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<Snipped quote by Techspert>


*leaps towards you with club in hand, swinging it down upon you*
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<Snipped quote by Nimda>

*roars as multiple beams of red flame is shot out in random directions with sizes of the beams differing each time*

*when they go towards my direction, I block them with my club, sliding back and grunting*
<Snipped quote by Asce>

*Dodges to the side*
Curse of Blessings!
*The circles crash on top of you, merging into one layer, the dark magic trying to escape in the form of inky tendrils that pierce your body and the light magic shining golden lasers through you; when they clash, they create a pocket of void that swallows up everything around it*

*Puts my hands into a triangle shape and with a pulse of red waves the spell’s power increases*
<Snipped quote by Extra>

I would say you are not like the others, but all of you are unlike any I have met!
*gets on all fours and the earth cracks beneath me*
And I am beginning to enjoy this dance.

*with explosive force, I charge at you with a single leap swinging my club at you*
<Snipped quote by Extra>

*laughs as I get up*
You are only delaying her death more.
*sniffs the air and breathes out slowly in satisfaction*
You don’t have the scent of them, but you do have their scent on you.
*grins and in a low voice*
He isss commminnng….

*points the club at you*
I will savor your death.
*takes a step towards you and it makes a small crater with a neon red aura surrounding me*
<Snipped quote by Extra>

*Silently sighs when I see you come in, relieved*

You are brave to challenge him, rest now, I will do my best to make sure you are not harmed any further.
<Snipped quote by Asce>

*Spits out the next two strained limericks of the spell*

<Snipped quote by Extra>

*with a loud clash I fly away to the side rolling as I land*

*stands between Lily and Acnologia in a ready stance, my eyes glowing a deep red and my veins popping out in my face with an enraged expression*
<Snipped quote by Nimda>

*my other arm pulls back in an inhuman position, glowing in your vision, but a powering up sound can be heard from it*
Die, Insect.

*yells really loud as I swing a huge spiked club into your side, the force creating powerful waves as it moves and makes contact*
<Snipped quote by Extra>

Sinon, I think this is an area I understand.

Do you?
<Snipped quote by Extra>

It literally does mean that though.

Not really.
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