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2 mos ago
Current Really glad to hear that your mother's doing well. Falls can be scary.
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2 mos ago
Not quite casual chat. Just a speed-style that reflects its IM-like origins. It works, so ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯
2 mos ago
Let's restore the holiday spirit on the status bar =). It's almost Christmas, after all.
3 mos ago
Do you have any idea how much damage I can and/or have done in a minute? Maybe ten seconds of mod powers for Christmas =P
5 mos ago
That's my kind of discussion. I don't have high hopes, but I'd love for Reimu to be one of the fighters.


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The cold glow of Aki's Omniphone cast an azure glare against the bridge of her nose. Her uncle Perry worked for one of Aleph Corp.'s subsidiaries and managed to score her one of their special models—knowing him, he must have sweet-talked some of the engineers in his office to get it. However he pulled it off, she loved spinning the holographic globe with her finger and bringing up the digital recreation of any location on Earth. It was one of the killer features of Aleph Corp's flagship model, built on top of the old Google Earth project. Aki spun the globe around and holographically travelled to the first country her finger landed on, bringing a digital representation of Baghdad to life in her bedroom. Absolutely amazing.

Aki continued to fiddle with the phone until she had taken the opportunity to mess with every new application. To finish off the night, she brought up the first YouTube videos recorded in the new YT-H holographic format. Despite starting the journey with the thrilling adventures of Mr. Beast and his gang, autoplay eventually took over, leaving Aki to fall asleep in the middle of a samurai fight scene with the shadows of swords dancing across her blinds.
Kuro is right. I'd love to start updating and adding features, but I don't have access to RPG's back end and have to wait for Mahz to approve everything.
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I'll have it updated soon.
I'm in.
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