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Thanks, I'll give it a try.

You can also save your password and just get really fast at clicking Log Out->Log In->Username->Log In->Subscriptions
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Goodbye, Dreamy and Man of Time!

*Steps behind Time Line and disappears*
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Now, I have a battle to prepare! I hope you stay least good.

Of course. Farewell, Srieg!
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Ohhh okay. So Sreig can take it to better place?

Sure can!
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Sreig can’t take it anywhere else?

You can take it with you!
*Takes the cord and affixed it in the air so it floats*
You just can't do this and then pull on this side.
*It drops to the ground*
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No. Not at the moment.
*Looks at the string*
So, Sreig has to find other side, but cant follow string?

The string is connected to the other side, almost like a tiny portal just for the cord. So I can come back and open it for you or you can use something else to open it up.
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Try best.

Good. Is there anything else I can help with, Srieg?
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Ah. I see.

So just be careful when you try to use it.
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Because it will pull the other side through and you'll lose the connection.
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It is very useful....
*looks at you*
How does Sreig use it?

It's not as simple as I wish it was.
*Points to the other end, where the cord seems to stop without fraying or moving*
This is connected to the other end of the cord. You'll need a way to be able to follow where it goes—you can almost think of it as a tiny portal that you can't walk through. But whatever you do, don't lock this end's position in space and then pull the other end out.
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