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Current This site's like Old Broadway...I'm seeing a young man sittin' in an old man's bar, waitin' for his turn to die.
1 yr ago
I would sooner face outright phobia again than be given a half-hearted apology by the same systems which did nothing in the face of injustice and to now seek to make profit from our suffering.
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1 yr ago
I will never celebrate Pride Month for being stabbed in the leg and shot in the neck while it is sponsored by Chase. I will never mistake complacency for forgiveness nor acceptance.
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Pride Month is celebrate by those who have never struggled. Those of us who have - those who have been harassed, assulted, detained and debased - have no such pride in it. There is only ire and spite.
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1 yr ago
So sorry if I'm not enthused. It's just that there's nothing to be happy about now, and people just buy rainbow stuff from the same corps who need us kept down to sell them in the first place.


“There was a time when I was master of the universe. As I was staying ageless and motionless before my computer, flying untouched over human frenzy, cities rose and crumbled under my thumb, tiny people ran hurriedly to their death on the roads I had built and time flew at my command.

Then it all stopped, and I had to become one of those running specks. They call it 'life.'”

Nicolas Combrexelle

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@Yam I Am

Is this actually a ban request or a troll?

Jesus Christ you guys are useless.

Just ban us and get it over with.
Oh yeah buy Stand to Resist and Rosebud Unfurled

Unlike POOHEAD Jeep Wranger is actually a good writer

STR: amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B099HPS97P?re…

Rosebud Unfurled: amazon.co.uk/Rosebud-Unfurled-Fires-F…
@POOHEAD189 You're a hack, a fraud, your writing isn't any good, your claim to fame is being a moderator on a roleplaying forum, you commission really cringe self-insert art of yourself plastered on top of Fire Emblem characters, you get the idea.

Bombs away.

>To counter, there's no point to any roleplay premise, it's all imaginary and can all be given as much thought as the day's sunlight.

>With that said, you interested?

>unironically responds with "no u" in 2023
>still asks if they're interested in RPing
>" I don't expect to see one-liners being a thing even with rules (and effort) being as lax as this, but entire novels are kind of hard to write for anything on or above Type IV on the Kardashev Scale too."

I got one:

There's literally no point to the premise of this RP since by the time technology is this advanced, this is well beyond even the dreams of post-scarcity theorists - and thus even the observation of this Heat Death means it either can't be true or that we can give it as much thought as you or I might the day's sunlight.

>No Modrý Efekt
>No Frank Zappa
>No Sex
>No Drugs
>No Swearing
>No Sexual tension between bandmates

Didn't realise there were so many jazz rock musicians in Catholic School.
But yes, "Good" GMs are strict, power hungry, masochistic jerks that keep an iron grip on an RP's direction. They give you the illusion of choice while guiding you to their end goal, like some evil mastermind or normal politician.

Hey, you can't just talk about the RPG mod team like that, even if it is April Fool's Day.

I'll toss in my hat for this, just make some dumb fun bullshit for the holiday.

Interacting With:@Ithradine

Elevinthia always made a specific point to ride her own horse to and from everywhere she was required to be. She nary employed carriage or ferry - only when required by savoir-faire. She spared herself any servants or ladies-in-waiting. Those, to her, were the affairs of others, who could not in turn showcase even the slightest willingness to perform the most basic of tasks. That was a clear discomfort; One that Elevinthia had no interest in displaying, and one less weakness to parade about like it were something to take pride in. No - Lady Elevinthia performed most all of her own duties no matter how trivial, and made sure to let this be known: She was not one to be treated like a whelping schoolgirl, nor the likes apropos delicate princesses of faraway courts.

She took specific time to note all of her perspective classmates, eyeing them all up, one by one. She had to levy her eyes downwards to get a full view of most all of them: To be expected. Elevinthia couldn't hide her satisfied smirk. There was little hiding the fact that she took great pleasure in her immense height, and always found it so delightfully quaint when no others could quite measure up to her stature. At the end of her visual tour, Lady Pernachis cupped he hands together as she concluded and left, if not satisfied, then at least placated at what she had seen.

Only the largest of the bunch - a hulking mass of a man - matched her in height. Elevinthia frowned, noting the sheer magnitude of his bearing...and how she did not quite match. Humph. Secretly, she doubted his status as a student, believing that he was rather a retainer of some ilk, but soon dismissed the thought in her mind and simply made notice of the fellow before she had moved on.

Another had caught her eye, for lack of good grace in speaking, she thought with a light chuckle. The white-haired gentleman had his eye missing. Elevinthia hoped dearly it was for disease or accident - not for lack of skill. There was some mixture of what to think on this fellow, for part of her had felt some sympathy for the man, but only in the abstract: Elevinthia did not particularly care for whatever the station or feeling that he was feeling - here and now - but only in the story of how he came to be of monovisual constitution. She knew better than to ask directly.

There were more familiar faces to come, adjoined on their sides and in backgrounds. Another caught her curiosity: A raven-haired man, where he made general pleasantries to those in his company in light tones. Her eye slanted, narrowing to suspicion. To her, he had seemed oddly familiar, as if she had seen him before in passing, long, long ago. Yet she could make no recall of wherever this occasion was, and was left only with the hazy inkling. She would find out later, she noted, and moved her gaze onward throughout the little band.

She felt a compulsion to act on her instinct, wanting to know just where this hazy instinct came from. Elevinthia made ordained approach unto him, introducing herself with all the details in line: Proper, with a slight grin so just as to be warm but not assertive - with her posture so perfectly straight as to let it be known that she still just inched above him.

"Quite the lot, don't you think?" she introduced, flashing him a perfectly-practiced smile. Elevinthia offered him her hand.

"Elevinthia, of Pernachis. Have we been acquainted, perchance?"
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