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Holding some of the sandwich in her hand as she turns and looks toward Aki with an unamused expression she says "I was with y'all initially, but was blipped away with some gross hand things. I think I was sent to some sort of heaven, cause there were angels and it was annoyingly bright, but that didn't last long either. I wasn't their cup of coffee I guess." She says as she shrugs with a smug grin. "Other than that, I do not know, cause all I got now is this big guy here and a half eaten sandwich that I to-was given to me."

Octavia turns to Suzi when she asks about the angel, and nods. "Eyyup! a ugly looking one at that, too many wings. Gross." She looks around at the others when Clockmon snatches the sandwich away, Rumi immediately takes a step towards the weird looking creature, but stops when Octavia snatches it back in excitement. "You can regenerate food? That is awesome!" Rumi then relaxes slightly, as he stares at Octavia with a watchful and careful manner.

Octavia then turns around towards the man and hides the sandwich immediately, tilting her head slightly in confusion. "Wave tower?"
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

You’re right, sorry. Sip your juice and don’t mind me.

*continues to drink my juice box*
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

I'm still not convinced you aren't an angry child.

Aihm Not a child!!
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

You'll regret it.

No I won’t!

<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

*hands you a juicebox*

*takes it and begins drinking it*
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

Yup! Another tall one!

<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

Looks like you're having some trouble there, Ram.

I will vomit on you.
*the hooded girl steps back*
?: You vomit, you would have’ta clean up yours and mine!!
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

I'm you, but stronger.

<Snipped quote by Host>

Not even close to that sort of scale, considering how big the family is. But kinda.

What?? No way! She made another one??
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

That sounds like a you problem.

It’s going to be a yo-*hiccups and covers my mouth for a sec then exhales*
<Snipped quote by Intrepid>

So all in all, this must be some kind of family reunion for you.

<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

I gave it to SideSlash earlier today. You can check with her.

She is drunk! I am drunk! You can’t do that!!
<Snipped quote by Host>

I can’t help that she said something agreeable.

<Snipped quote by Blabbo>

Well, it’s easy for us to say.

Who are you??!!
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