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No, but they sound fun!!

I think I'll buy these. I could try attaching them to one of my weapons.
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It would, so I hope so.

*Picks up a set of magic crystals*
Have you seen anything like these before? They're elemental crystals.
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You think so?

I can't tell, but that would be good news for you.
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I guess not.

Maybe your family just has good genes.
And if I had to answer that question, Rhythm, I'd say absolutely not.
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If anyone knew there would be a lot of people trying to use it to at least look young.

Would it be such a bad thing if the world were filled with good looking people?
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That is a good question as well, he looks about late twenties, early thirties...but he has run the guild for more than fifty years. The guild is based outside of the country.

Wow! What's his secret?
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Mmhm! Lunar Blitz

Neat! How old is he?
Where's misty right now?

Nowhere notable. She's in the bedroom of a house in a random universe where the owners are on a long vacation. She also needs to clean the floors with some peroxide.
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