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I wish this had come a week or two later, I would have more time for it. :(

I'm in the heart of exam season right now, so I wish everyone here the best.
I might be interested in this, I have Caster or Lancer ideas I've been meaning to try.

Interacting with: Marcella @Write


"The highlights of this year?" Dallas asked incredulously. His ultramarine eyes were locked upon Marcy's face with barely disguised bemusement, eyebrow cocked at the inanity of the question and at the infinitesimally small contours the demigoddess' teeth were leaving in her bottom lip. "What am I, in a job interview? You going to ask what I can bring to the team next? Fine. I'm pursuing my master's degree in Trojan Warfare from Olympus Academy. I worked at a Starbucks once. Well, I mean, I flipped Adderall, but it was in a Starbucks bathroom. And it was for my master's. Oh, and I'm a dynamic thinker, I work hard, and I play great in a team setting. As long as you don't try and brainwash me."

Dallas' teeth clicked when he smirked, and those vibrant blue eyes rolled up into his head briefly.

"Jesus, Marcy -- ugh, whatever, Apollo, Marcy -- we're fucking fifth years. We've been through this song and dance before. You idiots are the highlight of my year every single go-around. Normally the parties rock, too, but I guess that's out the fuckin' window. So I guess we're just down to you idiots." He reached over with a fork and bopped the daughter of Hades' button nose with the end of his fork. "Especially you, idiot. Fine. Your fucking turn. Gimme the highlight of your year and three references I can contact."

Interacting With: In person: Bekah @Krayzikk, Jonas @HereComesTheSnow, Rhea @Write, Liam @Caasicam
Text: KamiRanger Red @Onarax, KamiRanger Green @Hedgehawk

"Cook again, oniichan," Dana urged, echoing Rebekah's command. "Bulk soon. As Ares is my witness, I shall become a 145er and a modern day Amazon. Then I will slay each and every one of my predecide--prede--"


"I must kick everyone older than us to death." Dana bowed her head in time to see the notification of another text on the screen of her phone, and she excitedly pulled it up. Kaz hadn't responded; instead, it was Ito, another Japanese student on campus that Dana and Kaz had taken under their wings. He would prove to make a fine KamiRanger someday, even if it was taking a while for him to get to know his betters. That was cool. She liked a little bit of impetuousness. Dana was impetuous herself.

Otherwise someone else would be destined to beat all teachers to death instead of her.

Dana Harada
/I am eating breakfast
Onii-chan and girlfriend are here
They shall give me the strength to kill you/
<3 lol. toshikasuuuu how was summer???? did you do Great Justice like we told you?
P.M.P. - Mission Report

@Write @HereComesTheSnow @FlitterFaux

Upon successful descent, the diversion team - Jericho Piper and Evangeline Sparr - successfully led an assault on the front of the Faerie Dust ring's central warehouse. In the meantime, the majority of both Teams JBLS and VIVE entered the warehouse more discreetly from the roof and proceeded to make their way into the complex's main manufacturing superlab.

In the midst of sabotage efforts by the assembled students, a majority of the ring's high-ranked leadership apparatus engaged in a brief firefight with the students, after which many were subdued. Experimental power armor technology fueled by the synthetic Dust was recovered by infiltration team. Synthetic Dust will likely prove a poor power source, but technology has potential. Will investigate further.

Despite exemplary performance and destruction of Faerie Dust production, both teams were penalized for the actions of the diversion team. Damage to warehouse has proven extensive after preliminary findings, and several shipping containers full of exports to Mistral and Atlas were destroyed during controlled landings from distraction team's initial drop. Diplomacy currently underway to assuage any threat of tensions with neighboring kingdoms, though the well-placed nature of both students in their kingdom's respective societies should prove valuable in helping mitigate long-term damage. With this in mind, both teams have been penalized one credit.

Not that any of that mattered to Jericho in the slightest. He, and his three subordinates, were hunched in the circular corner booth of the nearest Waffle King they could find in lieu of returning to Beacon. The Gold Stripe himself sat across from Bianca, legs kicked up so that the soles of his boots balanced on the seat beside her.

He'd made Vivianne scream, after all. A deal was a deal. And as much as he had proven careful about what he ate in his first week at Beacon...

"This is tradition in Atlas," he explained betwween mouthfuls of food, spinning a small, unused tub of butter spray with a finger atop the lid. "They have a Waffle King on Baron Avenue, around the corner from the Bilskirnir Complex. They have a blue plate special from 11:30 to 5 for stoners and Gold Stripes. So you can choose to think of yourselves as being in great company, if you want. Whether you really are or not."
I'll give everything a read and have a CS concept by the end of the weekend!

Interacting with: Marcella @Write, Beau @Crimson Flame (mentioned)

That fucking twink tried to brainwash me.

It might even have had some measure of success - Dallas had been through enough failed seductions to recognize the odd, cough syrupy feeling of his body attempting to calm down and slacken against the instructions of his mind - and for the rage to quickly burn a hole through the artificial layer of calm. Being directly in the sunlight, with music playing over every speaker in the cafe, helped too. Skye, Beau, whatever the fuck his name was would have been caned to death in the street if he had done that shit in a gentleman's society, but alas, they had been damned to Olympus, ruled by a house of sheep. As it was, Dallas picked up the croissant and lobbed it at him on the way out, leaving a short, wide alabaster streak of powdered sugar and a couple of almonds clinging to the back and shoulder of the Aphrodite kid's shirt.

When that barrier falls, I hope it eats him first. Good luck feeding anything to one of those shadow creatures that isn't your fucking liver.

“Crazy night last night. You holding up alright?”



Some of the immediate fury ebbed as quickly as it had flowed, leaving Dallas in a slow, labored breath. The tension visibly left his shoulders, and the tsunami in his ocean blue eyes was calming.

"It's too late, Marcy. You've already pierced me," Dallas mock-griped, running his hand over her knuckles. "I won't forgive you. My poor belly button has been deflowered. Sullied. I'll never be able to take Mass again, if Jesus didn't hate me for that Dionysus kid I hooked up with last year he sure fucking hates me now. I look like some producer's sluttiest daughter when I'm shirtless now."

His teeth scraped his bottom lip, fighting back a smile that came easier the longer he heard the sweetest thing in the world - his own rambling.

"Let's just fucking eat, alright? I don't want to talk about last night. Just tell me what's up with you."

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The Japanese girl's eyebrows drew together austerely at the elbow in her side, and the ribbing (no pun intended) from the girl beside her. Very smug.

"I loved your form as well, Rhea," Dana said sweetly. She looked down at her phone to hide her smirk from the rest of the assembled group and decided to put her disguise to good use.

Dana Harada
Come to oniichan's dorm
We are eating his food for free
DynaBaka is growing heavier」

"「Thank you for the food, brother!」" Dana said brightly, although the gaze she gave her brother when she cocked her head held neither expression nor even a sign of blinking. "「Thank you for not filling us with your imageboard swill either. Dal-kun gave me nothing but milk at our goodbye breakfast last year. Worst flight of my life.」"

She elbowed Rebekah back.

"Faaaiyaaaabonba," she said emphatically. "If you love me you will help. We will burn all but the big one. He is mine to fight with hands. Then I will show off the meaning of show off."

I'd at least be interested in seeing the concept, especially if it's Clock Tower stuff or something.

Interacting With: Felix @jetipster, Beau @Crimson Flame, Marcella @Write

You know, it's been a long time since I actually treated myself a little.

Maybe a croissant French toast or an omelette? La Boulangerie back home had the best he'd ever tasted of either, but Viv swore by this place and its godly cooking. He wasn't exactly sure how, unless the kitchen staff had some divinities among their number without anyone knowing. It's not like many celebrity chefs found the time to disappear off the face of the planet to cook for demigods, and if any of the gods were so fucking great at cooking why did they need to keep abducting cup bearers on Earth? Dallas thought of asking his father, but what good would come of it? It's not like Dal particularly enjoyed cooking for himself unless a fling was over. And that was just an excuse not to talk to flings.

Not talking to anyone...

Now that hit the spot. Just a nice, long bout of silence, punctuated by occasional effervescent bursts of Marcy, punctuated by some little artisanal breakfast. Maybe they made a good focaccia here. With pesto and nuts, tomato and mozzarella, mmm...the claws of the cerberus mangling Dallas Relo's brain were finally starting to slacken.

“Hey, I know you’ll be meeting up with Marcy but...I'm a day late and was wondering how fucking mental your party was last night to make Hector look so… well…weird in my meeting with him this morning…?”

I will show you your voice box before you die.

"Then catch your flight next year." Don't open your eyes. You are not obligated to have to open your eyes. But the sound of a ceramic plate scraping along the surface of the table - the only surface that protected whatever wasp in a man's flesh from a lobotomy with a fucking coffee mug - distracted him, and the Son of the Sun's eyes slowly lolled open as though he'd been roused from anesthesia. Behind the eyelids that had been his paper shield against the frustrations of everyone currently alive in the solar system, his pupils were two black holes surrounded by an eye wall of lightning, iridescent blues crackling and blazing at whatever had roused them open. For a moment, Dallas looked more Zeus than Apollo.

Then he gingerly lifted up the croissant that had been offered to him in tribute and took a large bite off the end, finishing his bite in four chews and swallowing wolfishly. He didn't immediately go in for a second helping, but at least he seemed more likely to bite off another piece of pastry instead of someone's ear.

"The usual. The staff is too old to remember when they got drunk underage, and they accused me of dealing to kids. Dumbass shit. I deal with it every year." That was half-true; it had certainly been the pressing concern on Dallas' mind all day yesterday leading up to the party, and it was the usual staff response to haul Dallas, Jonas, and Marcella up to the scaffolds for discipline after parties. Underage drinking made for a convenient catch-all. Why didn't I just tell the truth about the barrier? Dallas cocked his head faintly at Felix, taking another, more pensive bite of the almond croissant and chewing over the deception. He barely knew the upperclassmen, in truth, and he had as much right as anyone to know if Olympus wasn't safe.

Maybe, Dal decided, he'll just go the fuck away faster.

“Au revoir mesdames et messieurs, you have been a wonderful audience!”

For a split second, an apology to Felix was forming on Dallas' Cupid-bow lips. It morphed into a snarl at the abrasive sound of another upperclassman, one who had apparently bee-lined in on the golden child of Olympus as so many before him had.

"Oh what the fuck."

Beau ignored him, planting a kiss so fervent on first Felix's cheek, than Dal's, that Dallas wished he could sweat lye.

"Hey." Felix was burning up himself. You would think that anyone old enough to remember where they were on 9/11 would know what a kiss was like, but maybe he was just more romantic than Dallas. A dynamo in the sack? Yeah. A little playful with the people he liked most? Sure. But there was a difference between white-hot solar passion and random meet cute infatuation. Felix should have learned it by now. It was no good being sensitive in a place where everyone was a mix between Trojan warrior and Instagram influencer.

"Hey, Skye." The greeting was far more blunt coming out of Dal's throat than Felix's. Outside, it had started to snow. The light that shone through the window and onto Dal's hands was starting to chill, and one of his hands made a fist under the other.

"I apologize for not being here yesterday. I was busy. Did anything interesting happen while I was away?"

"That's exactly what we're about to find out."

Dallas' eyes fixed on the son of Aphrodite, alabaster teeth chewing pointedly on the end of his lip. The croissant was being choked inside his fist, almonds and powdered sugar falling to the ground in a mirror image of the scene outside their table.

"I heard Kate Spade killed herself." You should go check on her. "And Michael Kors bought Versace. That must be hard for you. We can go burn a couple Kohls to the ground if you want to cheer up later."

They really were not letting this fucking party go. It always seemed like the last thing in the world Dallas Relo ever wanted to discuss was the only thing that was ever on anyone else's mind. He let out an angry sigh and ran the hand that wasn't currently disemboweling a pastry through his dark gold bangs.

"Look, gang. If I knew what kind of bugs had crawled up the asses of that waste-of-life power couple, I would tell you. Gods know they're the most useless fucking people on this campus. But all they told me this morning was the same thing they tell me every year. Don't give kids reasons to drink. If I don't listen, that's on me." Dallas' lips pursed in barely contained rage. "Now, other than that? Not much. Dusty lost a tooth in Viv's skull, that was good for a laugh. We caught the Nyx kids in the middle of sacrificing one of the last virgins on campus when we got to the lake. We played some beer pong, Marcy and Kelso held me down and pierced me with sapphires. They match my eyes. I'd show you, but we're out in public right now. Anything else--"

"Oh zut alors! Pouvez vous m'aider, Ma voiture est tombée en panne. Je ne c'est pas quoi faire!"

"What the fuck."

Oh, fuck, she thinks she's helping.

Whether or not the two upperclassmen were about to leave him alone, Dallas would never know. What he knew now was that his head was about to go full Scanners in the middle of this diner, and Viv would never forgive him if he splattered her favorite cafe with his brain matter. There was way too much degenerate shit inside his skull, she would be sitting in all sorts of memories and sex moves for weeks and--

"Please monsieur, s'il vous plaît, come 'ere. Je suis tres desole."

Leave it to Marcy to say the one word he might have understood in English. All he knew of French was a curse or two - what the fuck did you just say was something he'd demanded to be taught, to full effect whenever someone was irritating him past the point of wisdom, and one time in the French Quarter of New Orleans on vacation he'd learned to call a cop a whore and ask a girl to flash him. Marcy seemed like she was wearing too many layers on top for that to be an option, though.

"Marcy." Dallas' voice was shaking like a car with a slipped timing belt. "This is the Apollo Cafe. I will fucking kill everyone here with my fists, with a table, with egg whisks fucking akimbo, before I let myself get driven out of the Apollo Cafe. Sit down. And bon appetit."

To prove his point, he dropped the rest of the uneaten, smushed croissant on the plate.

Poor thing. It was kinda tasty.
I'm game.
Do you have any sort of CS skeleton we could tinker with in the meantime?
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