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Current Stat....us.
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I need 100 cc's of Status, Stat!
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Hm? Oh, yeah. She's dead. Definitely dead. Dead and not anything else that isn't dead- Shouldn't someone like you be doing something more important?

I'm always something important. Every step I take is a calculated move. However, sometimes I like to gamble.
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*slides backwards from the kick with an annoyed grunt*

*dashes toward you once again, sending a slash from your left shoulder down to your right hip*
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*Your actions decompress the Brinkspace as it proceeds to fill the area around us, and the force of the shockwave approaches my face but never actually lands*
Says you. But here you are trying, while I'm enjoying an ice cold coke by the pool enjoying your struggle here.

Maybe if you were actually here, then Melody wouldnt have just died by my hands a few moments ago.
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*They don’t find any trace of me there*

*my voices echoes out through the Outside in the offchance you may be there somewhere*

Melody.... I'm sorry.

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*As the first suit is explosively launched through walls and structure until its out of sight, the second catches your punch by your wrist*
As if I'd ever have come here to do anything for you.
*From all points on my hand, Brinkspace compresses rapidly into the space your wrist occupies and replaces normal space therein, creating a black hole of sorts but shining with a purple glow around its horizon as it eats and annihilates your arm*

*the compressed amaranthine particles within my wrist that were sucked into the black hole set off a chain reaction of impossibly high density explosions, causign the black hole to implode upon itself, sending that shockwave of energy back out, and I redirect the full brunt of it in the direction of your face*

Annoying gnat.
*The atmosphere shifts slowly*

*the amaranthine particles attempt to sense for life in the Outside, looking for you*
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*leans back with an unwavering stare at your movements, flipping my knife upwards at the ready*

*grasps your arm with the weapon in hand, and using my other foot I kick you squarely in the chest, ripping my other foot from your grasp*
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*stumbles back from the force of the elbow and when you kick me I grab your leg and slam you into the ground*

*puls myself toward you before the impact, slashing at your throat*
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*furrows my brow then side steps diagonally opposite of the swing, my free hand slightly forward ready to grapple while I hold the knife backwards closer to my body*

*drops my blade using my free hand to grasp the blade, spinning around to elbow you in the chest, and spins back around facing you to kick you offf of me*
<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

*flips the knife around in my hand as I slowly approach*

*darts towards your left arm with a slice aimed at your midsection at an upward diagonal trajectory, keeping my free arm just below it, poised for movement*
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