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<Snipped quote by Zealz>

Do you still sleep in a not normal sense, at least?

<Snipped quote by Zealz>

I'll take you there. Show you around too, maybe find a place for you to stay temporarily.

Thank you, I do not sleep though. In the normal sense.
<Snipped quote by Zealz>

Well, maybe. There’s only one way to find out.

Okay. I’m following your lead.
<Snipped quote by Zealz>

We’re outsiders, but Akora’s not an outsider! If we work with her to help and do a good job, they might start to like us more!

What would those jobs be like? Fetching items?
<Snipped quote by Zealz>

By being your in. A bridge between worlds, you know?

<Snipped quote by Zealz>

I don’t know if I would call it proving to anyone. But showing that you’re useful would go a long way. And I can help with that.

<Snipped quote by Zealz>

I'm sure word is gonna spread nearly instantly, but we can head to the village where the commander of the guard stays. We can easily find out a way to help from the people whose job it is to defend us.

Would I have to prove to them?
<Snipped quote by Zealz>

We need to recoup here and figure out something productive to do. Who knows how much time we have before the stuff we were warned about starts to happen?

<Snipped quote by Zealz>

My memory isn’t quite goldfish level!

<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

Hmm… You’re probably right.

How would we prepare?
<Snipped quote by Zealz>

*Flails forward and grabs your arms to wrestle them from each other*
It was only a joke!

<Snipped quote by Zealz>

<Snipped quote by Heroic>

*Slowly covers my eyes with one hand, looks down, and sighs*

Ah, you remember! Good. Thought I lost you.
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