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<Snipped quote by Memory>

*Commander Greyson rubs his temple*

Commander Greyson: Explain yourselves... means to explain... fuck you know what?... *He sighs wearily* Okay, you want to join, you might as well, it's not like we can leave you here where there barely is even an atmosphere, but you will be under intense scruitny, i see you pull ONE wrong move and i'll shoot these two without hesitation MYSELF... then Benjamin will have to face some disciplinary actions for chosing to invite suspicious people on a secure mission like this... not that i'm not thinking on putting him in the brig for the next 4 months!

Soldier Boy: *I just gulp at that last statement*

January MacClay: So what are we doing commander?

Commander Greyson: Just show them to the equipment locker like you did these other two... we'll deal with this after the mission... *He sighs wearily*

January MacClay: Aaalright... right down this way new mysterious people...
*She directs you but she intently scans you for any suspicious body language*

Oh! My equipment is fine! I appreciate the offer!
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

Alright, hopefully it won't be too unnerving. Are you going to treat the wounded?

<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

Are you sure? I don't want to pressure you into something you don't want to do.

It’s fine, I’m used to these scenarios.
<Snipped quote by Memory>

What do you mean? Who did? ... *turns to see @Spiritblitz and @Asce in the ship* What in the goddamn!?!?!

Captain Greyson: Hey where did you suddenly popped in from? *He frantically gestures then points a judgemental finger towards me* Did you pull one of your magic tricks on me just now Benjamin?!

*I frantically nod as in no sir! then i look at the tesseract and start tapping it annoyed* Are you pulling one up on me magic cube thingy?!?

Pardon our intrusion.
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

You and a me can leave if you don't want to be here. No hard feelings.

I’ll stay.
<Snipped quote by Asce>

<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

Sorry. I know the situation now. We’re being dropped into a war zone, and you’ve shown up out of nowhere.

Uhh, this is not what I was expecting.
*looks to Rhoan and nods, my body giving off a soft light for a moment and nothing after*
You know what to do..
<Snipped quote by Memory>

I'll let you tell them what they need to know.
*We hold out our hands toward each other and fuse into one*

<Snipped quote by Memory>

*places your watch to the door*
My bad, I just need your watch to this door*
*pulls out my key and unlocks the door opening it*

*lightly smacks the back of your head*
What did I say about handling people?

<Snipped quote by Asce>

You could've asked...
*Steps through*

*follows behind*
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

Yeah, was grabbing some lunch with my Mom.

Oh, Nice. Whelp! I need your services again!
*points to Prism*
I am going on an adventure with Prism.
<Snipped quote by Spiritblitz>

<Snipped quote by Memory>

*enters the Tavern and looks around spotting Meredy and walking towards her*

Hey! You got here quick, were you in an another instance?
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