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<Snipped quote by Valiance>

*Glances in the direction of the wind*
Show yourself! This is critical!

*Streaks of solid black and solid white light flow in tandem with the wind as the fog seems to drop and settle, not resting any higher than a couple feet off the ground, revealing totally empty, dead silent plains*
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>


*The wind picks up a bit from the left*
<Snipped quote by Valiance>

*Looks ahead and frowns*

*One dark figure appears in the mist, walking toward you with more vigor than the half-formed figures from before*
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>

Only one. And then the control room. Of course, I won't request that you participate if you do not wish to proceed.

*Heavy mist comes into view, rolling in from down the corridor*
<Snipped quote by Valiance>

It seems as though your spirits will do that job on your behalf.

I'm not sure how you plan to get out of this one.
*Sits on the ground cross-legged*
But none of us can directly interfere.
<Snipped quote by Valiance>

I’ve desecrated sacred grounds. What would be more fitting?

I cannot be asked to perform malicious acts of violence here.
*The strands of mist become highly electrified as they circle around you in an upward-traveling spiral, and the wind picks up to unbelievably intense levels, sporadically enough to start cutting you*
<Snipped quote by Valiance>

Simulation or otherwise, the best option is for you to strike me down.

Excuse me?
<Snipped quote by Valiance>

Even foregoing that assumption, one of us has incomplete or inaccurate information. Although with the options moving forward, that may be irrelevant.

*The misty figures all begin to move toward you once their forms stabilize enough, and strands of vapor begin to weave from them through the air around you*
<Snipped quote by Valiance>

Which contradicts our information on the true state of reality.
*Stands up, with great effort*
One of us must be unreliable.

Assuming you’re right about any simulation at all.
<Snipped quote by Valiance>

Based on what information? Can you prove to either us or yourself that any alternative is true? Your very students know a different you.

Based on the shortlist of people that have even seen the outsides of these grounds, let alone all that lies within. It’d be practically impossible for anyone to have the knowledge to implement this place in a simulation under the premise that it’s me that’s fake and the lot of you that are real. If the conjecture was that we were all simulated, maybe it’d be different. If it’s meant to emulate me to any degree of accuracy, then it should be counterintuitive to the idea that it could have any info about our unique location, here.
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