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3 mos ago
Current Fate RP? That's hell you're walking into.
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6 mos ago
"I love you" "skill issue"
9 mos ago
11 mos ago
Lith you do not understand how badly I wish that were a viable option for RPing.
2 yrs ago
"There can be no freedom when people are forced into desperation."


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I get that now. But, you seem to care about doing the right thing here. I just want you to be assured that we're not opposed to peace. Roland and I, anyways.

Alright, then let's hope things turn out okay.
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We'll just see how things play out. We're not heartless, though. We just understand the risks.

I was never mad at you.
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Anything’s possible. I doubt they’re going to surrender the element of surprise they have. But Roland isn’t the type to forgo negotiations if the adversary shows a willingness to cooperate… Well, most of the time.

Hmm... That's something, at least.
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Seems like you have a grasp on it. Something vaguely similar if nothing else, with the right concepts.
My worldly experiences are very, very limited. Haven’t been out and about long, so I’ll take your word for it.

I can say that they're tough for normies to take out, but usually that's because they'd be affected too. If it's just dragons being affected, then it's not a huge deal. I'd still rather that they talk it out though.
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It looks like space? But unnervingly alive? It’s hard to explain. You feel it moreso than you see it.

Hmm. Probably not one of those but bigger, then. Sounds like an Old One. Those tend to be like that, and are relatively common in different universes. But one that only works on dragons? That's rarer.
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I don’t suppose I really know how to answer that. It’s cosmically large. Like, size of some of the largest sub-universal astral bodies that exist.

Annnnnnd, from a distance, it looks like...?
<Snipped quote by Codify>

Its sphere of influence seems to be realities large. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a problem, as I don’t think anything else dwells where it lives itself.

What does the thing actually look like, though? So far it sounds like an evolved Magala or Gaismagorm from certain worlds.
<Snipped quote by Codify>

Faering has been studying this thing for a long time. That’s what she came to believe.

Then the threat is... negligible if it's not around them?
<Snipped quote by Nimda>

*The air in your immediate vicinities, within your wingspan, becomes pure, the snow disallowed through as if a transparent bubble formed around you*
I’m going to go ahead and set up personalized microspheres of O2 for the both of you. I’m not sure how resilient you’d be to this, but I don’t think you’d want to take chances if you knew…

<Snipped quote by Codify>

*Projects a 3D hologram view of Roland’s perspective of the environment to the space between us*
Not terribly sure. But its effects are species specific, I can say that much. One guess as to what species that is.

So it only affects other dragons?
<Snipped quote by Codify>

I don’t have much data on the thing, but induces incredibly malicious behavior in others beings. I don’t know if it’s intentional on its behalf or not, but its simply draconic in form. You’d be just as accurate if you described it as something you’d find in a cosmic horror story.
*Puts a finger on my chin*
I have some theories. I can let you keep tabs through seeing what I see, even, if you want.

Mmmm. A cognitohazard?
*Thinks for a moment*
Doubt it's that.
*Thinks for a moment again*
Probably... "madness"? Or is it more like a pheromone? Psi-waves?
Whelp, I can't think of anything that would be too much of a problem, though if it's intentional then I guess it'd deserve it. I'd appreciate a view of things, yeah.
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