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10 days ago
Nothing like finishing a game successfully.
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20 days ago
Washing my Jeep summons a storm faster than Thor's hammer.
1 mo ago
Everyone knows I'm not really from Florida because I use a turn signal.
1 mo ago
RIP Art Bell, the absolute master of talk radio.
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2 mos ago
What did you do on your vacation? I drank coffee and posted on internet forums.


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It's pretty much as @PrinceAlexus described. You just imagine your characters as every-day people, but as he said, you're also free to make them famous or poor. It's your preference. If you have time, read some of the old thread and you can get a feel for what we mean.

Go for it.

No pressure bro. We tried to treat Tommy really good in your absence and he really turned out to be a very likeable character.
Just out of curiosity, how many people have been reading the old thread?
<Snipped quote by Pilatus>

Yeah, which is why most of the population likes to be evil. Gotta have balance with that one ray of sunshine

I wouldn't say that most were evil as far as the characters went in Chapter One. Some behaved worse than others though.
<Snipped quote by PrinceAlexus>

Very true. And I'm sure many more will need it xD

It's more fun to be evil.

I thought it was good. Not at all what I was expecting.


Sorry about that, something about switching between pages while tagging people causes problems. I'll have to add your locations to the map too.
@PrinceAlexus I'm fine with low key and something she can't really control maybe and doesn't always happen, but only sometimes.

Same as @PrinceAlexus said. As long as it's not magical or blatantly paranormal then it should be fine.
I think I have put a like on everyone that has put a CS here. Consider it pre-approval (kinda sounds like we're giving out loans). I don't think I missed anyone. When the time comes and you want to change/add something just let us know before we give the official word.

@LetMeDoStuff, @LetMeDoStuff, @MissCapnCrunch

Yay for lifeboat of friendship

Please. God. No.

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