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<Snipped quote by Asce>

No, you won’t.
* I release her*

*falls to the ground, my body becomes covered in red code, and when it dissipates I return to normal*
<Snipped quote by Asce>

*Cuts through them with the sword*

<Snipped quote by Techspert>

Digimon, Digital Monster. I’ll explain later!

<Snipped quote by Asce>

*lets the fireballs hit me while I tighten the grip still draining her power*
Just a little longer...

* the red code is almost gone, and I slow down*
I...Will end you...
<Snipped quote by Asce>

*The world seems to be spinning around you*
What is a Champion Form, anyway?

<Snipped quote by Asce>

I always have a way to get to you.

<Snipped quote by Asce>

*my tail wraps around you and I absorb your power*

*struggles in her tail*
Rrrgh, Pepper Fire!
*shoots multiple fireballs at her*
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

Discord, battlechip in, download!
*A blue trumpet creature materializes in front of Tamaki and begins playing a dissonant tune, causing the world to blur around her*

*gets up, stumbling*
<Snipped quote by Asce>

C’mon. Don’t be like the others. You promised you will fight it, no matter what.

You...That voice...How...did you get here..?
<Snipped quote by Asce>

*I maneuver in the air around the flames, I flip and my tail turns into a huge fiery blade and I slam it unto her*
You should have known something like this would happen.

*the red code begins to lose it’s spread and I slowly get up*
<Snipped quote by Techspert>

<Snipped quote by Asce>

Paw Punch!
*A large fiery cat paw nearly instantly slams into Tamaki, and she smashes into the ground*

*Yells as flames burst out of my back and fly towards you*
<Snipped quote by Asce>

You need to hear me through this, Tamaki! Snap out of it!

*I begin to glitch towards you*
<Snipped quote by Asce>

Don't make me do this Tamaki! Bug Rise Sword!
*A series of bugs collect on arm and form into a sword, arcing with purple electricity*

*the area where the red code has spanned begins glitching erratically and I growl*
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