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Does that bother you at all?

Not really. Less stress, I figure.
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Did you have any plans for what you would do once your fusion was complete?

Not really. I think there was a plan but delays have been so extreme that nobody remembers what it was.
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Have you been around a lifetime?

A few. Considering my dads are biologically immortal, I'd argue that I've been around for a few since time moves so fast there.
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Lifetimes? Sounds unnecessarily difficult.

I meant it as a period of time.
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What do you normally do?

I spent my last few lifetimes getting ready to do this upgrade.
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What were you planning to do afterwards?

I don't know, nothing really.
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You’re the one who called me here.

To show you something you missed.
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See what you can do with your new computing... difficulties.

That doesn't help.
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Anyway, go ahead and pick something. Other than going back to stalking that person.

Hmm... What do you want to do?
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So, useless.

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