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<Snipped quote by Asce>

Do you need any help leaving this place, then?

No, I will be fine. It was a pleasure meeting you Tempo, I am sorry if I harmed you in any way. Will we meet again?
<Snipped quote by Asce>

I see. And you're sure you'll be okay from here on?

There will be problems, but that’s for us to deal with and make better. It will take time and effort, but it will be okay.
<Snipped quote by Asce>

Does it matter if it is?

No. Not really.
<Snipped quote by Asce>

Is there no way to find out?

I believe people tried to find out if it was real or not, but they have come up with nothing.
<Snipped quote by Asce>

All of it?

Well yeah, a fairy tail that the older ones tell us after we are born.
<Snipped quote by Asce>

What do you think is true?

I think its just a story.
<Snipped quote by Asce>

Different endings?

Like I said, it’s a story, but it has been only told through oral means. So the ending of said story is different depending on who you ask. It’s supposed to explain the beginning of our lives.
<Snipped quote by Asce>

He just... disappeared one day?

We don’t know. There are different endings of the story.
<Snipped quote by Asce>

Where did he go?

*We both Shrug*
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<Snipped quote by Asce>

You do a good enough job of it.

There is a story of a Digital Being saved us from an evil force long long ago. It is assumed that what he is protected us from is a ealier form of the corrupted data that I am made of.
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