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<Snipped quote by Valiance>

*Watches the discussion warily*

*Waits in silence for several moments more, looking back and forth between you*
I hear no further objections. Expect to hear from me soon.
*Closes the door back between us*
<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

I want the details. I'm not saying I agree, but tell me what I would need to do to take part.

*Smiles and exhales through my nose*
Just keep an open ear. I'll tell you when I've set things in motion. And be ready to do anything.
<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

*Studies you up and down, mulling the thought over*

Take my help or not. I'm simply speeding along a process already in motion, completely free of charge, no strings attached.
<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

You’ve nothing to gain from benevolence. Why?

I have nothing to gain from benevolence for the sake of benevolence, no. The why of being kind having benefits for me here? Well, maybe we can talk about it with some more of that trust you mentioned.
<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

Then why rely on Roland instead of going after it yourself?

For a handful of reasons. Most notably for you, though, is because I know Roland wants to do it himself. Closure is a strange beast, isn't it?
<Snipped quote by Nimda>

Depends on what he's really asking for in return.

<Snipped quote by Valiance>

What are you thinking you’ll do?

Absolutely nothing. I get what I want out of this simply by you getting what you want.
<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

Don't much appreciate being spied upon, in my line of work.

*Furrows my brows*
Listen. There are some things you need to accept in this world. Just like a higher power, me watching you is not spying, it is the natural order of things if I deem it that way.
*Straightens the collar of my jacket*
Besides. I'm not asking you for what I really want most of all, despite offering something of that caliber to you, as I doubt you'd be interested in taking me to the world you emerged from.
<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

... How much do you know?

A lot more than you think. You'd be hard pressed to escape my ears once I've an interest in you, Roland Rhosyn.
<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

You're talking to a man who's had enough home invasion for one day, so make it quick.

<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

*Raises an eyebrow*

*Nods, but grins while doing so in a manner that shows I'm not taking the pushiness entirely seriously*
You had two brothers. You currently have one brother, and would like to make that zero brothers. You want to close out the job, but are having a hard time tracking him down. I have the means to draw him out for you. To you.
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