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Current November 10th, 2017 4:30 pm CST. You let go and I wasn't ready. I'm still not ready. I miss you.
5 mos ago
Two months and a week. I miss you. This sucks. Is it bad that I pretend that you PCS'd and will be back before long? Then I remember you're gone and won't be back even if I wished it. And I do. Daily.
5 mos ago
Two months, four days. I miss you. Can't listen to Mike and the Mechanics "In The Living Years" anymore. It came on at work yesterday as the last song and I cried.
6 mos ago
Starting the New Year without you sucks...having birthdays without you is going to suck whether they're mine or someone else's.
6 mos ago
One month, two weeks, two days and the first Christmas without you. I miss you.


Ugh...I hate this part. So I'm super into Sailor Moon...which no one else is...and that's okay. I also really love Items, Escaflowne, Vampire Knight, Fushigi Yugi, Ah My Goddess, K Dramas, Chinese and Tiwanise Dramas as well. I torture people by making them read the TV.

Oh this is where I tell you I'm American...and I just lost a few people but oh well. Trust me if I could afford to live overseas I would. So yeah...that's me.

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Jocelyn Victoria Beatrice Harmon AKA Tonic

Location: Westside of the Theater District, East of Hell’s Kitchen; One the Streets and Avenues of Manhattan

May 6th, 2012
The ride to the apartment was uneventful after that. Probably due to my doubling back. Quickly I parked the bike next to my Honda Civic and reaching into my jacket pocket I toss Lenora the keys to the car and hand her about 40 dollars. “Hop in and keep her running I will be right down. I am used to this. Sadly I pack light and live out of suitcases...well suitcase. Be out in a jiffy.”

I run up the stairs trying not to think about how Finnlay is probably not happy with me. How he's as close to a normal relationship I got and it scared me so I took off. For as long as I have been alive no one has ever come that close. Before I know it I am at my door and unlocking it. I stuff all the clothes in my suitcase which is indeed lying open. Thankfully I had washed all my clothes just yesterday at the laundromat. Then I grab the kit.

The kit is a one stop shop for getting the hell out of Dodge. Lighter fluid, matches, ammonia…basic necessities for arson and erasing my DNA. Ammonia gets splashed all over the bathroom. Bathtub, sink, toilet, floor everywhere. The same with the kitchen. Using ammonia soaked rags to wipe off cutlery that gets tossed in the sink. I am not taking it and this place is going up in smoke. Literally. The bed, couch, chairs lighter fluid in copious amounts. Then as I am walking out strike a match and it goes up in flames quickly. Doing the same to the couch and furniture I walk out the door and with gloves on close it. Rushing down the stairs I pull the fire alarm.

Getting back to Lenora I signal her to pop the trunk. As she does I put my things in the trunk and hop on the bike and start it up. I start to see people scrabble and gun the engine. Safe to say we are getting out of here. I toss the apartment keys along the way to the bar. She follows me back to the bar where just outside is Draco and Pretty Eyes. Amazingly unharmed. Apparently luck is still with us. I quickly write down the address of my place in Boston. “Here this is the address to my place in case we get separated. Oh you have the house key and the cash was if you need to fill up. I will get you there but just in case remember 63 Cart Path Road Weston, MA. I have to meet up with...a contact to get more cash and other things. Do not ask just know that I will be back after about a couple of hours with coffee and breakfast. We have to make this fast so in you go and off we go.” I sync up my bluetooth to my phone and put my hair in a low ponytail put my earpiece in then put on my helmet. Setting the phone to read texts or emails I rev the bike and speed off. I am sure that Lenora can keep up with me. About an hour out of Boston I get an email.‘I have some jobs that you could do for some quick cash it just depends on what your willing to do. And If you need a place to laylow and stay I can help you there to.’

Fortunately luck seems to be holding and we get to the house just fine. I wave and speed off to the pre arranged meeting place not wanting to keep Finnlay waiting. I am about five minutes early and park and pull off my helmet walking over to the bandstand. Butterflies in my stomach and I am drag ass tired and hoping he does not blow me off.

Location: Club Aether

Interaction: Joel @Pilatus

Siobhan composed herself as she and Joel walked into Club Aether. She checked her pockets to make sure she had her ID when asked for it. Putting her phone and wallet in the zip pockets of the jacket. She included the neatly folded hood in a side pocket as well.

Joel's posture changed, tensed a little. Siobhan peeked around him. Nothing out of the ordinary or at least she thought. People looked fine, no scuffle. There was no perceptible difference. Was it the karaoke? Well if it began to give them a headache they'd leave. Joel glanced back at her then leaned over and whispered in her ear. She shivered at his nearness. Went to highschool with Ethan Aster of The Sirens? Well that's pretty cool. She was a fan of theirs and some of their albums had been inspirational to her ever ravenous painting Muse. He also mentioned getting a table. She nodded listening to the songs that were coming from one of her favorite bands.

The moved around the outside of the club and got a table. They sat down and she motioned a waitress over and decided to order. “Two Blue Moons please.” The waitress nodded and brought back the order and Siobhan handed over the 7 dollars. She waited until the waitress walked away and looked at Joel pointedly. “To getting your heart's desire...may your libido be content as well.” She grinned wickedly and held out for the clink of Joel's beer before she was going to sip her beer.
Ethan Aster

Location: Sol City Airport; Club Aether

Interaction: Vika@PrinceAlexus

Ethan found it cute that she swung to the Greek pantheon rather than the Roman one. He smiled down at her as he moved them to the dance floor. Wondering if she was as lively a dance partner as a conversationalist. Or would he have to coax her into breaking out of her shell? Would she be offended if he danced a little dirty? Would he care? He decided to save the dirty stuff for later and kept it pretty tame.

He had some fun moves that he was pretty sure made her smile and he leaned down and said in her ear making sure his lips brushed skin with each subsequent syllable. “I'm going to go sing and then I might get mobbed but you and your friend,” Nodding to Marlin, “can sit with me and the guys. I'll introduce you.”

The couple of songs that they were out for before he walked her back to her spot at the bar as he kissed her cheek and walked over to the closest of his band members Tobias. Who was chatting with a girl with a pixie cut that looked like a hot version of Jodi Foster. He tapped Tobias on the shoulder and motioned to the stage with a jerk of his head. Tobias nodded and excused himself making his way toward the stage.

Ethan located Paul who was flirting with a girl with blonde pigtails that looked way too young to be drinking. Unless she had a fake ID. Ethan shook his head excused Paul and himself chastising Paul about his Lolita obsession and how one day he was either going to demand birth certificates or be in very big trouble. He nodded to the stage and Paul lit up like a sparkler. Nodding Paul made his way to the stage. While Ethan went to find Drew.

Drew was neck deep in fans. He collected them like moths to a flame. Ethan grinned catching Drew's eye and nodded. Drew nodded back and made his way to the stage with a crowd of females following his swagger. A massive amount of them broke off and waylaid the KJ as the guys got on the stage after the last singer completed their song. The four of them walked on stage and Ethan motioned the lead guitarist over. “Hey man you guys take a break and we'll fill in for free for a couple of sets.” Ethan handed the guy 150 in cash 50 for each. Drums, both guitarist, lead and bass. The guy shrugged and handed over his guitar and explained to the other guys who nodded and handed over the instruments to The Sirens.

Ethan pulled down his hood and grabbing the microphone he began an introduction to die for… “Good evening Sol City.” Paul the lead guitarist and a bit of a show off did an impressive run grinning and getting the attention of everyone else in the club. “That would be Paul.” Ethan indicated Tobias. “Tobias is on bass.” Tobias flexes through a series of complex chords and a huge riff that makes sure he is ready for whatever. “Drew is in the back on drums.” The beat that Drew lays down goes from We Will Rock You’s iconic beat to the rolling thunder that is reminiscent of Def Leopard’s epic drum solos back to We Will Rock You so smoothly you could swear that it was all one song. He ends with a flourish and Ethan looks out over the crowd and that smoldering sexy look he gives makes his next words sound like pure sex. “I'm Ethan and we are The Sirens.” There is a roar of approval from fans and Ethan lifts his hands for quiet. “We're going to do sing a couple of songs for you as an impromptu little concert then let the Karaoke flow afterwards. If you're interested in more let us know and we can work it in. We're regular guys so you can come talk to us over there.” Ethan points to a reserved section toward the back. “Just a little gossip. We're back to stay!!! Now let me hear you if you're having a great time!!!” Ethan's voice is hypnotic and even people who look like they wouldn't normally get excited about their music, which would be more hard rock borderline metal, are excited. They started into the first song. “Well I don't know where they come from. But they sure do come. I hope they comin' for me. And I don't know how they do it but they sure do it good. I hope they doin' it for free. They give me cat scratch fever. Cat Scratch FeverEthan struts around the stage and hams it up. His singing voice perfectly on pitch as if the song was made for him. “This next one has been around in a ton of movies and we love jamming out to it. So without further adieu…” The drums and guitar started in on their next song Immigrant Song. Ethan belted out the highs and lows in perfect pitch and syncopation in the song. They finished with the crowd breaking into a deafening roar. They existed the stage and went to the sectioned off area as quickly as possible...which wasn't all that quickly.
Jocelyn Victoria Beatrice Harmon AKA Tonic

Location: Work, Bar called The Rum House; Westside of the Theater District, East of Hell’s Kitchen

May 6th, 2012

While I am braiding my hair and wrapping it into a bun I state. “So I am headed out now. I have a car at my flat so I can get my stuff. Then will be back with some much needed...things. Lenora do you want to ride with me? It will be a tight fit but you should be fine on the bike. I will give you the keys to my car and whoever is going with me to Boston I have a place where we can lay low while I get some cash.” My hair done I look around and notice that luck seems to be on our side as all the cameras have been destroyed. I open the register and snag some of the cash tallying it out to about what I would have made tonight sans tips. It was enough for me to fill up both vehicles and have some left to feed myself. Now I have more people to think about.This was not stretching far enough this time around. I really needed a steady job. Thank god the Boston house had been bought and paid for about 15 years ago. I motion for Lenora to follow and I head out the back grabbing my helmet and handing it off to her as she gets on. I know that I would survive a crash but neither she nor the bike would. I hoped she knew how to lean with someone on a bike.

I start up the bike and the wail of a siren off in the distance getting closer. “Oh bloody hell just what we need.” I glance over my shoulder and shout. “Hang on.” Apparently response time was a little lacking but after what happened earlier today I can be forgiving. I just wish it had not been this fast. I peel out and hope that no one thinks staying at the bar was a good idea. It looked like someone robbed the place mowing down patrons as they went.

Apparently we had bigger problems. Blue and red flashing ones as I sped toward 8th Avenue. Of course the luck from earlier had to run out at some point as I saw no one else on the road except the cop that saw me gunning down 47th Street like hell was following me. He promptly started to pull around and pursue me. Ballocks.

Location: Old Sol International Airport

Interaction: Joel @Pilatus

Joel smirked and reached over to help her with the belts. Siobhan watched his hands as he tightened the straps down properly and fastened them together maneuvering around her shoulders, waist and chest. Making sure she was safe in the car was more important than flirting for the moment. Parental as it seemed, she was sure there was a reason find out why soon enough. Looking up at him through her lashes she had to admit that he looked like he was enjoying it a little bit. The closeness between them felt natural and it was evident she was genuinely glad to be there. She hoped it was the same for him.

With a small wave to the assembly he moved the sequential gearbox into first and pulled off the pallet slowly. She could hear the tires squeaking over the concrete floor, biting down even at a crawl. A few of the workers moved their hands in circular motions looking for him to light them up, but he resisted the urge. He activated the high-beams then caused the high-powered LED bulbs to pulse rapidly. He made sure everyone was out of the way and he was clear before giving them all what they wanted. It was just a short burst of power, but the tires lit up instantly in white smoke and that was enough as they growled away. Showing off in the traffic lane wasn’t exactly smiled upon. She laughed giddily.

Joel looked over at Siobhan, his face only lit by the faint glow of the controls, “Checkmate.” He said. The word was barely audible over the growl of the exhaust that exited behind her seat, but she read his lips grinning.

Having someone who knew the roads let Siobhan relax and enjoy the ride. She knew he'd take care of them. For once in her life other than her dad she let a male take control. And it was strangely liberating. Or was it really that strange? Joel turned on to the old highway that led back to the city and purposefully increased the speed gradually until the telephone poles were going by like fence-posts. Siobhan’s heart raced faster as the speed increased. She was so excited she knew she'd never get to sleep, anytime soon that is. She had to remember to breathe and that was a chore at times. Then the tingles started. It was a vibrating, goose bump, fuzzy, dizzy feeling.

The intersection for the 923 Loop blinked in the distance and they were there in seconds blazing by a Shell station with the cackling rumble of deceleration her laughing breathlessly. The light for the turning lane was green and the howl of the exhaust reverberated beneath the overpass as he swung up the ramp and really put his foot in it causing the rear end to come around slightly. Joel ever so slightly corrected the wheel to counter it grinning broadly the whole time. Siobhan turned her head his way and grinned back excitedly. She was loving this giddy, breathless and tingling all over sensation. Oh this needs to happen more often.

They hit the highway and he blasted past a semi, and that was when they screamed along making it to the junction for 98 in less than a minute. The car wrapped around the curving on-ramp feeling like it was on rails and he went back up through the gears like a song nearly trance-like in his concentration and control. He seriously doesn't know how damned sexy he is?!

As lane markings blurred together into solid white lines Joel saw the exit coming up and relented on the accelerator. They coasted down the exit lane seeing the downtown glow of skyscrapers in the distance as Siobhan took the time to compose herself. Coming to stop for a traffic signal, he nudged her shoulder and leaned over so she could hear him, “Quick trip, huh?” He said with a smile in his voice apparent.

She didn't know if he had seen the half lidded look she gave him but she cleared her throat softly. Muttering “If you remembered how to breathe.”

It wasn’t far from the highway and they cruised under the streetlights and neon signs drawing glances from groups of pedestrians traveling up and down The Run. He held the high-beam flasher a few times enjoying himself immensely as they passed before carefully angling over the entrance of a club she'd never been to. She grinned as the car drew steady glances and some even pointed as they rumbled past the entrance and Joel gave a couple obligatory taps of the pedal bouncing the wild exhaust note off the side of the building. He swung around to some of the parking in the rear spotting a white GTR parked securely in the distance and backed in next to it. Then he shut the engine down.

“I haven’t been here in years,” He said to Siobhan glancing at the building. “I don’t think I know what this place looks like in the daylight,” He mused. “Used to be pretty cool though. Let’s get a drink and we’ll head back out and see what kinda trade we can stir up.”

Laughing huskily Siobhan unbuckled fingers fumbling but getting it undone. Awesome just advertise you're not put together after that wildly amazing ride. I might do something embarrassing, like kiss him; really kiss him, if he leaned over right now.

“Good a drink sounds great. Head clearing even.” Her voice was husky like that laugh and she mentally winced. Jesus I sound like a freaking sex kitten!! She cleared her throat. “Lead on Speed Racer.” Her voice still had that husky edge to it and she blushed slightly hoping the lighting, or lack thereof for the most part, hid what was painfully obvious. With her completion any bumps turned to bruises and blushing, like now was obvious. Sometimes she hated her fair skin.
Hey, this looks great and I would love to apply, if that's alright with you. Would I post the character here first and then if she's approved move her over to the Character's thread?

Also, I don't know if this is a silly question or not but, how do we decide on an occupation? Are there already existing places in the city and we decide where we work, or do we just make the places up ourselves? Sorry if this has been asked before and I just didn't notice. I'm getting a bit lost in all these posts and I have no idea how I'll ever manage to catch up xD

You're on point with the CS concept. There are no silly questions here. You can fit the character to a job or if you want to bring an outside job in. Seems like a lot of us are sticking to what we know for jobs. Point is to have fun. Oh and welcome a board!!!
Jocelyn Victoria Beatrice Harmon AKA Tonic

Location: Work, Bar called The Rum House; Westside of the Theater District, East of Hell’s Kitchen

May 5th, 2012

“So not your sweetheart, Slingshot. We need to get out of here now. I am sure cops are on the way and the less someone like me talks to them the less I get blamed for. Lie to me again and I will have no qualms getting the truth out of you.” I pointedly look at Slingshot. “For those of you who don't know my name is Jocelyn, but Tonic will do. I plan on getting the hell out of here. I have a backup plan that I did not plan on using for a few more years but beggars cannot be choosers. I am leaving up the coast. I have space but we are not playing here, dick measuring is out this is a team effort. You people are going to need me.” I ate the protein bar and sent an email.

<Finnlay it's Jocelyn. In a bind. Headed your way in about 4 hours. Meet me at the Parkman Bandstand. Need a favor.>

I walked over to Legion’s Fist, who had left and come back by the time I finished the email and protein bar. “You need it, you’re getting it and I will not die. That is practically impossible so far. Pass out possibly. Just a little rusty on healing this many at once. If you would comply this would be easier. I have enough room to fit all of you if you are needing it. Any of you know to drive?” I looked around as Legion's Fist shrugged and pulled off his glove and I clasped his hand as if we here about to shake hands. It was done quickly enough and I was slipping my right glove back on.
Ethan Aster

Location: Sol City Airport; Club Aether

Interaction: Vika@PrinceAlexus

Ethan smiled at her wit. Then waited politely as the man in the wheelchair talked to Victoria. She got a bit ruffled by him and then shouted encouragement to Mali. Dragging her attention back to him he turned to face her more drawing her eye with his movements. “Victoria. The goddess of Victory in Greco-Roman times. Venus would be just as apropos. Siren call indeed. I'm sure you're familiar with that term very well since everything about you is just that. A siren call. I thought I came back to Sol to relax and enjoy myself but I promise you that I won't have that option if I don't get to see you more often. As for right now would you like to dance?” His voice got that hint of sex and promise of satisfaction. “I promise only to bite if you ask, or order as you prefer.” He stood and offered his hand to her. Eyes smouldering and his smile just a touch wicked.
<Snipped quote by Sewer Rat>

What would it take to convince him other than the cops showing up?

I was thinking maybe sly and Tonic might know each other from like brief emails possibly a fight ring where she'd earn extra cash healing up the wounded. Maybe have a simple house that's "been in the family" for years. She's bound to have a few properties here and there.

Location: Old Sol International Airport

Interaction: Joel @Pilatus

Siobhan grinned at his statement of not having to wait and that they were leaving in it now. He tossed her a red bag and said he bought her a jacket. She caught it on reflex stunned that he had clearly spent money on her and a bit confused. Putting on the jacket she marvelled at the fact that it fit her like a glove. Why did he-? How did he know my size? The color had to be a guess. My favorite color. Okay but the fit? My arms are a bit longer than normal but to fit across my chest and be able to zip it up? The man should have been a tailor. Or they have a size called slender but busty. She laughed and smoothed her hand down an arm reverently.

She looked over at Joel as he swung himself into the seat and took down the steering wheel from its hanger attaching it with an affirmative, metallic click! to the steering column. With a small twist of the key, the battery came alive first with an electric hum then the fuel pump sounded with a growl.

Then the warehouse erupted in the echo of an unfiltered exhaust note. The best way of describing it was cross between a banshee and roaring lion, completely, elemental, visceral and bone-jarringly loud. Siobhan groaned tilting her head back just a little bit. She bit her bottom lip as she reached out and opened the door.

The workers seemed to stop in their movements just to see the commotion and joining several others that gathered when the cover was removed. Joel tapped the accelerator a few times blasting the rpms up. Siobhan shivered in appreciation as the beauty growled and roared. She could already feel the vibration of the engine playing over her and shivered again at the thought of just how much closer she was going to be to that barely leashed wild thing claiming to be a car. A fireball of unburned fuel popped from the side-exit exhaust and was gone again in a flash. Joel nodded and glanced over to her. She couldn’t hear him, but his lips clearly read: Let’s go.

She laughed giddily and slid in shutting the door gently but firmly. Situating herself in the seat she ran her eyes over the interior design. It was very clean cut and spartan nothing flashy to take away from the drama of the car itself. Her eyes sparkling with wild excitement she smiled wickedly and made a motion like a seat belt and shrugged. She'd never been in a race car so while the concept of the five point harness was easy to guess she didn't want to do it wrong. Plus it was too tempting to see how far she could push him. His actions were writing checks that he couldn't cash. Let's see how far to the bank he'd go. She grinned wickedly then leaned over her hair falling across his arm. The faint hint of coffee and vanilla that accompanied her last time present. She raised her voice over the roar of the engine. “Check. Your move.” She sat back with a satisfied, wild, wicked smirk on her face the challenge blatantly obvious in her eyes.
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