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Current RPG's been good to me - but i've accepted that things won't make any turnarounds here a while ago. Sucks, but the only thing we can do is just keep going until either we quit or the domain does.
20 days ago
But for all the good any of that will do, Mahz has been gone for the past year and a bit, and when your head admin is gone, it makes making any impactful changes pretty difficult on our end.
20 days ago
Truth be told, even if I was in charge of RPG, i'm not even sure how to begin the process of making the site more active. Maybe some updates and more features, maybe some advertising.
4 mos ago
...I can get a Patreon by drawing a couple of circles with cracks and no shading? Damn, I better hop on that gravy train after all this time
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5 mos ago
And sending your favorite magician you saw as a kid to try and place a curse on the Algerians so they'll stop rebelling
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“For me, the world has always been more of a puppet show, but when one looks behind the curtain and traces the strings upward, he finds that they terminate in the hands of yet other puppets, themselves with their own strings, which trace upward in turn, and so on.

In my own life, I saw these strings - whose origins were endless - and acted deaths of brave men and acts of madness: And enact the ruin of a nation.”

Cormac McCarthy, All the Pretty Horses

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>To address these questions, this is exactly what I do. Well aside from Madden as I just don't like EA. But generally I do just play a game, such as Skyrim as has been mentioned, or make up stories in my head or worldbuild. And arguably I get more progress doing that than I would roleplaying as roleplays--due to their nature--have a habit of either dying or becoming a source of lost motivation. That and for the last question I'd prefer that personally because it would give me more ability to pursue whatever my vision is without stepping on other people's toes.

>These are the reasons why I myself don't do NRP, and have only barely gotten back into character RP outside of 1x1's. Because it's often more creatively freeing if I either write it all myself or play a game and then write a story or lore or AU myself. But I do see what you mean, and how RP serves as an outlet for some when things such as games or solo projects simply won't or can't do according to personal preference.

...this is more just a statement on the fundamentals of what makes roleplaying as a hobby enjoyable than any specific statement on Nation RP. Like, it's all about cooperation - give and take, like I said earlier. If that just doesn't mesh or if you feel like it's a hassle to how your creative process works, nobody's gonna judge you on that. But cooperating with other players isn't anything unique to NRP...that's just Roleplaying Basics 101. And if that's just something you don't want to deal with for one reason or another, then that's fine.

NRPs go and die just like casual or advanced or 1x1 RPs do, and there's no magical sticking point that will just make players stay around just because there's "nation" or "advanced" attached to it.
>My question at that point though is one, why not just play an empire building game?

If you wanna RP as an anime knight, why not just play Final Fantasy 14?

If you wanna RP as an action movie crime lord, why not just play Saint's Row or GTA Online?

If you wanna RP as a sports star sensation, why not just play Madden or FIFA?

If you wanna RP as a fantasy adventuring rogue, why not just play Skyrim?

If you wanna RP as a country, culture, language, and history that you have to create and do a bunch of research for, why not just write a book?

On the other, it can fall to dick measuring, and at that point I cite my grand strategy game question. If you want that level of progress in a--let's face it--usually far fairer environment, then a game with carefully balanced mechanics is probably a better way to go. And it gives the dopamine hit of progress without necessarily having to step on anyone's toes intent-wise.

Two key points here, one per statement:

1) Dick-measuring contests are the stuff that politics and plots are made of. It's all dick-measuring. If there weren't any, and everyone was smart and rational and nobody was stupid or petty or incompetent or jealous, then it'd be a really boring state of affairs. The best part about dick-measuring contests is that usually what ends up happening is that nobody ends up actually pulling out their dick, out of fear that their opponent actually has the bigger dick - just like in real life. Getting your toes stepped on is just part of politicking: It's how you deal with your boo-boos that drive the plots forward, and it's easy to forget that sometimes. You will rarely ever be able to get all that you want, and its part of the development of the plot - goals, aims, dreams, ambitions, all crashing headlong into reality as you have to face the inconvenient truth and decide how you want any of this to be incorporated...if it even can. But it's all those wants and desires - and why we can't have them - that make plots. And plots make for stories.

2) Strategy games aren't balanced, even by their developers' own admission. Why? Because nations aren't balanced. Perfectly-balanced nations isn't even a desirable goal by any stretch of the imagination: All that really tends to do is leave a staleness that makes it difficult to really maneuver around. A country like Bulgaria or Syria, no matter how hard they try, just aren't going to out-punch someone in industry or economy or military might like China or the USA. So they have to get crafty and use what they've got. Start using connections and find out just that little competitive edge that they have that they can use as leverage, maybe get a few good friends on the side. Maybe some of those friends don't like some of your other friends, so you have to play a game of negotiation and placation, and compromise with all of them until either you reach some sort of agreement or you just have to get on one side of the fence or the other.

The overarching theme here is that it's all give-and-take.

You know, it's really funny seeing all of the points of conflict in NRP being brought up: They're all beginner's traps of Nation RP. Superpower Gary Stu nation? Pure beginner's trap - it's pretty common assumption that it's way better to make a country that is, at the start of the game, undergoing some manner of instability, crisis, or is otherwise in some undesirable situation and work towards it.

Let's just start this all up - think of this as kindergarden of NRP basics. Nation RP is easily the most detail-oriented type of RP you can do. There's so many moving parts to any organization that it can get mind-bogglingly complex that you could never reasonably hope to get any or all of it completely on your CS before you start writing posts. And some people never even get that far. And it usually comes down to research: A whole lotta research. And for a lot of people, doing that much legwork isn't something they're really into. Keep in mind, it's perfectly normal for the nation to not be 100% developed before the game starts, but as situations and ideas come up, you gradually do more and more research, tack on ideas here and there, and really flesh it out more and more as you think about things you didn't have to earlier.

You know...kinda like a regular character RP.

Which is kind of the elephant in the room anytime NRP gets brought up. People seem to forget that Nation Roleplays...are roleplays. Just because you slap "nation" on it and maybe expand the scope of what you're writing doesn't just slap away all of the other problems that you can encounter anywhere else: In basically any other kind of roleplaying, you'll get all these same problems - undependable posters, Mary Sue/OP characters, drama, unreasonable demands, lore disputes, et cetera.

But the concept of the entire country at play offers a whole level of creative freedom and possibility for interaction that i've never been able to get in any other kind of roleplay.

And when all that legwork finally all comes together and you and your RP group are filling out ideas, and it's all now in motion...just a sudden spark of imagination sets off a chain of ideas - ideas that turn into whole plots, motivations, intrigues, and you spend the next 2 hours talking over just the possibilities alone. You know how character RPs can utterly sparkle when you finally get to delve deep into their psychologies? Nation RP does that - but for sociology, history, military science, art, architecture, music, and so, so so much more.

And when that all happens, the world you've spent so much time together creating with you and your friends just completely comes alive. It's like turning the lights on in your basement and you find an old Christmas present that your parents just forgot to take up one year, and you unwrap it and like you somehow forgot, you re-discover what it means to let your imagination run wild. You get completely lost in it, where it almost seems real. And even with all of this coming together - a country's culture, it's people, it's art, what they eat for breakfast, how they look at the news in the morning, and all those people living, breathing, being in this own space sets off something in the back of your mind, like it's a dream that's just too vivid to ever forget.

It's time when you are master of the universe. As you staying ageless and motionless before your computer, flying untouched over human frenzy, where cities rise and crumble under my thumb, tiny people ran hurriedly to their lives and deaths on the roads you built, and time flew and froze at your command.

Then it all stopped, and you have to become one of those running specks. They call it life.

And that feeling is so good, so great, so utterly fucking wonderfully intoxicatingly Kafkaesque that you will bitch and moan and fight and argue over and over and over again with 100 different groups over 10 years over the most minute details...just to get there again. And it's the best feeling in the whole fucking world.

"We have lost the way.

Greed has poisoned men’s souls - Has barricaded the world with hate. Has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed.

We have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in. Machinery that gives abundance has left us in want.

Our knowledge has made us cynical. Our cleverness, hard and unkind. We think too much, and feel too little.

More than machinery, we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness.

Without these qualities, life will be violent, and all will be lost."

- The Great Dictator's Final Speech

All the world of Uniya shook to its very core with the outbreak of the Great War in 1909. With the powers of the landship and aeroplane, poison gas and machine gun, the consequences of the industrial revolution finally came to unfurl in a war so great - so horrid - that none might ever think to repeat it again. Promethium engines and sprawling industrial complexes produced death machines on such a scale that the world had never known before - and so far, has yet to know again. The War to End All Wars fractured every corner of the world as the full capacities of the world's war machines sprung to life, and so with them did the Great Power's multitudinous colonies and allies did throw themselves into the fray.

Untold millions lost their lives in the seven bloodiest years of history - scars which some say will possibly never fully heal. And others yet say that we are headed straight away onto a path to a second, far more insidious war. But, such talk is surely just rumor and unwarranted anxiety. Right?

The year is 1956, and some forty odd years have passed since the inception of the most deadly conflict of all history. The rise of communism and fascism have radically altered the global political scene since their inception after the Great War, as part of an eternal struggle against the role of the state and revolution. Needless to say, the world is a radically different place - the pace of industrialization only steadily marching onward - and the horrors of the Great War are, to most, but a distant memory. Yet, not all are content with the status quo which was so proudly proclaimed those four decades ago. All nations of the world seek peace, of course - but a peace on their own terms. And the peace that was settled on that fateful day in 1916 has certainly not gone so well for some...

In the wise words of a certain Brazilian NRPer, "It's been too long since there's been a good Dieselpunk NRP on RPG".

For about the 4 or so people who are around for that long and are still in the loop, this is an attempted re-rendition of the Dieselpunk Nation RP The Fumes of War. Sadly, the originals never got too much in the way of IC traction, but the high concept has always been a fun one to me, and i've always toyed around with the idea of it finally getting something underway for a long time.

Thankfully, the original writer has allowed me to take it into a new edition, and for that, i'm proud to present: The Fumes of War. Inspired by dieselpunk and film noir works like Iron Harvest, Bioshock, Wolfenstein, DUST Tactics, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the themes of FoW, to put it in simpler terms, is what happens when the idealism of steampunk runs out. The horrors of the Great War brings the Victorian romanticism to a clothesline stop, and the rise and fall and rise and fall of society in the wake of this upheaval brings around a black-and-white renaissance. Flappers. Avant-Garde style. Jazz. Futurism. Swing. Muties. Weird Science. Rock and Roll. Wardenclyffe Towers everywhere. Mobsters. Big, grandiose mega-projects and modern marvels. Bright, glitzy, electric-buzzing cities of the future.

All of these things - if nothing else - are anything less than unsubtle.

Now, to keep things semi-tethered, i'm going to implement a couple of tricks i've kept up my sleeve throughout my time doing NRPs. There will be a couple of important Great Powers - and their overseas colonies - that anyone will be able to implement events for as NPCs. How you interact with them can keep the global political scene tethered to something apropos a global "flash point" for various scenes of intrigue. When the OOC goes live, there will be a "Country Bible" that lists out the actions that are acceptable or not for each respective country, as to assist with your endeavors. For just this IntCheck, i'm proposing a Council of Nations similar to the failed OTL League of Nations that intends to have its varied flaws - if not also its purpose.

If you look at the claims map then back at the world map, you'll notice that this takes place in a specific region of the world - not the entire planet. Again, it helps keep things tethered, and it's also in part due to the superpowers of the world. There will be 3 world superpowers - none of which are directly played or playable. Instead, they help align the world into a handful of approximate power blocs that represent spheres of influence and ideological inclination. They're going to be made in such a way that there will be guidelines that will allow anyone to interact with them in their posts and thusly set up plots with one of the three - Nation Bibles, if you will. The intent will be to let us keep things going without making things too, too bogged down, since theoretically, the "biggest players" will always be present.


Promethium? What's that?
Promethium is a fictional substance refined from promethite - a porous, clay-like sedimentary rock that often formed from the decay of prehistoric mountain ranges due to extensive weathering. Unrefined promethite is an acrid substance with a dull orange hue evocative of sulfur and the smell of burning salt. When refined into promethium, however, it becomes a translucent, reddish-yellow liquid much denser than conventional petrol. When used in internal combustion engines, promethium fuel engines burn at some nine times greater efficiency when compared to gasoline. The chemical reaction that results as a result of oxidized promethium burning results in the creation of water vapor.

Promethite refining leaves behind a solid mass of alkaline compounds that take on the form of a bluish or purple slag, known as Veryllium. Veryllium can be alloyed with metals to make them incredibly hard. It is also used to tip the shells of special armor piercing rounds, giving them unparalleled penetration. When used in the synthesis of ceramics or plastics, Veryllium compound polymers make fantastically good conductors for heat and electricity.

Naturally, promethite deposits are highly coveted, and the production of promethium has fueled the industrial revolution of Uniya.

What's The Rules About Mechanics and Stats?
If you need to ask, you're in the wrong place. If I need to ask you to not pull a magic nuke out of your pocket, you're in the wrong place.

WhAtS tHe TeCh LeVeL?
So, you've played Wolfenstein, right? Like, the new ones published by Bethesda, yeah? And Bioshock, too? Think of that sorta aesthetic. I'm pretty willing to let there be some "rule of cool" shenanigans going around with flying airships and mecha and that sort of thing. A lot of the inspirations come from 50s-era comic book super-science and pulp fiction, so there's bound to be some fairly out-there stuff. Keeping a consistent "feel" and tone is more important - so think of everything with a heavy dose of retro-ism dashed onto it. Jets and rocketry technology are still relatively new and are in their infancy of design when compared to OTL - Think like medium-range SSMs and 1st generation fighter jets. Just try not to masturbate over it and remember to actually write about something that isn't the Uberpanzerkampfflauger XVII Ausf. J and it's 200 millimeters of frontal armor.

TL;DR Think like a more 1950s flavor of Dieselpunk that's bleeding into Atompunk. Basically, think of like Pre-War Fallout and Wolfenstein: The New Order.

What about nukes and nuclear devices?
While nuclear science in its theoretical state is quite advanced due to the overall theme of "SCIENCE!!!" at play in the FoW-verse, uranium-based nuclear engineering remains in its relative infancy due to the extreme costs and limited applications compared to promethite and veryllium-based chemical engineering. Uranium enrichment is almost entirely a military concern in most cases.

While most nuclear bombs aren't immediately discounted, their development likewise came during a time when other fields of super-science advanced just as quickly - if not quicker - than the development of nuclear weapons. As such, the capacities for nuclear defense will likely have matched (if not surpassed) those of nuclear attack, so even utilizing a nuclear device will also mean is likely to be intercepted.

So what's the mention of Psykers and Muties and Weird science all about?

It's a core component of this rendition of FoW. Taking more influence from pulp fiction and very early science-fiction, the laws of physics and reality here are much more...malleable than what we're used to. Super-science projects are fully alive and well and thriving in the technological advancements made since the Great War and the decades to follow.

Think of it as Fallout's equation of science to "SCIENCE!!!". Fantastical super-science experiments (gone horribly wrong) are definitely a thing and the morality of utilizing super-science in the age of rampant industrialism and immense cultural change are big themes here.

Is ThErE A DiScoRd SeRvER?

@Irredeemable :)

Pretty good. I will ask how exactly you envision your ships and "Airforce"? Since there's no airplanes at this time. I'll allow them as time goes forward. I want to keep the roleplay somewhat fixed in a time frame similar to that of the Franco-Prussian war or Victorian era.

The mention of airships in the opening just gave me that idea - given that you could likewise use things such as gliders and hot air balloons for things like surface reconnaissance and delivery (unlike ships, which are totally water-locked and require navigable rivers and even thus would likewise require specific designs) - it would necessitate a different set of skills and training to operate. Thus, it'd technically fall under a different branch.
Alright, here's my app for review. @Liotrent

Seems interesting, but i'm also curious as to the exact nature of what we're supposed to be playing as - independent states or as colony/subect states.
yes... in 2016 of all places.

Anyway, i'm gonna claim China
i should have written dead instead would fit more.

Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.

So yeah this RP died as one of the early heroes of NRP
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