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Awwe:( understandable, tho. What part about it are you dealing with, confidence wise?

Just getting back into like they style of it.
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We should do something with charlotte.

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I'm surprisingly okay with the last one...but you gotta admit, blowing stuff up is more exciting..I mean like firecrackers duh.

We have a large fire pit and I like to cook things with it.

<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

We should do something with charlotte.

I am watching you guys RP for now. I dont feel confident right now and I really want to finish my Grim arc.
Likewise. So, what's your poison? The things you like or hobbies?
-he asks unashamedly.

Drawing, thinking of stories, playing games, and starting fires.
@IgnaciousYeah I'm new here. I noticed from the start though, there is not any real difference between the IC and OOC besides the settings(one in a fictional multi-verse RP and the other in real life) but basically just a group of people hanging out and conversing with some extra elements in the IC.

Pleasure to meet ya! I was busy yesterday with work. Saturdays are very busy for me.

Thank you! And are ya new? I dont recall ya. Im sorry if I forgot you.

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It was much more intense than I thought it would be. I kinda liked how it was like that.
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Any fun plans?

Watch Dunkirk

@Ignacious happy day of birth, friendo!

Thank you

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happy nineteenth birthday!

Thank you!

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@Ignacious Happy birthday!

Thanks man!
yo guys, sorry for not responding sooner, I've been contomplating my life again and ended up in a bit of a stress rut lol. responding now though, since I'm feeling a little better.

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<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

Glad to see you back dude.

<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

Of course not, after all, what fun or interest would it be if he were?

Thx m8!
<Snipped quote by DarkwolfX37>

This is accurate too. Strange that they're this way when they have such a clean flag to represent them.

Omg I knew you were gonna make a joke about that.
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

That still doesn't necessarily mean you'd be prepared to see it up close. Close proximity to death can really mess someone up badly.

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