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<Snipped quote by Melodious>

Alright! You just sit back and we'll try not to get all of us killed out there.
*Smiles and phases backwards through the wall*

Don't say it like that.
<Snipped quote by Melodious>

So, dent up the metal-looking guys?

It'll probably come to that... I should have done it sooner.
<Snipped quote by Melodious>

Phhh, as long as we're getting paid we're here to stay. What do you want out of this? Bodyguards? Those announcers gone? The entire crowd taken out?

The crowd’s full of innocent people. Probably. I wouldn’t doubt it anyway. But Nil and Nuhl probably won’t leave until they get me, or they’re forced to go.
<Snipped quote by Melodious>

So what do you want us to do?

Whatever you want to. I assume you’re here because of Time Line, somehow and some way, but I wish I had more time to explain anything. I won’t hild a grudge if you run.
<Snipped quote by Melodious>

It really sounds like that won’t make much of a difference. You sure that’s what you want to do?

It’s a long story. But as long as a very specific person isn’t here, things might not escalate further. As long as I make myself scarce, things are less likely to escalate. And, right now, we are not outnumbered and outgunned- at least not majorly- but that can change more drastically than you know.
<Snipped quote by Melodious>

Oh yeah, that much is obvious. They’re coming after you either way though.

But for several reasons I can’t give them confirmation that I’m here.
<Snipped quote by Melodious>

Why not? Sounds like you’re the star of the show?

They want me to be and that’s the problem. Maybe it’s not totally transparent with their tone, but the show is not innocent. The big performance they’re putting on is a hunt. A bloodsport.
<Snipped quote by Melodious>

*Glides to a halt*
Are you the Ona everyone wants to see? Who am I kidding? Of course you are!

Of course I am, yeah. Listen, they cut me off before I could explain more. I can’t go out there.
<Snipped quote by Inimical>

*Flies through the base, giving each room the blink of an eye as I search for Ona and other unique features of the base to meddle with in the future*

*Very quickly into your delve through the layers, a gust of air blasts past you as I suddenly appear, intercepting you at a point deep enough in the base to be out of sight*
<Snipped quote by Inimical>

*Looks up and shouts*
Hey, you on the speaker! What do you have to say about all of this?

<Snipped quote by Zeal>

What's the difference?

*The intercom systems are completely offline now*
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