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<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

JonTron is the best.

He is freakin amazing.
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

I did see that one.

Yeah. I dont know the rest either.
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

Confession: I've never listened to the song past that line.

Watch the JonTron vid of the movie based off the rapper.
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

Heh, now I'm wondering what would have happened if Izel got the green magic.

Haha. It would be interesting.

<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

Ah, Icee, Icee.

<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

Ah, right. I like to do that too.

<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

Yeah, that's me. Finn is like Izel?


Yes. And looks like her too haha.
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

Huh. But the Architects are higher than the Engineers?

The Engineer is higher than the Architects. There is only one Engineer. Me.
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

So they're like on a higher plane of being?

Yes, but the Architects can interact with everyone. The Engineer cant.
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

Human thought on time?

I said that wrong. I meant the human concept of time. Since he is basically a human concept. He cant really directly affect or be affected by being of no conscience.
I also had a pretty cool idea for the Seraph of time to onlu be seen by those of high conscience. A normal anime cant seem them for the lack of sense of the mainly human thought of time.
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

That's pretty cool. How strong are they?

Near OP. The lack of aggression makes them to be not much of a threat. Except for the Nature Architect. If this start we will learn how powerful an Architect is through the Nature Architect.
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