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Nothing fancy here. All ya need to know is that I'm here to play my game and have a good time. 8)

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<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

*Pulls my hand from beneath my cloak and looks at its back*
Already starting again. I hope it’s been long enough.

*I do my best to navigate the two of us around the small worlds as we rocket off into the distance, Nemid doing nothing to fight back*
<Snipped quote by Source>

I am-

You are full if it!
*Explodes with a fury of blinding white light and slams into you, full body and full force, sending us both tumbling rapidly through the void*
And this is far from over for us.
<Snipped quote by Melodious>

That's not a question I have the answer to. I'm but a pawn in a much larger force.

*Brushes past you, leaving a mild burning sensation on your arm but clearly making contact*

<Snipped quote by Source>

How soon, exactly? It's over anyway.

Over? You're still here.
<Snipped quote by Melodious>

And so you have chosen to do the same. To become the very object of your fear.

He's full of it.
*Goes to put my hand on Kat's shoulder, but it passes through as though she were as empty as the rest of the void*
<Snipped quote by Melodious>

*Looks back and forth for anybody else*

*Is behind you, no farther than before, holding my shoulder as a hole seems to have been blown through it by something in the chaos*
<Snipped quote by Melodious>

*Pulls my cloak closer*

*Presses my hand firmly, but effortlessly, against the barrier again, giving it a light push*
Is it going to make us do it to ourselves?
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

Compared to accomplishing that goal? A small price to pay.

If it has to be this way, I hope the barrier somehow can contain a force like that, at least.
<Snipped quote by Revolutionary>

It's not worth the risk anyway.

It's likely death. That looks like the effect of absorbing Existence like he said he would.
<Snipped quote by Revolutionary>

I can go back in once I've recovered. I need time.

Even if you had time, I get the idea that nothing should be crossing that boundary.
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