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7 mos ago
Current Every time... EVERY TIME...
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8 mos ago
I have never felt so enraged over puns until now...
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8 mos ago
Be careful. Spaghetti attracts strange folks...
8 mos ago
8 mos ago
Wonderful~. Now it's time to watch hooligans lick coils and computers...
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🧬Well hello there, random profile peekers~!🧬

"Do you like science?"
Of course!
No? Tsk tsk! Why wouldn't you?


Nonsense aside, hello, my name's MajorGremlin!

I've been roleplaying on and off for a few years, holding a couple of fandoms under my belt - Ones that I'm willing to dip some typing into anyway... I might also slink back into some original stuff at some point, maybe, here 'n there. Lol.

With that said, I'm a casual lit/semi-lit guy who enjoys winging things / rolling off of the muses' interactions, and whatever surprises that'd be dished out. But less of that and more plotting's just fine too, of course~. I'm also in my twenties, so I don't feel all too cozy roleplaying with anyone under such (aside from within group rps), especially since I enjoy the occasional "spicy moments" and all that jazz.

That's pretty much it for now, I guess. Have a lovely day~! Or night...

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Please stay hydrated...

(That was an absolute must, I swear.)
While you chat about sins and the Devil, may I -- perchance -- borrow your vibrant gloves, Mr. Spaghetti-Bones?
I'm sure Mikki wouldn't mind if (or whenever) they return. It's a li'l dead right now, but keep an eye out. ^^'
Rather creepy smiles...
Banned! Sleeping horrifically loud is a terrible sin, don't you know?
In Deify 5 mos ago Forum: Spam Forum
Another god of "Giving folks the urge to bring out some popcorn".
Still set on the choice and it's surely the same for Zavaz. Sorry, bud. I also feel it'd be kinda weird to start without Mikki and the others if we were up for it.
Perhaps. I might've also "borrowed" your pet's water trough for my work... [Insert shifty-eyes here]
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