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12 mos ago
Current Worst status maker ever.
2 yrs ago
I've really got to get better at making statuses. Wont be on much if at all this month, sorry guys.
2 yrs ago
Don't mess with my Doritos. That'll make you a dead person.
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3 yrs ago
Wow, no status in 2 months? Shame on me
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3 yrs ago
Working on my Mini-studio, so I won't be on as much


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<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

That is quite a bit of information to glean from such a minuscule statement.

Overanalyzing is my specialty.
<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

It was Gemini, an aspect of Dark's.

*i perk up*
Oh? Interesting. This Dark seems powerful. And this Gemini sounds dangerous. Do they work like some form of multiple personality disorder?
<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>


I'd still like to learn more about you. And whoever this person that did what they did to you that no one wants to speak about. They must be a horrible person.

*looks at you, with genuine care*

I mean you no real harm. It just hurts to see you the way you are. Im sure this Shinji knows something.
<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>


So, these are your people? They seem friendly.
<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

*Pokes you*

*looks down to you*

Oh, hey there.
*looks around*
<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

Sure! Well, I'm a mad scientist, *Points to Data* he's a scientist scientist, and *points to Singularity* she's a time traveller!

Huh. Interesting. Well, since everyone here's powers have been told, mine is in relation to Subjective Reality.
<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

Nope! But, anyway, welcome to the place where we make everybody's biggest problems our own so they don't have to deal with them!

<Snipped quote by Fractured>

Aw, come on! I know you have fun sometimes! Though I totally acknowledge that fun isn't everything.

<Snipped quote by Techspert>

You are A-O-Welcome!

<Snipped quote by Nimda>

Hi Misty!

Ah, fun. Mind if i join you for a bit? Im curious as to who all of you are and what you do.
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

oh yeah oops I forgot

<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

it's not roasts of you it's roasts of Shinji
it's also not roasts it's constructive criticism

Ik my guy, ik.
*cue regularly scheduled roasts by whiz*
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