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Current Of course, lol.
6 mos ago
Holy shit, its pride month. Happy pride to my feloow Bis, and to all included under our glorious banner.
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7 mos ago
Status.exe is rebooting....
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10 mos ago
They had me down so long, got me crawlin' like an animal.
10 mos ago
Seven billion souls that move around the sun. Rolling faster, faster, not a chance to slow down.


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<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

What thing?

Amaranthine users. If thats what whe're up against.
<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

*He raises his hand, and shoots the blood magic Dragon Chain Lighting he stole from Anaz, disintegrating the weapons, and the bolt keeps going until it slams into the man.*

You think that would work on me?

*it strikes the man, and he falls down*

God damnit...

*turns around and blasts you with an arm ion cannon*

<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

Yeah, yeah. I'll kill them.

Mierno: these things don't die. They just keep coming, too. Relentless bastards.
<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

*He flies to the concealed passageway, and smashes though the wall with his scythe, flowing in*

*several shotgun blasts fly down the hallway toward you*
<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

*He hisses, and sends a sheet of blood magic though the room to see if he can find anything, and growls deep in his formless shape, the vibrations shaking the building*

*you find the room to be layed with several tripmines, claymores, rigged rocket launcher, and a man making his way out through a hidden passageway*
<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

*He turns into a cloud of black smoke, and flows into the room*

*As you flow in, you notice the room appears to be empty*
<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

You noticed it too, didn't you?


Yup. The energy signal matches similar Amaranthine forms I've fought before. If so....we're in some serious trouble.
<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>


*He spins his scythe*

*motions to the door, a sly g4in on my face*

Enjoy your meal, partner.
<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

Look at the big fish here today. What a surprise.

*raises an eyebrow*
<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

How much's the pay, and who's the target? And is there a fine for collateral damage?

You already know the target. The job your working on currently is still on the table. Nekombe Amokumbo is still alive. Kill him? And this job is finished. Hes in this next room. You'll recive the Platinum job offered pay as planned.
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