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<Snipped quote by Audacious>

Certainly. Let me know if I can aid in some other way.
*A charcoal-colored shale extends between each of my feet, which rises into a flat-backed arch a few inches taller than me, lined with a matte gray*

I’ll be in touch, for sure.
<Snipped quote by Audacious>

Very well. Give Zoey my regards.

I’ll let her know. Take care, and thanks for helping out.
<Snipped quote by Audacious>

Mm, likely not unless there’s additional business to address that I’m not currently aware of.

I think it's about all she wrote. For now.
<Snipped quote by Audacious>

Ah, in that sense it becomes a philosophical question.

It's a lot of questions. Are you sticking around?
<Snipped quote by Audacious>

Judge all you like, it just may not accomplish much.

The only helpful judges are usually appointed. And even then, not always.
<Snipped quote by Audacious>

Perhaps in a generalized sense, had the civilization taken a different route and used magic to instead neutralize predators. But it may also be costly, all the while conventional weapons can do the same job.

I'm not going to judge. Home is weird compared to everywhere else I've been anyway. I'm sure other people could say the same thing about us.
<Snipped quote by Audacious>

Ah, likely not. My hypothesis is that as their food supply dwindled, they turned to riskier arts. On a positive note, all other creatures on the planet had starved, so there was no natural threat to the population.

Positive from their perspective, sure. Though I doubt people that have access to magic like that would have any natural threats anyway.
<Snipped quote by Audacious>

Artificial in what sense? They genuinely had no access to food.

I mean caused by something they did. There’s no way they always existed that way, dangerous magic can’t be something people are born knowing.
<Snipped quote by Audacious>

Some desolate locations can be just as fascinating. One society I observed had no means of growing food and instead had to channel rather dangerous magics to acquire meals.

That had to be an artificially created situation.
<Snipped quote by Audacious>

When the location is pleasant, I consider it the best of both worlds. Not all of them are so fortunate.

Not every place is created equal, unfortunately.
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