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Current Recruiting for X-Men. Original characters wanted. Will be kicking off a new original plot line!!! Don't miss this!!…
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Two more days to a year that I'm not supposed to be counting. The little Tom Hanks in my soul is marking days without you. Castaway on an island surrounded by an ocean of tears getting deeper daily.
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Want a Slice of Life? Sol City is your ticket! Large, friendly group always room for more!…
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November 10th, 2017 4:30 pm CST. You let go and I wasn't ready. I'm still not ready. I miss you.
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Two months and a week. I miss you. This sucks. Is it bad that I pretend that you PCS'd and will be back before long? Then I remember you're gone and won't be back even if I wished it. And I do. Daily.


Ugh...I hate this part. So I'm super into Sailor Moon...which no one else is...and that's okay. I also really love Items, Escaflowne, Vampire Knight, Fushigi Yugi, Ah My Goddess, K Dramas, Chinese and Tiwanise Dramas as well. I torture people by making them read the TV.

Oh this is where I tell you I'm American...and I just lost a few people but oh well. Trust me if I could afford to live overseas I would. So yeah...that's me.

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Uná’s head spun and her mouth felt like somebody had made her eat cotton. Like cotton balls used for dabbing cuts with; same balls that children used to glue to paper to make lambs or snow. “Oh I’m never drinking again.” She sighs and wiggles in the chair she was put in. There is no pounding pulse from music. As she looks around it is obvious that she is no longer in the club. Oh I’m in trouble.

Flashbacks of the club and a definite edge of reality after her make out session with Frost. NEVER drinking again!! NEVER!!! Her head spun and she saw the backs of two men dressed in dark identical outfits.

She blinked and quietly rolled out her chair. Pushing past a half wall that seemed to have fogged her powers from her she felt the beginnings of a massive headache. This is really going to hurt…

Uná had put the guards under rather quickly. Not having the option of leaving the room is something she wasn’t comfortable with and she made it known. She snuck down the stairs and again tried to cloak herself in illusions.

Nothing. So she’d have to do this the old fashioned way. Looking around she kept to the shadows. She wanted out the door but the light would give her movement away. She picked up a little pebble and tossed it behind the group, which included Frost and a couple of goons.

I don’t give a shit what they’re doing, get them here now. ALL OF THEM! Those freaks are coming and we might as well be going up against them with pea shooters!” The veins in Lex’s neck protruded as he yelled at one of his subordinates, demanding more reinforcements. “And if you ever-


Lex stopped short to look toward the direction of the sound. His men instinctively drew their weapons and pointed toward the source of the noise, but there was nothing to be seen. It was Lex who first turned his head the opposite way, looking first to the windowed office above. He could see no one looming over the glass. He had multiple guards assigned to that room and not a single one could be seen from his vantage point. His eyes slowly rolled down to ground level.

Red,” he called out in that general direction, concern in his voice. “Sweetheart, are you alright?

Uná froze just as she was about to bolt for the door. Oh damn… do I run anyway? How long till the guards upstairs wake up? Uná blushed at the endearment. And since when am I a ‘sweetheart’? I did make out with the guy… No I like Nikola.

Uná searched the floor for another pebble and tossed it again a bit farther this time. This time she thought she could out run him.


Again, the armed men in suits scurried to find the noise and train their weapons on it. Lex, however, was unmoving. He couldn’t exactly pinpoint her location, but he knew she was out here within earshot. He also knew what she was trying to do. He hesitated a moment, thinking upon his next words carefully.

You want to leave,” he called out loudly, making sure he could be heard no matter where she was hiding. “You woke up in a strange place with scary men with guns and you’re frightened. I get it.” He looked to all of his men and started flapping his arms like a bird, a commanding gesture. “Everyone, put the guns down, now!” No one hesitated. Lex’s word was law in this place.

Red, if you want to leave, you can go, I just don’t want you to go alone. I don’t know how much you remember, but there’s this thing out there that’s coming for you. Several of my men sacrificed their lives to make sure I could get you out of there safely. If you look at yourself, you’ll notice you don’t have a scratch on you. My men can’t say the same thing. You are safe here, with me. I only brought you to this place because it’s the most fortified one I could think of.” Lex audibly sighed, as if defeated. “You can come out. No one is going to hurt you. Not while I’m around.

Uná squeezed her eyes shut during Frost’s speech but she knew he was right. She hated that people died for her. She vaguely remembered something terrifying had screamed her name. Mostly she remembered Aya and how she had helped her to get free of that prison in her own mind. Uná thought about how she was safe. Plus wasn’t he offering to keep her safe?

Uná stood up and swayed a little. She moved into the light which blinded her and she blocked the light with her hand. “Where am I Frost?”

Lex’s eyes fell to hers and a small smile grew upon his face as he slowly took steps toward her, being sure to put his hands in his pockets as he advanced, lest she think he was out to make a quick move. “You’re in a club called Nocturne, not too far from where we were,” he began to explain, taking each step very slowly. “My family owns it. It’s sort of a satellite base of operations for us.” He looked around the place as if seeing it for the first time, trying to empathize with her first impressions of her surroundings. “Honestly, it’s not the type of club I’d be caught dead in, usually, but business is business.” He smirked and took another slow step forward.

He found himself just within arms reach of her before he stopped. His face then fell serious, the smile disappearing, but his hands remained in his pockets. “Now I’ve got to explain some hard truths to you and I need you to be a little open minded as I do so. Can you trust me?” He pulled out one hand and extended it to her, waiting with anticipation.

Uná kept eye contact with him as he explained were she was. He was advancing on her and that made her nervous as evidenced by her stance, but it was slow as if approaching a skittish horse or a deer. Her heart picked up speed as he held out a hand asking her to trust him. Asking her to be open minded.

She licked her lips and bit her lip and sighed. She straightened and put her hand in his. Surely he couldn’t be all that bad. Wait… how did he know that was after me? Her eyes widen and her hand twitches as if she was about to snatch it back but she left it there in his. “Okay. I can try…”

Lex gripped her hand gently and gave a very light tug, encouraging her closer. “Let's go up to the office,” he suggested as he took the lead. “I’m sure you’ve got plenty of questions and I definitely have some of my own but, frankly, we don’t have a lot of time.” Lex got to the steps and released her hand, hoping she would still follow him as he ascended. “On the way here, my mind was infiltrated by a mutant,” he stated between steps, eventually making his way to the door of the office, opening it up and beholding the unconscious guards on the ground. He paused a moment to take in the sight before looking back toward Uná with a raised eyebrow and a sly grin. “Impressive.

Anyway,” he continued, holding the door open and ushering her inside. “This mind raping mutant went on and on about revolution, using ridiculous prose that all amounted to one thing. It was a call to arms. A request for violence with a single individual being the judge and jury for said actions.” He made his way behind his desk and pulled out two glasses and a bottle of scotch before taking a seat in his chair and gesturing for her to take a seat across the desk as well. “What do you call a person like that?

Uná walked up the steps cautiously and silently. She flushes as he says that what she did was impressive and she moved around him into the office. As he sat down she did as well. She sat as if it were a throne claiming the seat as she tilted her head. “Surely you know Frost that I’d think the person was a lunatic and setting themselves up for failure. You can’t take on a more than 90% world of non-mutants and expect to win. Cohabitation would be better. Eventually everyone will be the same again.”

Uná played with her hair absently leaning her elbows on the desk. “What has that got to do with me?”

"I absolutely agree," Lex nodded as he poured the scotch into the glasses, sliding one to Una first before filling his own. "But how about the principle of the matter? I mean, the man's rounding mutants up with plans to point them like a gun, forcing his will on the world through fear and intimidation. A terrorist, wouldn't you agree?" He lifted his filled glass and raised it slightly. "Cheers, by the way."

Uná absently drank the scotch humming as it made a nice sweet burn all the way to her stomach. “More’s the shame to those that want to follow him. Blind as children. Again we agree. So...there is a point to this I’m sure.”

Uná took a healthy gulp of the liquid and leaned back in the chair as she pulled up her legs and draped them over the arm of the chair. Tilting her head back she swallowed and smiled at the ceiling then looked at Frost with hooded eyes still smiling. She cradled the scotch glass and ran a finger around the rim then dipped her finger in the scotch and sucked it clean.

"Precisely!" The word slithered out of Lex's mouth with a grin that took over the entire lower half of his face. "You continue to amaze me," he declared as he took a sip of his drink. "My job is not a fun one, but necessary nonetheless. I am a keeper of the peace, if you will. Men like that are dangerous. They infect their followers, convince them that their cause is righteous. This particular mutant seems to have telepathic abilities to aid in that endeavor. Others might have to impose their will through other means. Perhaps seclusion, reinforced brainwashing, creating ties and bonds between individuals to simulate a family, making it harder to escape and harder still to even want to. That's how cults work.

Lex set his glass down and looked at Una for a moment, as if trying to read her body before he spoke next. “What can you tell me about Adam Ashford?

Uná looked perplexed. “Adam? Ashford? The only Ashford I know is the dean of m-a private school. He might have a son I don’t recall.” She was a little discombobulated with the swift change in subject. She dipped her finger in and sucked it clean again. “What are you getting at Frost?”

My assignment, in this particular case, was to try and bring down a terrorist using gifted teenagers such as yourself as a weapon. This Ashford. He takes in wayward young people, misfits of society and trains them to hone their extraordinary abilities to execute his will. He will try and convince you that it’s justice, but it’s simply a matter of who he feels is an affront to him and how willing he is to use his misguided pupils to attack them.” He paused for a moment, continuing to look Uná over, gauging any reactions she might be projecting.

I don’t want harm to come to people like you. Wonderful people. I think my actions speak louder than my words. Here you are, narrowly escaping a situation that could have been disastrous and grim because I demanded your safety.” He brought his glass to his lips once more, taking an extended gulp, finishing his drink and setting it back. “My concern is that your… peers… will be resistant to seeing the truth of their situation. Yours as well. They’ve been fed an objective, incessantly told that it’s for the greater good and yet here you are, seemingly unaware that the puppetmaster exists. I know you’re a student of the Ashford Institute and I will never hold that against you.” Lex leaned forward on his desk, locking eyes with his counterpart. “Red, I want to save you. I want to help you and anyone you think isn’t too far gone in their false ideals. But I can’t do it without you.

Uná downed the last of the scotch and tried to stand. Tried. She swung her legs down from the arm of the chair and attempted to stand after several tries she was able to get her legs under her but she was leaning over the desk and still swaying. Uná rubbed her face aghast that he could think that they were going to be attacking people. “I can understand that point of view from the outside but we are our own people. It’s not fair to lump me in with everyone who made a bad impression on you or whomever your getting your information from. They are wrong. We are learning to control our powers and be able to help others…”

Uná swayed and put her hand to her head. Wait. Was Frost right? “Why do you need me? I’m nobody. Just a… alumni. You can’t possibly think that…” Uná opened her eyes and shook her head. “What were we talking about? Ashford? And attacking people… no that monster...”

Lex looked a her with furrowed eyebrows. He wasn’t entirely sure what, but something was wrong. “You’ve been through a lot,” he began. “I need you for exactly the reason that you said before… I’m on the outside. You could help me save the most amount of people from within, help me correct Ashford’s corruption of young minds.” He studied her as she seemed out of sorts. “I suppose time will tell. I’ve not ever harbored intent to harm your friends. I’m curious if they will be able to say the same.” Lex stood up and moved around the desk to the other empty chair that was adjacent to Uná’s. “Are you alright? I won’t lie to you, Red, the monster is probably coming, but I swear to you that I will be in it’s way. As long as I breathe, you’re going to be fine. Do you believe me?

Uná laughed and moved over to stand in front of Lex. “That monster is probably gone. Life like illusions are pretty fantastic and something I can do. So that monster is me. Funny that I believe you that I’ll be fine. Illusions are great. I can be up here talking to you or I could actually be downstairs dispatching your goons.” She leaned over and trailed a fingertip over his jaw. “I think I know your weakness Frost.” She whispered and smiled as if to say ‘ask me’.

Lex looked at her, cocking his head at a shallow angle. “I didn’t think I had one until tonight and I still don’t know her name.

Uná smiled and tapped his lips. “Names are intimate. We also don’t know each other’s favorite color, movie, song or if we like dogs or cats. Lots of things we don’t know about each other. But I know one thing… you have a weakness and I know it…” Uná stepped back quickly. “Oh hell…”

Lex’s interest was piqued, but there was a layer of suspicion that he wore as he made his request. “Please. Enlighten me.

Uná backed up a bit more. She smiled way to brightly. “About what?”

Lex’s eyes started to squint, confusion beginning to take over as he tried to process the situation he was in. “My we… Red, are you with me right now?” Something wasn’t right. Her behavior was shifting and her focus was barely existent. He stood up from his chair and took a step away from it, allowing for some room. “Are you alright?

Uná was drunk that much she knew. But her focus was still able to pick up on the fact that he was actually being truthful. They didn’t know each other’s names and she was his weakness. He’d said as much. As soon as he realized what he’d said he wasn’t going to let her leave. At least that’s what she’d do. “Uná.” She said it automatically. “Oh yeah I’m fine…” She rubbed her temples and for a moment forgot that she was trying to get out the door and possibly make a run for it. After all if she was his weakness then if she kept herself a hostage without really being a hostage maybe he’d behave?

I hope so,” he said as he walked over to her, reaching back behind himself. A moment later, he hand came back around again holding a chrome plated gun. With his hand around it’s nozzle, he handed it toward Uná, offering it up. “Uná… I’m - No, I’m sorry, you’re always going to be my Red. Take this.” he said, extending it further. “It’s going to take a lot to bring me down, but if it happens, you need to have something to protect yourself.” He reached forward and pulled out her hand, placing the weapon within it. Not wasting a moment, he moved like liquid behind her, his hand clasped around hers, causing her to grip the handle. With his index finger, he moved hers into the correct position over the trigger, aiming the weapon toward the glass windows of the office.

You always hear the term ‘Pull the trigger’, but the trick is to actually squeeze,” he said softly, his lips within an inch of her ear as he helped her aim. “Line the sight, squeeze twice.” He squeezed her hand within his, but the gun didn’t fire. He slowly stepped away, leaving the weapon in her possession while he pulled out its twin. As his finger toggled the safety, he made sure she saw the maneuver before reseating the gun into the back of his pants.

Lex glanced at the clock up on the wall before letting his eyes fall to Uná once more. “You’re with me, aren’t you?

Uná looked at the gun in her hand like it was a snake and going to bite her. “I… I can’t take this. It’s probably registered to you. If I used it, it would be traced back to you. Besides I don’t want to have a chance to use it, or think about using it. I won’t need it.”

Her stubbornness was showing as she put the gun gently down on the desk. She looked at Lex her expression mulish and the spark of temper like blue fire rising in her eyes.

Lex studied her once more before he forced his face to soften. He took the gun from the desk and placed it where he retrieved it from. “I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do, but I am concerned for your safety. It’s about to get… exciting.” They weren’t that far away from the Avalon. It was only a matter of time before Nocturne’s doors bursted open. He looked to her one more time. She had the chance to shoot him and she didn’t. She had the chance to escape and she wouldn’t. Lex had his trust issues, but he laid out every opportunity for her to cross him and there they stood. “Are you ready?

Uná shook her head at Lex. “I’m telling you there is no reason to worry. Don’t trust me, Frost? So it would be here by now. How about them apples? What you gonna do? You can just call me a cab. I’ll be fine.” She smiled up at him.

Lex’s face was a mix of admiration and disappointment. He began to run the possible scenarios through his head, weighing the pros and cons of his potential decisions. If he sent her away the mutants, the creature, all of it goes trailing after her, leaving him with just the local authorities to deal with for the incident at the club. Authorities that were already in the family pocket. But, at the same time, he loses any edge he had in completing his task, allowing her to go back to a fortified institution surrounded by powerful mutants. She was here now. Why set himself up for failure?

I’d never make you take a cab,” he said finally. “I’ve got cars and I’ve got drivers. If you’d like to go, they can take you wherever you wish.

Uná looked at Lex, really looked at him. She suddenly looked sober. Very sober. “You’d be stupid to let me go. If you did I could be used against you. Let’s not play this game anymore. I don’t think you’re stupid, quite the contrary. So what is the real deal?”

The ‘real deal’ is that we’re running out of time. In mere moments you’ll find yourself faced with a predicament. Slay the savior or push back the lemmings.” His eyes shifted to the clock again. It was late, or early, depending on how you wanted to look at it. Sunrise would be here in the time it took to watch a movie. With it brought vulnerability, at least for Lex. He leered back at Uná, struggling to keep his metaphorical mask on straight, the stresses of the situation causing his adrenaline to kick in. “Are you prepared to kill me or…” his voice trailed as he looked at her, his eyes glistening. “...or are you ready for us both to cut our strings, to denounce our fate as puppets?” He let the silence permeate for a moment before saying, “Red, I could give you the world.

Uná was stunned by that comment. “You don't know me well enough to say that. You're going all Kylo Ren on me. I don't know if black is white or up is down when you talk.” She ran a hand through her hair tugging the tangles through with a vengeance. “My love life is just starting to… never mind. Look… this isn't normal for me. I don't know what to say, other than you don't know me and I don't know you. Isn't this a bit too soon?”

Uná looked at Lex trying to get across that this wasn't a rejection but a situation that she wasn't familiar with.

Lex’s fist began to clench, but he was careful to hide the reaction behind himself. “It is,” he agreed aloud. “And it’s unfair of me to put this sort of thing on you, given what you’ve been through tonight. You deserve to rest and for things to be easy and for happiness to flow in excess.” He paused for a moment. “What I warn you of is an impending choice. Soon, you’ll have to drink the kool-aid or decide that your choices are your own to make. That you’re not afraid to step into unknown territory. That your willing to trust in fate, a cosmic force that saw fit to bring us together.” Lex sighed for a moment, theatrically. “You don’t have to decide right this second, but the decision is coming, whether you make it yourself or your misguided peers make it for you. I just want you to be prepared.

Uná raised an eyebrow sardonically. “Kool-aid? Really you make it sound like a cult. Which it isn’t, by the way. But you couldn’t know that unless you attended the school. Ever think that enrolling would be the best way to see if Ashford really is as fanaticall as you think? What is it you do anyway? And why me? I’m not close to any of the staff. More often than not I’m being yelled at to quit horsing around from across campus. Repeatedly yelled at. I don’t think that qualifies since some of the stunts are pretty extreme and it’s all about safety. And I’m rambling…”

Uná tilted her head at Lex. “All this cause of a dance?” She looked truly lost. She looked like she had no idea why he thought she was special. He’d put her on the spot, made her feel like defending herself and those she trusted. Should she though? She shook her head and her eyes blazed blue fire. “Why?! Why me?”

Uná advanced on him clearly pissed about how she felt he could possibly be right and there was someone right there on hand to take the brunt of her temper. Call it the drink talking but she was pissed at his high handed assumption that he could make it all right in her world. “You need to explain yourself cause you’re looking at one pissed redhead and me getting the silent treatment will turn around and bite you. You could have any female you laid your eyes on and you chose me. Well it’s starting to sound like you knew who I was and where I was from before you started talking to me? Are you just feeding me lines that you think some young naive girl wants to hear so you can drop me on my ass later when you get bored?” She poked him in the chest. “Just because I kissed you doesn’t mean you own me. Besides maybe I was practicing.”

He’d hurt her pride with his questioning. She didn’t like to be compared to a sheep or being blind. She considered herself pretty knowledgeable and a good judge of character.

First of all,” he said out loud. I don’t need to explain shit to anyone. I’m not joining some bullshit kumbaya school of misfits, and you cannot even imagine the depths of mY aNgEr!. Lex forced himself to pause for a moment while the thoughts played out in his mind before forcing his composure to resurface. “First of all, I told you what I do. I make sure things run smoothly. Keep the peace. And why you? You were gorgeous, seemed like you were alone. Then you were in danger. I fixed that. I made sure you got out of there smoothly and here you are at peace, unscathed.

Lex glanced out the office windows at the floor below, ever monitoring the situation for the inevitable arrival or someone or something. “Maybe you were just practicing.” He said, repeating her words without looking back at her. “Then I suppose it should be me that’s offended. You used me.

Uná lept at him pissed as a little hellcat. Her temper blew through her and made her see red. She hated being placated and pair that with an insult and she had more than enough. She kicked and punched in a flurry not caring where she landed blows or if she did.

Lex stood there, taking on the onslaught of barrages for a moment. His patience was wearing thin and his skin was getting hot. He was getting frustrated trying to do this the diplomatic way. As her fists pounded down ineffectively on his chest, he began to tremble just for a moment as he considered dismissing any attempts to remain composed. As he clenched his teeth, his pale eyes met hers and suddenly the man was gone. All that remained was the beast.

WIth one hand, he seized Uná’s throat and brought her in close, leaning down a bit so that he met here eye level. In a graveled whisper, he said “Stop.

Uná was too far gone to really control herself at this point. There was a dim realization that she had a hand on her neck and that she wasn’t getting as much air as she should be but her temper was calling the shots. That temper was if anything self destructive.

Locking eyes with Lex Uná reached out and slapped him across the face. Hard. If she couldn’t get a punch or a kick to make her point clear then a slap would have to do. Stop was a foreign concept. She wasn’t done yet. Something in her snapped. This time it got real.

Lex opened his mouth to say something, his eyes wild, but just as he did, there was a commotion outside that caught his attention.


Kaylee Everose Elijah & Coleman St John

Location: The Blue Dahlia & Avalon

Interaction: Coleman St John @Pilatus; Kaylee & Elijah



Elijah rushed back in from helping clear out the bar in the front section to see Drake challenging the...thing. He clenched his jaw and pulled out his phone. Rolling his eyes he unlocked the phone. Yeah it was time to call it a night. Kids were drunk and most of their powers are like my own more support than fighting. He watched Drake, Nik, Nathan and Cleo fighting.

Elijah dialed the phone calling Cole. Let’s hope they’re not pissed since it looks like we could use some help. Just as the phone picked up Elijah’s attention snaps to Aya who just staggered in.

"Sluagh!" Aya called out before she fully knew what she was doing.

Elijah’s eyes widened. I know that word...How do I know that word? What the fuck is she doing?! Why get - no. No. NO.

She glanced at Drake, like he could somehow help her. She looked back at the monster. "I -- I know where Uná is!" Elijah prayed she hadn't just made the biggest mistake of their lives because she just said what he thought she was going to.

Elijah recalled he was trying to call in the cavalry. “Uh...Cole? We have a problem…”

The band was midway through another set when Cole watched his phone light up with a call on the table in front of them. His expression fell with some annoyance. Aside from his work at the Institute, only a few people in the remaining casework he kept on the side would be contacting him and he was in no mood to deal with a vice-detective or a lawyer on his night out- all of which were well aware of his disdain for telephones. With a slight sigh he reached with his free hand keeping his other arm around Kaylee’s chair. “Duty calls,” He said sarcastically as he swiped his thumb over the small screen. He didn’t recognize the number, but the voice was unmistakable. He had to press the speaker against his ear to hear Elijah. The younger man’s voice cracked against a raucous on the other side of the line. “What do you mean, we have a problem? He said pointedly immediately noticing Kaylee’s attention shift next to him.

Kaylee looked over in curiosity and as Cole quoted the question back at the caller on the phone Kaylee rose and motioned to the waitress. When the waitress walked over she let her know that they were leaving and needed to tab out.

Elijah heard the echo of ‘you have to be kidding me’ in Cole's voice. “That would be what I said. To make a long story short we're at Avalon fighting a monster that may or may not be an illusion from Uná. And it's starting to not be in our favor...”

Kaylee signed the slip of paper that the waitress brought around and gently pulled Cole toward the exit while he was on the phone. Whoever that is owes me big time. Cancel my date to deal with business...Maybe he'd be okay finishing this later. Not tonight but later this week. And maybe a second date?

“We’ll be there in ten minutes.” Cole’s expression was like stone as dropped the phone back into his pocket as they were making their way back out to the parking lot. “That was Elijah,” He said offering no surprise in his voice and taking heavy strides with her. Their tread beat quickly against the sandy dirt lot. Cool moonlight glinted off the bike between the tree branches; the front forks leaned and pointed directly towards the road just as he had left it. “A bunch of them are at Club Avalon,” He said throwing his leg over as she quickly settled in behind him sensing the urgency. There was no need to explain what Club Avalon was all about or of whom their primary clientele consisted. “One of Una’s imaginations is on the loose,” He let that part sink in before he put his thumb over the starter button and turned his head back towards Kaylee. “That means she’s not there, but it is.”

Kaylee gritted her teeth and made mental note to give Elijah more to do to keep him out of trouble. “Can’t leave them alone for a second.” Kaylee shakes her head. “Teenagers. Rain check on the date?” Kaylee climbed on the bike and clutched Cole’s back. She could at least enjoy the ride nodding as he looked back at her.

Wait...he didn’t just say that Una wasn’t there to control the illusion did he? “Wait. What? She’s missing? And the illusion is still there? That can’t be right. Her power doesn’t work like… God damn!! Ashford. Can we make it there in less than ten minutes? I think they’re in more trouble than they realize.”

When he told Elijah ten minutes, he knew he was being very generous on the estimate. Club Avalon wasn’t terribly far away from the Blue Dahlia, but with LA traffic, fifteen minutes would have also been a rather hopeful ETA. He would be “bending” a few traffic rules to make it solo in ten, but with a passenger, things would get very interesting and he didn’t want to put Kaylee in any danger past what he knew he could control. He mashed the starter button bringing the engine to life with a sharp electrical note and gave the throttle a quick twist, letting the clutch out smoothly as the rpms dropped. Once he felt Kaylee’s grip around his waist tighten firmly and the wide rear tire bit into the pavement, he laid into the throttle, blasting them down the highway like a rifle shot.

Flames popped from the exhaust through the night air as he went through the gears in quick succession. The rush of wind grew into a furious concerto with the deafening engine note as he leaned forward into the handlebars. His bike was never set up for any real road-course action and he was careful how he leaned its stretched frame to account for Kaylee behind him and the unbalanced width of the rear tire through the curving descent from the Dahlia back into town. His mind was solely focused on the road ahead, watching past the edge of the headlight beam into the moonlight looking for the apex of the next turn. The piercing intuition from earlier in the night rode with him and intensified as they broke out into the surface streets blazing under a traffic light and splitting a pair of cars. It wasn’t far off. The call from Elijah only brought about a familiar feeling of confirmation, though he hadn’t expected it to come on so fast. The voice of blood called from the ground as they got closer. Unmistakable and undeniable. His expression became distant and sullen as his hands and legs worked the controls with total purpose, almost machine-like in their movement dodging cars, pedestrians, signal masts and anything else that came between them and their destination. They would make the ten minutes he promised Elijah.

Kaylee clung to Cole as they were off like a bullet from a gun. Kaylee turned her head and opened her eyes watching the trees blur by and her vision overlapped with Cole’s aura. Gold, yellow, neon blue and red intermingled with a bright white seemed to ribbon off him.

She closed her eyes and heard the pop of the exhaust and the roar of the bike echoing back. The wind tore past them as Kaylee trusted Cole and moved with him. As they moved into the surface streets Cole didn’t slow down. His posture became...different.

It was as if something else was driving him. Kaylee opened her eyes and looked at the scenery. Cole was dodging a car but half her vision was taken up with shifting colors that moved like smoke. As if Cole was smoldering.

This was different. He was still Cole but it was as if someone had put more in there. Like if you fill a glass slowly you can fill it over the rim. That was the closest analogy that Kaylee could liken it too.

They made it to Avalon in less than ten minutes. There was chaos in the parking lot people running and screaming about a monster. Kaylee could hear it over the growl of the bike. Which was odd. She glanced at Cole and was taken aback by his sullen, distant expression. She looked around to see what he was looking at that put that look on his face.
Brighid O'Shay

Location: Hood Keep

Interaction: Ryder @Marrok

Mentions: Declan; Colin @NorthernKraken & Vitius @ZAVAZggg

Brighid looked around. Apparently no one needed healing. I guess that's a good sign. I need to do research on werewolves and I don't know that I want someone getting my hopes up if it turns out I'm not going to survive it. Also don't want to get someone else's hopes up as well.

Brighid turned and started following the directions that she got from a random person she asked where the library was.
Brighid rubbed her eyes and caressed the spine of the book she had tucked into a pocket sewn into her black dress. I’m tired of hiding in these clothes. I’m different than the timid girl before… Brighid shook her head and focused on the fact that she was lost now in going from the library to the great hall. Her yellow cloak fluttered as she turned a corner and saw a window that was open.

There was a storm on the horizon. In more ways than one. Brighid moved to the window. She closed her eyes feeling the wind run it’s fingers over her skin and through her hair like a lover. She took a deep breath in. She could smell the rain coming the scent of wet soil. The smell of ozone that came with a storm. The window was deep and a cushion lay on it. There was a bench that Brighid was kneeling on. She leaned her arms on the cushion and watched the storm. Exhaustion quickly took over and as hungry as she was Brighid soon succumbed to the lure of sleep.

Ryder dropped a few coins on the bar before giving Bud a lazy wave and taking his leave from The Stumbling Ass. The questionable alcohol, while possibly turning on him later, was at least enough to take the edge off now. As he walked out of the bar and found himself in the courtyard, he simply stopped for a moment and stood, surveying the his surroundings. He wasn’t even sure where exactly he was planning on going next. Finlay mentioned wanting to have words and then there was the dinner that was approaching soon.

There was a small sense of dread over the idea of talking with Finlay. Not because he thought it would be an aggressive conversation, but because it would likely be bureaucratic discussion and one he had no interest in. After a small stretch, he finally started moving one foot in front of the other once more.

Making his way across the courtyard and back into the confines of the keep proper, he moved down the hallway towards the great hall. All the while he just looked at the ground, his mind racing, but not at any one particular subject. The gift given to him by the alcohol; inability to focus. It was comforting. It wasn’t until he noticed a foreign body entering his line of sight that he finally looked up. A woman looking dazed at the sill of a window, sporting a yellow cloak. One of the recruits, he thought to himself, answering his own unspoken question. His initial instinct was to keep walking. Don’t engage. These people are temporary. Move on.

‘Ey.” Ryder blinked for a second after hearing the word before realizing that it escaped from his own mouth. So much for that plan. He shook his head subtly, disappointed in himself. The alcoholic swill was a double edged sword. The situation being what it was, he figured he might as well press on. "You're one of the Yellows," he said, stating the obvious. "What's your name?"

Brighid's eyes opened slowly and focused on Ryder. “Brighid. Are you drunk?” She rolled her neck and stretched her arms over her head to wake up. If he can be informal so can I. Besides I got woken up and I'm ravenous and exhausted. Plus I think he's drunk...cute but drunk.

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow while he pondered on what he must've smelled like after his visit to the bar. "No," he said finally. "I'm Ryder." While he looked her over, several questions began to pop into his mind as he took in her features. "The trial. You don't seem too worse for the wear. What's your secret?" Despite his lack of enthusiasm for the assignment he was given, he couldn't help but be curious about the people involved. He thought back on his own trial. His team of initiates all saw themselves as the alphas of the group, reacting accordingly, attacking their creature individually instead of as a unified force. The mistake cost many their lives. This crop of people didn't seem to have that problem, at least for the most part.

Brighid smirked at him.[color=aquamarine] “Well I could say that it's a secret but I won't. I'm a White Healer. I don't suppose you know what that is exactly, do you?” Brighid blinked slowly.

Ryder’s eyes closed into a slight squint and he pondered the response. He didn’t exactly want to come off as ignorant, but imagined some base assumptions would lead him to the general idea of it all. Too relaxed to put up a front, he finally surrendered saying, “Remind me.

Brighid raised an eyebrow and looked smug. “White Healers take the pain of a wound as the wound is healed. Do you need reminding about the others? Or do you remember now?”

Ryder let a subtle huff escape his nostrils. “It’s coming back to me…” he said. A person who could heal by taking on the wound. Quite a bit of sacrifice involved, he imagined. In her shoes, he’d be very selective of who he healed. Who was worth the pain. A thought crossed his mind for a split second. I wonder if it’s only physical wounds. “...But do continue.

Nodding Brighid continued. “Of course Gray and Black ones as well. But I'm sure someone as knowledgeable as yourself knows about those as well. I shall spare you the lecture on the differences between sects. Any other questions?” Brighid was starting to relax and her eyes started to droop and the effect was like she was insinuating more in the conversation than she was.

She smiled as the wind blew through her hair. The strands seemed to reach out to him teasingly. Her hair was so long that even braided, which it wasn't, it went past her hips. Since she hadn't braided her hair she'd left it down.

Ryder gave a subtle grunt, a gesture of agreement. She seemed preoccupied with her thoughts as she let mother nature caress her. Ryder leaned over to look out the window. In the distance were signs of overcast, yet when he looked to her face, it was almost as if she welcomed it. “Rain,” he said, as if it were its own declaration. “Muffles the senses. Easier for the nasties to sneak up on you.” He straightened up again. “Hopefully it passes by tomorrow. I’ve never been fond of hunting when it’s pouring.” He gave one last look toward the outside before returning his gaze to her. “Will you be at the dinner?

Brighid’s stomach chose that time to growl loudly. She turned her head up to Ryder and stood up. “I was on my way there and got lost. I love storms. All the raw power of nature. Visceral. Primitive. Raw. So you're not training then why are you tagging along with Yellows?” She leaned back against the window sill looking at Ryder.

Duty.” He said it simply, showing no emotion. His was reluctant to make eye contact as he spoke. “I suppose I will see you there. You’ve been with this troop longer than I have. Anything I need to know?

Brighid was not satisfied with that answer. “Duty? To what? Goddess? Country? Race? Or was it just something you were told to do? By the by, when someone is talking to you it's customary to look them in the eye. As for the troop… I've known them meer minutes before you. I know we've been through one quitting and one that just minutes before you showed died. I seem to be the opinionated one. There are two werewolves, two vampires, three mages and the rest are human fighters. Look at me when you talk to me.” Brighid stubbornly set her jaw and she invaded his personal bubble.

Ryder scoffed with a smirk. “Well,” he said, his eyebrows furrowed. “I’m not sure whether to scold you or offer you a drink.” He took mental note of her headcount before considering which category she fell into. Obviously not a vampire, and she did admit to being a user of magic. He thought back to the other faces he saw in the crew to try and discern if any of them were obviously of a supernatural ilk. He finally snapped back and focused on Brighid once more.

But always keep in mind that you are entitled to nothing here. Not an explanation, not respect.” He spoke not in anger, but as a matter of fact. “However, I look forward to seeing you earn it.

Brighid raised an eyebrow. “Entitlement is more of a male state of mind. I earn my keep. Like right now. I earned it years ago, you're just slow on the uptake. It's okay, you men can't be pretty and smart. I get it.” She smirked holding his eyes in her silvery gray ones. “So you want to ask? Go on ask your question? That will mean you weren't paying attention to me. I hate that. I don't like wasting my breath. And consequences come with my anger. So ask your question pretty boy.”

He took in her stare, the color of her eyes. “Vampires, werewolves and mages,” he said, as if musing on the thought. ”And you’re one of the latter? Is that what makes your eyes that color? I’ve known mages who don’t quite share that quality.” The question was leading. Ryder watched her face for any physical cues, anything that could help him read her past the words that she chose to speak.

Brighid shrugged. “I don't know what you mean. My eyes are what my mother referred to as a dove gray. She always said that her mother's eyes were that color as well. Yes I am a mage. As I stated earlier a White Healer. And…” Brighid shrugged again and started to step away looking around for a clue as to where the main hall was.

And…” It came out in a whisper. Ryder looked her over. There were no blemishes forming on her skin from the kiss of sunlight. He looked away again and down at his feet, a grin forming across his face. “What’s wrong. You look like a dog trying to find its bone.

Brighid's eyes snapped back to Ryder. “More likely that I'll be dead in less than two weeks. Declan had it easy. He's dead. I'm still alive trying to pick up pieces of a shattered existence and refit them.” Brighid started to visibly shake and the volume of her voice rising as the wind blew the windows open and the breeze picked up. Her eyes flashed like lightning as the wind curled through the hall in a mad rush around the corner. “But by all means provoke the caster wolf. The only one in history from what I can tell. I have the sword of Damocles over my head but a joke about a bone makes everything better.”

Brighid shoves at him to get around him. Barely aware enough to keep it in check so she didn't hurt him. Unknowingly she had allowed herself to be boxed in. “Let me pass!!” Her temper flared and she snapped the phrase out. Glaring up at Ryder. Her eyes defiant sparks her hair blown back showing the delicate bone structure. Her shapeless dress blown to mold her form. Lean arms and legs, gently rounded hips and large breasts that looked even larger due to her petite bone structure. They were glimpses as the wind changed direction and shifted to and fro.

Ryder’s face remained stoic. It wasn’t that he wasn’t impressed by the display (and perhaps even a little intimidated), but he would never willingly offer that information through body language. If your opponent can’t read you, then they can’t predict what you’re going to do next. It was an essential skill to learn when every day could be your last.

I didn’t take you for being sensitive,” he said. Declan. He’d have to remember to come back to that later. “Two weeks. What makes you think you’re dead in two weeks?

“Because no caster has survived the transition. How do you function in ignorance? I don't like not knowing if I'll live or die. I'm amazed that I survived the fever after the attack. And it only serves to anger me more that a complete stranger cares more than the few that I know!! Everything is so different now… and the same. I look back on how I'd have dealt with this and cringe. I was a doormat.” Her voice lowers to a whisper and thunder rolls almost covering her next sentence. “And I like this new me.”

She seemed to remember he was there and shook her head and raised hands out to the sides to palms up and the extra wind stopped. She moved them together in front of her and titled her hand to point at the ceiling thumb first and middle finger touching. The windows shut one after the other till the only one unaffected was the one that had already been open. “I'm not sensitive...and even so with what I've got in store will make what I've gone through pale in comparison.”

Seems like you have two choices in the matter,” Ryder said as he glanced over all the windows after they had shut. “Own it or let it own you.” His eyes shot back at Brighid. “The way this life works, dinner isn’t guaranteed. You show up for a feast or you never feast again and it can happen at any time. You’ve got an upcoming challenge that you’ve never faced before in two weeks. Hell, woman, you might have one tomorrow morning.” Ryder shifted his weight and pivoted until his back was leaning up against one of the walls, facing outward to the courtyard, his eyes staring out, but looking far beyond the image that was in front of him. “Shit gets rough and there ain’t a soul in here who’s had it easy. Otherwise why the hell would we have walked through those doors? I’m sorry for your demons. But fuck ‘em.” His neck turned to look at her and he gave a stern, but shallow nod.

Brighid ground her teeth and advanced on Ryder poking him in the chest. “I have a name Ryder,” she made his name sound like a dirty word and stabbing him with a slender long finger. “I'd appreciate it if you use it since I gave it to you. Leave my demons to me. They're old enemies and familiar.” Staring off into space she murmured. “Life is short live it well and in the moment...for you don't know your last…”

She blushed as she realized that she was very close and snatched her hand back. She cleared her throat and swallowed stepping back as far as she could. Which wasn't far. Judging from the length of his arm probably still within arms reach. “If you could possibly forget my attitude and point me to the great hall, I'd be eternally grateful.” She smiled weakly, as if to say, pretty sure you know you now have the upper hand.

Nearly there,” he said, locking eyes. “Keep going down this corridor and make a left. It’ll be at the end.” He didn’t move, didn’t point. Just spoke. “I hope you find what you’re looking for. Brighid.

Brighid looked Ryder in the eye and stopped breathing. What's that supposed to mean? And that look…

Brighid straightened and said breathlessly. “A cure. And to make a difference, what I've always wanted.” Brighid was mentally kicking her own butt all the way to the great hall that she still hadn't moved toward.

For now, you have control over the latter. You’re in the right place.” Ryder pushed himself off the wall. “The other bit… Well, let’s start by walking and see if we can’t figure out how to run together, ya?” He had never heard about a cure for lycanthropy, but he had seen enough in his life to know that nothing was impossible. It wouldn’t be easy, but maybe… This woman, this Brighid. Fiery, to say the least, but also a force to be reckoned with, as she demonstrated. Ryder was already certain that she was interesting. He was curious to see what the future held. “You and I. We good?

Brighid blushed and the only thing that kept her eyes on Ryder was if she turned away she was sure that it would reveal that she connected to this stranger in a way that she was afraid couldn't be undone. Couldn't because it was to intertwined with who she actually was now. “Yeah we're good. Why wouldn't we be?” She turned and walked a few feet away hips swaying. She stopped and looked over her shoulder. “You coming?”

Ryder’s eyes squinted for a moment, taking a half second to consider. “I suppose so.” His initial steps were quick, catching up to her pace before he found a more relaxed stride as he trekked the hallway. He started thinking of the dinner to come. He hadn’t had a meal that he didn’t have to catch in over a fortnight. The thought was beginning to make him salivate. “Did you have to travel far to get here?

Brighid grinned at Ryder as he caught up. For a tiny woman she was used to her brother's strides. Calpernia had insisted that if she could still move with the grace of a swan and take man sides strides then she could dance. Brighid pushed the memory away. “Yes from a village in Chillwood. They took me in when I stumbled in to town out of my mind with fever and blood loss. What about you?” Brighid looked over at him and took in his expression into consideration.

Mm,” he grunted, a little surprised. “Spent most of my life just outside of Chillwood.” A place he hoped never to have to return for any extended period. Too many happy memories drowned in blood. “Did you say fever and blood loss?” His interest was piqued.

Brighid pressed her lips together. “Werewolf bite. So yes.”

Ryder’s stride was a bit of a rhythm. He found himself focusing on it as his mind wandered toward other things, constantly calculating his next move. “A new home where they knew they were inviting danger,” he said finally. There was no judgement in his tone. If anything, that was a curious admiration.

And what motivates you to be here,” he asked with waved arms, showcasing the keep.

Brighid scoffed at his reference for a new home. “No. Not a new home. Hunting party. Declan…” she shook her head her voice choking off. She swallowed audibly and cleared her throat. “Wolves. Not normal.” Brighid stopped and wiped her cheeks and eyes as she breathed in shakily. Consciously not looking at Ryder.

Mm,” came the familiar grunt. “Declan. That’s twice you’ve said his name.” It was an inquisitive statement. The pieces were coming together in Ryder’s mind, but he was still curious if she would talk on it. He noticed he was taping each of his finger tips to his thumb as he walked. A tick often executed when he was in thought, calculating. As soon as he realized he was doing it, he forced himself to stop. No telegraphing.

Brighid cleared her throat. “My older brother. I shouldn't be surprised. He's a big influence on my life even though he's dead.” Brighid had noticed that he wore a ring. So he was probably married and just being nice. “So your wife is pretty lucky if she gets this kind of focused attention.”

Ryder looked at his hand, connecting the dots that lead to the question. He opened his mouth to speak but paused, even ceasing to breathe. His figurative armor was chinked. Reluctance was building up. After a beat, he let out a sigh of surrender before saying, “She was anything but lucky.” He spent many nights letting loose tears for Alice and he was sure there’d be more nights to come, but tonight would not be one of those nights. He wouldn’t allow it.

Brighid watched Ryder say that his wife wasn't lucky and stopped breathing. She reached out and put her hand lightly on his arm for comfort. Oh Goddess...he's a widower. His tone and posture say it was bad. I'll change the subject quickly.

“So how long did it take for you to become a Hood?”
Brighid had left her hand on his arm and gently squeezed to get his attention.

The hairs on the back of Ryder’s neck began to stand on end. He let out a small huff of breath as he found himself a bit surprised. He hadn’t felt that kind of electricity in a long time. “Roughly a year,” he eventually answered. “They make you earn it. Some get to Red faster than others and there are no defined prerequisites for what makes you qualify. If you ever asked the Commander what you needed to do to get the hood, she would simply say ‘Prove you deserve it’. I brought down many enemies, performed several tasks, but it wasn’t until I nearly got myself killed that they finally decided it was time. It’s different for everyone.” And immediately after getting full fledged membership, he took off on his own to tackle a personal vendetta, solo, breaking a cardinal rule. Part of him was surprised that he wasn’t demoted entirely.

Brighid looked intently at Ryder. “Well that makes it even more difficult. Just out of curiosity how many female werewolves are there in the keep? I am hoping I'm not the only one. From what I've gathered they seem very close to wolves.” Brighid bit her lip. She hoped he didn't want to know why she was asking.

A shrug was the simple answer. “There’s too many wearing a hood for me to keep track of. Potentially there are others, but I’ve not fought alongside any of them. Worried about competition?” Ryder allowed a small smirk to escape.

Brighid felt herself smile. “Competition? For whom? No more like wanted to know what I was in for, assuming that I make it that far of course.”

Mm.” Ryder stared off for a moment. Her question birthed more questions within himself. He’d been with this organization for a while and he was so fixated on his own goals that he truly didn’t know much about his brothers or sisters in arms. Maybe there were other werewolves and he was too blind to notice. As a race, they could blend in quite well most of the time. There were certainly tells, though…

When do you turn,” came the question with a businesslike tone.

Brighid sighed. “Two weeks...If I survive. Why?” She sounded puzzled not offended just puzzled and that came across in her speech.

I suppose I’ll need to make myself available when that time comes,” he said as a matter of fact. “Off to a decent start taming the woman. Perhaps I can tame the beast as well.” Ryder let loose a wink in jest. Something to take her mind off the grim aspects of what was coming.

Brighid gapped at him and sputtered. “I… well… it wasn’t like… not likely. Can’t prove it!!!” She finally lamely spat out as she stopped out of arm's reach as she stomped her foot lightly and put her hands on her hips as she glared at him. “You couldn’t tame anything let alone me.”

Uh huh.” Ryder didn’t stop walking, nor did he make any attempt to conceal his crooked grin. As his footsteps echoed down the corridor, he faced straight ahead and listened to see if they would be accompanied by another pair.

He was walking past… Brighid shrugged and caught up with Ryder not making eye contact. She looked around. Wait where were they? “Shouldn’t we already be in the great hall?”

About that,” Ryder smirked. “We missed our turn just a little ways back, but I figured the conversation was worth the extra travel time.” He executed an about-face and placed his hand on Brighid’s shoulder, pulling her in a little so that her line of sight would match his as he pointed to the corridor over yonder. “That’s our target.” WIth that, he led the way. It wouldn’t be long before they heard the rumblings of the other occupants of the keep.

Brighid’s head titled. “Worth the extra travel time? You make tha-” He reached out and touched her shoulder pulling her in. He smelled like the forest after a rain. He was warm too. His breath caressed her temple and she shivered lightly. Maybe he didn’t notice that. I’m not hungry...maybe... I’ll feel differently after eating.

Brighid walked behind him noticing his stride and the play of his muscles as he walked. She shook herself she only noticed anything remotely like that on one person. Sadon. She blushed and quickened her pace to over take Ryder.
Brighid poked at her dinner forcing herself to eat not really tasting anything. She was sure that she’d either lost both friends that she could have counted on in Eliza and Sadon. And she didn’t want to ask to make sure.

She saw the archer who had tried to shoot Vitius try and push buttons. Vitius didn’t look phased and the archer walked off. Wasn’t his name Rivington or something like that? Brighid shrugged and with her plate clear, surprisingly, she turned it in and went to her room. Getting the directions right.
Brighid O'Shay

Location: Hood Keep

Interaction: Everyone

What in the world was that?! It was like someone set off a clap of thunder by my head! It definitely killed that creature though. Brighid had healed the scratch that she had gotten and Tholo's wasn't far behind. She glanced over at him then at Nicholas as they walked out the door. “What was that Album?”

The question was half forgotten as Finlay announced that they passed minus one. He was replaced by a red hood that wasn't in charge of them. Interesting. Why is he here? His lack of enthusiasm makes this seem like a burden. The thought of pouring over books that might have any amount of knowledge about werewolves was tempting. As was the thought of eating something. Although finding a solution to a potential problem was really more relevant.

She'd never heard of a caster surviving a transformation. She'd heard of a very few that died either in the attack of a werewolf or subsequently afterwards. She'd made it past the fever and she wondered if she only had a fortnight to live or what was going to happen to her.

Brighid was snapped back to the present as Vitius walked off to the armory once they had stopped speaking. Brighid noticed the newest addition walk off as well. More like stalk off. Kiri? I think that was her name. I hope she doesn't need a healer. I'll have to ask her later.

As the rest of them stood there she cleared her throat. “Does anyone need healing?” She looked around at her teammates in concern.
@King TaiHey big daddy!!! How goes?

Location: Mountain track, old lumber mill

Interaction: Joel @Pilatus

Mentions: Crew

Siobhan lets Joel take her hand and put it on his stomach. The rumble made her look up at him with a grin as she said that he was so hungry that he didn’t care what it was. She was going to step closer but as she thought that she and Joel saw a the crew doing their best to look like meerkats. She laughed as he said that he hoped that she’d made enough for the whole class.

Siobhan nodded. “Beef stew and Irish soda bread. Of course I made enough for everyone. I’m surprised you didn’t see all the meat, potatoes, carrots, celery, turnips, and whole assortment of spices. Or were you too busy staring at my ass?”

She looked over at everyone else. “Yes there is more than enough for everyone. I cooked so one of you does the dishes though.” She mock glared at them then grinned as they all grinned and took off for the food.

After the meal the table had been wiped down and when everyone was satisfied with the cleanliness of the place. Joel was sitting on the couch Siobhan cuddled against him and half asleep. The warmth of the room combined with the steady heartbeat she could feel and the full belly lulled Siobhan to a half awake state.

Location: Avalon

Interactions: Nathan; Nik @webboysurf; Drake @Marrok & Cleo @Damo021

A loud bellow came from the creature as people ran from it. It watched as who it was supposed to fetch was taken out of sight. It roared and shrieked at the humans.

As they shot at it hissing laughter from it rang across the overly noisy bar. As soon as they stopped shooting in a blur of speed the humans with guns were felled. The panic of people vacating confused the creature as it tried to focus after the first threat was dealt with. The music from the speakers disorienting to it and it turns back to where it first appeared and paused as if scenting the air.

As the fire roars at it the creature narrowly dodges it but still is singed by the flames. Hissing it turns to deliver a solid blow to the origin. A human? Not possible.

Suddenly stabbed with a stake by a slip of a girl. Fine it would deal with these things then go after the target. Grabbing the girl he threw her at the fire causing one. He could catch her or not it didn’t care. The wounds from the bullet holes healing as the bullets were pushed out of its skin and fell to the floor as they did so. The burn wasn’t at the point of healing yet but was starting to blister and be an angry red.

It looked at the others and hissed as they watched it. The one word came out in a discordant sound as if hundreds of voices shrieked, whispered, yelled and spoke that one word…

Kaylee Everose

Location: The Blue Dahlia

Interaction: Coleman St John @Pilatus


Kaylee nodded. “Astronomer, the son of God and a singer. Interesting. Is this one dinner or three different ones? Okay so I’m picking one although you have one of my favorite people there. Try and guess who that is.” She smiled at him and pressed on. Giving him a really interesting clue with her person that she was going to say.

Looking at his drink she decided to go with… “Alexander the Great because I want to know how he did it, it being the conquering of the world as he saw it; or at least that would be the starting question. I’d introduce him to Tai Indian food. It’s the question that is supposed to make you think.” She heard him say that he hated “Rooster”.

She raised an eyebrow at the response. “Rooster? I take it’s not from the original reason the song was written. For one of the bands family that was in Vietnam and he was called Rooster cause he was the guys that totted the machine gun and cut down others left and right. Must have known someone that decided that was their nickname and he was apparently a jerk.”
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