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<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

*Waves until you leave, then falls back in a chair and looks at the chamber*
Dad... what have we gotten ourselves into?

*Pulls out my phone and makes a call once I'm back in my lab*
Hey, look. I just wanted to prepare you for this now, but very soon I may need a favor. It could be dangerous, it could be nothing. We'll see.
... Thanks. Can always count on you.
*Hangs up*
<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

Alright, just keep me in the loop. And don't push yourself too hard.

No such thing as that.
*Chuckles and gives you a kiss before waving and ejecting myself from the digital world*
<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

Go get some rest. You've done more than I could ask for already.

I'll rest now. But I will still be making moves remotely from my lab.
<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

You could probably use some sleep, huh?

I can feel the need coming on, for sure.
<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

Nothing that's very helpful anyway.

Probably just best to leave things be anyway. We've done quite a bit all at once. The next steps can be taken care of remotely.
<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

Who we’re leaving here, right?

I don't know if we can do anything else with him anyway.
<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

Great. And I don't think the netmafia's going to be much of an issue either. So that covers everything, I think?

I really do hope so. Other than X himself.
<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

So we have a plan for the viruses. The plant might be a nonissue?

I couldn’t think of any reason it would be one.
<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

*Moves my mouth to one side*
You know, maybe you’re the supervillain.

Maybe I am cut out for that. Too bad I never intend to try it out.
<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

Sure, I don’t have anything against that plan. If it fails, there’s no huge downside either.

*Starts pacing, planning aloud half to myself*
And there are even a few ways to do it, including posing as an already trusted contact of the site and sending a message with their info. Which would be easy once I had a name. And names would be easy to get because I don’t have virtually any troubles with basically any data security here on your world.
Oh yeah, it’s doable.
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