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Current and being bodied by tory lanez, the mr. magoo of hip hop
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Bro how am I supposed to focus on the Super Bowl at all when ICE is holding 21 Savage as we speak? Fuck outta here the dude who made Bank Account is NOT a Brit
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how is the new season of true detective anyway? i hear it's a return to form.
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you're literally just taking lines from true detective season 1 now
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that almost makes them sound like some kind of.......warriors


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Dallas Relo

@Altered Tundra

Dallas looked down at Viv with wide, reproachful eyes as though she were some bubbly alien contaminant, though the hug he gave her was full of more warmth and affection than he would ever cop to in front of people. He even tousled her hair back into place before they parted again; Dallas' faux-repulsed look gave way to his sunny grin again.

"Yeah, believe it or not, me too. I mean, for fuck's sake, this place has actually kind of ruined me, you know? Before I came here, I was perfectly happy to be an ephemeral waste of life. Flitting through my share of parties and drink, jail cells and hospital beds, men and women, until I finally burned out at an early age. But you know what?"

Dallas heard Vivian sigh and his smile grew wider. She liked to sigh when her brother started to talk, and like him, once she started she would never tone it down. The unspoken admission that she liked hearing him talk just as much as he liked to...well, talk, was never acknowledged between them. Dallas shutting up meant he was upset about something serious, and Viv wouldn't have to pretend to hate that mood swing. So he let her carry on with the illusion that he was under her skin as he chattered.

"What the."

Dana Harada, wide-eyed and stricken, watched as her older brother patted another person's head before her own. It was tantamount to a blade in her vulnerable heart, an offense that would have been worthy of four fingers if her brother had the mental strength to live by the honorable creeds of man. Instead, it seemed he preferred to dole out his affections like a savage, bestial and baseborn, instinctively touching anyone he saw as a form of greeting as if it was no big deal. He even touched Rebekah first; they were exchanging blows playfully.


What a fucker.

She decided to give him a pass on the grounds that he probably had no other friends to contact over the past few months. The same could probably be said for most of them, except maybe Dallas. But genuine friendship seemed to be something that the son of the sun had no real interest in. Talking to people, forging connections with them that were purely skin deep, was one of Dallas' many talents. Making friends was probably harder. She doubted that he had much experience with it. The same could be said for a lot of people here, honestly. Almost as an afterthought, her gaze drifted over to another group of demigods, where Ariana had drifted out as quickly as she'd made her entrance. She would probably have to say hi at some point or another.

She would also probably wait to say hi until Ariana invited her out shopping sometime. No point in going out of her way until then. Not when she would need every ounce of effort to get her big brother into side control and choke his useless life from his throat.

The next thing she knew, he would be left unattended long enough to start wrapping arms around people. It would not do. She drifted around from behind his back and bowed her head, awaiting twice the fraternal affections she would have demanded in the first place. It would--

"-blah blah blah blah blah blah fuck blah blah blah"

Oh shit. Hi Dal-kun.

Like a hurricane or a plane crash, Dallas Relo was a force of nature that was easy to hear, but hard to plan for. It was also impossible to bargain your way out of facing it. He had a pretty voice, but it would probably kill him to stop using it. It was just talk talk talk talk talk, nonstop, and he was already proving no exception as he walked back over to the group with his sister.

"--But you know what?" he was saying to Vivian, wrapping an arm around her own shoulders and directing his attention away from the group back down to her. "This place has kind of changed my life. Not in the 'here are your powers, adapt and prove yourself worthy of your godly mantles' kind of way. But I mean, I can't interact with people the same way anymore! I've spent four years bottled up with a bunch of shallow, pretty, useless people with superpowers. At the end of every year they make me go home for a few months, and everyone who I hang out with is shallow, pretty, useless...and not superpowered. It's like going from the Justice League to the fucking Daily Planet. Or, fuck, I dunno, Death Row to Aftermath. People outside are boring. I almost texted you to see if I could crash at your little pot smoker's day camp with you and your mom, but -- heyo, bitches!"

He had reached the rest of his friends, and once they were within his personal space bubble, each of his movements seemed to flow into the next. He glided between all of them; he squeezed Dana on the shoulder; Rebekah got a playful, loosely balled up fist to the stomach; Rhea was lifted up off of her feet in a hug even more spirited than the one Vivian had given him, with a low but cheerful "Heya, kid"; and for the first time since the thirty-two demigods were assembled together, he stopped moving. He was standing in front of Marcella Bonaparte.

He reached up and promptly fucked up her hair with his practiced fingers, the same way he had desolated his sister's.

"What's up, Marcy?"


Speech speech speech speech speech. Same old speech.

Dana always felt insulted by these convocations, no matter the location or language. Headmasters were a subgenus that seemed to collectively enjoy wasting the time of students, the majority of whom had already weathered the first iteration of the 'welcome to school' speech. It was no different when she had gone to school at home. Teachers knew it was a waste. Students knew it was a waste. Why keep giving the speeches? It was time shaved off of everyone's lives. It was brutally boring. It made her want to stomp her feet and flare her nostrils. It made her want to...

“Don’t worry, you’re going to love this. Thanks to the Mystical Oracle, all of you have been selected to live on the second floor of the first housing building. And on these sheets of paper right here are the living arrangements. It’s going to be lit!”

I want to fight that man.

Akani had muscles muscles. He would make for a glorious trophy.

This year I will fight that man for sure. She had told herself that at each of the last two assemblies.

The idea of rooming together at the housing buildings was an interesting one, though, and one that made her tense up slightly, huddling against herself for warmth under the heavy bomber jacket that had belonged to her brother before it found a better home in the Far East. Dana knew she could get anxious around new people, and not all of them would tolerate her quirks like Jonas or Rhea. What if they weren't well dressed?

Kidnap them and take them to the Armani Exchange.

People always came back for more after one of Dana's shopping trips.

What if they were early sleepers? What if they got irritated by Dance Dance Revolution and asked Dana to turn the TV down?

Smash the pad over their head. Make them play with you. Fuck them up and make them humble.

Hmmph. The whole arrangement was more trouble than it was worth. Dana drew one hand out from the protective confines of her brother's the shared-ownership leather bomber ver. Ares.

Apartment 2A | Dallas Relo and Jonas Highwind

That seemed to be all that some people needed to hear. She heard a cheerful whoop! and turned her head to see that one of the papers had already been balled up and tossed in the direction that the academy's other students were departing in. She thought she saw someone turn around and rub the back of their head, wondering what had hit them, but then she turned back around again. It wasn't surprising. Dallas had been a baseball player growing up, and if he wanted to hit someone chances were good that someone would get hit. Who wound up getting irritated was irrelevant. The son of the sun probably just wanted to test his curveball.

Speaking of a curveball...

Apartment 2B | Rebekah Cross and Dana Harada

The elbow still wrapped inside the jacket moved to her left, prodding into the soft side of the girl standing beside her. Rebekah's eyes were heavy-lidded, lips pursed in thought while she was reading over her own list. She didn't know why she bothered after the fourth or fifth entry. In fact, Dana felt like throwing the paper herself. But she wouldn't.

She wasn't an animal.

"Help me move my clothes in. I'll help you with books."

She tugged on the sleeve of Rebekah's sweater, but she did so reluctantly, and it looked like she wanted to wash her hands afterwards. The thing looked like something Bekah had mined from another vein of Goodwill gold.

Gross. Who knew how many people had worn that thing before her?

"Fucking A, still got it. Did you see that? Whose kid do you think I hit?"

Jonas wasn't listening. He had decided to put a little more thought into who was sleeping where, not that it would matter in two weeks when people were throwing their roommates out for hookups. Jonas was used to that arrangement. Why give a shit now?

"Joey. Whose kid?"

Dallas' lips pursed in frustration. Marcy would have played the guessing game with him.

"That was a great throw! If we had an outfielder or a full bullpen like that then maybe we wouldn't keep losing the division to the fucking Astros!"

"Huh? Yeah. Khabib."

"Fine. I don't fucking need you."





Dallas frowned, a deep, brooding expression that came dangerously close to the surly pout of a brat who had earned his bona fides. Viv would never treat him this way. She couldn't ignore him if her life depended on it. That sounded exactly like what he needed, actually: some catch up time with his sister! After all, he'd taught her everything he knew with a PG-13 rating on it. Last year the two Apollo kids had even started doing personal training together. Dallas was perceptive enough - although Viv would say cynical with a cute lil frown - to notice that eventually someone would try to take advantage of someone whose atomic bonds were all held together by niceness and smiles. When that time came, he couldn't guarantee that he would be around to keep an eye out for her; when they'd parted earlier in the year, Dallas was actually impressed enough with how Viv's boxing and footwork had come along that he took her out for dinner and only spoke when spoken to for the whole night.

It was a rare treat.

Then the cloud over the bipolar son of the sun's face broke, and he turned his head to Jonas with a knowing grin.

"I'm gonna go look for Viv."

"Make it quick. Girls are coming."

Fuck. Once he and Marcy started stirring shit they were never gonna stop.

"Hey guys, miss us?"

"Sure as shit, babes. Gimme thirty seconds! Don't make any fucking plans without me!"

Using the big guy for cover, Dallas dipped back into the crowd of under-three dozen demigods in order to find his sister. Digging her out of the lineup was easy enough. He just had to find the one with the halo over her head. Dallas slid up to her with a wink and a fraternal hand on her head - to promptly fuck up her hair, giving it more than a passing resemblance to his own permanently-tousled looking blonde locks.

"Fucking there you are, Jesus, don't run off like that," came the warm greeting, as Dallas' eyes lit up and his conversational muscles visibly geared up to go full adrenal. "Iiiii'm thinking of throwing another party to kick shit off. Same thing we do every fucking year, right, Pinky? Don't tell anybody. But tell everybody. And make sure that anyone from your year actually fucking BYOBs this time. I nearly got busted for serving to kids last year and I'm not taking a bullet for anyone too young to buy their own weed. Oh yeah."

Dallas' bright grin grew into a sunny beam.

"Hiya. Missed you."

Sure, I'm game.
banned for beating me to the punch
oh yeah i guess if anyone cares about relations you can tag me for those for either dal or dana lol

You already know - but daughter of the water guy and daughter of the dead one. Cheers.

Oh and my fcs are Lucy Hale & Zendaya not in that order don't @ me.

who the fuck do you think you are, writing two queens at once. you think you're some kind of write?
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