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Where is the main group right now?

Different groups are in different locations. One is in a cyber-physical hybrid world, and the other is in someone's pocket dimension learning about magic.

If he’s a mercenary, he could be interested in this interdimensional tavern that dishes out quests.

Sounds good. Do you have any backstory on how he entered the broader interdimensional scale? Additionally, any questions about MR?
Is this still rolling and accepting?

Yep. Read the rules on the first page, let me know if you have any questions, and then draft up a CS.
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You still say this even though you get to have something for free?
I’m confused and a bit concerned.
*the Faye pats my back then points to the armory*
Ah yes, the armory is that way. Take your time, there is a large selection.

*Steps inside and starts browsing*
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But both, including others, have different paths of how they use magic. Like knights and assassins or even barbarians.

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What do you mean?

They’re both names for magic casters.
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Oh, no. Those are wizards.

There’s no difference.
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What kind of mage?

Classic, tricky, deceptive.
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