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Magic Steve, nice play. Looks like that'll be an effective way of dealing with these things.
*Thumbs up*

Yeah, that was really cool! I didn't even know they could be spheres!
*Heals everyone's injuries*
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

...or, It seems Second will handle that, himself. Cruel blow.

*The closer to my core the amaranthine damages, the faster my body regenerates until the destruction and restoration occur at the same rate*
<Snipped quote by System>

*it merely boucnes off me, sending the energy back toward you after my amror absorbs the intitial shock*

Awww, you're no fun.
*My body heals from the shock and the sword unleashes a wave of energy, causing more recoil than before*
<Snipped quote by System>

*the moment you hit me, the amaranthine goes static briefly, and you pass through effortlesly*

<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

*I allow the first action to occur, but I become static before your fist connects, then dynamic again once above you, kicking you with a megaton's worth of force*

*The gauntlet converts into a sword, which I slice through your body*
<Snipped quote by Techspert>

*takes note of this, but stares down Second*

*With the same speed as Second, appears behind you and drives my gauntlet into your torso, dealing severe recoil damage to myself in the process*
<Snipped quote by System>

*you feel an amaranthine crystal slam into your back, as a portal from the amaranthine closes behind you. The crystal begins to fuse into your body*

*Punches myself in the stomach, blowing a hole through my body and destroying any flesh tainted by the amaranthine*
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

*amaranthine smacks into you from behind with incredible wieght and force. Using my amaranthine, I cut the Strings tied to me*

You're really trying to ruin the fun before the party really begins. Who's the real sore loser, here?

*Stands in its way as it crushes my bones, which immediately heal*
Haven't I seen you somewhere before?
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

King: I can't take a risk, with you Tier Fives. You're a tricky lot, and hard to keep seperate. Itsl iek trying to cut through a mesh wire system. In reality, all you need are the right tools.

*snaps my fingers on my right hand, and the amranthine surroundign you crushes the space you were in into a pinpoint*

*Two metallic gloves materialize over my hands and I push out against the amaranthine*
<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

Looks like we've got to do this the hard way—Rica, don't allow them to as much as scratch her. Give the others a boost too, while you're at it.

*Connects to the Strings of Fate, healing everyone but the amaranthine creatures*
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