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Current I work in an ER so....I'm a bit chaotic rn, but hang with me. I'll be back to full time, promise :)
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Eyyyy I'm backkkk
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I wanna play, play, play...
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Hate when roleplays go slow :(
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Draineddddd. Needddd role playyyy. :)


I have been role playing for a good fifteen or so years, and am very open to everything. 1x1, casual, advanced. I usually don't make the posts, but I am very active in them. Role playing is my outlet.

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My post will be up tonight
Just to let everyone else know, since Brutal already knows-

I work in the ER at a major hospital and life is extremely hectic right now. BUT, thankfully it is beginning to slow down some. So I'll be able to post more regularly as the weeks go by.

Business was good. Business was popping. If you had money in your pockets, the Treasure Chest was the place to be on Friday nights. The room was full of a smoky haze, the sound of men and women getting their pleasures alike. Two smaller stages flanked a larger one in the center where each main event took place for the night. Bright lights flooded the floor, focused on the center of the stage where a pole connected to the ceiling. Chairs scattered about and around the stages, far enough to not accost the ladies but just close enough to smell the sweat. Only a few lucky VIPs had access to the benches curved around the main stage.

It was where every man and woman came to slink away from the stress of their life- whether it be their wives, jobs, children. Any and all who entered the front door were allowed just a moment to forget all their worries. Stress melted away to taboo pleasures- whether the customers stayed to their seats to view the events, or they paid extra for a solo performance in the back.

Tonight was like no other weekend. Bodies filled seats, waitresses bustled about filling orders, the smoke of burning nicotine clouding the air. Several ladies had already had their chance at being part of the night's main event. The smell of sex tainted the back rooms as special favors were purchased and happy customers well on their way out of the door, their pleasure sated for the night.

The click of the speakers interrupted boozed laughter and Touch Me soon began to play. It was the signature song of one miss Kitty, a fairly fresh face to Treasure Chest. The blonde sauntered onto the stage and out into the blinding lights. Her hair was fussed and in a mess, a deep red smirk spread across her face as her adrenaline began to spike. This was what paid for her brand new luxuries. This paid for her car, her studio apartment, her designer labels. Dancing was what she loved to do- this was her passion. Did she love having men put their hands wherever they wanted as they tried to stuff bills down her barely there panties? Not particularly. But every job has its disadvantages- right?

As her song came to an end, just like the clothes on her body, her night was over. She was very good at talking her way out of the special favor rooms. All she wanted was to put on some normal, full body covering clothes and head home. Yet, that wouldn't be the case tonight. Adrenaline was at an all time high as she counted the wads of bills in her hands. It had been the largest turn out she had ever seen since starting this business. And so, to celebrate, Katherine slipped on a barely there pink dress and made her way out of the building with several of her work friends. It wasn't long until they made their way to the other happening spot in Oceanside- the Pit.

All it took was one glance from Rig to confirm he had seen the group of five strippers. With a wink and a quick kiss on the cheek from Kit, she gave the large man a beaming grin before making her way into the establishment. Sure, the girls stood out like sore thumbs in this place- but where was the fun in being ordinary? And not to mention the fact that Katherine definitely was not of the drinking age to be allowed at the Pit. But who really ever checked the IDs of strippers? Certainly not Rig.

Not like she was going to be doing much drinking. All Kit wanted to do was dance and not be groped by somebody who wanted to pay his way into her panties. But first- water was a necessity. While the other girls made their way to a back table, the blonde walked up to the bar and leaned across it, giving Jed her famous bright grin. Her southern accent was strong as she spoke. "Hey there, darlin. Can you fix me up a glass of water please?"

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