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2 mos ago
Current The ad issue is resolved. Feel free to disable your adblocks to support the Guild!
10 mos ago
Testing something rq
10 mos ago
Yeah, we should. I’ll need to jump through some hoops to defeat bypasses, but that sort of thing is doable.
10 mos ago
Sorry all, our antispam system accidentally went offline. Carry on.
12 mos ago
@Ambra Would you believe me if I told you they’ve already started rolling out? =)


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Not sure where to post this, I was in a thread with this user ampersand.
They have a banner "Banned and nuked." I havent heard from them in day and wondered if they were kicked from the site?

So under the name where it should say member it says banned. QQ I guess that is my answer. I respect the site for the decision. Just curious as to why.

They requested that their account be deleted. That's all.
Hey @witchykitt3n, all RPs need to take place on the Guild. Feel free to create a new thread with that in mind. If you need the original text of your post, PM me.
Congrats Poo! Well earned!
Any chance you could get @Cobalt to agree on the first one? It'd be deleting their content too.
Done and done! Enjoy your weekend!
Hey, I haven't forgotten about the original request. It's not possible yet, but I still think it will be sooner rather than later.
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