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Current @AlternateMan Unfortunately because advertisers can't see your browsing history and have more effective ways of tracking you. =)
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1 yr ago
Joke’s on you: mods were never awake in the first place
1 yr ago
It's a bad night for conflict on the status bar. Let's celebrate that it's nearly Friday instead. 🎉
2 yrs ago
Really glad to hear that your mother's doing well. Falls can be scary.
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Not quite casual chat. Just a speed-style that reflects its IM-like origins. It works, so ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯


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”What do you mean ‘the past few days’?”

"The past three days." The boy paused. "Like… the past three days since waking up here? Did you girls not get Omniphone Golds? That seems to be the common factor from what I’ve learned."

”We did, but… we just got here. And all at the same time, too.”Aki considered the implications. If he’d been here already, then that must mean…”Did you somehow get yours early?”

"No? Did you get yours late?"

Aki tugged at the hem of her shirt. The boy's words weren't an accusation, but she couldn't help but feel like they were. ”I mean, my uncle got it for me on launch day. Definitely not three days late.

"That lines up with me and the two I’ve met, then. Dunno why you think you only got here now." He looked over at Clockmon. "Aren’t you a time-based digimon? Did you do something?"

“No. I haven’t done anything.” Clockmon replied.

First they get isekaid, and now there's time shenanigans to look out for? ”Well, you’ve been here longer. What is this world, and more importantly, how did we get here?”

"I’ve only been here three days. But it seems to be like… a world where technology is different. They’ve got a lot of electromagnetic tech that we didn’t have, assuming we’re all from the same world. Or that this is even a different world at all. It could be time travel, I suppose. But pretty much everyone has a ‘transer,’ the device on that guy’s wrist," He pointed at the man in the construction hat, "or something more advanced than it. Seems like there was recently a better device put on the market."

Aki took advantage of the moment to eye the now-fallen man. He didn’t seem to be moving, and was large enough that Aki couldn’t see any clear signs of breathing. ”Is he… erm… you know…” Aki shook her head, unable to swallow the thought. ”Is he okay?”

"Should be. I used a card that gives the ‘Freeze’ and ‘Confuse’ effects. We’ve got a few minutes, but he’ll wake back up with little memory of the past few minutes and totally fine.."

Aki sighed in relief. The man wasn’t dead. Now she turned and gave the 20-something her full attention.”I’m so glad. And, er, Jacob, was it? What’s with this thing about statuses? Like in a video game?”

"Don’t wear it out. But, sort of. It seems like the biggest difference between where we came from and here is the existence of Battle Chips, sort of like Megaman, and cards that work similar to them. They can affect the real world, but I’ve found that they work best in a place where there’s a lot of digital… influence, I guess? Like near a wave tower, like we are now. Or where digimon are around."

Okay, this guy had clearly figured out the most important parts of this world over the past few days. He seemed to be a pretty nice person and, well, it didn’t exactly hurt that he was kind of cute. ”So this really is like those old Megaman games, huh.” Good job, Aki. Playing it smooth. ”I don’t guess you’ve found any kind of an exit?”

"At the very least, I’ve seen viruses from them and Battle Chips work with Expanse Callers. But no, I don’t know of any way to get back. I’ve had to do a lot of experimentation with the other two guys I’ve met here to figure anything out, so I hope that telling you all this helps with the whole ‘skipped three days’ thing."

”Yeah, it helps a lot. And you’ve met others here besides us? Oh, and uh, I’m Aki by the way.”

"Like I said, I’ve met two others. But they were both by themselves, aside from their digimon. I haven’t met anyone with a Netnavi yet, but I assume there’s got to be a few if viruses exist here. The regular people have Wizards, which seem to be basically EM Netnavis.
One of them was really… angry, honestly. The other guy was cool though."

”I’ve got a navi named Ciel. She was here when we woke up in this world.”

"Oh, that’s cool. Now at least I know they’re a thing here too."

This world was bigger than it first seemed, and now that they knew other people were around, some even transported like them, their whole situation just got a lot more complicated. But forget all of that. Most importantly, they weren't alone.
Hi. I'm not sure if this is a feature I'm overlooking or what:
A clickable button that snaps to each post in a thread. Essentially a next post button. We have a button that goes to the top of the page or the bottom, but how about one that goes between individual posts. I hope I'm explaining this clearly. Thanks for all the admin stuff you do!

I think I get what you mean! Sort of like direct-linking to a post, but without clicking a new link.
This was it, this was her ticket. A beacon of sanity in this nightmare ocean of a world that went out of its way to kill her. Although the construction helmet gave Aki some pause, the tower and his general roughitiness made her feel like this guy was at least supposed to be here.


Wait, too much enthusiasm would scare him off.

I mean, hey there. Do—do you know where we are? That... thing just attacked us. We almost died.

As the now-tolerable heat beamed down on the small group, Aki finally took the opportunity to take in everyone's status. The kids seemed scared, and some of them tired, but at least they were all still alive. Even the annoying girl somehow managed to show back up after the fight. And the digital creature things would probably recover on their own over time... or at least she hoped. Things finally started to seem like they were going her way, and now she just needed to get this guy on her side.

And... wizards? None of us know magic if that's what you're asking.

If they woke up in some kind of fantasy world, Aki supposed even fantasy magic could be possible. Maybe she would even have a chance to start over, learn some kind of cool magic spells, and make something over herself. It would beat her life back home, at least.
@Wolf Mother

I'll have to get it approved by the mod team (ahem, the council of darkness and evil), but we can sometimes make that happen. However, some accounts we're not able to reset because of certain data retention policies. Unfortunately, it looks like that account probably would fall under data protection, so we wouldn't be able to shift control over to you.
Got it!
In Feature Request Thread 17 days ago Forum: News
You could use the Test section. Not quite the same thing but...

If you don't want folks seeing that you've like posted a new thing there, if you're kind of keeping something under wraps until you're done, you can always Edit a post you've already posted and it won't update the thread as having a New Post.

As a work around until they fix that.

Or if you want to be sneaky, you can type up the draft, replace it with a blank space, and then reference your draft in the secret Revisions page (roleplayerguild.com/posts/<postID>/revisions). You can only see your own revisions though ;)
In Feature Request Thread 17 days ago Forum: News
Reading all of these and continuing to take suggestions (expect any future updates to roll through in order of what's easiest to implement ).

Oh here's a good one, is it possible to implement a way to change your password like how you can change an email address? It bugs me how easy it is to swap my email address but not my password. Or maybe add more account security, like how google uses the "Name of your first pet" sort of questions.

In the interim, you can reset your password with the "Forgot Password" function. But I agree, you should be able to do that without dealing with email.
In Feature Request Thread 19 days ago Forum: News
A few people have asked to compile a list of features our userbase would like added to the Guild. If there's some functionality you'd love to see incorporated into the forum, leave your suggestion here!
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