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You won't, I promise. Just a walk.

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How would you like to go on one? I know of several places in exidtence that are perfect for walks.

Alright... I can't go anywhere dangerous though...
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Hm.... Do you like to go on walks, see some scenery?

I... sure...
Where's the lich and his vampire companion right now?

Watching your guy finish off Simon. They didn't do much since he had it handled.
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In the meantime, we should go do something fun to help you feel a little better. Any ideas?

I... I don't know...
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Hekrom: *hugs you again*
Of course, mia.

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*gently places my hand on your cheek,stifling a sniffle of my own*
...I will. For you, I'd do anything. I'll give it everything I have to bring her home.

*My voice cracks*
You will?
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If I'm correct, that shouldn't matter. Its moreso liek shes asleep than an acuatl coma. Somewhere between the two. Itll be like shes dreaming.

Please bring her back!
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Actually... I might be able to get into her mindscape. I might need to brush up on my mental communication skills, but I could establish a connection between our mindstates and speak with her through this, convince her to take time to heal up and not do anything dumb like hurt herself in any shape or form.

But... the coma...?
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Hekrom: ....
*steps back, and wipes the tears from your eyes, scretly admiring your beauty even in your distrught state, but also attempting to comfort you out of kindness*

I promise you, I will do everything I can to fix this.

What can you do? What can anyone do?
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