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<Snipped quote by System>

*a familar voice rings out*
I don't have all day, grab on!

*Takes Echo's hand and nods*
<Snipped quote by System>

*just as you do, a hand bursts through your hole, reaching out in assistance*

<Snipped quote by System>

*as they get thrown into it, the amaranthine attepts to corrupt each image on contact*

*Each one begins to corrupt but fizzles out of existence as the others bore a hole through it*
<Snipped quote by System>

You are quite the interesting one. What is 8t that you are doing, exactly?

*you find yourselves caught in a sphere of amaranthine*

*One of the images throws itself into the sphere, followed by the trailing images as well*
<Snipped quote by System>

*you both find yourselves surrounded by a ring of amaranthine, that constricts within milliseconds, slicing through the both of you*

*It cuts through one of the images, but the next one ducks, taking Echo with it*
<Snipped quote by Source>

*you find that the entire dimension is coated in amaranthine*
Running won't save you.

*One of the images is running a distance away with Echo*
@System Good show indeed, my favorite character was Voltar.

Man, you have great tastes.
<Snipped quote by System>

*kicks you in the side with dimension crushing force*

*The image of me is knocked back and fades away as the me behind it crushes your neck*
<Snipped quote by System>

* launches toward you, slicign through you with my scythe*

*It hits one of my after images that recoils and fades away, while the me behind it grabs you by the throat and chokes you*
Nothing much. Just figure I'd look back into this, see how things were going.

It's always open whenever you want to hop in.

<Snipped quote by System>

I wonder who would be the Red Menace?

Yooooo, another watcher of LOSE. Great show.
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