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Current "One of the great secrets of life. Most people die of a sort of creeping common sense and discover too late that the only things one never regrets are one's mistakes. " -Lord Henry Wotton


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<Snipped quote by Armed Forces>

And that is?

Learn the world. Explore. Maybe make a difference where I can, for the better.
<Snipped quote by Armed Forces>

A refusal is basically guaranteed, so I wouldn't bother.

It's not my call. Besides, in the meantime, I get to do what I really want to do while I'm here.
<Snipped quote by Armed Forces>

Determination as to what? Whether to reveal yourselves or not? Or are we talking something else?

That, but also whether to even propose the annexation at all.
<Snipped quote by Armed Forces>

Then I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place. You see, we've had our own problems with extraterrestrial entities. Notably, the Infestation, when a force of these parody-humans appeared on our world and laid waste to it. They could only feel joy from sadism, so they would torture anyone they captured. It took us two years and ten million people to fend them off. Now, our governments are rabidly xenophobic, and you being human would only aggravate them, as these aliens could shapeshift into those they killed. In short, if you showed up, don't be surprised if the world does not take kindly to your appearance.

I'll definitely keep that in mind for the final determination. Though, it's not really my say. I don't work directly for the government. I'm with a private group, I only report.
<Snipped quote by Armed Forces>

And you want to annex us?

Yes and no. Our expansion is predicated on willingness and cooperation, not hostile or forceful takeover.
<Snipped quote by Armed Forces>

I'm afraid many more than you believe are already aware. The Gateway is supposed to work by passing its cargo through a spatially-contracted section of Existence and back, shortening millions of light-years to a few meters. When my colleague broke it, the thread was severed, "leaking" anything it tried to transport into Existence. The people, though, may not be ready. I can already imagine the religious crises that would cause.

Well, there is a little more to it than that. I represent the largest known nation in Existence, here.
<Snipped quote by Armed Forces>

The bigger picture of what?

The bigger picture that you small lot are already aware of. Existence. Or, as those not experienced in the terminology of the interdimensional might call it, the omniverse.
<Snipped quote by Armed Forces>


You seem like an analytical sort of guy. I'm not hear throwing myself into your world's most dangerous places for fun, exactly. Nor did I come alone. We're trying to determine how ready your world might be to be exposed to the bigger picture.
<Snipped quote by Armed Forces>

They already have photos of all of us but Dmitri, but that's just because they didn't connect the dots with the pictures they took when he entered the Red Army. My mask is unique enough to be considered a face anyways. It's why we have to keep moving.

Phenomenal... Scouting procedures are going to have to be modified, slightly.
<Snipped quote by Armed Forces>

*I come across the operation to see that it's been successfully defended without me. Dmitri stands at the forefront, the barrel of his rifle glowing.*

Dmitri: Why did you leave, brother? You and Katyusha could've had this under control.

Well, that's all and good, until I realized they had taken Alexandria.

*The entire hideout goes silent.*

*Leaps down from the rooftop and saunters my way back to where I found you originally*
I hope they didn't get a photo or anything...
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