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Soul, i left cause i was already about to go. We'll play next time bud. Sorry.
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Never mind. Can you shoot well from trains?

*nods but my whole body moved instead*

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-Ruby- I can detect Spirit based on soul. Serenity, I'll know I'm looking for a power, and hers and Lunar's will be different, so I should be able to pick them out.
-Soren- And because they all belong to each person, and don't belong to Grim...
-Ruby- Then I can gather them up and return them to their natural state. Hopefully. It's not a sure thing for Lunar. It's likely for Serenity. Lunar? No idea.

Master is gone....wait...if he is gone...Acnologia is free. I can also sense Serenity. And I have no idea about Lunar.
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I have an idea. How good are you at rail shooters?

Rail shooter?

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-Ruby- If you say so! If there are enough of them the damage will be negligible. What do they have of Serenity, Lunar, and Spirit? Their souls? Something else?
-Soren- *Plays a deep chord on a violin, pulling the bow far enough that it lets go of each string with a twang, and Grims directly behind the major attacking force no longer see their fellows directly in front of each other*

Master's power, soul, everything... I need a new master, or else I go away too. Another reason why I am fighting them off and called upon Master's friends. Serenity's power is just taken from her. And Lunar...I honestly dont know.
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I love representing Soren's actions with musical instruments.

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but he would do it with friendship
doesn't he look so adorable and innocent?

Yeah didnt work out that way. Book is great though. Highly recommend it!!
Too many right now to not kill. Let us dwindle those numbers to aid in your plan!
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that makes me sad
soren would just wheedle his way into using the man already in the position

Yeah, didnt work out when an Marine intervened and caught him red handed.
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that doesn't sound anything like soren

Thats the soren in the book. Working for the bad guys to get the hugher government position.
So I had a dream that Soul left for some reason and David was the only one left, so I decided to use what little time I spend on the computer nowadays to spend time here.
which is, to be fair, a really good use of my time

Soren is a bad guy in the book I am reading and was almost killed by a two meter Martian Marine. Who is human by the way. Now he is going to spend the rest of his life knowing he wont be able to get the job he wants and be in poverty.
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I dunno, I just think that phrase has a little ring to it and I couldn't think of anything else to say.

Sounds like a band or an album.
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*Holds out my hands and shoots ion cannons at the Grims*

*the ones who are closing in shoot blasts of magic at us*
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