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It'd help you, in this case.

*motions with my gun barrel to the wall, and back to you*

Against the wall. Now.

Oooookay, I don't really love where this is going.
*Takes a few steps backward and flattens my back against the wall*
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*walks toward you, my gun still raised, stopping a few feet from you*

Got any identification?

*Keeps my hands raised*
Er, no, not besides my face. Was I supposed to?
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... what do you think about when you hear the word Amaranthine...?

Ahhh... from what I’m told, bad things, people-takey-overy things.
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What affiliation are you?

Um... non? Me? To be really really real with you, I don’t know what that means.
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Yeah, so did those other fuckers that tore our ship apart. Some kibd of grand scheme of a messiah and the Golden Path, using the Amaranthine tp lead us all to paradise. Its a bunch of bullshit. You people... no, monsters have killed enough people. Leave me alone.

*you hear the loading of a magazine into my weapon, as I turn the corner on point, gun aimed down the hallway*

*Retreats deeper into my side hall*
I’m not trying to sell you anything! I’m just here to give medical help to anyone who’s still alive.
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*A grenade clanks against the interior of the hall away from my position toward you, as I duck for cover*

*Ducks into a hallway out of the direction of the blast*
Please! I just want to help!
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*you see a gruesome mix-match of guts and metal as you walk through, men and women alike. A young soldier who couldnt be a day over 19 stummbles through the hall, seeing you in his view, his eyes widen in fear, as he raises his smg to you, firing the last 5 bullets in the magazine before it clicks and he throws it at you, running in the opposite direction*

*Throws my back against the wall, and all five seem to miss in his panic*
Hello? Can we talk?
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*the man slowly drops his arms, as his eyes roll back and his body goes limp. The distress signal seems to be eminating from further within the ship*

*The air seems to take a grimmer, darker tone as I walk toward the ship*
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