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Perhaps you’ll find a job or assignment that requires you to. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing you again, O dangerously woman-beset Fairy Yellow.

Maybe you will. Enjoy your day.
*Presses on the device and disappears*
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Well trained, it is a very good feeling. Perhaps some things in this new world will change it—but for now, don’t worry too much. Many of us know what it is like to be displaced, and we will happily walk you through troubling times if you have need.

That does, of course, rely on me getting back here.
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You’ve become suddenly more playful, young man.

I don't know if playful is the right word for it, but I don't feel like things are wrong now. I try to trust that feeling.
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For your sake, then, do not. I hope you find all your answers soon, O unwillingly named Fairy Yellow.

So do I. Soooo doooo I.
*Takes a small rectangle out of my pocket*
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It probably isn’t. Tier Fours can do mighty things, even without magic, though how she opens dimensional rifts without magic is also... questionable.

I try to not question it.
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What a wonder that the unmagical Fairy Blue is so old, then.

I don't know what to tell you. But it also doesn't sound wrong.
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Well, I’ve certainly never seen Fairy Blue using any kind of magic, so perhaps she has her ways of obtaining power. Do your Fairies usually live millions or billions of years?

Er, no, we're just people.
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By whom?

It's forbidden in the entire community. And Fairies are held to a higher standard.
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You need to collect some magic of your own, young man. *Pats you on the shoulder* The task could easily become hard, some day.

Magic is still a forbidden art.
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