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Caffeine tolerance over 9000
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Our slice of life game will become your whole life…
12 days ago
ProTip: When working off a wiring diagram it's important to pay attention to where things go, especially those things you're not even working on.
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Not posting allows my creative juices to ferment.
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Our new slice of life game is hotter than an RJ with a deferred APU.


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I forgot you hadn't moved it when I did the character count yesterday. We'll have to adjust the guys/girls ratio again.

This looks good, just let @PrinceAlexus take a look when he gets in.


Yes, that's pretty much where we'd put it. We have a pretty good mix of players here.

Oh wow someone actually remembered us! LOL.

@Indy Cooper

Come join in. Be happy to have you.

Not yet, we'll do a formal announcement when it hits. Still have a few people posting in current event (including myself).
I see we hit that 100th IC post. Way to go ladies and gents.

Sounds fine to me. Go ahead and fill out a CS.
Bumping this thread...

Rolling on three weeks now, still accepting!

Come join us!


Post is up and with an extra bonus scene courtesy of SCFD. I had to go back and edit in all the tags because I always forget.
@Jay Kalton

About the time the alarm went off was when Joel knew it was time for him to make his exit. He didn’t like splitting cars on the bike, but the entire area was about to be impassable for several hours at the rate things were going. The helicopter hadn’t moved and he could hear sirens in the distance. He shot his coffee cup into a waste-bin and grabbed his backpack, momentarily surprised by its weight. He had nearly forgotten about the starter. Dammit. He thought. He now really didn’t feel like fooling around with that old man’s work-truck when he got back to the shop after all this drama. To top it off, as he began to slink away, a sprinkler soaked girl in a blue dress shot him the stink-eye apparently for still being dry. Fuck her and her fucking jazz night was his initial thought when he caught her sharp gaze. Some bum seemed to be trying to creep and help her out at the same time and that was fitting enough.

Crossing back across the street at a healthy stride, he ducked under the tail rotor amidst the commotion and a burly security guard barked at him for being too close to the helicopter. Joel shot the man the finger and kept walking. His anger was beginning to boil. He kept a large 35mm wrench in his backpack whenever he rode his motorcycle and it wasn’t for working on cars. He stepped up to the sidewalk aiming to round the corner when something struck his lower leg hard. Holy fuck, ouch! He looked down to see a full can of cheap beer spinning away with foam spraying apparently opened by his fibula. He glared and looked around, but his expression lightened a little when he saw the mortified woman that launched the shot. She was taller than most, which he liked and wore a sleek blue top in a soaked outfit that may have once been well-put-together. “Damn, you could have at least hit me with something expensive.” He said. The crowds were unruly and he wasn’t slowing down to talk trash, “C’mon if you want to get out of this shit-show.” He said nodding in the direction he was travelling


The veterans of Ladder Company 5, SCFD were busily beating a path through Riverside. Sirens blared and traffic slowly parted allowing one firetruck followed by an ambulance from Sol Memorial to pass through. Their progress was steady and when the first foreign barricade was reached, they simply pushed it out of the way in spite of protests from a black-suit clad security detail. The Captain on duty almost hadn't believed it when dispatch reported a large helicopter blocking the path to the source of the call. He grinned when he saw the polished metal corporate chopper placed exactly as described. They'd never pushed a helicopter with the truck.

@King Tai@Voltus_Ventus@aladdin_sane
@Jay Kalton

I'll give it a go. Just a give me a bit to write it up.
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