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<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*Pivots around my ankle and blasts you in the face*

Nice hit!
<Snipped quote by Inimical>

*Instinctively lings a ball bearing into the line of fire, which explodes into a chunk of stone that bursts into shards on impact with the laser*
Lesser Silence!
*The music from the speakers becomes slightly muffled and muted, but not enough to cause serious disruption to the audibility of the music*

Oh, I shoulda mentioned, that healing spell's going to fail if you don't have injuries to fix up. And shooting yourself in the arm doesn't count either, it's gotta be real.
Well, ahhhhhh, good luck!
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*Rockets backwards with a surprised and pained look on my face, and one of my guns dissolves in my hand while each of the speaker sets adopts the same discoloration*

You got this, Gio! Did the multicast when you were getting beaten up.
*Continues to prep the spell*
<Snipped quote by Session>

*The music is being played from speakers primarily around the stage but also intermittently placed amidst the crowd*
Absolutely not.
*Leaps upward onto a manifested platform of my own, then leaps randomly between several identical ones to fire on you from many angles*

*Swoops forward on my wings, twisting dramatically as I weave between the blasts, crimson dashing across my skin as each one grazes me before pulling upward in a sharp turn*
You’re crazy, but sure. I’ll burn through the rest of our magic. No way that could possibly go wrong.
*Extends two palms over the arena, desaturating and graying each gash across my hands along with anything else in their vicinity*
<Snipped quote by Session>

That so? You so desperately broke in here where the people are for what reason, exactly?
*Points two fingers at you like a gun, unleashing from my fingertips a series of earth-shattering, focussed concussive blasts in time to the beat of the percussion in the song*

You actually trapped us in your shield, helloooooo!
*Flings myself down from the platform and onto a new, horizontal one—red magic circles encompass my eyes and I search for the source of any and all artificial sound in the venue*
<Snipped quote by Session>

*Stares you down in your descent*
Then you should take more care in heeding the pact you made when we began.
*Snaps my fingers as the music stops and freezes on a single, incredibly elongated note, forcing you to freeze in place in the air just before hitting me*
Or quit. You already succumbed to a loss condition against my brother alone.
*Steps to the side, and casually yet swiftly spins around and kicks you in an arc across the air as the music picks back up immediately on impact*

*Flies through the air from the strike, hitting three newly-materialized platforms of the same material, each shattering after the last from the velocity of impact before I slide down the blood-splattered third as the spell kicks in again*
I don’t remember targeting any of them. It’s as much your fault.
*Prepares to kick off once more but stops myself halfway through the motion, instead slamming my hand into the third platform and glancing up inquisitively, as if listening intently*
<Snipped quote by Session>

<Snipped quote by Inimical>

*In the blink of an eye, before he can hit anyone, I disappear from my place in stage and catch him, preventing any casualties*
Stay the course.

*Springs high above the crowd, bones audibly creaking under the new strain of strength unchecked by subconscious limits, while the spell actively stitches back together ropes of muscles, ripped tendons, and fractured bones that tear themselves apart with each burst of movement*
Relax, we’re not cold-blooded killers... allthetime.
*Manifests and kicks off a platform made of the same material as the wings and changes my trajectory, intentionally barreling into you specifically from above with one arm shielding my face and the other holding Gio’s gun at the impact point*
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