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As do I. Once the others finish, we shall continue.

Okay, sounds like a plan.
<Snipped quote by Fractured>
Indeed. Our next section of your final training day lays ahead of you, but I have very little doubt that you will show the fruits of your labor. This shall be quite the interesting day, indeed.

I have a good feeling about all of this.
<Snipped quote by Fractured>

*stilgar vhuckles at your demeanpr*

Despite the hell and back youve been through, you still maintain such a laid back attitude. You're an odd one, but you carry with you a positivty unlike that i've ever seen. As far as your training is concerned, you have done well. Have you excelled?.. not exactly. But you do catch on quickly, which is an extremely important skill in this enviroment. You have my respect.

We did run into a time crunch. Thanks for all your help!

*shinji nods, and leaves the room*

*shortly after we all exit the room, we follow Stilgar through the Sietch to a large, almost auditorium-like area carved from the rock within the underground portion of the sietch we currently stand in*

*Stil organizes us into our formations after allowing us time to seto ur belongings down. As we make our way through the training, Stil smiles*

Stilgar: so... any last questions you have while we wrap this up?

*Rests my hands behind my head*
How'd we do? Best students ever?
<Snipped quote by Fractured>
Also agreed. Im ready to head home. Thank you for sticking this through... I really appreciate your effort towards this endeavor.

*Flashes a thumbs-up*
It's the least I could do. Sort of.
<Snipped quote by Fractured>

Shinji: agreed. This is gonna be fun.

About time, too.
--elsewhere in the cosmos, with the training group--


*Reaches the sietch sometime after trekking through the sands, while the Fremen eyes dart across the group in suspicion, keeping a close eye on any and all movements*

???: *Whispers*
They seem so full of water...

???: Hush. If Stilgar trusts them, we don't complain.

*Several days of training pass, and Stilgar moves to wake the group*

Stilgar: It's time for your final two tests. Please gather your belongings, and meet me in the mess hall. We'll eat one last breakfast together, and begin the day with one last trial run of the training, then end that run with a one on one combat test. After that... your final test as Fremen warriors awaits you.

@Revolutionary @Extra @Nimda

Wooo, let's make this happen.

*stilgar looks to Kat*

- Onward, to Sietch Tabr. There, you will learn how to fit in with pur people via your own observations coupled with my guidance. They already know you areo n your way. Your sudden arrival with set them on edge, so It was best I inform them, even if it doesm ake it harder for them to know that you are outworlders. But they will respect you a bit more knowing that I was the one that brought you in. Do not allow this to tarnish my name, or there will be repercussions.

We should be able to avoid that.
<Snipped quote by Extra>

Shinji: *raises an eyebrow*

Sounds... different.

So what’s next?
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