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*Flies backwards and pivots midair, reaching forward and causing it to implode in on itself.*

Why are you just standing there, Misty?

*Shrugs, and then skips toward you*
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Time to cripple them...

*Jumps at mach speed towards the ship, breaking through it's barrier causing a stutter in power as I cleave the hull asunder with my blade.*

*A serpentine pillar of rock rises from the planet, caked in the blood of the previous soldiers, and bites into the fleet ships*
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*Continues trudgeing north until the shadow of warships darken the landscape*

*Points at the ships*
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That was but the infantry, next we cripple their fleet.

*Starts walking north*

*Frowns but bounces behind you*
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*All is silent, only blood remains pooling on the patches of forest floor and no soldier is left alive. The barrier fades.*

*Looks around, and a question mark appears above my head*
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*I never falter, my blade never wavers as I strike down thd dwindling numbers of foes, they no longer fight but now they hide or plead for mercy.*

There is no mercy here, only judgement.

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*Slowly more and more enemies try to flee, however a barrier rises from nowhere trapping the enemy forces in the woods*

*Fire that freezes on touch fills the barrier*
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*The sound of gunfire rings through the air, I hold my hand forward and a blade of purple energy crackles into existence then I disappear into the midst of enemy forces*

I am your judge...

*The blade tore through the body of a nearby soldier then a battalion was wiped out by a wave of vorpal energy tearing their very atoms apart*

I am the jury...

*With one swoop of my blade another battalion was executed in bloody fashion*

I am your death sentence.

*Raises my arm, causing the ground below a large group to become scalding quicksand*
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Now to hunt the vermin that made this mess.

*Blinks out of view and reappears at the tree-line with a nebulus disc floating above its hand*

*Tilts my head and appears next to you*
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

They must ha-

*An explosion from the left bursts from the tree line*

Maybe they're still here...

*Looks in the direction of the explosions*
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