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Nothing fancy here. All ya need to know is that I'm here to play my game and have a good time. 8)

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Understood. Any other issues that we should address?

Nope. Nothing for the time being.
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I'll contact Vex and put together a testing plan, in that case.

Please do. I'm hoping something good will come from the ashes.
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Certainly you understand my concerns with a casual approach to this artifact.

In no world could anyone treat it casually.
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

In any case, what do you propose?

Just letting Vex play with it. Personally, I never want to touch the thing, but if he says he can maybe make a breakthrough with it, let’s give it a whirl.
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Agreed. I propose one step of separation between researchers and the afflicted, unless we observe infectious properties.

His influence was based in a misty substance he created through one means or another. There’s been no sign of it since his defeat, which I believe is a good sign, though I suppose it’s no guarantee.
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While accurate, I would highly suggest that any affected individuals have no influence on the testing process.

No influence on the tests. But as far as a look into the mind of Nemid himself, I think we can believe they know something. There’s no better lead, we just need to tackle it carefully.
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I caution that their inputs to the test may be residual affects from Nemid's influence in attempts to free the entity.

Words of caution aren’t misplaced, but have a little faith. None of us have made it this far on throwing caution to the wind.
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Not about Nemid in particular. But I would caution against leveraging those data points as reliable sources of information.

They’re info enough to see if there is any merit to them. That’s what tests are for, no?
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Nemid’s nature?

Have you had any time to talk with anyone he had under his mind-control voodoo? You’re a busy guy, so I don’t blame you for not doing so. But he was very apprehensive about ever hurting anyone.
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

Where has this revelation come from?

A combination of things. The nature of Nemid admittedly is part of the reason to believe it.
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