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<Snipped quote by Revolutionary>

*Nods and continues as before, moving in a pattern similar to roller skating*

*Blasts forward in an arc, racing ahead to catch up*
<Snipped quote by Revolutionary>

Are you able to contact Nemid at all?

No idea. Ask me again in a minute when we catch up.
<Snipped quote by Revolutionary>

I hope Waternaux has more solutions than just that.

I just meant how to get around this contact-free zone nonsense that seems to be going on. If he has a plan beyond that... I'd be impressed. Hard to plan around an experience no one has ever had before.
<Snipped quote by Revolutionary>

What’s causing this?

If you figure it out before me, make sure to let me know. But I think Dad did.
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

*Takes a tentative step forward, breaking into a swift walk and later run, which continues to accelerate unhindered*

*Accelerates behind you, then maintains pace beside you and inquisitively reaches my hand out to you, watching it phase through harmlessly*
<Snipped quote by Melodious>

*Looks back and forth for anybody else*

*Holds out my hand, as though feeling for rain*
<Snipped quote by Revolutionary>

Shutting it off wouldn't help anyone.

It would help us get out. But I guess we should just prepare to see what’s on the other side.
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

We don’t have many choices.

Do we have any? I can’t get to Isaac to shut off the barrier.
<Snipped quote by Melodious>

*Drops my arm*
That’s it.

*Presses my hands against the barrier*
Just like that then?
<Snipped quote by Revolutionary>

*Pulls the gem with me as we go*

If this doesn't work, it was nice knowing all of you. For better or worse.
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