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Nothing fancy here. All ya need to know is that I'm here to play my game and have a good time. 8)

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<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>
Maybe if you were actually here, then Melody wouldnt have just died by my hands a few moments ago.

Hm? Oh, yeah. She's dead. Definitely dead. Dead and not anything else that isn't dead- Shouldn't someone like you be doing something more important?
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

*the compressed amaranthine particles within my wrist that were sucked into the black hole set off a chain reaction of impossibly high density explosions, causign the black hole to implode upon itself, sending that shockwave of energy back out, and I redirect the full brunt of it in the direction of your face*

Annoying gnat.

*Your actions decompress the Brinkspace as it proceeds to fill the area around us, and the force of the shockwave approaches my face but never actually lands*
Says you. But here you are trying, while I'm enjoying an ice cold coke by the pool enjoying your struggle here.
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

*my arm detatches as it grows back and that arm explodes violently, dispersing crystalline Amaranthine thinner than spider's silk, which hardens and thrusts into your armor from all angles*

*The suit is impaled very successfully, but that doesn't stop it from standing, and the second armor currently not in battle breaks away once again to make a beeline for Dane*
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

*becomes static for just a moment to dodge the blades and places my hand on your back, flooding it with energy and igniting it via an exothermic reaction*

This is childs play.

* flashes over to your other suit, coating my hand in extremely high temperature heat energy as I attempt to punch a hole in the center*

Please actally try to keep me entertained.

*As the first suit is explosively launched through walls and structure until its out of sight, the second catches your punch by your wrist*
As if I'd ever have come here to do anything for you.
*From all points on my hand, Brinkspace compresses rapidly into the space your wrist occupies and replaces normal space therein, creating a black hole of sorts but shining with a purple glow around its horizon as it eats and annihilates your arm*
<Snipped quote by Server>

*the blue goops doesnt seem to interact with me, with the inch thick barrier between me and it keeping my body from being touched*

How stupid.

*cooks the room to a hot 3,000 degrees via energy transfer, essentially igniting a bomb in the room*

<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

*grunts as I get thrusted through the floor, and glares at you*
You like jokes, eh?

*grabs your face, a speck of condensed amaranthine in my palm, and forces it through your head via explosive heat energy transfer*

Lets make you look like one.

*The head of the armor explodes into violent metallic shrapnel as a result, but my voice still speaks from within the suit*
You offering to teach me? Can't think of a better teacher for it than you.
*The space surrounding my arms converts to Brinkspace and the arms morph into blades, which I use to impale your shoulders and pin you to the floor*

<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

I—I have nothing to do with—

*My original suit encased in Aeron's bubble places its hands on the walls of its confinement and then phases out, looking at you before dashing off to where Aeron was heading for Dane*
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

*reaches my hand out, encasing you in an amaranthine cube*

Stay put.

*walks towards Melody*

<Snipped quote by Meta>

*encases you in a similar cube*

You also stay put. Ive got a mission to complete.

*closes my eyes, sensing for Dane's energy source, loacating him aproxximately 10 doors down on the right*

Hmmm.. found you.

*walks toward that direction.

Yes sir, because you said so definitely sir!
*Another, identical suit of armor blasts through the roof on top of you grappliing around you tightly in a tackle through the floor*
<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

Power is a hell of a thing, boy.

<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

This is getting boring.

*dissapears, and a portal opens up beside you, a fist the size of a mack truck pummels through at you, smashing you through the wall, and I jump through to you, hands in my pockets as I nonchalantly walk toward you*

You remind me of someone. Sven was his name, I believe. Ill tell you,that interaction was oscar worthy. You shpuldve seen his face when he realized not even his family was safe from me. Fear is an excellent tool to use in war, because while power is great, without fear, reasoning and shows of force, all that power means nothing.

*Recovers and maintains a hovering position with the armor’s thrusters*
Cool story.
*A shimmering blue orb manifests around me and begins to oscillate intensely*
<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

Why... why are you hurting people??

<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

*Transmits the room number to you*

<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

Not sure what a Nemid is, but it must have been weaker than me. What allegiance do you claim? Are you a friend of those in the Tier Five?

*Takes off away from the fight in pursuit of Dane*
<Snipped quote by Meta>

You made your choice. Live with it-

<Snipped quote by Source>

*phases through the ground via becoming static amaranthine, pushing back into the dimension moments later behind you, jeting up into the air and slightly back, firing several orbs of explosive amaranthine, while part of me splits off into its own full me,cdarting into the hospital*

<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

*the me that darted into the hospital smack into the side of the drill with a 3 ton hammer formed from amaranthine*

*Stands in front of you in a neutral stance as the assembly completes*
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

Understood. Any other issues that we should address?

Nope. Nothing for the time being.
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