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<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

Or the factual.

careful with facts, they may not be what they seem. Especially when you are able bend reality at your will.
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

*Sigh* well that sucks, and you? *directing my question to the other supposed jumper*


Doesn’t mean I can’t help. We just need a bit of a push.
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

*Raises an eyebrow*

I'm pretty powerful as I am. How much more powerful could I possibly be?

That’s the weak thinking.
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

Like I said, Andreemea galaxy, planet Junkyard

*scratches my head*
Uhm. I don’t know where that is.
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

Journey? What kind?

The kind where you surpass yourself and become stronger than you imagine.
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>


Doubtful, like I said. Not unless you offer one of them power to rule us all. But then you have to be the one to keep that in check.

*Crosses arms*

And I truly wonder if you can.

I can’t give you power, and I won’t if I capable. It would be too easy and I would make someone new to do it. A blank canvas, as one would say. But...
*turns to you*
I can show you how you can. It is a journey that only you can do. Cause it is your strength after all. And many of you are fair candidates who can achieve that strength.
Then you will have to keep truly wondering.
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

As well as anyone. Your goals and conflict are woefully simple when you strip away all the grandstanding and passion filled speeches.

*Pauses with a smirk*

You're motivated to fight each other for your own petty and selfish reasons, just like everyone else.

Ah, so you don’t. Shame.
*turns around and looks at the cityscape around us*
Maybe you are not the one whom I can build up. Maybe your neighbors can be the one.
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

It was not, well i now know enough, can one of you send me to my own world by chance?

I can try, though I do not know where you live.

<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

I see.

Do you?
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

And how effective has this been?

I has been very effective. I do not change anything in these dimension I now control, and merely watch over them. I have also built up a powerful being in each that can protect the dimension if deemed necessary. I am aiming for autonomy in each dimension. None should be truly controlled by an outside force.

<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

*Listening in between the two i waited till i had the chance to reply myself*
You did not answer my last question, have you lost one of those rings before by chance, at a world in the Andreemea system by chance?

My apologies, I misunderstood what you meant by losing another ring. I did have a prototype that blasted my finger off and has possibly went to your dimension.
*wiggles all of my fingers*
I am fine now though, if it's any concern.
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

Anyway, you mentioned a threat? How much have you done to combat it exactly?

The threat is other factions that want power and control. They conquer other dimensions to gain such power. I have been doing the same, albeit without most of the dimensions.
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