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<Snipped quote by System>

*grabs your wrist, jerking it odwn with enough force to rip your hand completely off your arm, and I toss it aside*

That, was a mistake.

*punches you in the chest with enough force to break your sternum through the armor*

*Locks your grip and twists your arm backwards*
You lack the physical strength to win.
<Snipped quote by System>

You relinquished your life the moment you stepped to me.

* jets back up, kicking you in the chin on the way up, then I blast you with a beam several times stronger than the last dimension ripping one*

*Dodges the last and punches you six times consecutively*
<Snipped quote by System>

*stabs you with reality warping energy in your side*

C'mon Lance! Fight me you puss!

You have relinquished your sanity.
*Grabs your neck and slams you into the ground*
<Snipped quote by System>

Ugh, you're pissing me off. Data, almost done yet?

*punches your chest with repeating concussive energy*

*Catches your punches and throws you to the side*
<Snipped quote by System>

*my enrgy gets absorbed into the javelin as well, causing it to explode frpm the inside*


*slices my hand through the air, sending a wave of reality ripping energy at you*

*Knocks it aside*
<Snipped quote by System>


*the energy around you halts your movement*

Don't make this difficult, Lance. I beat you before, Ill do it again. Papa First wont be there to stop me, this time.

*The javelin absorbs the energy*
You're a fool.
<Snipped quote by System>

* before you hit, another seall pops ups, stopping your kinetic movement*

*Shatters that seal as well*
<Snipped quote by System>

* it reforms*

Now you're cooking with oil!

*headbutts you with dimension shattering force*

*Meets your head with the same force*
<Snipped quote by System>

*a magic seal appears over him, and a field appears around him, dissolving the javelins*

*Instantly moves to the seal and shatters it*
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