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No idea. Ask me again in a minute when we catch up.

*Nods and continues as before, moving in a pattern similar to roller skating*
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I just meant how to get around this contact-free zone nonsense that seems to be going on. If he has a plan beyond that... I'd be impressed. Hard to plan around an experience no one has ever had before.

Are you able to contact Nemid at all?
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If you figure it out before me, make sure to let me know. But I think Dad did.

I hope Waternaux has more solutions than just that.
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*Accelerates behind you, then maintains pace beside you and inquisitively reaches my hand out to you, watching it phase through harmlessly*

What’s causing this?
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*I do my best to navigate the two of us around the small worlds as we rocket off into the distance, Nemid doing nothing to fight back*

*Takes a tentative step forward, breaking into a swift walk and later run, which continues to accelerate unhindered*
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You are full if it!
*Explodes with a fury of blinding white light and slams into you, full body and full force, sending us both tumbling rapidly through the void*
And this is far from over for us.

*Pulls my hand from beneath my cloak and looks at its back*
Already starting again. I hope it’s been long enough.
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Preservation from what?

Being conscripted to fight on your behalf against our will. Knowingly or otherwise.
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I've been in those shoes and lived that life before. The opposite, in your case, is untrue. I think it's much more likely to be you who fails to understand ours.

Compared to self-preservation, all other perspectives are irrelevant.
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And despite my continued assertions that that is not the case, it's the word so many of you seem to cling to. If you believe being part of something at no cost is slavery, then I'm sure none of you have experienced it truly.

I doubt your capability to comprehend Existence's perspective.
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Like I've been saying, you have nothing to be truly concerned about anyway. Not from what you think, anyway.

The enslavement of Existence is a great concern of mine.
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