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<Snipped quote by Stratocracy>

We should implement a formation. And I assume dimensional travel is still unaffected, correct?

*Appears in front of the ship and immediately blasts it with overwhelmingly powerful volleys of blasts larger than the ship itself*
<Snipped quote by Melodious>


*It shrinks continually until it is no longer visible*
<Snipped quote by Magnanimity>


*Outside the ship, my body quickly begins to contort and shrink, no longer wrapping around the entire dimension*
<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

*I follow the wake of Model P's movements as if strung along by you yourself, and momentum granted to me by the coin shoots me between you and Model P to perform the same separating motion*

*Brinkspace more heavily layers itself on where you are, granting me more control over the space you occupy and skewing your path heavily relative to Artahe*
<Snipped quote by Inimical>

*Each bolt blows more voxel craters into my armor*
*Continues shooting charged X Blaster shots into the hand, each of which applies a limiter to Nemid's power*

*A long, abnormal third arm spirts from me, just large enough to sporadically and eerily quickly jut its way to you and grab you by your full body*
<Snipped quote by Inimical>

*Reappears a distance away, and a mass of meteors begins pelting the region*

*Space itself wavers and contorts, forcing them to collide with each other*
<Snipped quote by Galvanize>

Noted. How much would cybermetal help you?

<Snipped quote by Fractured>

It is metal magic, manipulation, creation, and augmentation. It’s all metal. I am also a dragon.

*With mild recoil, every bit of Brinkspace begins physically eating at any entity occupying it in the dimension*
<Snipped quote by Melodious>

*The voxels disappear*
Alright. Give me the word.

*Suddenly, everything within the pulsating effect is torn asunder, as though an attack was launched that was hidden by the fabric of the space-time fabric being affected*
<Snipped quote by GalaxyRaider>

Then I'll need to customize my loadout. It won't be instant, but it'll be quick.

*The palms of my hands begin to pulsate once more, and the Brinkspace tinge in the air starts pulsating lightly*
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