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7 yrs ago
When your internet is out, you ponder why you spend so much time on it. When it comes back again, you ignore any deep, profound discoveries you make about it taking up time and go right back to it.


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<Snipped quote by Intrepid>

It’s the same idea. You sort of feel it as much as you see it.

Weird but I get it.
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*Holds my hand against my face, and then snaps*
Aha! You know the feeling that you're being watched, sort of like someone's there even though you haven't seen anyone?

All too well.
<Snipped quote by Intrepid>

I guess you could think of it like colors? It’s also kind of like a bunch of egg shells.

That’s strange sounding, to say the least.
<Snipped quote by Intrepid>

You kinda have to start with normal spirit vision and then break it apart. I guess they're sort of like... blobby auras? Something like that.

Different colors and stuff like that?
<Snipped quote by Intrepid>

Yep! That's one of the perks of being a spirit like me.

What do they look like to you?
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She’s not good with social cues. Sorry about that.

Nono, it's fine. I'm curious.

<Snipped quote by Intrepid>

I wanna know if they look any different, deep down. Like their souls and stuff.

Can you see souls?
<Snipped quote by Intrepid>

Well, I wanted to know. SideSlash isn’t, so you never can tell.

Why do you ask, anyway?
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*Looks between everyone the room for a few seconds in thought*
Oh hey, do you live forever or do you get old and die like most people?

Bluntly asked. But I don’t age.
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*Glances at Ram*
Unavoidable is right...

*Laughs and takes another drink*
<Snipped quote by Intrepid>

Interesting is one word for it. Difficult is another.

Bah. Difficulty is unavoidable, so it's a non-concern.
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