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Current Hey my friend wrote a dieselpunk book I did some editing for, go buy it now or else he'll be even more sad than he is rn:…
5 days ago
They ain't lyin. That's their real Discord username.
7 days ago
"Of course I love you, dumbass." - My girlfriend
12 days ago
Nah I only do "National Not Writing Month"
27 days ago
Finally. The Roleplayerguild Hit Squad is reconveining.


“There was a time when I was master of the universe. As I was staying ageless and motionless before my computer, flying untouched over human frenzy, cities rose and crumbled under my thumb, tiny people ran hurriedly to their death on the roads I had built and time flew at my command.

Then it all stopped, and I had to become one of those running specks. They call it 'life.'”

Nicolas Combrexelle

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Yeah, the girl upstairs is some kinda Instagram girl-wannabe. Doesn't wear anything but black and gets in shouting matches sometimes. Dunno too much about her.
So you can freely advertise a gay fantasy book in your own thread, but my boy @LetMeDoStuff gets his ad on his bio taken down because it apparently violates the rules, huh

I demand justice! Dieselpunk shall not be silenced any longer!

Well, okay. Since we have this discussion like...a few times every month I suppose i'll just pitch in some of my thoughts on the matter:

If i'm just going off of everything that's been said here in the past couple of posts, yeah, i'll sum it all up - mods are useless, users come and go, and the entire site is basically at the mercy of having a stubborn old guard who loves the place and still bothers to use it.

Truth be told, i've long given up any idea that there's going to be any actual, lasting changes ever made to the site, and that the RPG that we have now is probably the RPG we'll get until the day the site goes down.

Yeah, there's lots of other Roleplaying sites that are way more active and have integrated IRC and actually have a text editor and BBCode support worth a damn. But that's also not why we're here: If that was the end-all-be-all of roleplaying then this site would have been abandoned a long time ago and here we are, all here bitching about how our usual RP site is going down the shitter. There's a billion other sites that host ten thousand cookie-cutter anime-faceclaim-only isekai SoL Bullshit RPs that are either chicken soup for your teenage soul or are actively shaving years off your life the longer you look at the interest check: And here we are.

Even as i've watched this site dissolve into a pile of its own shit as it dies a long, drawn-out death of ten thousand cuts and burns...every single time i've thought of writing off the site and just logging off one day and never logging back on, there's always been that one RP that keeps me on.

It's all down to the average RPer. And no matter how the mods don't give a shit or the contests dry up or whatever - i'll be here for as long as the folks are here. Love you guys.
BTW, anyone can help me drawing up the map? So I have none of thr Hannoverian territories. No Rhine terriyories aside from some dots. Typical Prussian territories otherwise except that Saxony in its entirety belongs to me, even if in a personal union.

Also no Zelleverin until a few years later. Prussia only reborn since 1825 tends to push back a few things.

Here's a current lore-accurate map

Alright, here's my submission.

Damn, we got a party going now.

I'll also say that i'll extend my invitation for some mecha drawings to anyone who requests them: I got some more time now that my exams are done.
Also a question going off of Gisk's earlier one: Is the status of clone tech up for grabs? I had the passing thought of wondering what the status of vat-tube babies, clones, and so on were after reading up on the technology of the setting.

Gisk's comment on being raised from birth would have me curious if making a clone / gene splice baby was a possibility...and if it was, how common it'd be since there's could be the possibility of some corporate vat tube baby arms race going on behind the scenes. Or if some upper class twits just decided over the course of a few decades that bearing and conceiving children the usual way was "degrading" and "for the poors".
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