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5 yrs ago
Current Anymore, more people say goofy versions of it than actually saying the real phrase, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Such a wise saying overshadowed by modern humor.
6 yrs ago
Deep thinking is my stress reliever. Deep thinking and sleeping... Yeah.
6 yrs ago
It's never a matter of life or death. While we live, we're all slowly dying. When you get down to brass tacks, it's all one big game of life and death.
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<Snipped quote by Fractured>

*Prances through the door*
Hellooo brothers~!

That was fast... Had nothing else going on?
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

Nor do I want to ignore possible approaches.

Which is fair.
*Glances to Plouton*
It's taken care of.
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

When you have allies outside of the jail vs. being jailed at the bottom of the ocean.

I appreciate your positive outlook, but I don't want to downplay either of those positions.
<Snipped quote by Magnanimity>

There are additional resources in Existence that do not exist Outside.

Sure, if you have them in the place you're trapped. An equivalent to being trapped in a jail cell with a timed nuke.
<Snipped quote by Fractured>

I certainly wouldn't rule dimension locking out of the question. They've already abused the Balkan system to claim the dimension.
*Turns to Orthrus*
I think it's time. Call her here.
*Turns to everyone else*
Our sister is our most powerful member. I'd hate to lose the chance to utilize her skills here.

I'm on it.
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

I have several options to assume offensive operations as necessary.

If you say so.

<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

I can probably throw it far.

<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

Why not?

If the one trusted with the weapon trusts you with it, then that's something for the two of you to decide.
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

I anticipate that, in terms of combat, power can be limited.

Sure. Just don't leave yourself defenseless, in case things get a little hectic.
<Snipped quote by Magnanimity>

Alright. I've reconfigured my loadout to maximize speed and defense.

Don't completely abandon power. If you can hurl the bomb from farther out effectively, it means we don't have to get as close. Just keep it in mind.

<Snipped quote by Magnanimity>

That would be the Master General. The one who freed these two up to arrange this in the first place.

Oh, so he's gonna join us so the two largest threats besides Nemid himself can interfere with us? I'd rather he keep them occupied.
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

Who ate them?

I guess the people who lived there, I dunno. Unless they let them go to waste.
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

Aren't they for Santa?

Yeah, but he can't eat them if someone else is doing it in his place can he?
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