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<Snipped quote by Dynamics>

... you make it sound like a terminal illness.

There’s too much that we don’t know about this condition.
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So just let it be for now?

I can run some tests if you’d like. But I would recommend that you enjoy this state as long as you can.
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What is ideal?

Survival and a lack of harm would be where I’d start.
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Is there a way we can ensure that she does?

I wouldn’t suggest a second curse. That may not be ideal.
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To determine exactly what the end result of our event was.

I don’t know what the behavior of the curse will be. As for Jade, she may not maintain this form permanently.
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Oh. Well then. Perhaps you could conduct a study?

What are you looking to achieve?
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What does that mean for her?

That’s a very good question. One I wish I had the answer to. I don’t know what the curse has turned into.
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The seal?

A seal and a curse aren't an exact match, but you're thinking the right thing. She may have unwittingly consumed the curse.
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Huh. I would've never known. what does that mean for the curse? And her being very much so alive?

It would imply that she consumed it.
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Hm... It was... Ah! Yes, here it is.
*Opens the pages fully*
“A note on wendigo death. Many wendigo die as a consequence of starvation, being hunted, or both. When faced with starvation, it is not uncommon for wendigo to engage in autophagia until the point of death.”
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