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You know you're into it when you have dreams about your characters.


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Paige Kennedy

Paige immediately put her foot in the door paying almost no attention to Milo's smartass greeting. He'd again started off the battle and she quietly hoped he'd say something about her needing a warrant so she could educate him about how that wasn't a requirement for her. She could kick the door in if she wanted. "We'll just be a minute." She said walking past him without making eye contact. She looked around briefly evaluating his rather Spartan living arrangements. Some apparent "remodel" had been performed into a sort of dull rustic theme that she found as pathetic as his silly sign out front. She put her bag on what looked like a handmade wooden table.

With her back to him, she figured he could pretty clearly see the gun he engraved for her tucked behind her sweater. He knew well enough where she kept it when it wasn't visible on her side. What he, nor Sio could not see however was her expression lighten slightly at the scent of a familiar aroma, or rather two, that wafted through the air. The music, the heat, the image of a glowing ball of orange behind silver evening clouds over the Bay came with it. A voice in her head shook her. There was no time to be sentimental. There was work to be done... but she had left her badge in the car. She felt less decisive than when they'd pulled up and it raged in her conscious.

She ran a hand back over her ear, brushing her hair back and turned around trying to keep her customary firm glance. "Tell me you haven't been sitting here drinking that rot alone?" Her eyes wandered over him down to his bandaged hand, "I see you managed to slice yourself up, it's a wonder you didn't bleed out."


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Siobhan & Paige

Location: Final Round Armoy

Paige rolled the revolver over and took out her pistol. She needed to see it again in order to convince herself. Her weapon, a sleek Sig SAS model looked tiny by comparison, but it was the engraving that had nearly stopped her cold. Marked under the hefty barrel of the revolver was a simple string of Roman numerals running vertically. Marked in the same position on her gun, was a likewise string: IX PRK, followed by a tiny Rook chess piece. Only one person left their mark in that way. No wonder the gun felt so balanced. She shook her head. He couldn't be that stupid.

The ride back to Old Harbor was quiet. She was trying poorly to take her mind off her contempt by enjoying her choice of vehicle. She discovered that it indeed did have a built in GPS system and thought briefly that she must have looked very blonde reading the signs and watching the ramps earlier. It said "M3" on the back in a racy little badge. Maybe that meant it went fast. She had no idea. Zipping around in fairly heavy traffic, they crossed the Costa Bridge and she glanced over noticing a rescue boat down on the water. Her initial thought was how satisfying it would be to throw a certain metalworker over the side and give the boat crew something to do for a while.

Sure enough after coming down off the bridge and a few quick turns, the GPS put them directly in front of a handmade steel and oak sign for Final Round Armory. She shook her head looking at it. What a joke. She thought, but felt a pang of guilt as the thought of the photo she'd found came immediately after. She sighed and pursed her lips a tiny bit. He had come out swinging at the party and she likewise couldn't help herself. They were like fire and gas. Sio got to see it first hand. In spite of it, she hadn't said anything to Ana, though they'd talked a couple times.

Paige looked down at her star, still in the cupholder. She hated feeling indecisive and momentarily questioned what she was even doing. She looked at the aged warehousefront. His old setup was much nicer and at least looked like something other than where a hobo might be sleeping. Her eyes next wandered over at his silly truck parked out front and snickered lightly to herself. Redneck. "C'mon, there won't be any danger here." She said to Sio before getting out.

Leaving her badge, she stowed the revolver in her gym bag and threw it over her shoulder. Approaching with that cannon, probably wasn't the best look, though she still tucked her Sig behind her back same as before. It wasn't like he didn't know she had it on her. The car's security chirped happily behind her and she put on her standard business face before knocking on the door.

Joel Nicolosi

“Sounds lame,” Joel said, “Good thing there’s gonna be booze.”

Tommy chuckled a bit, “What is up with your family and the names?” He was genuinely interested in the answer.

“Sounds like they just let autocorrect name their kids.” He continued unperturbed on his newly filled Guiness. “You still got that black suit?” He said looking at Tommy. Joel owned nothing nicer than shorts, jeans, t-shirts and hoodies.

“That one I bought you in Tokyo?” Tommy said. Prior to their meeting with the big wheels at Nissan, Tommy was forced to purchase his business partner one finely tailored suit from an expensive department store in Ginza. The price tag was enough to even make Tommy shake his head a little, “Oh yeah, I still got it, might be the most expensive suit I own.”

Joel tipped his glass at Marlin with a wide grin, “See that, we go top shelf around here.” He continued with his steak momentarily, “I want to see who’s going to sit where.” He said, “Please make sure I sit right next to your aunt.”

“Uh, no.” Tommy said.

“Why not?” Joel asked, “It’ll be fun.” He briefly picked at the box the model arrived in until he stopped and examined the shipping label before he burst into laughter.

“What is it?”

Joel peeled the label off and turned it so both Tommy and Marlin could see, “This is your new nickname,” He cackled. The misprinted label clearly read Tommy Lormax rather than Lomax. Joel laughed hysterically, “Isn’t that a Pokemon or something?”

“You need to get out more.” Tommy said shaking his head trying not to laugh himself. Joel had about the most twisted and sick sense of humor he had ever encountered including NFL locker rooms.

“That’s some funny shit.” Joel laughed. “Can we make sure his table card says the same thing?” He said to Marlin. “LORMAX, table for four.” He applied one hand to his sternum in a feeble attempt to control his hysterics.



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Siobhan & Paige

Location: West Sol

Interaction: Each other@Almalthia
& @Pilatus

Paige glanced down at the dash. Being a female and from Florida, she was accustomed to driving at a considerable clip above the speed limit. The car responded swiftly as she changed lanes and she was pleased with her choice of vehicle. “A couple weeks ago there was a big jazz party downtown,” She said, briefly glancing down at the time. “A woman was assaulted and drugged, probably not much older than you.” The BMW was considerably more luxurious than the Ford, but ironically lacked the center mounted GPS. She leaned forward to check her exit ramp before continuing, “Anyway, that normally wouldn't be a big deal, but as it turns out the perp has been on the lam since that night and local PD thinks he may have fled the city- that's where I come in.” She turned back onto a surface street, placing them in a high middle class area west of Riverside. “Fugitives are the primary job of us Marshals,” She said, “Personally, I think the little bastard is trying to get to Canada and he's still closeby. We’re going to see a few people that will help me find him here in the city.”

They entered a shopping and restaurant district and Paige turned off a nice tree-lined divided street into an expansive parking lot where various polished outlet chains were joined together in a neat line with a big box store on one end; sporting goods, shoes, electronics. It was typical Americana. Paige checked her phone and scanned the lot. “But first, we’re gonna pay back some of my student loans.” She said with a sly smile.

Siobhan started a bit with the drugged girl comment; her eyes zeroing in on Paige. She holds her breath and tenses and she looks out the window getting quiet and remembering the past. A tense silence filled the car as Paige informed her of what exactly was going on, her job and some sketchy details of the perp. Siobhan nodded tensely ‘uh-hum’ing what Paige said.

As Paige turned off and checked her cell. Siobhan said emotionlessly still looking out the window. “Glad you have it figured out better than some. I hope you get him before he gets away. It’ll only get worse and more people will get hurt if he gets away. My best friend in boarding school killed herself because she was raped. Genny’s rapist was found, eventually. Consequently it was after ‘Portrait of Genny’ became so well known. That was the hard part. He was...well I thought he was, a good friend.” Siobhan grimaced as if the word friend was something rotten that she has smelled. Her reflection was pained and she quickly wiped the expression off her face.

Turning back to Paige Siobhan smiled but it didn’t reach her eyes. “So same age as me huh? Am I bait or something? If I am I trust you. I figure a Marshal knows what they’re doing.” Siobhan raises an eyebrow waiting for a response as she looks over at Paige.

“I always get them,” Paige said with a stern confidence, “One way or another.” She continued around the lot. Her glance narrowed slightly when she spotted a lone car, a clean, but old Crown Victoria sitting in the shade, not too far to be out of the way and not too close to be conspicuous. The windows were tinted solid black. “And you don’t have to worry about that,” She said in response to Sio’s concern. “Just sit tight and enjoy the show.” Paige pulled up behind the car and flashed her lights: Two short flashes and two long. She quickly checked her phone and dropped her badge in the cup holder before taking her pistol out and tucking it behind her back. She flipped her sweater back down and hopped out of the car.

Her contacts were clear about the instructions and both stories matched up perfectly. One contact she knew she could trust. The other was yet to be determined which was why she was testing him. The joint taskforce had put a serious damper on Sol City’s underground drug trade in only a week’s time and the criminal elements had responded by going back to the most tried and true methods of conducting business; one of which was hiding in plain sight. Deals conducted during the day had the benefit of appearing completely genuine and the sheer boldness of it was what was unexpected. Two or more people standing by a car and talking in front of a Sears or a Barnes & Noble looked completely natural in broad daylight.

This particular hombre, a mid to high-level street dealer for Delossantos specialized in selling his product to the more polished and discreet members of Sol City’s drug users, those that indulged in their habits within the confines of gated communities and high-rise apartment complexes. What interested Paige was his distant, yet blood related connection to Margaret Delossantos. She had posted his bail the last time he was hauled away and when he failed to make his court date the bulletins went out among the bond agents and SCPD for his return. There was a hefty sum offered in exchange for his return, which ordinarily, Paige would not have been allowed to claim as a Federal officer, but if she were to arrange with a certain bounty hunter an agreement to split the reward in exchange for helping track down said fugitive of the courts then that was a bit of a gray area.

Looking at the car as she approached, it ironically appeared to be a long retired police cruiser with polished chrome wheels and what looked like a new pearl paint job. The window came down partially before she had a chance to knock. “Hola, seniorita,” A male voice spoke from inside the car. The man’s eyes followed the top of the glass looking Paige over until the window disappeared into the track. His look wasn’t one of suspicion or apprehension. It was pure lust. He looked to be in his mid-twenties, lanky with short cut hair and a tattoo on his neck that looked like a kiss from heavy lipstick. “Tell me what I can do for you.” He said in Spanish.

Paige smirked and leaned down, putting her hand on the window frame. “Show me what you can do,” She replied back also in Spanish. Being from middle Florida, her Spanish was perfect and carried a touch of Columbian. She could tell he was digging it and noticed him angling for a look at Sio in the side mirror. “My girlfriend and I heard about you from a friend.” She said drawing his attention back.

The prospect of a second female excited him even more and he leaned forward slightly to look in the side mirror at the BMW trying to get a clear glimpse at Sio, “I got just the thing…” He turned to flip a custom made panel out of the passenger seat and retrieve a colorful cocktail of pills prepared in a small plastic bag. His grin was wide, but sunk immediately when he turned back to find himself staring down the barrel of Paige’s pistol. “Ah, shit.” He spat. There was no longer any Spanish.

“Get out.” Paige said flatly.

“Mine’s bigger,” He said nodding down at his left leg. He had a partially drawn large barrel revolver, “Big enough to put hole through this door and you with it.”

Paige glanced down, “Think you can point that cannon before I put hole in your head?”

“You a cop, right?” He said, “I know you’re not gonna shoot me.”

“You sure I’m a cop?” Paige replied. Her hand didn’t move and she continued to look straight down the barrel of her gun into his eyes.

“Bitch, I been around, I know the game,” He smiled. “Besides, you think I never had a gun pointed at me?”

Paige tilted her head slightly, almost playfully, “No,” She said, “but this could be the last.”

“You not gonna do sh---“ He was cut off as Paige’s hand moved swiftly and fired a round directly into the steering wheel causing the airbag to deploy. The shock of the gunshot and instantaneous deployment of the bag caused him to let out an animal like yelp of surprise.

Paige flung the door open and threw the man on the ground. Completely disoriented, he hit the pavement without even an attempt to protect his face. His chrome plated revolver spilled out with him and she immediately kicked it away. She looked around making sure the noise hadn’t drawn any unwanted attention and retrieved a small set of handcuffs from her back pocket. As the man groaned in pain and confusion she swiftly kicked him squarely between the legs with enough force to retract his manhood for more than a few weeks. He howled and began to go into dry-heaves as his body searched in futility for ways to deal with the myriad of pains inflicted upon it. “You…” He coughed, “crazy… bitch!”

Cuffing one hand and clipping the other to one of his car’s expensive wheels, Paige took out her phone and sent a quick text. She brushed her hair back and gave Sio a thumbs up and a smile.


A black, unmarked van turned off and made its way down the street, entering the lot where Paige currently waited. She deftly busied herself with her charge's very large caliber revolver. Dumping the shells she twirled it in one hand wild-west style and visualized sliding it into a holster on her side.

"My... damn... gun... bitch" The man grumbled.

"Shut up or I'll put you in the trunk." She said rolling the gun in her hand with a bit of curiosity. It was surprisingly balanced. Seeing the van approach, she flipped it over quickly scanning for any mark of modification. Her eyes widened slightly and she shot a glance of pure death over at the crumpled man chained to his car. Being doubled over on the ground, he never saw it. She put the gun on the hood as the brakes of the van squeaked lightly to a stop. A man and a woman got out.

"Good morning, Paige." The woman said crisply, "Or is it afternoon now?" She glanced down looking for a watch she wasn't wearing then looked up at the man who had inched his way into a half-slump against the tire. "Time to go, Victor." She said. "AJ, would you, please."

"Mornin'" Paige said returning the greeting not intending to sound as Southern as the word came out. She handed the cuff keys to AJ, who could have easily passed as a lineman for the Angels. When she first arrived in Sol, Paige made it a point to get in contact with the best bounty hunter the city had to offer. The duo of Sharon Wren and her partner, AJ were at the top of everyone's list. They hit it off over emails and a few calls, but had never actually met in person.

Sharon, about eight years older than Paige had a slightly weathered look about her and was all business. She watched AJ haul their bounty into the back of the van before handing Paige a thick, white envelope. "It's been a pleasure, my dear, keep in touch."

Paige accepted the envelope with a light nod and watched them drive away. Her cordial smile faded as she went back and retrieved the revolver.

"We have another stop to make now," She said. Her tone was more grave than any other time the whole day. "If you think you're up for it."


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Joel Nicolosi

Both men stopped mid conversation to look at Marlin strangely after her comment for them to “Leave off”.

“She thinks you’re arguing,” Tommy’s young bartender said not looking up from the glass she was polishing. “This is how they carry on all the time dear, they’re not serious, it’s mostly just noise.” She looked up to glance at Marlin, partly to drive home her point and partly to get a look at her competition. Women that could put up with Joel for more than a few seconds were a kind of rarity. She could tell this woman had some kind of interest in him or she would have already been gone, like the rest of them. “If they’re not going back and forth about that car, then it’s usually some form of bro-science or politics.”

“What she means,” Joel said cutting in, “Is that I’m usually right.”

“No,” the girl said grinning and placing one hand on her hip, “It means that you’re both equally full of shit.”

Tommy laughed, “Probably true.”

“Don’t you have some other work to be doing?” Joel said. He tipped his glass back and knocked down the rest of his Guiness in an impressive couple of gulps before plopping the glass back down on the bar. “I found another glass for you to clean.”

The girl rolled her eyes and swiped away his glass refilling it from the tap and sliding it back in front of him. “There ya go, don’t say I never did anything for you.”

“Well, it is kind of your job.” Joel said munching a bit of steak.

“So what’s the deal with the Gala?” Tommy asked trying to refocus the conversation. He had managed to keep Joel and the female members of his wait staff in separate beds for several years now, not that it was normally too difficult considering Joel’s moodiness. The man tended to drive away as many as he attracted. No, it was just too close a mix of business and pleasure. The restaurant was his business and the car was an extension thereof. Joel was his best friend, but also his business partner and he didn’t need him getting too cozy with his other employees. Joel knew the rules, but still liked to test the waters from time to time. He gave the girl a nod towards main floor to take care of some customers and turned back to Joel and Marlin.

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Joel Nicolosi

“Oh there’s going to be a trophy,” Joel said continuing to look the model over, “You don’t have to worry about that.” He and Tommy gave one another an affirmative fist bump with the statement. He looked up momentarily to study the picture as she spoke, though he hardly looked at her plane. He was mostly looking at himself behind the wheel. While the car looked immaculate in the captured light. In the shadow of the cockpit, his orange helmet was only partially visible while she could be seen easily in the blown up detail of high-definition all the way down to her tied back blonde hair. He was becoming slightly annoyed at how she always had to get her little jabs in first, but he knew that she was just looking for a way to push his buttons. Maybe there was some form of childish interest she had in him, though he was too stubborn to embrace it. The petit young server who brought him the beer looked over at him, jealous of Marlin. Ah, so much easier, he thought glancing back over at her momentarily. “Yeah, it is worth something.” He said slyly turning back, “Reminds me of the day I beat you in that race.”

The growling from his empty stomach and her remembrance of their bet was a proper combination and delivered with good timing. The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The old saying came to mind even though she wasn’t delivering by her own preparation, but because she lost a bet. Well, gotta stick what she’s good at. He smirked a little at the thought. He took a long few sips at his Guiness and remembered it had been some time since he’d drank substantially- a talent for which he was also well known. Relaxing a little he gently turned the model on its base so that the rear was facing Marlin. “I put your new decals on today,” He said. “I put the Polar Star decal right here on the rear deck-lid,” He motioned over the back of the car and spoke with the utmost in pretend seriousness, “So that it would be at an angle you were used to looking at.”

Tommy shook his head and snickered, “Tell me you didn’t really do that?”

“I won’t say I didn’t.” Joel replied, “You scared of her aunt? Or sister, or whatever she was?”

“You are completely full of shit.” Tommy said.

“No, I put them where they’re supposed to go like a good boy,” Joel said, “Last thing we need is another butthurt woman running around here.”

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