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On it.

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*the entire arena rocks with violent power. Bright flashes of black and white light cut through the air like scissors through paper, with electric purple energy weaving throughout*

I'll kill you with one go.

*raises my arm*

*a black hole appears in my hand, absourbing all of the energy in the surrounding area*

....AP Shot.

*it warps within my hand, collapses, then an impossibly bright flash of energy carreens out from me, ripping through the entire dimension and all the molecules within it, colliding into you with a vicious ferocity*

*shortly after it is fired, a massive unstable rift opens up between both you and Acnologia, when it leaves through the rift it closes immediately with a boom*
Blinking slowly, as she stirred awake from the warmth and the light of the sun, she laid there thinking that her neighbors finally had enough of her and got her kicked out of the apartment. Shame, she was starting to have fun in the small complex. At least she has her new phone!
She reached for her pocket and found her phone was missing, and sighed once more. Her neighbor probably took back his phone when they moved her out. She pick up her arm to shield her eyes when she noticed the device that was wrapped around it.

"Uhh...That doesn't look good."

She sits up with a hefty grunt and inspects it. Initially thinking it was some type of monitor, but after a few moments looking, she realized it was not. Sighing in relief.

"Whew, my bro would kill me if I was under house arrest...what home would I have been staying at though..."

She notices the others when sat up and before she says anything, Welcome appears in front of her eyes. After processing the information that was given to her she shrugged and stood up, dusting herself off. Eyes widening when she looks around and is clearly not at home, she takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out.

"Okay, okay....You may have been playing too many VR games. Just relax and breathe, Tavi."

When she notices that other people are with her, she looks towards them and smiles. Maybe they know what is going on.

"Oi! Uh...I am kinda new around...this place...Do y'all know where we are?"
After months of saving and lots of late nights to ensure she had her catch of the new and highly anticipated, Omniphone, Octavia was ready to go home. She has worked tirelessly; covering shifts and getting yelled at for getting copious amounts of overtime. Nonetheless, she is tired and done with the working world for the weekend. A long and silent drive later, she came home to a surprise that she was waiting for.

Quickly, she looks around and grabs the box that is laying outside of the building she is living at, she quickly runs upstairs, making sure that no one sees her with this prize of an item. Locking the door and scarfing down the sandwiches she bought from the shop next door, she opened up the box, and reveled in it's glory.

It's finally hers, in all it's glory she was able to nab it....from her neighbor. Despite all of her efforts, she was unable to get the phone herself, but was able to hear the screams of delight that was her neighbor getting one of the phones from the internet. Probably some bid that he paid more than what the actual phone is worth. After a couple of hours messing with it in awe, and a weird phone call that she quickly forgot about after it reset, she was ready to hit the sack. Laying down, cradling the phone she felt she deserved, she fell into an happy slumber.

Octavia Wilmens


Though she can be a bit of a motormouth, she is generally quiet and likes to observe people. She is always willing to help others and listen. She has a generally good skill with video games and can learn things quickly, allowing to assess a situation with little time. She has always like Digimon despite not having much time in playing the games, but she has watched the movie, which she owns, and a good amount of the original show which she says that she will rewatch again.

She just graduated high school and has begun working full time at the grocery store that she has been working at since she was 16. She saw that there was a an old original digivice vpet ( a translucent green) that they had carried and purchased one, taking care of it while she had the spare time at work and home. When her older brother noticed her with it, he gave her his old digivice that he owned that was based on the anime, it was Izzy’s digivice.

Though she is very kind to others, she does have of fondness to fight and get into trouble especially when she knows she can win.

Digimon (1):

Name: Rumi

Stage Type:
Gonna be a warp at his Agumon stage

He is very quiet, and highly loyal towards Octavia, always standing next to, if not, near her. Despite this, he can be highly aggressive, easily getting hyped up when Octavia gets excited.

Mostly unfinished homework. Came from the Vpet device.
Along with his aggressiveness, he can be very brutal when he fights, giving little to no chance for retaliation.

Digivolution Line:
Zurumon - Pagumon – Agumon(Black) - BlackTyrannomon – MetalTyrannomon - RustTyurannomon
List techniques/attacks of each stage as well. More techniques will likely mean lower stats.

Digimon (2):


Stage Type:
Is always in his MegaKabuterimon(Red) stage.

Izzy is always protective of Octavia and those whom she deems close, this is probably driven because he came from the care of her older brother, who took very good care of him. He tries to keep the same manners and personality as Octavia’s older brother, which was very protective and happy.

Text Messages from her older brother along with the Izzy anime digivice

Can be overzealous in trying to protect someone and will often put himself in harms way. Even when unnecessary.

Digivolution Line:
Pabumon - Motimon - Tentomon - Kabuterimon - MegaKabuterimon - HerculesKabuterimon- TyrantKabutyerimon
List techniques/attacks of each stage as well. More techniques will likely mean lower stats.
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I don't think you'd enjoy eating the cyber paths. Remember that the food theming is a skin, so it would be about as appetizing as pavement.

<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

Because most of the cyber world is more for function than for its taste. But Yumland is known for its food, so we can go find something if you want.

I tend to eat whatever.
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

I wouldn't try eating any random object.

Why not?
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

If you wanted net-food, this is where you'd get it.

Is everything edible?
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

*When we walk through the gate, everything o the net is food-themed and colorful*

*my eyes sparkle*
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