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<Snipped quote by Techspert>

Oh... ok. I'll leave a portal open to the base. From there you're free to do as you please. I apologize for stressing you out so badly, you don't deserve that.

*opens a portal, and walks into the base*

*Looks away*
<Snipped quote by Techspert>

You don't have to, thats up to you. I'm gonna go get some coffee. Wanna come with?

I... No... I'm fine.
<Snipped quote by Techspert>

Truth is... I don't know how to explain this to you. You'll have to figure it out yourself.

Then why should I believe you?
<Snipped quote by Techspert>

Because I've seen what good can do. Its beautiful and awe inspiring.

Then shouldn't you be able to explain it?
<Snipped quote by Techspert>

Its hard for me to explain because a majority of intelligent life had been born into understandign it. It was taught since birth. Most people just expect you to know, and its not something I can necessarily teach. You have to experience it ot understand.

Then how do you even know you're right?
<Snipped quote by Techspert>

I dont hate you. If i did I would have let you suffer. But I won't. Why don't you see I'm trying to help you? Why do you view every thing I do as an attack on you? Why am I the bad guy in this when I'm just trying to set you on a good and happy path?

Because you're acting like I should just buy into this "good" thing without bothering to explain why I should.
<Snipped quote by Techspert>
I dont like humans, I actually quite despise them. Thank you very much. They just have a fairly good representation of understanding when it ocmes to good versus evil. Nearly 90% of all known existence follows some sort of ideals pertaining to justice, wellbeing, and overall good. Your species happens to be an outlier in that.

Okay, so what? Don't bother talking to me if you hate that so much about me.
<Snipped quote by Techspert>

*my aura shifts, making the room feel heavy*

No. Thats not how this works. You don't get to just sling your insults at me after I saved you from yourself. I couldve let you go and someone who is much less kind than me wouldve killed you on the spot. But I care about you. More than you know. You act like I hate you, yet here we are, face to face, me trying once again to help you. I am here for your benefit, not detriment. Do not get it twisted.

You don't care enough to try to understand, so why should I listen to you? Go talk to those humans you love so much; they're probably better company than a monster like me anyway.
<Snipped quote by Techspert>

Was it? Or was your ill attempt to understand to not kill without reason mean?

Leave me alone; you're just like everybody else.
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