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Beep you, huh?
*Chuckles and shakes my head slightly*
See you ‘round.
*Vanishes, returning myself to the base*

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Well, thanks for the good time. I had fun, quirkiness and all.

Yeah, sure! Beep me again sometime, the three of us can get together and hang again!
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Isn’t it?

More than I'd like!
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Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t, and that’s just the way it is. Context dependent.

People always remind me that life is way more complicated than my brain can understand.
*Knocks on my head, ringing an echoing hollow sound*
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I’m saying it is.

*Falls backwards with a splash*
Now I’m all sorts of confused.
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*A tornado of air and dust kicks up around me, completely enveloping me for a moment, and when it dissipates I emerge changed back into normal clothing*
Same goes for having special abilities.

It's not fun being the only one who has some power?
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Being a first and only isn’t appealing in the things I happen to involve myself in. But, ask any scientist or explorer that question.

Ohhhhh, that makes sense! That clicks, as we say on the streetz-
*Crosses my arms at the wrists with my fingers splayed apart*
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Not really much of a sport then though is it?

Exactly. You hit the nail on the head!
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