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Nothing that brings us answers.
*Leans in toward the inscribed image, and then walks across to the parallel image on the other side of the street*
But we would be able to reconstruct the moment these people were frozen.

Which does what if not provide answers?
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*The reflection of the market doesn’t contain any noticeable fear or panic on the faces of residents, but a newspaper vendor does appear to be distributing papers about the upcoming annual draining and cleaning of the waterway*
I have a small handful of ideas...

<Snipped quote by Valiance>

Perhaps so. But to our fortune, these impressions should help illuminate the way.

Let’s have a look, if you think there will be reactions to see without already being relatively close.
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It should not be hiding from us. Greedy dragons like this one are too prideful. And yet.

Ulterior motives at play when it has to be concerned about more than itself.
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Dragons don’t enjoy moving their dens. If the city is gold, it must still live here, and if it lives here, it is most probably in the same nest, hoarding its treasure.

Is it just the city that’s gold? How far does the gold stretch?
<Snipped quote by Valiance>

Exactly what I was thinking. If we can identify where the dragon was, we can find its nest.

Surely it could easily have moved in the undoubtedly huge amount of time that’s passed since?
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If we can find its heart, we can kill it. If this still of their lives was taken shortly after the dragon was possessed, we might find a clue in the reflections.

A nexus point where the people are within range of something that happened and could be reacting to? Say, a crowd of folks looking terrified of something?
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I don’t know. The sensation is hard to describe, but it’s as if these scenes were a feather’s fall from continuing on. I feel like destroying anything reflective like this would be the wrong choice.

We won’t, then. But that means we’re going to have to put in a lot more effort and be more careful.
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*Traces one of the faces with my index finger hovering just over the gold*
...Because these people may still be alive.

Why would they be kept alive?
<Snipped quote by Valiance>

The mechanics are not a great concern to me, regardless.
*Inspects the side of one of the houses, reflecting exchanges in a now-desolate market on the other side, some people frozen in the middle of exchanging money*

I think that’s the gimmick. So what’s stopping us from just blasting the whole planet to bits? Either just annihilating this dragon on the spot or forcing him to reveal himself immediately.
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