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*Ducks under it and tackles you in a hug, smiling*

What the— What are you thinking??
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*Turns and walks toward you*

*Swings the sword and slices through you*
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Thank you!

This isn’t a game.
*A cyber sword extends from my hand*
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Leave. There's no room here for hybrids squirts like you.
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You of all people?... Does the machine know us?

I thought I told you to never show your face here again.
<Snipped quote by Etcetera>

*Opens a door to the hall that would lead deeper in*

*Shouts from the other side behind you*
Hey! What are you doing here?
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*nods, smiling, then leaves the room, heading for my office to change. After I finish I head to Victoria's office, knocking on the door*

*Leaves, splitting into two beings*
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*We dissappear, reappearing at a debriefing quarter in the EDB HQ*

Alright, both of you meet me at 10 am sharp here in this room, and wear civilian clothes. That's an order. I have a suprise planned for you both.

Affirmative. Acknowledged and understood.
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Also... you dont have to be so formal around me all the time. I know you guys were engineered to be the best of the best, but that doesnt mean everything has to be work related. You should get to enjoy some of the freedoms our citizens enjoy. Cmon, lets go get cleaned up and I'll show you what I'm talking about.

Yes sir.
<Snipped quote by Nimda>

*when we all leave, the purple haze of the amaranthine fades*

- ...
*looks to *Jingo, then rushes up to you hugging the amalgamation of the two of you*

I was so worried about you two.... I'm so sorry I didnt get here earlier... let's go home.

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