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<Snipped quote by Fractured>

*clenches my fist, and the same white aura surrounds me as I launch into the darkness, in a flash of light the smoke is pushed to the edge and dissipates, Acnologia roaring*

Air wall!
*Hops on magic circles through the air and approaches the dragon*
Augment fire!
*Aims my pistols at your eyes, red magic circles spiraling the barrels, and unleashes a torrent of fire into them*
<Snipped quote by Fractured>

*looks out there, and within the darkness, there is two white eyes staring at us*
But I can disperse it. And when I do, attack.

Got it. On your signal.
<Snipped quote by Fractured>

No. It would be worse for her.
*clasps my hands together with my fingers locking in a weird form, then a snap can be heard, shortly after I separate my hands and turn to you*
The curse is merely just a way to get to what is most important, similar to how a bug infuses an enzyme within it’s victim.

How long does it last?
<Snipped quote by Fractured>

It’s what I cleared before you all entered. It’s a curse that quickly decomposes any organic life within. Depending on the being of course.

So Lily would be fine?
<Snipped quote by Fractured>

<Snipped quote by Asce>

*the smoke stops a couple feet in front of my hands and flows around us, outlining a dome that is over us*

What is this thing?
<Snipped quote by Nimda>

*With a sharp intake of breath, I blast out a large cloud of black thick smoke into the ground*

*Keeps my hand against the ground*
<Snipped quote by Nimda>

Can you flow the mana towards me?

We'll lose some in the process. Do you need me to?
<Snipped quote by Fractured>

I can. My body can naturally absorb it.

*Shoves an ice pick-like piece of sharpened metal into the ground and takes several steps back*
*A magic circle spirals around the metal, and a few moments later, it’s converted into active mana, along with a crater of ground beneath it*
<Snipped quote by Fractured>

*puts my hands out in front of me while I stand in front of you*
No, but some magic energy would help.

Can you use Lily’s spirit energy? If not, I can get you mana, but you’re going to need a way to absorb it.
*Reaches into a magic circle, my arm disappearing past its borders*
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