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I think... that should do it.
*A hologram materializes above my device, displaying Roland in combat*
Happy, Machina?
<Snipped quote by Valiance>

You need that secret! Really!

It’s definitely too dangerous for you now.
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

Someone should. And none of you even registered what was happening back there, so I don't think any of you would be safe following this person.

To be completely frank, I'm not equipped to handle any kind of major conflict.
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

Guess it's not responsible to just assume she stopped. I can go check out neighboring regions.

Should you?
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

You think they’d be so predictable as to just go next door?

I guess it depends on what they're trying to do?
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

Very good question.

I have no clue.

We know that Machina's right about something being afoot.
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

I’m fine. Very good idea to have everyone leave though, I’ve gotta say.

What exactly is going on, here?
<Snipped quote by Artifact>

<Snipped quote by Artifact>

Good call to evacuate then…
*Opens a portal in my own path and enters the base from it, coming to a sudden halt*

*Fuses with my duplicate*
Are you alright? Uninjured?
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

*Hurries through*

<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

*walks out*

*Takes Machina by the hand and walks through, emerging back at the base*
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