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<Snipped quote by Dynamics>

* fires several volleys of energy at you in an attempt to direct you away from me.

*Deflects them with my swords and continues to follow*
<Snipped quote by Dynamics>

Can you get someone else to do it ideally?

*My mic cuts out for a moment*
<Snipped quote by Dynamics>

Zero:... problematic.

*darts away*

*Chases after you*
<Snipped quote by Dynamics>


Zero: *unammused, fires a ball of energy at shinji, which explides with ferocious power upon impact, then darts toward you, avoiding the swords, and grabs you by the throat, forcing you down.*

*The Psycho-Edge collapses and the aura of the swords surrounds me in its place*
<Snipped quote by Dynamics>

*darts forward, jumping past the swords, and slams my scythe into a group of nanites to ypur right, just as they were preparing to attack you, creating a small nuclear explosion from the collision of the scythe's energy and the nanutes, creating nuclear fusion*

Woah. I did not think i could do that.

<Snipped quote by Dynamics>

Shinji: mind if I jump in? I feel we would fair better if we team up for this one.

Zero: increasing your numbers by one does not increase the odds. Ive calculated it down to every last varible.

Shinji: oh, yeah, calculate this.

*jumps back a little ways from David, typing in something on my wrist. Momentarily, pieces of metal in Iron Man fashion fly to me and attach, until a giant mech forms around me*

Zero, meet your equal. Metal Gear:Reaper.

* *a staff forms in my hand, a sythe blade forming from energy at the end*

Cool. Just don't walk in front of the swords.
<Snipped quote by Dynamics>

*the Swords energy multiplies by somewhere in the thousands*

Zero: *smirks*
Finally getting serious?

Shinji: *appears*

Alright, everyones evacuate-whoa. Nice power.

Thanks. It has a fun setup. Psycho-Edge!
*The sword increase by the same length once again and radiate out with their energy*
<Snipped quote by Dynamics>

*my nanites form around them, allowing it to pass through me without severe damage*

Zero: what a waste of am attack.

*extends my hand, as five large continous blasts of energy encompass you*

*The X becomes twice as large and thick, and the disintegrating aura grows larger*
Both of you, more power!
<Snipped quote by Dynamics>

Zero: while that pun was worthy of praise, I am not amused. Light does not effect my effectiveness.

* my eyes change color, and i kick you with plannetbreaking force in the chest*

*The swords cross into an X to intercept your punch*
You toyed around too long. Now it's too late. Psycho-Edge!
*A cutting X pattern extends forward with the full power of both swords combined, magnified by the previous attacks and boosted by psychokinesis, disintegrating everything in its path*
<Snipped quote by Dynamics>
*knees you in the stomach, then slams my fist into your face with incredible power*

Target aquired. Threat within maximum range.

*jabs my hand into your stomach, filling you with nanites*

*The Soul Edge absorbs them like a black hole first*
I guess there's a reason they call you a... Zero.
*Winks and a blinding light shines between the two of us*
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