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4 hrs ago
Current @Ambra Would you believe me if I told you they’ve already started rolling out? =)
11 hrs ago
Re: Updates—There may or may not be some movement on the Guild’s GitHub ^_^. More importantly @Big McLargehuge, nice Bad Apple reference.
11 hrs ago
Better than milk. He brought ice cream.
22 hrs ago
Full-page ads should be resolved. Please let me know if you see them again.
2 days ago
We’re working on the popup ad situation. Please bear with us (and feel free to block them in the meantime).


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In Mahz's Dev Journal 2 hrs ago Forum: News
<Snipped quote by LegendBegins>

Is it just posts, or does it include threads as well?

Just posts currently. But threads could maybe be done, it’s just less straightforward.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 2 hrs ago Forum: News
Is the option to block/ignore being added in this upgrade?

I have code for this, which implements it Discord-style. Should be doable at some point soon.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 4 hrs ago Forum: News

You can use any hex code you want to set colors. For example. Not sure how we can get more than 16 mil

That said, bbcode updates definitely have a light on them with existing previous effort to spark that flame—they're just so hard to validate as non-breaking. So I ask for patience on that front, since it's a higher-hanging fruit ^_^

He has indeed! RPG is back in action.

I can see there is an update listed at the top of the forum. Does that mean this may possibly be included in that update?

Ideally there’s about to be a chain of updates. Assuming everything goes well, I’ll try to make sure that your request is included.
@Jackal was here

TL;DR Are you using your browser's back button or refreshing? Many browsers will hold a copy of the page so it doesn't have to reach out over the internet again, but that also means it won't update. Refreshing should load the PM instantly.
@Jackal was here

Could you provide more details on the issue?
I've got to hand it to you guys, your BBCode powers are incredible. They've also allowed me to pretty strongly validate these parsing rules, so thank you!
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