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Current Imagine the myopia to think that rappers don't suffer from using as much as any random fuck. Mac was open in his music about his struggles with substance abuse. So was Peep. It's not glamorized.
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oh to be as cool as pericles-sama....but he'd never notice a fledgling democracy like me....
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"He's dead. You killed him when you left the door open with the air conditioner running."
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x was worse than dogshit, but he had people who loved him in spite of that. my thoughts are with them
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ric flair drip, go "wooooo" on a bitch
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Surprise. Shock. Righteous anger. I absolutely can't believe it. Ohhh nooooo.

It probably couldn't have happened any other way. Morimoto had apparently had some fire to him, once; even in the brief amount of time since the school had come under siege from the nightmarish terracotta sentinels, he'd found enough of a spine to worry about the safety of his students. I could see him from under the window, encased in stone, all traces of the nebbish he had been erased by the magecraft tied to that arrow.

It probably couldn't have happened any other way, but it was too bad it did. I watched Morimoto land, brandishing his new stone weapon for a second as he advanced on the two kids. Ryou was probably about to kill the poor son of a bitch. As much as you could kill stone, anyway. Was it a weird form of armor that had swallowed him, consumed his soul, driven him against his charges? Or his flesh?

I let out a slow exhale and took a second swig from the bottle. Drinking in my own little fiefdom of a classroom hadn't quite been in the plans for the day, but that was par for the course in this life. The world sucked. Wear a fucking cup if you're scared of it. It was a lesson Morimoto had just learned painfully.

Per cent'anni, Doc.

So. The time for decisions had come. The window was the way out of this room. There was no second option; the door to the classroom was pointless while so many terracotta warriors roamed the halls. No matter what I was capable of, it wouldn't matter against so many. I'm no action hero, I'm just a weird son of a bitch with some tricks up his sleeve. And I can talk to people. Those two things can get you far as a magus, but sometimes you needed to put your od where your mouth was.

So: the window. Jumping was the only way; climbing would have taken too long even without the damage Morimoto had done to the windowsill. Jumping also left me a prime target for the next one of those arrows. But...

Ansuz. Kenaz. Ehwaz. Perthro.



I turned to look at the bottle of Irish whiskey that Morimoto and I had been drinking from for luck and courage, respectively.

Luck and courage.

Holy fuck. It had clicked.

You're welcome, you damned devil.

From my messenger back I withdrew my Mystic Code - a plain one, about as common among magus circles as a smartphone case would be in a group of students. But a dearth of rarity usually meant that an item didn't lack for use. The Azoth Blade had gotten me out of a few hairy situations before - both business and personal. I really should give it a name sometime. It needed something to make it feel more unique. Az-nable Blade. Something custom.

I splashed a few drops of the alcohol onto the flat end of the blade and started drawing runes three times faster than the average Mystic Code user.

When I had drawn the last rune, I flicked my wrist upwards, like I was about to toss the blade underhand into the forest below. The channeling had worked; from the end of the Mystic Code, a dense fog colored the dark teak of the alcohol in the bottle swallowed up the window, obscuring the window and its immediate contents from view below. It was only an average Bounded Field, the best I could conjure immediately with the resources I had, but it would work as long as I needed it to.

The average human being would jump as soon as they were covered. That was what any foe would expect. So the smart thing to do was wait a few crucial seconds, long enough for an arrow to be notched and aimed at someone who had immediately clambered up on the window--

I ducked to the right of the exit, watching as the heavy stone arrow cut through the fog and buried itself in the classroom ceiling. That was when I jumped.

The rest of the runes I'd used were meant for quickness, merely getting me the hell out of the room and onto a level playing field with the kids. Ryou would kill Morimoto if she had to. I had seen enough Hong Kong cinema to know that wasn't the route. What I could do was keep either girl from taking an arrow in the back and creating enemies in our midst. Another, stronger Bounded Field would be good for those purposes...but it would also create a temporary island, and if the soldiers had any sort of hivemind - which, odds were pretty good - they would know exactly where to converge on.

Covering the rear was the best option. It was Lia's blind spot.

You're up next.

Yes. That was a damned good idea with the Runes. Quick and dirty.

I'm not super patient.

Me neither.
Oh, huh. This isn't something I was expecting to be tagged in. Looks pretty rad.

Kawaguchi, you are just for fucking show.

The last thing the pair needed was for attention to be called to them, especially if his senses and suspicions were correct. He was onto something with this; it was up to Kawaguchi to play things cool, which was never her strong suit, but it was also up to Brennan to repair the thin illusion of obliviousness that still hung over the ice cream stall. They had to know he knew. Fuck. Fuck!

"I'm just lookin' at dis lightin'," he said brightly, wrapping a snakelike arm around Umeko's hips when she leaned into him and spinning them around. "Here. Yer camera's betta. Riiiiight...mwah!"

He'd had to pluck Umeko's phone from her hand and snap the picture, because one look at his destroyed, waterlogged touchscreen and any idiot would have been able to figure out what had befallen the device. But he had it. The perfect selfie, an immortal snapshot of first love - Umeko bemused but beaming into her camera, Brennan's handsome face caught in profile. He had turned at the last second to kiss Umeko in one of the spots he knew her to be most ticklish, towards the back of her cheek underneath her ear. He was smiling, too. They were a cute couple.

The mascot hung in the background of the photo, looming behind Umeko with a deformed smile. The ice cream vendor, stoic face framed perfectly over Brennan's left shoulder by the tilt of his head, made for a cute photobomb too.

Brennan Griese's nostrils had flared imperceptibly throughout Umeko's dialogues with the swollen-headed alien that was passing for a magical girl. Those who were too stupid to read the mood of a room or recognize animal instinct would have assumed that Brennan was jealous of the lavish attention that was being heaped on the deformed Kanamin. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Umeko's interest was almost certainly in acquiring a voice changer for herself in time for her next convention trip; any conversation she had with the soul trapped inside that wide-eyed plushie head was intended only to further that goal, through methods as innocent as intellectual property theft and as nefarious - and not very justice - as commissioning a mugging from an unsavory love interest.

This was different. This wasn't angry at all - it was curious. Brennan Griese smelled someone familiar.


"Here, nerd, I got dis," Brennan said amiably, putting on a wide grin and pulling out his wallet. He flipped through the cash notes - the number of which was swollen up substantially from the money he'd withdrawn at the bank the other day - and produced exact change, holding it over to Gandharva without placing it in his hand. He was cheerfully waiting for the cashier to take it.

"Dere ya go, boyo. Cheers."

Evolution was a mighty force in nature.

Many physical anthropologists believed that there was a singular genesis, a turning point, that would unite chimpanzees forced to survive on the savannas of Africa into the disparate groups that would later become humanity. Karl Marx would brush on the same principle millions of years later, but the chimpanzees faced a problem far more immediate than something as droll as late capitalism or the struggles of the proletariat. The chimpanzees were arboreal creatures, stranded on the savanna; they were, quite simply, easy pickings for the lions.

The first examples of collective action in what would become human history were, simply, ganging up to throw rocks at lions. One chimp with a rock was a laughing matter to a lion. Fifty chimps with rocks was a fatality. The Bible would go on to popularize the story - or maybe just dumb it down. But the principle was still the same. David slung a rock at Goliath. Goliath died. The Chinese used this same principle to kill traitors and fiends. This was a recurring instinct throughout human evolution.

It was now being utilized against Brennan Griese, local Goliath, traitor, and fiend, to damning effect.

When he had fallen asleep the night prior, he had been an easy-going, run of the mill Academy City boy with a nerdy yet cheerful girlfriend at his side. Waking up had been a startling experience, not just because Brennan had hoped to get a few rare hours of relaxation on this fine Saturday morn, but also because that same lovely girlfriend seemed to have been replaced by a Kanamin-mimicking pod person, glaring down at him with wide, baleful eyes for having the audacity to sleep. The glare had been hidden behind Kanamin's signature V-finger pose. Brennan had thought about telling her how offensive that would have been in the home country, but he was more appalled at her costume.

It was a fucking hot costume.

But he could have handled it if she just waltzed around the apartment, or even in public, wearing it. He would have overcome his natural impulse to mock the earnest otaku as she deserved to be mocked and simply gone about his day. But now Brennan was feeling uncomfortably like a lion. One magical girl throwing the vee was simply a cute example of cultural ignorance. Thirty thousand magical girls would overwhelm him like the chimps on the savanna. It didn't help that Umeko thought she was the best of all Kanamins gathered.

It definitely didn't help that it was true.

My God, I died the other night.

It was a jarring realization.

Mam, I went to hell...

Holy shit, the Dianoid was full of them. Nerds dressed as their idealized versions of characters, magical girls of every stripe, from Kanamin to her erstwhile rival-turned-best-friend. There were booths with figma and doujins and fucking Magi☆Mint Chip, a special tie-in flavor that they had seen at the supermarket earlier in the week. It was a tie-in product with Musashino, their first foray into ice cream. Brennan half-expected Umeko Kawaguchi to try and hold that entire stall up with her wand.

It would probably be best to get that first and then get the hell away, before she started thinking of ways to try and pilfer every single spoonful of the ice cream in the convention center. Every single virgin in this place probably had a battle plan that was along those same lines, though, and there was no doubt they considered the other cosplayers to be competition. This combative streak was no doubt why Umeko had brought him along. That and she was just a clingy girlfriend by nature.

"Ice cream foorst," Brennan said, his natural Dublin brogue and use of English making himself doubly unintelligible to anyone around. Umeko would understand it, and that was enough. Plus it beat outing her as a Kansai lunatic to those around. "Then I don't give a fook. I just wanna go to the Orbit booth."
I'd be interested to see an OOC, at least.
jesus christ
Just gonna shoot off some possible connections while my hair's still too wet to sleep with.

@Crimmy If Youko's enough of a sentai nerd to show up to those live tokusatsu plays, maybe she could have met Yu-Ri there, playing the role of a weirdly combat-effecient pink? Not sure how much of a purist she is when it comes to those sorts of shows, but whether she complains about the Pink Ranger developing a boxing routine or praises the novelty of it, it'd probably be an interesting enough encounter to remember each other by.


@Plank Sinatra Doubt Brennan will know who the fuck she is.

she'd probably know brennan's girlfriend.

@Krayzikk discuss.
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