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Yeah, Japan is literally the best place in the world to live in right now.
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I am made fun of at university for liking anime over sports.
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Gun Gale online roleplay tonight anyone?
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Does the imperial army accept female soldiers or just males for heavy flamer groups for the most horrible heresy?
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But at light speed you could go between systems in our solar system in minutes and between solar systems in years. It would be great to spend 8 years in space.


Kaga's backstory for this bio here.

It started on a oddly cold summers morning in The smaller western islands of Japan. Kaga Stretched and a small wheez of pain from last nights activities escaped from her mouth to her embarrassment as the sun came up lazily like that of a freshly woken animal getting up from a long sleep out in the bushes somewhere after sleeping several nights away digesting its last meal.

It was there at that moment when Kaga got a bad feeling about the mission that was supposed to happen that morning and unlike the others it wasn't nightmares, it was just a general gut feeling that something was going to go wrong. Kaga was told to get up and move out quickly and to make it to the dock like her rigging was on fire or else she might be pulled from duty permanently as her aging class of ship and her old style ancient rigging was not seeming to be worth the trouble anymore according to some of her superiors. It just wasn't her day anymore, It was not time for old carriers like her to still be made, yet here she was, created from a design that became obsolete decades ago and probably the last of her kind to ever be made.

One of the only reasons she heard about them saying they keep her in service instead of decommissioning her to be a civilian ship is because someone for some reason has some attachment to her ship class and thinks of her as the "last of the good old days" that her type of ship was better than these "modern execuses for vessels" and that these old guard high brass which died off or retired not long after she was put down are part or most of the reason she was created at all but, out of respect for them was one of the only reasons she was bothered to even be finished.

That often made her upset as socializing with the other ships and especially the other carriers was hard as Kaga didn't possess much to show off with on the side of her impressive at the time starboard and ability to carry an unheard of amount of fighters was now nothing but cool stunt planes in comparison to the jets and other things, newer carriers could have. Then as Kaga got back from being lost in thought, woke up to what was happening and was told to go out with a bunch of other ships which none of which she was friendly with and all of her siblings just stood there and watched as the oldest design and possibly most obsolete carrier they had was basically being sent out onto a mission which they would find difficult.

Then everyone sighed quite loudly with a pitying look at Kaga as Kaga herself wasn't old at all, but her design at this point in time was older than dirt and it was moments like this that caused the other ships to think they either hated Kaga or expected more of her just as much as they did everyone else. All of the ships were ordered out, but one of them which was to watch the base were ordered to go out on a mission which Kaga decided she felt uncomfortable about and didn't want to participate in because she thought that the mission seemed really fishy and that it was most likely a trap and decided to express her feelings about the mission to her superiors. But was largely ignored by her superiors before being told if she didn't follow orders that there would be a threat of court martial for insubordination or cowardice.

So, with that intel in mind, Kaga joined up with the rest of the fleet as they took off towards what Kaga assumed was probably their certain death. Kaga and a few others were obviously terrified as they started to believe the feelings that had more strongly as they aproached the outer waters of enemy territory. The other members of the fleet started to apolagize to Kaga and started to feel uneasy and a sense of unwaivering fear and unrest as they looked around for the objective as it seemed very empty and quiet for an active part of what was supposed to be heavily contested front lines enemy territory, so they hung mostly at the back to watch for an ambush from any possible backstabbing or stealthy enemy forces trying to destroy them and looked around the water almost every other second for enemies or supplies as Kaga just wanted to get in and get the supplies and get out as this sort of anxiousness was not good for her pipes or anything.

It was dangerous for a ship to run at such high pressure all the time. Kaga just wanted to fall over and pass out and She was sure her fleet members also felt the same way about this mission as the unease started to creep into everyones minds as the anxiousness turned to fear and the fear started to turn into paranoia as it made the lead ship jump after hearing just a small rock fall from one of the surrounding small rock cliffs that happened to be nearby. Trying to laugh it off as nothing, They continued on their way to the objective before making it to the their place of residence for the day until they reached the objective after relaxing a little at the residency forward base later into the morning.

As Kaga made it to the Objective with the fleet it seemed to feel a little bit more off than usual as everything just seemed to be going a little too well for them to be this deep in enemy territory, I mean it wasn't impossible that they just hadn't seen anyone, but the longer it went on the more likely it was they were walking into a ambush, preplanned or not and weren't actually lucky at all.

Then it all seemed to have happened at once as all of her feelings were proven correct as they suddenly came under fire and Kaga wanted to bolt immediately almost in a panic of sorts as they heard it from all coming down on them as all of the predictions and feelings for earlier just came up all at once with a loud terrifying bang as all of the tension they had built up around them from earlier exploded into fear,panic and hatred. Some of the ships immediately bolted as they grabbed the objective and ran for the cover of the shoreline, but most of them were either quickly cut down by enemy forces before could make it there or were pinned down and taken apart piece by piece as the exploding artliterry of enemy vessels roared around them.

The lead carrier ordered a full retreat as they and everyone else started to ditch the area as fast as they could. They had a huge range of emotions running through them as they had been seemingly baited into a ambush and false sense of security by a enemy that apparently knew nothing about them existing in the first place, Much less where they were going to be at any given time. The whole thing had been enormous backstabbing of leadership as one of their commanders betrayed them for immunity as protection from a war they feared they were losing as a set up with fake orders was come up with from a stolen officers Command Codes that they used to lure some of their best fleet into a ambush of what they thought was a rescue and retrieve operation for an officer and some stolen intelligence.

So Kaga and a few others were almost barely able to make it back to base and needed to be found and rescued from a nearby island instead as they were rescued by passing civilian vessels and were contacted by their superiors as they sent a small group to go pick them up. Then as the civilians went on their way, Kaga passed out as the rest of her fleet assumed they were safe now and started to relax a little more as the fleet quickly was taken to the base hospital to get repairs and medical attention for her and the fleet as they one by one started to fall unconscious at the base hospital.

Kaga was first in command without the presence of the captain in the fleet out of the fact that so many of the ships respected her in the fact that some of them saw her as someone who had seniority, but really she just got tired of correcting them over it. Kaga was literally actually pretty dead last in line for command actually, but in a way was first in command next to the captain because of the massive respect everyone had for her. Like her words held a lot of weight.

Kaga woke up in a hospital bed as she started to move and made a louder than she would like to admit small noise of discomfort as the adrenaline of battle had worn off and the full extent of her injuries was started to show on her as she collapsed into bed. It would seem that way as the carrier was hit several times by enemy ammunition in several places, some of which were critical places after all. It only made sense for her to be in a world of pain. It seemed as if as they didn't want anyone to escape alive from whatever that ambush was hoping to accomplish and knew where to hit them if they wanted them dead already.

Because the last time Kaga remembered being in this much pain was after they had that explosion incident. Where an enemy managed to sneak into the base and set off a bomb next to where she slept in the general area. Kaga and a few others felt dirty for running from battle, But then realized that it wasn't exactly their fault and it would've helped no one if they all died. Kaga continued to struggle to even the most basic things for a while after that as even moving at all would cause extreme pain due to her injuries.

Several months later, Kaga got to go home from the hospital along with most of her surviving fleet and was closely watched over by a lot of different other ships that would visit her and her friends who were put into a large sort of village the goverment had put together exclusively for old ships after the war that had struggled to deal with what they had saw during it by themselves and were having trouble returning to even a basic civilian life afterward. Some would ask her to talk about it. Sometimes she would talk about it, other times she wouldn't and would break down crying randomly instead.Some of her friends tended to be more or less cooperative with anyone who showed up. The group mostly kept to itself though as a lot of them struggled with constant nightmares and a few others couldn't stand fireworks shows anymore because it reminded them of the roar of the artillery fire during the ambush.

Kaga and her friends left that life behind after leaving the area to start a group that runs a successful fishing business that employs others that participated in the war they fought in that sells and serves seafood at a restaurant by the sea at the northeastern coast of Japan. They currently live in a Large apartment in the center of the small village in outside of Tokyo just outside of hearing range of the big city and its bustling lifestyle and spends a lot of her time in the ramen area in the bottom area lounge for the residents of the apartment complex where she lives at with her friends.

“I don't like how i ended up this way. Why did so many others have to get killed in that ambush? Why did i have to be the one to report back the bad intel? Why didn't anyone listen to me? So many innocent ships died because no one would take me seriously. Why didn't i do a better job keeping them safe? Could i have sacrificed myself back there to distract them? Could it have saved others from dying if i did?" Kaga having some private thoughts after the battle of sector Z791

Lets do a role play sometime if your interested in this character here.

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Hey Garth thanks for joining and all but, seriously go watch SAO, I'm sure you will love it as it's right up your alley. Then as for everyone else that has joined or is going to join. Thank you for coming to this thread and joining up with me here for this roleplay idea i have. It's based around a medieval tavern and we have just got back from a quest with our payment. The party members are all well paid and we are having fun and deciding what to do next with our guilds next contract. The Adventurers guild has just hired us on and is wanting us to look at the next big contracts for the guild as they have promoted us again.
Alright we will continue this conversation here.
I posted the OOC thread for everyone.
This is the start of the OOC thread.
Thanks, i will definitely join in on this later.
I don't know how to do that.
This should be a roleplay setting. It's literally hilarious.
I would definitely be interested in this roleplay here.
Anyone interested in a alternate scenerio where Gun Gale online is the roleplay setting and you are trapped in there instead of SAO?
Nice thread.
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