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Yeah, we should. I’ll need to jump through some hoops to defeat bypasses, but that sort of thing is doable.
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Sorry all, our antispam system accidentally went offline. Carry on.
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@Ambra Would you believe me if I told you they’ve already started rolling out? =)
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Re: Updates—There may or may not be some movement on the Guild’s GitHub ^_^. More importantly @Big McLargehuge, nice Bad Apple reference.


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Do you think having a distinct tag is more fitting than setting it as "Full"?
All RPs need to take place on-site. Closing this thread.
Sad to see you go.
Sad to see you go, Tengen.
No (Yes)
Aki glanced across the ragtag team, each wrestling with the reality of this situation in their own way. She cut her eyes toward the newly-formed synchro meter, which taunted her with the tantalizing but oh-so-low 5%. Ciel, tending to her injuries, shot Aki a weak smile. This world that blended the digital and the physical hadn't been kind to any of them yet, but Aki still felt a twinge of hope that something somewhere would change in their favor. It would be a nice change of pace in her life.

Aki nodded, the weight of responsibility pressing down on her. Her fingers danced across her augmented reality interface, summoning up a holographic minimap. It showed their current location within this strange realm, marked with an ominous pulsating beacon. No familiar landmarks, no recognizable terrain. It was a world of sheer uncertainty.

Aki spared a glance at her companions, each one trying to fathom the implications of their situation. Ciel's injuries, though a source of concern for Aki, hadn't dampened the navi's determination. Aki couldn't help but wonder whether she really knew what she was doing or if she just oozed confidence without trying. The others wore expressions of curiosity and cautious readiness, their senses alert to the surreal environment. If only she could make herself as prepared as everyone else seemed to be.
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