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*Shuffles exhaustedly through the front door of my family home and closes it behind me, collapsing backward against it and sliding to a sitting position against it on the floor*
Mom?… Vi?
*After a moment of quiet, I rest my forehead against my knees and close my eyes, eventually falling asleep right where I sit*
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*looks around*

*Silence returns your call*
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*logs out and appears back at your lab*

*By the time you return to the real world yourself, the lights are back to normal, the server is laid resting on the table by a computer along with the Darwin Box, and the lab is completely empty*
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*Meets you halfway and pulls you into an embrace*
It’s really you.

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*The shimmering fades and leaves me standing, taking in my surroundings*

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*Takes off running toward you*

*My smile turns slightly somber as I watch you*

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*does the same with Tempo and steps back*

*Shifts my gaze over to you, nods once, and logs out of the server*
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*My gaze bounces from you, to Cure, and then lands fixated on Tempo*

I think you two have some catching up to do.
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*In a shimmer of light, the freezing effect is removed and I gracefully touch down before opening my eyes*

*Lowers my arm back to my side and musters a smile*
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*takes the key and holds it in my hand*
What do I do with it?

*Lifts Rhythm’s key up and touches her forehead with it, watching it slowly dissolve from that end to the end I am holding after I do*
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We should really give ourselves some time to get through this event…
*digitizes where you all are*

*Walks forward and stands in front of Rhythm, while extending one of the physical keys out toward you*
The Darwin Box is prepared. If it’s as easy as she implied it would be, this is going to slowly dissolve the backdoor in a few mere moments, and return everything to normal for good.
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I don’t like this at all, but…
*takes a breath in and out to keep composure*
It was that or death… and she is still alive… we all are… lets just keep moving forward…

I wonder if that’s really better... Come on.
*Manifests myself in the digital world where Rhythm and Tempo are currently frozen*
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*lowers my arms and nods, walking away*

I… Thought that if I told her I wasn’t sorry, that I would believe it too.
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