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7 mos ago
Current @AlternateMan Unfortunately because advertisers can't see your browsing history and have more effective ways of tracking you. =)
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10 mos ago
Joke’s on you: mods were never awake in the first place
10 mos ago
It's a bad night for conflict on the status bar. Let's celebrate that it's nearly Friday instead. 🎉
1 yr ago
Really glad to hear that your mother's doing well. Falls can be scary.
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1 yr ago
Not quite casual chat. Just a speed-style that reflects its IM-like origins. It works, so ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯


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Hi @A Ticklish Ralt,

This is a fascinating issue. Could you PM me with the following details?

  • Your country of origin
  • Your phone carrier
  • A screenshot of the warning with any additional details displayed (e.g. a “read more”)
  • Whether this issue occurs on any other sites

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Ciel held the beast in place with all her might as she watched the other operators attack. Aki leaned into the numbness and searched through her chip folder like a fridge at midnight, looking over and over at the same weapons, desperately trying to find a way to escape this madness.

"Try not to waste them, and thank you for freeing me, young one!"

Aki took a step back, shocked out of her trance. What was that creature? If it was like some kind of genie in a lamp, maybe it could also get this squad out of here?
@Kuro is correct. I need Mahz to return before I can implement any changes. Once we get the ball rolling, I'd love to implement that kind of change.
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