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<Snipped quote by Techspert>

Suit yourself! Tea is just so good!

<Snipped quote by Nimda>

Enjoy! *Removes my hat, revealing another, smaller one, and places it upside down on the ground; a fancy, colourful pole rises out of it and sprouts a whimsical, fixtureless tea table that I proceed to sit on* Come on and sit! Oh, wait, I'm sitting on the table, not the chairs. Does anyone have a table?

*Sits next to it in midair*
<Snipped quote by Techspert>

Yes! *Is holding out tea to Misty and Singularity* Would either of you like some tea?

*Takes it*
<Snipped quote by Nimda>

So, these are your people? They seem friendly.

<Snipped quote by Nimda>

*looks down to you*

Oh, hey there.

*looks around*

*Pokes you*
<Snipped quote by Nimda>

<Snipped quote by whizzball1>

What... what is that lunatic doing here?!

*Looks at you confusedly*
<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

Nope! But, anyway, welcome to the place where we make everybody's biggest problems our own so they don't have to deal with them!

<Snipped quote by Fractured>

Aw, come on! I know you have fun sometimes! Though I totally acknowledge that fun isn't everything.

<Snipped quote by Techspert>

You are A-O-Welcome!

<Snipped quote by Nimda>

Hi Misty!

<Snipped quote by whizzball1>

I see. And clearly Data is as well. And Painting Dye?

*Pokes my head out upon hearing my mom's name*
<Snipped quote by Nimda>

Mierno: *chuckles a bit*
I think I found another coffee buddy with you.

*Gives you a thumbs up*
<Snipped quote by Nimda>
*fixes you up a cup, and hands it to you*
There you go.

*Hops up and down, smiling, and then adds a lot of milk and sugar*
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