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<Snipped quote by Legend>

And unless there’s anything else, I’ll be off.

<Snipped quote by Heroic>

Nothing from me. Good luck.

I’m tagging along! Let’s go, broman. Check in with Ahm first?
<Snipped quote by Heroic>

Supposedly zero. We haven't verified the claim, but Ahm claimed to.

He said he would. Right after dealing with any fallout effects.
<Snipped quote by Legend>

Of course. This isn’t the first time a powerful historical figure has returned and decided to cause trouble. But I want you to stay clear especially, Akora. I don’t like the idea of him having a fixation on you.

I’m glad we can agree on that. I’m also glad that you’re not upset.
<Snipped quote by Legend>

*Walks through a door into the room*
Ah, no knock?

I’m too good for that.
<Snipped quote by Audacious>

Have you considered going into performing arts, Ridge? You'd make a wonderful magician.

What do you think my side gig is?… Trick question, it’s nothing. I have no side gig.
<Snipped quote by Legend>

*It is pitch black inside*
Yeah I’m actually glad you didn’t touch that one.

<Snipped quote by Revolutionary>

I suggest a door other than our previous exit.
*Walks toward the nearest house and opens its door*

Head on in, I’m right behind you.
<Snipped quote by Revolutionary>

Lead the way.

*Raises my arms*
Pick a door, any door!
<Snipped quote by Revolutionary>

I'm sure you'll find it in your and your and your heart to forgive me. Glad to hear he's alive and well.

Fine as ever. Want to head out now?
<Snipped quote by Audacious>

Hm. Have you or your clones, Ridge?

Hey, now. “Clone” is a slur and they might get offended if they heard that. We’re all me, collective conscience and all. But yeah, I know where he is. It’s no biggie.
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