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Current Also, fuck the United States of America. As I have said before and will forever say, America is so fucking useless.
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If someone tell me to vote like my life depends on it one more time, I will fucking bash my head against a wall after slapping them so hard on the head.
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America is so fucking useless. They can't prevent mass shootings from occurring ten days apart and instead say shit like "thoughts and pray" and "arm teachers." Pathetic shit, if I say so myself.
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well, the outside of my house caught on fire. lol
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Tell me you haven't been in an Overwatch voice chat without telling me.


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There isn't much to say. I'm a gay dude currently going to community college because of reasons. I have been roleplaying for a long time but been on this site for three years. Met some decent and not so decent people. But it has been a positive experience. And I have sorta been improving on my writing thanks to some criticism. Anyway, I like a ton of genres but I love sci-fi, cyberpunk, slice of life, and low fantasy. In addition, you can usually find me in casual or advanced section depending on the concept. I used to do nation roleplays but nothing interesting has caught my attention for a while. I also used to do 1x1s. Might go back to it someday. And with that, I hope y'all have a good day! Bye! ✶
btw, i'm a junkrat & roadhog main



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“Don't wake me for the end of the world unless it has very good special effects.”
― Roger Zelazny, Prince of Chaos (1991-BIC)

1990-BIC: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) publishes its First Assessment Report (AR1)
2021-BIC: IPCC publishes its Sixth Assessment Report (AR6)
2072-IC: Inevitable Change is realized

The world of possibilities is here.

For decades, warnings about the inevitable change were willfully ignored out of denial, despair, or a little of both. There were those that clutched onto escapism while their surroundings were gradually decaying. Those that embraced pessimism and brazenly deconstructed long-term solutions in favor of short-term personal gains. And those with the authority and influence full-heartedly understood and then did nothing to stop the impending apocalypse. Once the inevitable change was no longer possible to deny was when the world truly crumpled. But in the words of an Old World philosopher, "for sometimes it is an act of bravery even to live."

A few valiant souls, in anticipation of the inevitable change, banded together to preserve humankind by integrating existing technologies with nature. To exist beyond any rift with nature. To get better with the planet—not stand against it. And to live forth with the knowledge of our ancestors' hubris so as to prevent history from repeating itself again. It was thanks to their efforts that, in the year 2033-AIC, we are co-existing with mother nature as it was always intended.

Finally got my shit together to finish my post.


Steven Rogers had never set foot inside the White House during his time as Captain America due to the war. Yet, a rumor quickly spread regarding plans for a grand ceremony to honor the heroes that fought against the Nazi regime. It was there that the newly appointed President Truman would've awarded them with the Medal of Honor. Unfortunately, given the circumstances, Steven was unable to attend the ceremony; but he found out that he was awarded the Purple Heart instead. That event took place seventy-seven years ago, and now he was invited to be introduced to the forty-sixth President of the United States. Steven was, of course, honored that the president wanted to see him.

But he was unable to shake the feeling that the visit was for an entirely different reason than what was told.

Many staff members in the White House stopped whatever they were doing and stared at Steven whenever he walked past them. Some were speechless and astonished, while others mumbled at their colleagues about him. It was frankly an awkward experience that he wanted nothing more to do, but it was impossible to avoid given his renewed notoriety. Eventually, Steven was escorted to the office of the president's personal secretary, located right next to the Oval Office. He saw the secretary standing by their desk when he entered the room. They greeted the guest of honor and then walked him over to the next room. The president looked up from the stack of papers on the Hoover desk and smiled delightfully.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Captain Rogers." President Amelia Griffiths extended her hand out, waiting for the captain to accept it. Her handshake was unexpectedly firm for someone that presented feminine with her bright red skirt suit and the cream silk scarf wrapped around her neck. Not to mention that Steven caught a glimpse at her muscular arm, deducing that she frequently worked out. Then, she gently let go and gestured towards the chair positioned in front of the desk. Amelia maintained the same smile from earlier, with her voice smooth as silk, while making her way to the desk. "Please have a seat here. There's so much to talk about in such a short time."

Steven sat down on the chair and instantly noticed his shield leaning against the desk. Finally, it received a much-needed restoration after enduring years of usage on the frontline. Amelia saw his shoulders unknowingly relaxing in relief of seeing the shield again. She reached and carefully placed it on the desk, which was heavier than envisioned. "It is quite astonishing to be holding the authentic Mighty shield. And an incredible honor to be handing it back to you, of course."

"Mighty?" Steven wasn't able to contain his confusion at the nickname.

"Just a nickname for your shield." Amelia quickly clarified before disregarding the whole subject with a dismissive wave. "But I don't want to bore you with history. I wanna discuss something rather sensitive with you before the ceremony."

"I am listening, ma'am."

Amelia smiled. "I assume you've been briefed about the current crisis."

"Yes, I know enough about the vigilante issue." Steven nodded confidently.

"Well, there is another crisis underway. I take it that you haven't learned about the X-gene then?" Amelia asked with a tone that was heavily inclined towards nuisance rather than disappointment.

"No ma'am. I have not." Steven shook his head.

"How unfortunate." Amelia sighed and made a mental note to have a friendly chat with Director Fury later. She then began figuring out a way to explain what occurred to a man out of his time. Thankfully, she gathered a few pointers for her son and ultimately felt confident enough to answer. "To keep it simple, the mutant gene causes a person to abruptly receive unprecedented abilities during puberty. We learned of its existence a couple of years after your... "death." Some of these mutants created groups in the service of protecting mutantkind in general. One group in particular resorted to acts of terror to achieve a world under their rule while the other tried to protect the world as well as promote mutant rights."

"What happened?"

"Both sides suffered casualties and went into hiding to seemingly recover. In recent years, they resurfaced with their isolationist policies abandoned. Now, they are preparing to make a move on an international scale." Amelia explained.

"And what have they done to warrant our country's concern, ma'am?" Steven asked almost innocently while Amelia clearly looked uneased. Thankfully, for the president, her personal secretary interrupted the conversation with something significant.

"Pardon the interruption, but Senator Kelly is here." The secretary stated while holding onto a clipboard on her up to her chest, waiting for a response before returning to her work.

"Bring her in." Amelia turned back to Steven and breathed a sigh of relief for Senator Kelly's arrival. "Perhaps she can better explain the situation to you."

"Good morning, madam president. It's always a privilege to meet." Senator Kelly greeted Amelia while walking past the secretary as Steven began getting up. The senator's eyes lit up in delight upon seeing the man himself in the flesh. She originally thought that the rumors of his return were dramatized until now, which left her quite bewildered at the sight. "And you must be Captain America, correct?"

Steven grinned at the question and extended his hand out to the senator. "I sure hope so, miss..."

"Oh, where are my manners?" The senator took his hand and shook it gently as if she was handling a delicate doll. "Caroline Kelly. My father would've cherished meeting you if he wasn't taken away for us too soon."

"I am sorry to hear that." Steven expressed sympathy at her loss, which she appreciated profoundly.

Amelia went over to Caroline and offered her a seat on the couch, ready to justify the senator's presence today. It wasn't to be the first senator to meet with Captain America before the others had their chance. No, it had everything to do with her father and his life's work before his tragic death at the hands of an assassin. "You came at an excellent time. I was about to tell the captain about the situation with the Brotherhood and the X-Men."

In all honestly, Caroline wasn't at all surprised to learn of the real reason behind her presence today. She knew that her father and his work were important to the country—something that he made sure to declare whenever possible. And there was so much information to sort through that it was still an ongoing matter despite being in office for a while. Regardless, Caroline had confidence that she could find what the president was looking for and expressed that to her. "Respectfully, my father was more of the expert on that matter. But I can happily share everything he gathered while in office. His paperwork isn't exactly the neatest but the information you're seeking will be there for sure."

Amelia valued the senator's quick response to the urgent and hasty request considering what her father did for a living as an essential senator for the country. "That would be much appreciated, especially if it can be fast-tracked by the day's end."

"Why the rush?" Steven asked another question, which was getting on Amelia's nerves at this point.

"I won't say much until after the ceremony, but learning about both groups is essential for the upcoming assignment." Amelia attempted to explain without giving too much away to the captain. Then, she took a quick glance at the grandfather clock and noticed it was near noon—only half an hour until the ceremony began. "Speak of the devil; the ceremony's about to start soon. Wait for me outside while I have a few words with the senator. Won't take long, I swear."

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Good news. I got all of my shit together. I am more than ready to work on a post, if I am still apart of the game.
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Honestly, you might be better off skipping me given that I had to deal with a massive leak in my house so I don't hold up the roleplay.
Lol, there was a huge leak in my house. Hopefully, I can get done with my post.
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Been busy getting stuff together on my end. Hopefully, I can post something during the weekend.
Would anyone mind if I use Senator Robert Kelly (for a post) while cap pays a visit to the President?

Oh my god, it's Princess Switch 4!
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