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<Snipped quote by Valiance>

Until next time, then.

<Snipped quote by Valiance>

First to be updated contacts the other?

You'll know where to find me.
<Snipped quote by Valiance>

*Nods, determined knowingness written across my face*
I understand. Whatever it takes.

*Ponders a moment, then nods*
Okay. I suppose, either way, now we wait.
<Snipped quote by Valiance>

That’s why I’ll hear him out. If I can’t live with whatever he’s asking, I won’t. But as suspicious as I am, if you decide it’s a good idea, then I’m behind you.

*Opens my door and looks through, just to make sure no one is still here*
I’m afraid I might take him up on it even if it becomes clear it’s a bad idea.
<Snipped quote by Valiance>

It wouldn't be much of a fr—
*Clears my throat*
Much of a friendship if I were obligated.

Hypocritical of me to tell you to not take part in potentially lethal operations, right? Well, I'd still wager a "be careful". Involving yourself in an agreement with a suspicious stranger actually isn't required.
<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

*Waits for several moments and then turns to Roland*
Let me be clear. Whatever you decide to do, I'm going to support you.

You're under no obligation to involve yourself.
<Snipped quote by Nimda>

Take my help or not. I'm simply speeding along a process already in motion, completely free of charge, no strings attached.

I want the details. I'm not saying I agree, but tell me what I would need to do to take part.
<Snipped quote by Nimda>

For a handful of reasons. Most notably for you, though, is because I know Roland wants to do it himself. Closure is a strange beast, isn't it?

*Glances downward*
Unbelievably so.
<Snipped quote by Valiance>

What are you thinking you’ll do?

Depends on what he's really asking for in return.
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