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Current Feeling insecure? Try a comprehensive vuln scan.
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Can't get in touch with me? I'm probably in VR--HTC Vive


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In H@ck3rz 5 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Approved! Feel free to set up an IC post with the email from The Elder and you can get started as soon as you're ready.
@LegendBegins If you're still open for new people, this looks really interesting

Definitely still open. Here's a link to the OOC:…
In H@ck3rz 8 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@LegendBegins I did leave the server mostly cuz I have some stuff going on in my life rn that made me cut some RPs but I never blocked you. We were just never friends on discord which makes it so you cant PM me if we are not on the same server

Ah. No worries.

Oh! Still learning rpguild etiquette lol, thanks!

But yeah, I'm really interested but soon becoming possibly overextended. What would the pacing be/ how often would I be expected to post? Would it be more of a daily, around every other day, or weekly thing?

Hey! Sorry for the late response; I wasn't monitoring this thread. We're definitely still open and you're more than welcome to join (and I'd be more than glad to discuss the IRL security field if you're interested. The pacing is about 1/week, but there are ARG-style puzzles in the Discord groups in between posts to drive the story. Hope to see you there!
In H@ck3rz 13 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Katthaj left the server and blocked me on Discord, so I guess we'll continue without him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
In H@ck3rz 18 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I posted, i'm sorry it was all rush

No worries. It's all good.
In H@ck3rz 22 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Any ETA for an IC post?
In H@ck3rz 27 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Well, this is an interesting turn of events. After trolling around on the new Discord group, OffByNone had successfully taken advantage of one of the exploits that The Elder released to the group and wrote a script that would automatically infect hospital networks through the Biotronik Pacemaker interface and add them to OBN's personal botnet. Of course, they deserved it. Any organization playing with peoples' lives had no right to take their security lightly, and OBN intended to prove that fact to them. Hovering over Enter, OBN hesitated. Of course, every test had succeeded. Every connection was still established. But what if? OBN fished a stray hair from their keyboard to delay the decision further. Something always goes wrong. What if they find out? But in the midst of the usual self-doubt, OBN's eyes drifted toward the shimmering glow of the pulsating RGB keys. It was now or never. [Enter]

bash: ./reportFsailAll: No such file or directory

A typo. Of course. Always something something Murphy's Law.

[None@lolstationC2 ~]$ ./reportFailAll
Generating Payloads. [▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮]
Payloads complete
Transmitting. . . . . . . .
ERROR: Could not establish a secure connection to [3/988] hosts
Changing Settings...

Exploit Complete.

[None@lolstationC2 ~]$

OffByNone laughed, fueled by the adrenaline. It would only be hours before news stations across the planet started broadcasting this little endeavor. Nothing lethal, of course, just a fun prank. Not that the hospitals would see it that way; in fact, they might even start panicking when their pacemakers started falsely reporting that every patient's heart had stopped. OffByNone smiled in anticipation of the mayhem that would ensue.

Approved, but as a consequence of their awkward spelling, they're going to be executed before the end.

Also fun to note: Nonce is a word that means "number only used once" and is widely applied in hashing.
Pakistani VPN. Authorities have traced potentially correlated traffic to Israel, but no concrete details have been confirmed.
Dragon's Scythe (Ad Hoc). The organization is responsible for releasing secret government documents exposing corruption and generating significant public unrest in over 30 countries across the globe. Chile has offered a $150,000 bounty for information related to Dragon's Scythe and President Trump has described the organization as "a major threat to cyber for the U.S., maybe even the world." While not a consistent member, OffByNone has proven him/herself regularly valuable.
Known Details
OffByNone is rarely active on Saturday afternoons and has an interest in all things scientific and technological. Attempts to pin down precise working hours have failed, but OffByNone willingly reveals trivial personal hobbies such as shows he/she is following, recent memes, and qualms with societal structure and customs. Authorities have built a comprehensive personality profile of OffByNone.

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