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I wish you the best of luck.
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If he can get me to Second, then yes, please.

He... can, but what he decides to do is up to him. I'll request his assistance now.
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I need to get into contact with Second. It's highly important.

Oh dear. I can connect you to The Legend, if that's okay with you?
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Hey PD. Its Mierno. Got a second to talk? I have a favor to ask.

Sure, what can I do for you, Mierno?
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Ill work a few things out.
*calls PD*

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*A swirling oval of blue sand opens up behind me*
It was a pleasure, my friend.
*Walks into the portal*
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Same to you, Old Friend.
*smiles widely and gives a heavy and loud chuckle*

Heheh, give me a call if you'd like to talkā€”and let's have that dinner at some point. Do portals work in this room?
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Goodbye, Dreamy and Man of Time!

It was a pleasure to see you again.
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Let me see..
*I look at you, my eyes widen, and you can begin to hear fear in my voice*
He marked you, he knows your scent...Acnologia is a very powerful being, my previous master...the being who killed his own race and world, destroyed and consumed countless universes...he will now hunt you as well...

I will die before he touches her.
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