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Current If explicit details would help curb some of the concerns, I'm nearly done overhauling the BBCode parser for the Guild. I should have the Python version of the parser up on my GitHub around end of day.
1 mo ago
To reiterate: There is no threat of GuildFall 2.0. But as for thread backups, if you're not afraid of a little Python, I've automated them github.com/LegendBegins/Gui…
1 mo ago
The downtime is a standard update to add some code fixes and database improvements. Just save any in-progress posts and everything will be fine.
2 mos ago
Can this status get likes for no reason?
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I've only ever had a similar issue on Safari, but it isn't unique to RPG—it's corrected by closing the tab and opening the page on another tab. I suspect it's not a sitewide issue, but to test, can you ping me on Discord with a link to the affected page next time it happens to you? That might help me collect the data I need to see what's going on.

In addition, if you load up a copy of the page on a browser connected to your home internet and another on a phone using mobile data and they aren't both broken, it would imply that it's an issue with your system rather than the site.

I can change your username and ban you, which could help disconnect the account from you. I don't have the ability to delete all posts an account has made, and there's an unfortunate glitch with posts that old that make editing not work. That's a relic from the Guild pre-update and a bit of a perfect storm in this case.

Like I said, I would be more than glad to delete any specific posts you'd like removed.

Thank you! I'll have to distribute credit to the entire team for being great friends to be around—every player is a GM here ^_^
Thomas raised the stakes by another fifteen grand. The musings of the entourage had been entertaining enough thus far, but there were bigger scores at stake than a measly few thousand.

"Vorpool has been more active recently. What's gotten the city wound up as of late?"

A gruff voice answered him. "People are spun all up by Gilleon's robbery and the mandated evaluations the feds are gonna be pushing." The burly, silk-clad man continued. And that'sta say nothing about the drug trade."

Thomas listened to the first two grievances with passing interest. Gilleon Bank was famous for flaunting its so-claimed impenetrable security, but with the caliber of people he had run across in the past three years, it came to no surprise that someone was able to slip in and out undetected. In fact, it was more surprising that it took someone this long to breach the bank after they had taunted the city's underbelly for as long as they had. As for the anomaly re-testing, everyone without their head in the sand knew the government was going to be doing something underhanded—but for the sake of national security, anything the bigwigs wanted to do could be justified. They could shoot every Epsilon in the capital without stirring up any kind of serious opposition if it was really a part of the agenda. It might even be better in the long run, as it were.

No, the third comment was what had caught his interest. "Drug trade, you say? What's been the commotion there?" Thomas lit another cigarette and gripped it with the corner of his mouth—it seemed this little tangent wouldn't be so fruitless after all.

"I hears that they're getting hooked out there on some new chemicals. Some've them boost their strength, and then others are cheap imitations of the real things. But all of 'em are spiraling out of control. They say Downtown's festering with the stuff, 'specially in the slums." Fascinating. Thomas' Friday sessions never failed to disappoint; the information he earned almost always ended up being more valuable that whatever he might win that evening and tonight was no exception.


"Well, gentlemen. It's been enjoyable, but I believe I've won." Thomas placed his hand on the table, containing a measly pair of aces. "Better time next week. With any luck, we'll all have some higher quality hands." Thomas reached forward and carried his winning chips with him to the counter. The drug trade. If today's session was any indication, he would need to pay some of his less... respectable contacts a visit this evening. Exiting the Casino, Thomas leisurely strolled toward the heart of downtown.
In Ask an Admin, v2. 17 days ago Forum: News
In my version of the parser, if a user posts bad BBCode to the forum, it attempts to do error-correction, so any incorrect tags are automatically converted into the correct ones, and any missing tags are added to the end (it still displays the Some tags appear to be misaligned. error).

I've modified my version of the parser. Now, whenever a user inputs tags that don't match, it highlights them for the user, displays the Some tags appear to be misaligned. error, and keeps searching for the appropriate ending tag. So [b]Bad data[/i] Bad data 2[/b] would look like the following:

Does that align better with what you all might want from the BBCode checker?

For anyone who wants to help, I'm still accepting test data over PM, so feel free to message me terribly broken BBCode to try out.
In Ask an Admin, v2. 19 days ago Forum: News

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add it to the list.
In Ask an Admin, v2. 19 days ago Forum: News

It does have to handle the errors in some way or another (including not processing the tags at all), so while I can remove the auto-correct features, it needs to do something with the broken BBCode. Does it scan for the correct closing tag and then return everything in between as plaintext (can also break styling), does it try to unwind until it's at the base level of the post, send that as plaintext, and then parse the rest as BBCode (i.e. the existing system)? Does it send the entire thing as plaintext?

It's a difficult problem to solve.
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