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<Snipped quote by Revolutionary>

Flicker - For the last half of my title name yea. Any other ideas for the first half?

I just provided words that would've rung similarly to the original for the first half. To try and suggest anything different wouldn't be my place, I feel. You know yourself best of all, and it should be your right to choose. Even if it isn't immediate.
<Snipped quote by Revolutionary>

- True, but personally there's a bit more meaning to it on my end than that of its more obvious definition.
Flicker - Plus, those all sound a bit too girly for my tastes. Thanks for the ideas though, reminds me that I should think about word variety for this process. Hmmm.... Something different from Flicker-Fall.
*Looks down and puts a hand to my chin.*
Kinda want to go a darker thematic route with this new title name, given the whole 'infected' status of mine. Flicker itself has a bit of implied persistence/resistance, so something of a similar tangent might fit. I'm definitely keeping the second half of this the same tho.
- Keeping the impending impact connotations, I like it.

So you want to keep "Fall"?
<Snipped quote by Revolutionary>

- Thanks.
Flicker - I can do that with some things, but others would take a while to get back to a similar level of progress. It would be like, ummmm, losing access to the internet when half the things you do require it.
- Fairly accurate. So what things do you want to discuss or negotiate?
Flicker - Well, I know you're not gonna just kick me out of the base until I can work towards making my own, so that's not a real concern. The main things I'm worried about are contacts, locations, and housing in the long term. Because it's either you end up moving Kate and those we care about to new locations, or I willingly/unwillingly erase that information from my memories. Losing direct access to them will suck, but I can't say for certain that this infection of mine won't have me turn on you and them in future circumstances.
- Riiiiight, that. Ummmmmm... Key locations like main housing and otherwise will probably need to change on my end, but you will probably only need to forget about the alternative locations. We'll keep in touch with the delta contact, but you'll need to figure out another title name by then. I ain't giving up the name Flicker.
Flicker - *Groans.* But I don't wanna give it up eeeeither.

Glimmer, Shimmer, Sparkle and Twinkle would be optimal replacement names that wouldn't surrender the meaning... Er, by my estimation, of course.
<Snipped quote by Revolutionary>

- Not just food, but housing, information, contacts, materials, and things of a much similar fashion to your facility.
Flicker - Yea. I've got, well, technically might no longer have, my own base of sorts where a lot of such things are stored. And that's not even touching upon memories stored in the brain. Sure, there'll be stuff like passcodes and otherwise that my continued self can change, but information of locations and other private weak points are kind of a big deal, especially if those I care about come into danger.
- Oh, and just a heads up, a lot of this is stuff I'm keeping secret in and of itself, so consider it as a fumbling attempt at having some honor for having learned of the facility because of the situation.

What if the new you just bunked with someone else while you sorted it out? And I got it, my lips are sealedamundo.
<Snipped quote by Revolutionary>

Flicker - Essentially forever, since we each have our own body. But at some point because of different experiences over time we'll become entirely separate individuals, even if we still share the same name. It's the whole reason why none of my previous instances or myself freak out over the situation, even though that's a common line of thought for when a person and their clone are confronted with each other.
- However in this case, the option of sharing resources until we each develop our own separate lives is easier said then done with the amount of 'stuff' I have at this point. It would also pose a security risk for some of my plans if either of us eventually gained a reason to go against the other. And that's not counting the whole social aspect of my life as well, even if it in theory is more flexible.
Flicker - Speaking of which, I still want to negotiate what things I'll still have available.

What are these things and stuff you keep mentioning? Are we talking about, like food?
<Snipped quote by Revolutionary>

- Cool as it may sound, it comes with its own problems, especially in the case where I can't merge back into one person. This is because we then approach a place of conflict due to there being two of 'me' and only enough current available resources for one of our continued lives.
Flicker - Which is the problem with the current situation. *Holds up an arm, and the small lines of Amaranthine rise to the surface.* I'm yet unsure of if I'd be able to properly neutralize this infection and keep it from creating another me, so ridding myself of it and becoming a single person again isn't an option to resolving this.
- That detail in turn throws a wrench into the works because I'm too far along in my own plans for the previous contingency I thought up years ago to solve it perfectly.

I see... This is definitely a really rough problem to wrap my head around. How long can you stay like this?
<Snipped quote by Revolutionary>

- Basically we're two instances of the same person, which really only ever occurs when the situation calls for life ending efforts, but those efforts are stopped by/for one reason or another.
Flicker - *Crosses my arms.* In my case, I was gonna suicide strategy in an attempt to get rid of Corrupted Kat, but I missed my chance. My continued self over here was created in the short instance beforehand so that I could live on.

That's... Actually pretty freakin' cool. Gotta say, I'm glad you didn't get the chance to go for the suicidal attack, too. There are better ways to handle it, and I promise I'll take care of it. She barely got any of the facility that powers us, so she should be much weaker than I am.
<Snipped quote by Revolutionary>

- It sounds like it's a tricky thing to process.
Flicker - Speaking of tricky, how are we going to resolve this "duplication" of ours? *Points back and forth between me and my other self.* It's been a while since the last divergence, so I'm not sure our usual contingency plan is up to stuff. Heck, I'm having trouble thinking of an alternate name for myself.

Er, excuse me for not having any clue about anything you're saying. You two diverged from each other? Like mitosis or something?
<Snipped quote by Revolutionary>

- A case of over confidence?

Overconfidence in a friend, maybe... I still haven’t had time to work out my thoughts about it all.
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