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<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

Know what? To stay out of your business?

That I know.
*Disappears in an increased flurry of snow*
<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

We have two unspent blessings, right?

I’m honoring you running away and I’m not going to hurt you anymore. I just needed you to know.
<Snipped quote by Session>

You burned up our entire magic supply.

*Is sitting in the snow behind you, several yards away*
All of it, you say? That’s good intel.
<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

*Lands in the midst of a barren tundra on a distant planet*

*Dismisses the aura and disappears*
<Snipped quote by Nimda>

No, you're done.
*Raises my arm and flicks my palm from a downward facing position to an upright position*
A warrior fights and heroes fall, but a coward lives another day.
*Activates the countless primitive spells planted throughout the arena and releases the Greater Gate spell, which rips apart the arena and scatters its combatants across dimensions untold universes away from where we started*

*Floats in place amidst a void and looks up*
<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

*Grits my teeth and gets sucked back into the cloud*
Add accusing the innocent on top of that.
*Sporadic points in the space around you light up with the haze of refracted colors like the glow of fireworks and shoot intense multi-colored beams that bounce over and around obstacles to reach your eyes*

*The light grinds with sparks against the aura that envelops the both of us, while I stay anchored to my position relative to you, moving with you*
In the face of travesty, you chose to continue interfering with an official agency's affairs. Innocent of one crime, maybe. Certainly not of others.
*The radiant glow warps and wobbles until it splits off from itself, now acting as two separate emanating forces from each of our bodies. Mine begins to dim down, while yours flares up and begins to continuously evaporate your body from the outside at all points*
I hope this is enlightening for you.
*Reaches up in the moment the light breaches through to my face with each hand and strikes the beams away in one swift, confident motion*
<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

*Emerges behind you from within the cloud as Lily flashes a red circle in front of my eye, warning me about the aura and tracking the arcs*
And you have the guts to call us morally bankrupt.
*Magic circles of decreasing size emerge from my pistol like telescopic lenses, accelerating a shot into the back of your head at blinding speeds*

You let a wild animal run loose, and it wreaks havoc on everyone. A far cry from mass murder.
*The shot vaporizes against the aura very nearly to the moment it crosses through it, and I whip around to face you in the air, suddenly shift my position to inches from your face. My face strains as the aura seems to be forcibly stretched forward so as to envelop you within it*
Not the only thing that needs to be leashed.
<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

*Shatters another spawned platform above me to rocket downward out of the way, aided by gravity, then hits a second at an angle to shift my trajectory toward you*
Then you'll have no one to blame but yourself when it's over!
*Flings one of my bearings at you, erupting into an enormous cloud of inky smoke*

*Erupts from my current position, rocketing straight upward over the projectile and its area of influence*
Even you lot might recognize Ona as a powerhouse. Let me show you exactly how I keep her afraid of me.
*Clenches my fist as arcs of energy begin firing off from a black-and-white aura that just barely emanantes from my person, and though they catastrophically annihilate anything they touch, they are clearly more of a byproduct of another action and less of an attack directly*
<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

*Arcs the corners of my lips knowingly when you stop both weapons, preemptively releasing them and repositioning my arms*
Building ourselves the tools to take you down.
*Mid-destruction, both weapons detonate in glorious explosions, and I burst from the emerging plume, dragging you by the side of your face and slamming it into the edges of the arena, grinding you down against the universe-facing boundary of the still-traveling Greater Gate spell like interdimensional sandpaper*

*Holds one arm out before impact, resulting in it digging into the surface and sending multicolored sparks flying as we skid across it*
You cannot hide a single thing from me now. No action, no feeling, no intention.
*Kicks my legs up vertically to the surface and spins around rapidly, flinging you free from me, then flips up and skids on my feet against the surface to a rapid halt, throwing my hands in front of me in such a way that my index fingertips and thumbs touch before firing off a widening beam of intense light directly into your face*
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