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Hold until it makes hostile engage ment such as auto lock ons, our systems will register it of so.

Affirmative. Standing at ready until further notice.
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- *wakes up, overhearing your comms*

This is shinji akamura of the EDB, Echo, mind filling me in on what's goin on?

A Magnitude 8 Glider appeared over EDB HQ. It appears hostile. I have a direct line of sight to its primary cockpit and six engines. As a Special Task Force unit, I have advanced engagement equipment at my ready.
*A distance away, aims a sniper rifle at the cockpit of the ship*
This is Unit Echo, requesting permission to engage.
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Shinji: perhaps we shall meet again sometime. Perhaps under less work related circumstances. Have a good day, TL.

Bye Mr. Shinji!
*Skips along behind The Legend*
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Huh. Why'd he say so?

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Huh. Why's it so secret?

'Cause Third said so!
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I take it that it's between Tier Fives only?

I'm not a Tier Five!
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Shinji: *chuckles* that's true. So what brings you two here?

*Whispers loudly*
We're on a mission!
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Shinji: I know a lot of people miss, I'm sure I do.

There are a lot of people in Existence.
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Perhaps that is true. Either way, I've got my path laid out in front of me. Who Is your father?

I'm not allowed to say yet! You probably don't know him!
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