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*Opens a rift away from the warehouse*
I think that wraps up your training for today. You've done well.
Doing well so far...
*Watches Sinon's exercises*
*Glances at the destroyed target*
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*Takes another two targets*
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*my brow twitches as my eyes soon open and my eyes glow with a run circling the pupil and I pull the trigger*

*A hole opens in the target with a backwards burst of sand*
Well done.
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*fires at the first target with my handgun then closes my eyes, breathing in deep as I aim at the second target*
Bullet to the past…

*Nods, watching you intently*
*Drafts out the next steps of the training regimen*
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*A desert wind blows in and obscures the river, leaving a factory floor in its place, and I lift up two pieces of scrap metal*
First, I want you to shoot the target in my right hand. Then, I want you to think about the feeling of shooting a target forward in time, and try to reproduce that feeling to shoot the target in my left hand, but in the past. The closer you can get to the point I first lifted it, the better.
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