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Current oh to be as cool as pericles-sama....but he'd never notice a fledgling democracy like me....
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"He's dead. You killed him when you left the door open with the air conditioner running."
2 mos ago
x was worse than dogshit, but he had people who loved him in spite of that. my thoughts are with them
6 mos ago
ric flair drip, go "wooooo" on a bitch
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You're both out of your fucking minds. I want gen:LOCK to be good too but RWBY has had half a good season at best.
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"When da fook was I gonna fill ya in?" Brennan shot back, face scrunching up as though he'd taken offense to something Umeko suggested. Clearly the idea that he was keeping his girlfriend in the dark about his actions and intentions was as personally wounding as it was true. His pout was deep and expressive. "Last night you were in a shit mood 'n' wanted to play with da action figures. So I letcha. Dis morn we went right over to da bank after groceries. I toldja 'bout as quick as I coooould."

Fucking justice. It always made her cross her legs and pout like that when she thought it wasn't being respected. Brennan whipped out his phone and began typing the name the banker had given him into the search bar of his mobile browser.

"Now we're on da same page. We can be joostice together."

Or nah?

The young bull's nostrils flared. Amy's absence, while not noteworthy enough by itself to warrant any real concern, had nonetheless thrown a wrench into the team's highly coordinated, well-oiled dinner machine. Soon enough, the post-class traffic would give way to rush hour traffic, and then the whole team would be stuck together far longer than any of them actually wanted to be.

Well, except for Cap. Or Amy. Or Sangue, but she didn't know any better.

The team would be fine sticking together until they had to work out a schedule for who got to keep her when. If they couldn't even keep a schedule for something they all universally needed like delicious, middle-of-the-road expensive fast food, forbidden fruit like Lauren would result in a downright fucking cataclysm of the team's time management. Amy Desire's procrastination was fucking with the whole team dynamic.

To: Cap, Am, Snek
From: Baby Black Panther
Message: Bitch. You fucking lackadaisical fucking op. Or nah ain't an option when food on the line. We're all starving out here on burger night and you got all of us out here fucked up. Fix your shit Chik-fil-Amy. Get to the dorm! Or you're buying!!


The incoming message notification hit the Scrolls of the team members who actually knew how to attend team meetings!
I managed to convince someone to master Berserker last night so the Serker sheet should come in sometime this weekend if not sooner.

Awesome. Shoot it over to me when you're finished.
Sweet, thanks for the update Crimmy ^^
Though I'm still secretly hoping for another Master who fancies the Saber spot to come along xP

But yeah, considering how many female Masters there are at this point, it would seem that Ricardo has quite the harem waiting for him o . O

Can I put you in touch with one of these fine gentlemen?

@Abillioncats @NaraK
<Snipped quote by Crimmy>

Alice and I are buddies. So I'm willing to try and make a Master to go with her Berserker. Though that may not work well with the rules.

I appreciate the intent, but:

<Snipped quote by Black Keys>

Yeah, we wanna prevent conflicts of interest. If we can't find a Master for an existing Servant, the Servant's player can make a Master, or I'll look for somebody in my contacts.

As my lovely assistant said a few days ago, we'd like to avoid Servant players actually knowing the identities of the other Servants at the outset as much as possible.

I've been on a trip home for the past few days between semesters, but we should be filled up on CSes by Sunday. By then I'll open up the IC, and the players who have yet to finish their CSes can get them done while the rest of you guys get started.
Hi I'll take Berserker if it's still open.
@Plank Sinatra@Crimmy

Yup, sure is. Drum up a CS and shoot it over to us.
Let's get tooooo it.
Sorry guys. Fever. Stomach bug. Putting OOC up now. Will handle any final approvals we haven't gotten to in a day or so.

Wow, typical Vale boy, can't pay reparations for once in his life.

Lauren's eyes widened in confusion at Ben's query, shrugging innocently and leaning against one of the team captain's bedposts. It occurred to her that she could have probably dug out that note or whatever that Amy had slipped her after Armory, but honestly it would have been so much trouble to go digging for it, it would have opened up weird floodgates to do it right there, and she didn't want to go whipping out Hautdesert for it.

Unless Amy was waiting for Lauren somewhere.


"Beats the fuck outta me,"
she answered instead, scooting backwards and wrapping her legs around the bedpost. Her lip drooped in mock consternation, chin drooping down onto the spherical top of her support. "Nobody tells me shit. Everyone wants to fuck a nigga, no one wants to make plans with her...Sangue's my only real friend..."
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