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I have been role playing for a good fifteen or so years, and am very open to everything. 1x1, casual, advanced. I usually don't make the posts, but I am very active in them. Role playing is my outlet.

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There was so much happening all at one time. So many students coming in and floating near the refreshments, then pairing off and speaking to several of their new classmates. It was so much like their old high school- it was amazing to think that these teenagers were all magical. So far, everyone was leaving the siblings alone at the food table, which Margie didn't really mind. It gave her just enough time to quell the nauseous feeling rumbling within her stomach. However, that steady was soon interrupted with a deep voice that continued on in a ramble.

Blinking, Margie turned her attention to the boy and offered him a small grin. Nothing he was saying was registering within her brain. Her mind continued to talk her nerves down, reminding her that she was to be cool and collected at this school. This was her chance to be a new person. Only a few words the boy said cut through, and her eyes glanced over to her brother to see that he was actually paying attention to the guy. A quick review of him found that Jaxon was studying the boy quite too intently, a smirk plastered on his face. Margie bit back an inward groan before returning her full attention to Jake.

Her eyes shot down to the outstretched hand and before she could respond, Jaxon slid his hand over and shook the boy's hand. With a smirk, he nodded. "That's quite alright. Nice to meet you, dude. I'm Jaxon, this here's my sister Margie. I'm a pyro, she's an aero." He didn't release the boy's hand as he continued to look him over in appreciation.

Margie rolled her eyes and gave a small nervous laugh. "Excuse us, Jake...Pleasure to meet you, by the way." She nudged her brother to the side and lowered her voice to him, her eyes searching the room. "We are not here for you to flirt, Jax. We are here to learn, to train, so you don' know. Lose your temper again."

He narrowed his eyes slightly at his sister before looking around the room. He knew she was right, but he just couldn't help himself. It was like a candy store in the common area. He was about to tell her where she could shove her opinion when another professor introduced himself, bringing along a television. Raising a brow, he flung his arm around Margie's shoulders and nodded his head. "Shh, sis, we have a presentation to experience."

The pair listened to the rules in silence, Jaxon snickering to himself at the mention of sexual activity. Margie rolled her eyes and moved away from him when the introduction was over. Moving over to the board, she found her name. Turning to view the room, she sucked in a breath. "Serenity....Which one are you..."

Grayson nodded along while Spire spoke to him. None of the information provided was jogging his memory. Students, lessons planned? He scrunched his nose and looked around, then soon noticed Madison appearing to give the orientation. Tilting his head, Grayson listened along and blinked in response. Suddenly everything flooded in at once and he clapped his hands eagerly at the end of the instructions. He returned his attention to Spire and blinked as if seeing him for the first time.

"Ah, Spire! So nice to see you, good sir! How have you been? It's so good to have you here, you know. It's good to be a part of something again." Looks around and his eyes widen at the students. "My, look at our turnout! This will be quite the productive year, don't you think?"


Rising to his feet, he moved towards Nine to patch her shoulder before gunshots rang out. Swearing, he quickly ducked and grabbed onto his own weapon, his eyes darting around to try to locate the shooter. The man in charge took no hesitation in ending the situation. Ten growled under his breath and rose once more to his feet. "Getting really tired of everyone fucking shooting off random bullets here!"

He once more shook his head before realizing he was being beckoned to Seven's side. His eyes widened to see the blood pouring from the young girl's side. Without giving another moment of hesitation, he knealt down and grabbed his medical bag before rushing to her side. Knealing next to her, he assessed the wound and growled. Ten ripped off a strip of fabric from the bottom of his shirt and pressed it firmly against her wound. He spoke in a a clear, firm tone to nobody in particular. "Somebody look in my fucking bag for gauze, a needle, and some type of medical thread. I need to sew this up. I also need something to use as a tourniquet. Anybody have a belt or something?"

Breathe in, breathe out...breathe in, breathe out...

Standing several feet from the front door, light green eyes peered up at the massive building. Margie gulped as she stared at her new home, her body trembling in anxiety. Marchand would be the first place she would be without her parents. The first place to have fellow students that shared in her abilities. The thought turned her anxiety on hyper drive.

"Shit, Mags, put me down!"

Snapping out of her nerves, the girl turned to look over her shoulder at the voice of her brother. Her eyes widened at the sight of the teenager hovering several feet in the air before watching him fall quickly to the concrete, followed by their suitcases. She cringed and scrunched her nose. In times of stress, her levitation secondary would often times occur beyond her control. However, when she needed it the most, the concentration and focus it required drained her energy quickly. Definitely made high-stress situations interesting, however. She cleared her throat and gave an awkward laugh. "Uh...Sorry, Jax...

A small growl escaped the boy's throat as he picked himself up from the ground. Dusting himself off, he checked himself for injuries before shaking his head. This day was just growing more fantastic by the minute. "Don't worry about it, Mags. Let's just get this over with." Jaxon grabbed his suitcase and made his way to the building, stopping only momentarily to make sure his younger sister was following him. Their father had made sure he was aware that Margie was his responsibility once at this school; Jax was not about to let him down a second time.

The two brunettes made their way into the building and over to the receptionist to sign in. Once they both scribbled their names into the list, they were soon heading towards the common area.

Margie braced herself for the introductions that were on the other side of the door. She was tired of the days where she was invisible, always stuck inside a book or left out of the crowd. This new school was a chance for her to be someone else, someone better. At least in her eyes. She needed to get out from her brother's shadow and be her own person. This was her time. Pushing past him, she made her way into the room and her eyes widened at chaos that had just ensued. Her eyes ran over a teacher already breaking up a fight and she gulped. What kind of place had her parents gotten her into? Her eyes danced about as she quickly smoothed out her light blue sundress with her free hand, adjusting her suitcase in the other. Opening her mouth to speak, she soon decided against it before seeking refuge in the breakfast table.

His eyes kept track of his sister as she left his side. Giving a small shake of his head, Jaxon returned his attention to the common area and smirked. Already it seemed like his type of party. Deliberately ignoring the professor in the room, Jax moved past the crowd. Smelling bacon, his stomach grumbled and he quickly moved to his sister's side. "Not following you, just need food," he muttered to her under his breath. He quickly piled an abundance of food on his plate before tossing his suitcase to the ground. He'd get it later. Turning once more to face the ground, he popped some food into his mouth before addressing nobody in particular. "So. What'd I miss?"

Slowly moving about the halls was none other than Professor Grayson Davis, resident Necromancer. It seemed as though nothing in the world was bothering him as he continued to walk, unperturbed by the fact that teenagers were entering the building. The tall man full of muscle muttered silent words under his breath as he stalked along. Dark eyes darted back and forth along the walls, seeming to take in everything, and yet nothing all at the same time.

He nodded to nothing in particular as he continued along and soon found himself in front of a rather eventful room. Dark eyes blinked as momentary awareness filled them. There were children of every shape and color within the area and he was quite certain he didn't know a single one of them. Neither did he recognize the lone man among them. Where was he, exactly?

Raising a brow, Grayson turned to take in his surroundings. He had the faintest memory of arriving at the building after receiving a notice of employment. What was the job, exactly? With a shake of his head, he made his way into the room and scrunched his nose at Spire. He tapped the man's shoulder and cleared his throat. "Excuse me, excuse me, hello! What are these small things doing here? And who are you? Where am I?"


Ten couldn't help a smirk in Nine's direction. He didn't have a single doubt that she would use the gun on him; which, in turn, would be disastrous on her part. Wouldn't want to kill the only doctor in the group. He made his way to the other chests in the room and grabbed up everything medical he could find, including any daggers that were laying around. A part of him knew that the gun he found in his chest was a special kind, so only the right type of ammo would work. It was almost guaranteed that he wouldn't find any more ammunition for his weapon of choice.

After loading his medical bag full of the equipment, he turned once more to the soldiers and their leader. Ten's eyes looked the man over and he gave a short nod. The words definitely settled very easily in his mind, and his gut was telling him to trust in what the man was saying. The group had no other choice at this point if they wanted to make it out of here alive.

"For what it's worth, something tells me to trust the guy. The soldiers, I'm not getting a vibe from. But the leader...Yeah, my gut is saying to follow him."



He wanted to knock a few teeth loose in the boy's head. Ten felt the muscles in his arms contract as he clenched his fists at his side. His memory was gone, yet he knew without a shadow of a doubt that he could inflict some serious damage to this guy's skull. Yet, now wasn't the time for any of this added chaos. The group needed to find a way out of their situation. Didn't mean he wouldn't hesitate to keep the kid in check, though.

Hearing the clicking noise of a panel being opened, Ten raised a brow and looked over his shoulder towards the small girl. She had found some sort of doorway. He took a few steps towards the opening and peered in. Thirteen chests were all lined up in a row and the sight caused the hairs on the back of his neck to stand on end. Everything looked too clean, too neat. Clenching his jaw in building frustration, he took a few more steps towards the chests.

The others didn't bother to hesitate. His eyes darted to them and watched as they quickly opened the trunks. They were soon pulling out various items. With Nine next to him, he was able to hear her wonder when she pulled items out that were a glimpse of who she had been. Ten gave a small smirk before standing in front of his own chest. He would never admit it, yet he was a bit nervous of what could lay in store for him. He knew there had to be some medical supplies included, otherwise what was all the clouded knowledge floating in his head from? There were infinite possibilities of who he could be- what if he was the enemy? A mole? A rat?

He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment and gave a small shake of his head. "Stop being a pussy and just open the damn thing," he muttered to himself. Knealing down, his eyes ran over the lock and he raised a brow. Ten tried to push open the chest, yet it wouldn't budge. His hand gripped around the lock and he pulled down, hoping it was loose. No luck. With a growl, he brought his fist down against the edge. A smirk spread across his face when the device cracked, giving him full access to the chest.

Raising the lid, he let out a breath at the contents. Ten reached in and pulled out a medium sized bag. He quickly ruffled through the items and was relieved to find various medical supplies. "Guess I am a doctor, after all.." He looked back down into the crate and smirked at the weapons before pulling them out. "And a badass one at that. Come to papa." Pulling the gun and daggers out, he looked them over and nodded with approval. He quickly located the ammo and loaded the gun. Several bottles rattled at the bottom of the chest and he took them out to study them. "Antibiotics."

His eyes rose to the girls who had addressed him. He gave a short nod to the smaller of the two before glancing over at Nine. He smirked and ran his eyes over her before shrugging. "What do I get in return, exactly?" The man in charge spoke once more, causing Ten's attention to be momentarily dragged from the woman beside him. With a scoff, he piled his belongings into the medical bag and slung it over his shoulder, keeping his gun at his side. He rose to his feet and eyed the man as he responded to Nine.

"Something tells me to trust what the guy is saying. Don't ask me what, just...something." In truth, there was always a prickling sensation at his right temple any time the man had spoken. Ten couldn't explain the feeling, yet he knew within his gut to trust it. Clearing his throat, he shrugged off the feeling and looked at Nine. "In any case, if it turns out he isn't exactly trusting, we can always get rid of him once we're done with him."


Everything was happening too quickly. First, the news of no supplies hit him hard. How the hell were they supposed to tend to any of their wounds without supplies? If they were in a war, they'd need to be prepared for every kind of medical emergency. His eyes moved to the younger girl and he only managed a small nod of his head. Yet, how good was a doctor if he didn't have any supplies? Nine's suggestion of robbing a place caught his interest. Raising a brow, he looked over at her and studied the woman. She was becoming more interesting to him by the second.

The sound of something mechanical opening caught his ear. The others seemed to hear the noise as well as they all turned towards the source. Folding his arms across his chest, Ten turned and watched as two additional pods unleashed their hostages. Seeing the men caused his brows to furrow. Women, he could handle. But men? He didn't need the added testosterone to the group. Clearing his throat, he opened his mouth to speak to the newcomers before they beat him to the punch.

Ten was fine with the first one to speak. The man had an edge to him, but didn't seem completely out of it. The other, however, rubbed his nerves raw. Narrowing his eyes, he took a step forward and placed himself between the men and the girls. He raised his right hand, palm up, towards eleven and tilted his head. "Hey! Language, man. There are ladies present, you asshat."
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