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<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

Great. To the next building, then?

*nods, as we enter the building through a large hole*
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

Probably a good amount, I imagine?

Yeah, there is a lot of us. So we should get a lot of people out of here in no time.
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

How many people are a part of this operation?

<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

Just a few buildings? I had expected more.

*still moving*
With how careful we have to be, it will take too long. We have many people helping from local to people of our group.
*checks the time and smiles*
It has already been 6 hours.
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

That's really good to hear. I'm glad it's not as bad as it could've been.

We have a couple more buildings to clear first. The our job is done.
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

I'm okay. What about you?

I am good.
*continues forward*
Despite the damage. It seems like there are more survivors than I thought.
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

*Makes my way over after rescuing the remaining survivors*

How are you holding up?
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

*Follows the blips on the scanner*

*I begin to help pave a way to the other building that has been connected to the one we are in as you save the survivors*
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

*Carefully moves the rubble out of the way*

*finishes making supports and turns to you, the integrity level increased to 67%*
Lets get these people out if here.
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

Then we need to be extra careful to not cause a collapse.

*starts to move rubble in the room and slowly creates supports from the broken concrete*
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