wrapped up in Rowan’s arms. Besides, she was drunker than all hell plus recovering from getting her shit rocked. She had syphoned some energy to Erin earlier, but it had left her quickly drained.

She watched Lilith’s face before groaning. Of course she had to help the woman. This was their home, their safety net. Delaney had to do whatever she could.

With a small nod, she looked straight at Lilith. ”Fine. But only if I get to makeout with Rowan later, cause your girl deserves a little reward after this shit show of a night.”

Laughing, Rowan kissed the top of Delaneys head as he smirked. ”Sounds more than acceptable, don’t ya think,” he joked towards Lil.

With a laugh of her own, Lilith nodded her head. ”More than a fair trade, my dear. Now let’s get this show on the road.”
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