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<Snipped quote by Source>

*Battered, the demon cannot withstand the assault; the Greens flee around a corner, calling for reinforcements*

*A golden gauntlet three times my size materializes on my fist*
Battlechip in, download!
*Punches forward, hitting the green scribes and decimating the wall behind them*
<Snipped quote by Source>

*The demon strikes the statue to smash it and the vines suck up the poisonous air, decaying and disappearing quickly; the Greens quickly raise up new vines*

*The statue crumbles and the toxins dissipate*
Bass, battlechip in, download!
*Thousands of orbs fill the room and move from one side to the other rapidly, heavily damaging anything they touch*
<Snipped quote by ZAVAZggg>

*Your attackers have already retreated, but the attacks continue relentlessly, the power reused and recycled to generate new attacks*

<Snipped quote by Source>

*The demon strikes out with its tail to catch your legs while the scribes raise up thick, magically empowered vines to block the shots*

*The tail passes through me and the aura flickers, as if I were a hologram*
Anubis, battlechip in, download!
*A statue of a jackal materializes and poisonous air fills the room*
<Snipped quote by ZAVAZggg>

*Energy blasts rain at you from all sides, accompanied by bolts of lightning and gouts of fire*

<Snipped quote by Source>

*You turn a corner to a monstrous demon (standing in front of three Green Scribes) facing you; the demon charges to strike you with a massive fist*

<Snipped quote by Darlit Glitch>

*The wall of ice quickly melts*

*Dodges and shoots at the green scribes with the X-Buster*
<Snipped quote by Source>

*The hallway which the door leads to is empty, but shouting can be heard from farther away*

*Continues through the hallway*
<Snipped quote by Source>

*A red-marked mercenary runs in and attempts to teleport the attacks past the flame*

*When the attacks are teleported inside the flame, they are consumed as the others*
Areasteal, battlechip in, download!
*I teleport far behind the door*
Rockcube, battlechip in, download.
*A large cube appears in front of the door*
<Snipped quote by Source>

*The feathers all melt; energy blasts rain at you from all sides*

*The Falzar armor dissipates into voxels*
Life Aura 3, battlechip in, download!
*A purple aura engulfs me like a flame, consuming attacks as they enter*
<Snipped quote by Source>

*They stagger back while a lightning bolt shoots through you and your armour's melting point decreases to room tempreature*

*Allows it to melt and rapid-fires metallike feathers into them*
<Snipped quote by Source>

*Two orange-marked guards and a blue-marked guard meet you, thick fluids flowing in the air in front of them; the fluids split and form into dagger points and shoot toward you, wreathed in electricity*

Antielectricity, battlechip in, download!
*Bolts of energy strike them and deal direct damage*
<Snipped quote by Source>

*The systems immediately begin to self-repair and an alert sounds; two green-marked guards and a red-marked guard run to your area*
-Greens- *Bugs manifest and crawl into the hole, finding and destroying the bugs*
-Red- *Pressure increases rapidly all around you*

Meh, fine.
*Punches through the door*
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