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Nothing fancy here. All ya need to know is that I'm here to play my game and have a good time. 8)

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<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

Cain: *slowly floats up to where my brothers are*


*from the other end, the entire planet is consumed in light as a beam of energy much larger than its circumference and radiating with intensity consumes the entire world and each of you*
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>
*Stands on the molten surface of the planet, waiting*

*A bright light shines along the planet’s horizon, in all directions*
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>
*as you do this, it knocks the two of them away*

Abel: *darts toward you, grabbing you by the face*

what a warrior you are. Fine skills.

*throws you toward the molten ground, and launches toward you from my point in the sky*

Hammer of Dusk.
*on impact, it levels everything on the planet that isn't already dust, and reheats the plasma on the ground by you*

*Is sent deep into the planet from the impact*
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

*the thrust reverberates along my armor, and the plasma licks against it as well, and singer my armor. The bits that get into the cracks cool almost instantly, as if Ice resided under my armor*

*Artorias strikes you, knocking you toward a reformed, base form Cain, who, thrusts his spear into your chest, and flings you toward Abel, who summons his hammer, blasting you back into the sky, where Artorias stabs through your right shoulder from behind, and Cain stabs you through your left shoulder from the front*

Artorias: This fight may prove too much for you to handle.

*Takes every attack, up through the final stabs, where I twist my body such that the blades pass me on either side*
Try to reserve judgement until you see me trying.
*Zips downward, grabbing Artorias by the ankle and whipping him around, slamming him into Cain and letting go, hurling them both a great distance*
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>
My allegiance lies with my brothers and sisters. Kill my body as you wish, I will always come back. The amaranthine never truly die. That is the beauty of our people.

A simple “no” works just as well.
*Casts the hammer into the cosmos and thrusts my palms toward you, hitting you with an impact from afar that also causes the plasma on the ground to splash up in a huge splash around all of you*
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>
*a large crack forms in my armor*

what a brute. I like you.

*tosses my still fully charged hammer in your direction, and kicks it into your sternum*

*Takes the blow, softening it by catching it in my hands and grunting*
Not enough to change your mind on where you stand, I wouldn’t guess?
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

Cain: *swings my hammer in your general direction*

*The moment your hammer passes through the swirling mass of plasma I disturbed, you feel a foot planted into the back of your neck with such force that it resonates throughout the entirety of the galaxy in the space-time fabric*
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

Cain: *dissipates into black mist*

Abel: *absorbs as much of the blast as I can into my armor, feeding it into my hammer*

Perhaps I’ll need to shed the armor entirely, if I’m lucky.
*Kicks up a whole slew of plasma, obscuring my person from view*
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

*the force of the lightning pushes me back, but my sword positioned in a defensive stance absorbs most of the blow, the rest of the energy scatters across my armor, a few leaving deep burns*

Laughing in battle? You must have lost your mind. Poor fellow.. I will end this, quickly.

*flits toward you with incredible speed, letting a flurry of slashes meet you, with them being doubled in quantity from an unseen force*

Madness? Been there, done that. I just know I’m gonna miss these when I retire.
*Disappears from that spot the moment your attacks are launched, reappearing between Cain and Abel with my arms crossed and two fingers in each hand pointed at them*
The fights where I need to lift a muscle over my tech.
*From each pair of fingers, a black bolt of energy fires off at their eyes and detonates on impact*
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

*it hits something and you see a slightly purple flash, but I remain unaffected*


*Flips over top of you, slicing your neck, arm and back before I land, but three other strikes hit you in the face, other arm and chest from seemingly thin air*

perhaps I overestimated you*

*Black lightning strikes out as a response to the strikes as I quickly regain my balance, then I chuckle, and the chuckle grows into a hearty laugh*
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