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11 mos ago
Mahz showing up for a short while and disappearing, while distressing, is also almost objectively hilarious. Can't wait til he comes back in... *checks watch* 18 years.
11 mos ago
Anyone else feel like they've lost IQ points steadily since their teenage years? No? Just me? Cool.
2 yrs ago
"It's so hard to believe I'm on a planet full of primates. You're all so fucking wise!"
2 yrs ago
The only thing I want destroyed is myself.


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She's just—
*Clenches my fist*
Ghh, that Stella. She never learns anything because she can get away with every bad habit she has!

I supposed that's to be expected from a hands-off approach, but there's plenty of time ahead for her to change on things.
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W-why didn't you tell her not to when you saw?

Because I figured she'd only do it to me. Besides, you were having fun, I didn't want to ruin the game by pointing it out. In hindsight, I should have said something sooner. I'm sorry for that.
<Snipped quote by Yatagarasu>

But that's the thing! What she did isn't okay to do to anyone.

Cheating is wrong, and I hope she knows that already, but I don't think it registers to her that she was cheating.
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I'm just... I'm just so fed up with her. That was the most underhanded, not-okay...

I don't know how to word this, but I think she probably doesn't view your handicap as... As a thing to be careful of? She probably thought that since you were winning, it was the same as playing anyone else. To her, I don't think that it crossed her mind that doing it would even be a bad thing.
I think the best thing to do is to talk it out once you've had however much time you need. I'll help however I can, but if you don't hear each others' views from the source, I think this could fester into something worse than you're feeling right now.
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*Lets go of the pillow and grabs onto you, crying on your shoulder*
I'm—I'm scared I'm a disappointment. Stella thinks so.

*Hugs you*
You're not a disappointment. I don't think that's what Stella thinks, and it's certainly not true even if she did.
<Snipped quote by Yatagarasu>

...Do you love them more than us?

Absolutely not! I love all of you, and I cannot and will not choose between my children. Please don't ever think otherwise.
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...Dad? Why did our brothers and sisters leave?

Oh boy. Uh... Well, I can only really speculate. They didn't exactly write letters for me, thinking I would come back somehow. Kari probably felt some sort of responsibility, a need to go because that was possible. Scarlet was always the adventurous type, so I don't doubt that she wanted to see what would happen. Zelda... I think he probably just wanted to be a pioneer, since nobody else had ever done it. And I have to assume Wynter just wanted to stay with her siblings. But like I said, I'm just taking shots in the dark here based on what I knew about them.
<Snipped quote by Yatagarasu>

Just... What can I do? How can I ever be a good sister, or a useful person like this?

Well, from my talk with her, Stella seems to think you're a pretty good sister.
But still, you're young. There's no need to worry about what kind of person you'll be, and being "useful" isn't necessarily a good goal to have, in my opinion. You have time. More than that, I'm doing my best to try to give you the freedom to learn and grow into whatever kind of person you want. I'm not doing a good enough job, but I'll do whatever I can for you four.
<Snipped quote by Yatagarasu>

I—I'm not really sure. I know I'm disappointing you... but I guess I just want to find out what I could still do. It just hurts so much when Stella's great at everything, she can even learn to see again, and then uses that to cheat and beat me at the only thing I had.

I'm not disappointed, Dawn, I'm just worried. That's my job, to worry about you. What can I do to help?
<Snipped quote by Yatagarasu>

But Stella is better. At everything.
*Buries my face in my pillow*
I’m just a lost cause.

*Waits a moment before speaking*
I disagree. You've barely even started finding things to try, you shouldn't give up yet. Besides, she... Well, maybe she should tell you herself. Plus... Just because she boasts about her achievements, not that there's anything wrong about that, doesn't mean that she's better at those things.
*Pauses again*
What is it that you want to do? Stella has her detective work, and that singular drive is enough for her, but, and I feel like a failure for having to ask, but what about you?
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