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<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*Picks up a rock off the ground*
How strange.

You recognize any of the substances or whatever that were used for that?
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

I see.
*Stops in front of the demolished section*
And the defense systems didn't stop it?

They at least tried. But apparently not.
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

Thanks. So it's contained to Fairy Blue's region.
*Walks toward that area*

*Follows behind*
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

Not bad.

Dynamo isn't so shabby either.
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*Holds out my hand*
David Dynamo. I don't know yours either.

Max Cerberus.
*Shakes your hand*
It's a pleasure.
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*Opens the front door and makes my way to the security room*

Faster than I thought, ahh... I don’t know your name actually.
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

I'll be there in a couple minutes so I can get a better idea of what the aftermath looks like.

Fair. Can probably also gather more details by being here than taking my word for things.
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

Do we have any other evidence?

Other than what I’ve told you, no. Unless you’d like to come check the place out yourself. See if I missed anything.
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

No, but I have confidence enough to not pursue that avenue until convenient.

Is there something more convenient, then?
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

Hm. Yes, but I doubt that it's him.

Can you be certain?
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