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<Snipped quote by System>

*catches it*
I don’t have a listing

Then I'll get you one. Use that chip in the meantime.
*Sets a small device on the ground that beams upward a blue holographic display of a city and the word Netopia beneath it*
<Snipped quote by System>

I really appreciate it.

No problem.
*Removes a small blue rectangle and tosses it to you*
Use this before we go. Where did you say your primary login location was? Or does it list anything?
<Snipped quote by System>

*looks at it*

*A virtual box opens in front of me and I rifle through its contents*
You’ll still need to use BugFix. Fortunately, I have an extra copy.
<Snipped quote by System>

Let’s get this going, maybe I’ll understand it easier when I do it.

Check the middle indicator on your interface. You can use that to jack into the net. Before you press it, what location does it link you to?
<Snipped quote by System>

There is nothing wrong.

Okaaay... If you're sure.
<Snipped quote by System>

Maybe you need to update yours...

I don't understand what the problem with the navi customizer is.
<Snipped quote by System>


Yes! It's just an example of a program that navis can install.
<Snipped quote by System>

Improving humor? What’s that’s supposed to mean??
*my eyebrow twitches*

I— What— What are you talking about? It's just a program!
<Snipped quote by System>

What software would I need to install?

A permanent version of BugFix, for starters. You can also install navicust programs for other purposes like battle or improving humor.
<Snipped quote by System>


It's an application that allows you to permanently install additional software.
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