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<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*Around you is the mountainous terrain that houses the lab, with a herd of goats chewing grass in the distance*

I hope they're doing better than I am...
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*Everything is still*

*Pushes the last bit of rubble from above me off, revealing my head from underneath*
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*The building settles, collapsed into a heap*

*Nothing happens*
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*The rubble falls on top of you*

<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*It caves in*

*Stands there*
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*The entire structure begins rumbling*

*Watches the ceiling as it does*
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*They all move and start to adjust their position, but quickly fall over and stop moving completely*

*Lowers my hands*
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*The creature is cold and unmoving*

*Throws my hand out in an arch and fills the room with a vibrant pink hue, as a healing aura overcomes all everyone in the room in attempt to save them*
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*They all are slumped over with a speckled pattern across their foreheads*

*Checks for any kind of pulse on the nearest one*
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