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It's reactive and seems infinite. You can't create infinite things beforehand, so it must be making them as we go or in a large bubble around us.

Hmm... food for though---- *I get interrupted by the shock of Eklipsis' sudden arrival*

<Snipped quote by Memory>

*As if like a ghost from the mist, i appear in the doorframe leading to this outside space, the Nu-Orb already being there buzzing about restlessly seemingly still looking for whatever anomaly triggered its detectors*

Interesting proposition... Prism? right?... But tell me, if this is at least a basic dimensional space, is it not more fair to assume that it is at least near infinite already, much like a natural universe rather than saying it is actively growing around the newcomers? Especially since we already know this place has entrapped people here long before we barged in...

*I smile charmingly*

Sheesh lady! I get your some angel type but c'mon... can you at least knock?
<Snipped quote by The Odeoron>

*Descends from the wall*
It seems as though this world is being created around us dynamically.

What brings you to that conclusion?
<Snipped quote by The Monitor>

That’s even worse. What will happen if we drill into it?

Prism and his odd questions ladies and gentlemen... dude! Just get down from there already before it does something!

<Snipped quote by Interface>

Will do! We all need to keep our wits about us.

<Snipped quote by The Odeoron>

Cyrus: "Creepy? Where I'm from, that's considered a friendly set of eyes."

*I pull the two pistols from earlier out of a warp.*

Cyrus: "But if it moves, I'm shooting."

Fair point man... and we definitely need to talk about your world once we finish with this place, you are definitely a mystery wrapped in an enigma pal! *I ready my free arm with red glowing lightning on the side just in case after hearing that this place might be alive*
<Snipped quote by The Monitor 2>

<Snipped quote by The Odeoron>

Nothing yet! But I don’t like how it’s reacting!

Reacting how? And is it truly endlessly rising into the... sky... if you can call it that?
@RoadkilBanana So... our other pals seem to have discovered a sort of outdoors at the other end... and this is... well this is mildly cozy here... maybe... if it wasn't for the whole creepy eyes that looked at us from this site too. *I ready my weapon just in case...*
Oops, missed a few things, I'll go↓

Right 3, down 1, right 8

My other self follows right behind you and rests just one square behind
<Snipped quote by The Odeoron>

*Activates a handful of runes and starts flying upward next to the wall*
I’m going to see if it has any sort of end.

See anything up there? *I shout upwards at you*
<Snipped quote by The Odeoron>

A non-Euclidean space. I hope we can find our way back out.

You and me both Prism! *I proceed to go through the door, then spin around and wave my hands then you just see me drop m y arms as i look up at the sky in the direction of the door* Well... this place is certainly part of this dimension... *I keep looking oogle eyed at the sky* And the 'building' we were just in, seems to go up into the sky endlessly...
<Snipped quote by The Odeoron>

A portal to a forest? Or is it even real?

Now, things didn't made any sense before, but we get a whole... what looks like a world beyond this door? Hey Alexander! *I point the scanner of the weapon to the door and just transmit the live feed without scanning* Is this how this place connects to other worlds?
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