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"It's called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it."

After eight years of fighting in Western Europe, an armistice was declared in autumn between the major European powers involved in the bloodstained war. Even though they fought aside the Allied Powers, the United States of America was chosen to manage negotiations for peace. President Woodrow Wilson set forth with several key points for enduring peace, including plans for a "general association of nations," the abolition of secret diplomacy, and the decrease of armaments. But before having the chance to finish composing his speech, the 28th President died after suffering a severe stroke that left him comatose while in the White House. With a lackluster Thomas Marshall assuming the presidency and a population keen on normality, the Republican Party won the 1920 election by a landslide. Soon after, the United States withdrew its delegates from the talks and signed separate treaties with the Central Powers, officially ending their involvement in "European matters."

While President Warren Harding was able to uphold his campaign slogan of a "return to normalcy," it was anything but normal in the states. The post-war recession gripped the country while labor unions conducted strikes to prevent the loss of gains made during the war. Harding sought compromises in those strikes, which often benefited the companies more than the workers. But it wasn't until the collapse of the 1922 Great Railroad Strike that labor decided to escalate matters. Labor groups settled aside their differences to unite under a general strike across all major industry sectors. President Harding, convinced that organized labor was acting viciously against business, began efforts to combat it. And yet it didn't deter the union throughout the twenties as memberships reached all-time record highs despite aggressive pushback from local authorities and state and federal government crackdowns (regardless of political affiliation).

By the 1924 election, the United States saw economic growth and widespread prosperity, making it the world's richest country per capita at the time. So it wasn't much of a surprise that the Republicans won again, with Vice President Calvin Coolidge securing the nomination (Harding intended to run for a second term but died of a heart attack before the start of his re-election campaign). While not as fierce as Harding, President Coolidge considered matters regarding labor the responsibility of state and local government and even weakened regulatory agencies in the federal government. But he opposed farm subsidies and providing Great War vets with bonuses using his veto power when both bills reached his desk, angering struggling farmers and veterans. Nonetheless, the public still very much admired Coolidge, thanks to the booming economy and a $300 million surplus. It made his refusal to seek out a second elected term evermore shocking to the nation.

The Republican Party retained the White House in 1928 with a landslide by Herbert Hoover. His optimism for a bright tomorrow freed of poverty was shattered when the stock market collapsed, followed by a worldwide economic depression. President Hoover, not wanting direct federal intervention, concerned it would've caused more panic on Wall Street, chose to strengthen businesses and sponsored public works projects which ultimately did nothing to rebound the economy. In fact, it was worsened by the passage of the Tariff Act of 1930 (a law that implemented protectionist trade policies in the nation) and his continuous refusal to approve relief measures. It caused Republicans to suffer substantial losses in the midterms, losing control of the House to the Democratic Party. With the rise of shanty towns and homeless encampments across the country, the unemployment rate reached 24% when the "Bonus Army" set up camp in the nation's capital during the early summer.

Two months later, on July 28th, federal troops marched on the camp after riots erupted over the death of two veterans at the hands of the District police. Under orders of President Hoover, General Douglas MacArthur began advancing upon the campground alongside the troops, intending to only evict the marchers and their followers across the nearby river. But things took a violent turn as gunshots erupted and fires engulfed shacks injuring hundreds and killing dozens. According to eyewitness testimony, MacArthur ordered troops to open fire without notice upon a crowd of veterans and their loved ones. MacArthur later testified in a committee hearing that he witnessed a group of individuals exiting out of a shack with weapons, believing them to be part of a syndicalist conspiracy ready to open fire upon the federal troops. Regardless, the event known as the Anacostia Massacre squashed any chance of a second term for the Hoover administration in the 1932 election.

With leverage from labor unions and Great War veterans, the Democratic Party nominated former mayor Jacob Coxey to the ticket with Henry Wallace being the Vice President nominee (a compromise made to please moderates in the party). Coxey... While Wallace...

@Mao Mao so all our ships (bar one) got here by the intervention of an Ascended being known as Daniel who brought everyone together.

Would Daniel have done so without asking? Just pluck the ship out in an attempt to save them? Or would he have personally asked for assistance (or tell a little white lie)?
So I assume that the Normandy S-R2 is taken?
A celebrity going to a resort island. Would it be normal for the resort to get a ton of celebrities?
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"Uh, you think you can make a few trips? We got a few men down over here!"

Lucas scanned the field to see just who required assistance, which was basically everyone from the reunion. It was like a warzone. And the sound of sirens signaled that help was coming.

What are you waiting for?! Help them already!

Is your safety really worth discarding a friend?
Lucas surveyed the field to see just how bad the situation was, and it was horrible. Looked like a bomb went off. And sirens blaring through the night indicated the danger wasn't over yet.

Leave them be less you want to be caught!

Is your freedom really worth saving a nobody?
Lucas took a deep breath to calm his racing thoughts and carefully made his way across the wrecking parking lot toward the field. When he approached Jack, he got a clearer idea of just how injured her leg was based on the amount of blood alone. There was no way she was walking on it any time soon or even put any sort of pressure on it. So that meant doing things slightly differently. Lucas didn't intentionally answer the first aid kit question and said bluntly, "Just... lean on me for support while I bring you to the car. The asphalt's slightly uneven because of that freak earthquake."

Carrying someone through the uneven asphalt was quite the challenge—more so if said person was hurt. Lucas had to make sure that the injury was manageable, at least until he got to the vehicle. But then there was another problem: it was locked. The driver in question, Ivory, was seemingly preoccupied with god knows what at the worst time possible. And with the sirens getting ever so close to the school, Lucas carefully told Jack to lean on the car and then yelled out at Ivory (and everyone else still on the field indirectly). "We need the keys to LEAVE before it's too late from Jack!"

Jack was a somebody to someone once. A friend that offered smokes during the bad days. Unlike everyone at that high school, she was just there sometimes. And now look at her, a somebody in desperate need of help in this little, nostalgic town. How funny.

How funny indeed.
Jack was a nobody to someone once. A loser that provided beer during the good days. Like everyone at that high school, she kept her distance often. And now look at her, still a nobody in a small, forgotten town in need of your help. How funny.

How funny indeed.


too young to burn - sonny and the sunsets

ritman high football field
interacting with: jack @skidcrow, ivory @californiastate
I want to do an older renowned filmmaker who decided on Carabo for his final documentary for retirement with a film crew alongside, but kinda seems like the concept has been sorta taken.
Interested as well.

There wasn't much left to do other than endure the celebratory cheers from above til it was time to leave for the dormitories. And there wasn't anything to say about the new housemates. Iñigo chose to remain quiet for a while, at least until the rooms were assigned. One of the roommates made his discontent clear enough with a cold, hard stare. While the others were better at hiding their disdain toward the newbie. Iñigo was too tired to do anything really and went straight to bed for some much-needed rest. But upon tossing his House uniform over to the desk, a well-hidden small black envelope caught his attention. Although the message was short and sweet, Iñigo was immensely intrigued by the invitation and made sure to memorize the time before hiding it.

Location: Mess Hall (Outside), PRCU - Western Canada
The Homecoming Trials #2.91: Another Monday

Interaction(s): N/A
Previously: More Consequences

Today was the first day of classes, which was strangely comforting to a former university student before the incident. Iñigo made his way over to the mess hall, crowded with seemingly the entire student body either eating breakfast, chatting with others, or doing both. He got his simple breakfast burrito and opted to be alone rather than deal with both his team and housemates. Plus, it was too early to endure another snide remark. Fortunately, it wasn't long before everyone had to get together with their assigned team outside. But that just meant Iñigo had to tolerate his teammates for seemingly the entire day. He hoped the classes were intriguing enough to make up for being confined to what was essentially a prison island.

Suzanne was busy chatting with... one of the team members who Iñigo couldn't remember their name. Then, someone from another team joined in the conversation about god knows what. The redhead, still struggling with her name, was quite a chatterbox, to say the least. Iñigo did not fully listen to what she had to say other than the tidbits about her power. Something he immediately realized was never going to make sense to him unless she showed it off. And even then, that alone might not have been enough. By the time she was done talking, he didn't notice that more of the team had arrived until one of them introduced themselves. Iñigo was admittedly interested in the new arrivals but not enough to insert himself rather rudely into the discussion.

So instead, he found himself something to lean against while keeping an eye (and an ear out) on the team.

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I'd be fine with either Ju-V or the American Gods concept (the latter being more interesting to me more so since PRCU isn't going anywhere I guess).
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