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<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

Not sure what a Nemid is, but it must have been weaker than me. What allegiance do you claim? Are you a friend of those in the Tier Five?

First thing you think of when I say that is power? Should say enough. I don’t care about you. Goodbye.
*The comms connection to the drill device drops with a click*
<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

They’re here for an artifact Dane found. If we can get him off the world... there’s a chance we could save everyone!


<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>


*forms a small dot on amaranthine on my finger, compresisng it exponentially, and fires it like a dart into the side of the drill faster than the human eye can blink, using part of the compressed energy to ehnace the speed of the projectile. Upon impact with the side of the drill, it would expand like shrapnel within, bouncign around haphazardly in a violent manner*

But not interesting enough.

<Snipped quote by Source>

*It clinks against an unseen force keeping it a mere inch away from my back, the spot of contact glowing a soft purple*

You actually thought that'd work?

*turns toward you, extending my hand as a cube-like prison of amaranthien forms aorund you, and i close my hand into a fist, and it sowly begins to close*

Lets see how you handle a small dose of inevitablity.

<Snipped quote by Meta>

You're a bit long on the tooth for that one. You know, how about we play a little game? For every word you speak from this point on, I'll take an inch of skin from Dane. Maybe that'll teach you to shut your mouth.

<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

This guy gets it.

*The dart becomes suspended in a small area of space that is quickly converted into Brinkspace before being dissolved into nothing, and my voice addresses you from the drill device itself*
I'm no Nemid, but you and him? Cut from the same cloth, in more ways than one.
<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

But Dane’s still in there—and all these people!

If they're there to wipe out the world, there's nothing to be done about it with the little manpower there seems to be, other than lose more than we have to.
<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>


Good guess. I recommend getting out of there pronto.
<Snipped quote by Meta>

You made your choice. Live with it-

<Snipped quote by Source>

*phases through the ground via becoming static amaranthine, pushing back into the dimension moments later behind you, jeting up into the air and slightly back, firing several orbs of explosive amaranthine, while part of me splits off into its own full me,cdarting into the hospital*

<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

*the me that darted into the hospital smack into the side of the drill with a 3 ton hammer formed from amaranthine*

*The aura coming from it emits such a strong repulsive force to attack that it slows your swing at it to a crawl, and the drill drops a cube from a compartment on one side squarely onto the floor and begins to unfold and self-assemble*
<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

*Stares wide-eyed*
I—I didn't—

<Snipped quote by Source>

*the people within the hospital burst into a frantic panic at your attack*

So much for trying to save innocent lives. This couldve been much, much easier. But you chose to complicate things. Any lives wasted here will be on your head, girl.

*flits past the knight at full speed to the Melody, attempting to stab my amaranthine covered hand into her chest with a ferocity*

*A cylindrical device a mere few feet long drills suddenly through the roof of the hospital and anchors itself into the floor between you, encased in a wavy purple aura*
<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

*Opens my mouth, about to ask a question, but I stop, nod and look up at the machine as well*

*A dome of energy envelopes the area we and the machine occupy, then flashes, and we all disappear*
<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

… And?

And nothing.
*Turns back toward the massive construct resting in the earth*
I just know if I stop, it’ll be the end of me.
<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

*Lets out a quivering breath before straightening my posture*
Fine. Fine… I don’t know where I’ll go once I leave, but I’l go.

*Shrugs and shakes my head*
I still haven’t found out where I’m going either.
<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

*Locks eyes with you, though my gaze is distant, as if lost in thought*

The people who you cared for before… If they cared for you as well, then I know they wouldn’t want you to do this to yourself.
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