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Recruiting for X-Men. Original characters wanted. Will be kicking off a new original plot line!!! Don't miss this!!…
4 yrs ago
Two more days to a year that I'm not supposed to be counting. The little Tom Hanks in my soul is marking days without you. Castaway on an island surrounded by an ocean of tears getting deeper daily.
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Want a Slice of Life? Sol City is your ticket! Large, friendly group always room for more!…
4 yrs ago
November 10th, 2017 4:30 pm CST. You let go and I wasn't ready. I'm still not ready. I miss you.
4 yrs ago
Two months and a week. I miss you. This sucks. Is it bad that I pretend that you PCS'd and will be back before long? Then I remember you're gone and won't be back even if I wished it. And I do. Daily.


Ugh...I hate this part. So I'm super into Sailor Moon...which no one else is...and that's okay. I also really love Items, Escaflowne, Vampire Knight, Fushigi Yugi, Ah My Goddess, K Dramas, Chinese and Tiwanise Dramas as well. I torture people by making them read the TV.

Oh this is where I tell you I'm American...and I just lost a few people but oh well. Trust me if I could afford to live overseas I would. So yeah...that's me.

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As Sena teased GiGi, who was grinning and laughing softly. "Nah chiquita unless you have any more hiding or you have cherries. I will not be held responsible for what happens if cherries are involved." 

“Everyone is dressed so cute tonight.” Karina proclaimed with a strong sense of defeat and motioning at GiGi. “I feel like such a slob now.” She sighed. 

Looking down at her casual attire compared to others in the box with them GiGi raised an eyebrow and opened her mouth to correct Karina. That was when Aaron swooped in. Blinking GiGi tilted her head as the two bandmates acted like bad stage actors. She was able to just catch her laughter at their antics and softly clear her throat as Aaron mixed bad Spanish and equally horrible French. 

Shaking her head and chuckling, GiGi saw out of the corner of her eye someone sit down. Smiling at the band member who was speaking to her.

“Mademoiselle..” Tony said, cooly sitting across from Sena and GiGi. With fluid dacerlike movements he crossed one leg over the other broadly and sipped from his drink as the cigar burned in his other hand. “Who is our guest?” He said with a collected smile. 

“This is GiGi,” Sena said, glancing up at GiGi then back at Tony. “She works for us now.”

“‘Works?’” Tony replied, eyebrows raising behind his sunglasses.


“We have enough associates.” Tony said, taking a sip from his glass. “How about friends? I’m Tony.” He said looking at GiGi.

Leaning back GiGi let her gaze travel over Tony and grinned leaning forward to roll to her feet in front of Tony. "Friends? Let's hope the…" She looked around cutting her eyes to the arm candy he and Aaron had brought in. "Accessories aren't what you had in mind for the term. I'm very, how do you say, idiosyncratic in my singularity. You will never meet anyone like me." Gigi took his glass and inhaled the sultry fumes from the cognac. "Cheers to once in a lifetime opportunities." She took a slow sip not breaking eye contact. It wasn't a large sip, cognac was meant to be savored. Vaguely she heard the conversation around them mention band names and she raised her eyebrow and swallowed slowly as she placed the glass back in Tony's hand. Never breaking eye contact. "Not so much ice next time. Brings out more of the flavor. You'd be amazed at how different… enhancements... bring out different sides of cognac." 

"I only speak robot and English. Multiple languages of robot admitly."

GiGi wanted to strangle the little voice that chirped like Alice from the Disney cartoon. For. Fucks. Sake. Having an adult moment here you ostentatious amazon. Just as GiGi who was sure Squeekers was talking to. Rolling her eyes she glanced over at the female. Her outfit screamed not a baseball game so loud that people in Japan could easily translate the message.

"Irregular but good, it certainly was compelling and rather memorable."

GiGi blinked lost.

"Not unless you want to replace all this lovely glass... Move to it, not play it. Better for everyone's ears." This girl was drinking her fruity cocktail nibbling on a pineapple chunk contentedly. "So, Cheers?"

Blinking again GiGi was puzzled. Not knowing what to say she looked back at Sena then Tony and sat back down next to Sena. She avoided Karina’s seat in case Karina wanted it back. Looking back at Tony with a smarmy grin GiGi tilted her head and went back to the question at hand. "But none of that was an answer. More like a warning. So here is your answer. It depends on how you define friends. So Tony what is your definition of friends?"


Pushing her long blonde hair back GiGi secured it with a comb over her right ear. She debated not using the can of Aquanet but her hair wouldn't hold the crimp if she didn't use it. She didn't just crimp her hair, she braided sections and pulled them back with Bobby pins. The simple outfit of a white shirt and black suspenders paired with high waisted short shorts was frankly brilliant in GiGi’s opinion. Tying on the white converse she glanced up at the clock. "Oh shit I'm late!" 

Snatching up her keys GiGi booked it for the car. Thankfully the car started right away. The humidity was killer and GiGi got to the stadium just in the middle of the national anthem. Pausing out of respect she let the guitar player finish then rushed as fast as she could to the box. She mulled over the riffs and improvisation he took with the liberties of the Star Spangled Banner and decided that it wasn't half bad. Hendrix he was not but not a whole lot of people could touch him. Three words would get you through a rock concert "Jimmy is god." Or that was the rumor. She had yet to use it. Busy. Between the dive and the paper, far too busy.

These thoughts ran through her head as she headed to the… famous? Or was it an infamous box? GiGi saw a pair of what her midwest mama would call "a tall drink of water" with arm candy some feet ahead of her. She was pretty sure that those boys were more than "corn fed". Apparently, it was think like mama day. She rolled her eyes at her thoughts as she followed in their wake, enjoying the view.

Nearing the door GiGi’s nose wrinkled with the sent of cigarettes and a hint of desperation? She looked around and saw a blonde girl holding the offending cigarette. GiGi snorted and walked around the edges of the box and found a spot near Karina and Sena.

Raising an eyebrow at the man who stated that someone, Karina or Sena’s, Spanish was as good as his golf game. "Un poco demasiado familiar Pedro." After all tu was far too familiar to address someone you're not friends with. "Let’s hope your golf is better than your Spanish. Need to work on your… honorifics and sentence structure. It's a little loose carajo." She smirked as she said it, taking the overly harsh sting down a notch. A tiny notch. She still called the guy a dick but she didn’t take well to people, especially males, messing with her friends. And she considered Sena and Karina friends.

As a child GiGi had been told she had a beautiful smile and she used it to her advantage. She was always lauded by her grandmother as looking like her mother, GiGi’s great grandmother. Who was blonde with green eyes and 100% España, or 100% from Spain. GiGi had grown up bilingual and spoke fluent Madrid Spanish. While there were offshoots everywhere, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican… etc. Madrid Spanish was like comparing US English, the Queen's English, Australian English etc you get the point… It was still the root of all the others.

Smirking, GiGi perched on the arm of the chair between Karina and Sena. She leaned over and snagged a piece of pineapple off Sena’s drink and popped it in her mouth.


Blinking at Karina and tipping her head a little at the assumption that she'd serve them a dirty piece of flatware, GiGi hid her smile but her eyes sparkled. She tapped beside her lip not wanting to smear her lipstick. "Don't believe everything you see on TV sweets. I wouldn't work here if it wasn't clean. Orange juice and coffee coming right up ladies."

GiGi smirked as she recalled the fan that was so eager to have the girl's autograph. It had been hard not to stare intently at Sena after reading the little message. She mentally shrugged as she walked over to get the drinks for the girls.

The man sitting muttered something about a quiet morning. "Not a chance, guapo. Lo siento, that's not on the menu around here. What can I get you?" Nevaeh popped a hip out eyes running over the pretty boy.

Cutting her eyes back to the girls GiGi made sure that no one was mobbing them. Where are their bodyguards? She quickly got the orange juice and coffee with a small chilled container of cream, just in case it was needed. Walking past Nevaeh and caught a quick glance at the babe at the table who was likely soon to be drooled over by Nevaeh, maybe herself. It was a big maybe. He had a nice bod and killer eyes but that didn't mean he could move.

GiGi liked being picky. She wasn't picky about much but a guy had to check all her boxes or he didn't get past the friend zone. Lifting an eyebrow at Nevaeh and gliding over to her table GiGi set down the drinks in front of the ladies. "You ladies need a few minutes more or are you ready now?"

Location: Chef's Drive-In

With the radio blaring out a song about a cheating jerk that wanted the girl he was singing to help him mess around on his girl while she was on vacation. Josie should kick the shite out of that little bastard. GiGi was taking an order as she heard over the music a chopper that sounded really close. Really, really close. That sounds like it is on the roof!! What the heck is going on?!

Looking around GiGi saw people pointing and running from the helicopter that was landing in a patch of grass across the street. Stunned, like the people at the table, she watched as a group of people exited the chopper. Snapping out of it before the people at the table she snagged her pad and pen, beginning to take notes on what was going on around her. This is why that pad is never far from me. I’m getting all of this and turning it into an article. Damnit where the hell is PJ?!

Noticing what she could see from the distance and as people milled about, GiGi hopped that they were coming into the dive so she could get a better idea of who it was exactly. The first occupant was a slender girl in black then another in a riot of color. The girls shared the same color hair though their fashion was opposite ends of the spectrum. Raising an eyebrow, GiGi blinked as she realized who these girls were. Oh… it’s Miami Rebellion…

Cutting her eyes to Nevaeh to see if the slightly older waitress had noticed GiGi winced as she heard a shriek of “MIAMI REBELLION!!!”

Because of course at least one fan was in the dive at this time. Looks like I’m gonna be late to the paper…

Nevaeh glared at GiGi “You leave me after this for that damned rag and I will hunt you down and murder you. I will not be stuck with the fan club!!” Was hissed as a warning low and deep.

”You’ll have Gladys…” GiGi defended whispering.

“Those teenagers will eat Gladys alive and Chef will lose hundreds of dollars on walked cheques.” Nevaeh hissed back. “Just for that you have their table. I’m not dealing with Danny. He wasn’t happy with our last encounter.”

”Do I even want to know?” GiGi was a little bit curious.

“Now why is anyone ever upset with me?” Nevaeh countered.

”Upset with you is not what you said.”

“Humm you’re right. He was expecting… Sade and instead got Boy George.”

Just then the bells from the door clanged and the girls walked in. GiGi rolled her eyes at Nevaeh. ”Saved by the bell. And you call me evil. Fine. Just so we don’t have a bigger issue.” She watched as fate said ”Be careful what you wish for.” as the group sat in her section. Because of course… I should have stayed in bed today. Or maybe I’m not giving them enough credit. Maybe... hopefully… Here goes.

Walking up GiGi took in the clash that was the sisters. The girls are sisters but their personalities are totally day and night. I really like the outfits… both actually. Please don’t be Prima Donnas!!!

Not wanting to be caught gawking, or at least not for long, GiGi quickly walked over to the girls with a smile just as the colorful girl was reading out loud the sales flyer as if she had never even thought of putting the words in the same sentence, let alone the same paragraph. Vaguely in the background GiGi noticed that the radio was playing Come and Get Your Love as she snagged a couple of menus. “Hello!! Welcome to Chef’s. Here’s our menu. What can I get you to drink?” She let her eyes move over the girls with no small amount of curiosity. She was friendly and found that she smiled easily now that she was in their presence.

The blaring of the electric alarm at god awful early was met with a groan. “Dios mio!” The latino man exclaimed, running a hand over his face. He was obviously nude since the only thing preserving his modesty was the thin sheet across his hips.

”Yes yes pray. That will make the things you did with your mouth last night not a sin. Honey, you might want to do the opposite. Might have more luck not being damned to hell.” A feminine voice drifted up along with a pale arm snaking out to stop the alarm from squawking. The hand that rested on the alarm clock was polished with a neat classy french manicure. ”Are you planning to stay here all day? If so there’s water in the tap. That’s the extent of Southern hospitality at present, unless you want a ride to Chef’s.” Pale turquoise eyes framed by soot black eyelashes blinked as the woman rubbed her eyes and sat up snagging a black satin robe with a screen printed phoenix on it. Tossing the robe on quickly she hid the fact that she was just as nude as the male in bed.

The latino male flashed a smoldering look at the woman’s long dancer legs remembering just how flexible the bombshell in the short robe was. “Mi corazon…”

”Nope. No time for it Pedro.” She smirked as she teased him over her shoulder.

“It’s Fer-.” The latino male looked offended.

”Fernando. Yes, I like the song. I knew that. It was a test. You passed round one. Round two… not so much. Then again I’m a good sport. What’s my name Fernando?”

Fernando smiles and runs through the night thinking about if she introduced herself. The light flicks on as the woman starts collecting clothing. Her long blonde hair, that he thought was fake, was natural as was her ripe strawberry colored mouth. He noticed that she was not the honey color that most women were. She was noticeably pale and her eyes stood out like jewels under brows that made the statement that she was not the same as other women. He remembered noticing that she wore little makeup and with her hair up he had not known that her hair fell past her waist in thick waves. “Genevieve.”

GiGi stopped and looked up from her uniform for Chef’s and smiled. “Shower Nando?”

...5 mins before GiGi’s shift...

The slight squeal of the tires on a 1985 Firebird as the blonde behind the wheel smirked setting the break in the dive’s parking lot; while Steve preached the benefits of rolling with it to the gospel undertones that really nailed the point home. Gigi stepped out of the car in her ‘uniform’. Admittedly she looked pretty groovy but it was a pain that Chef has not budged on turning it into short shorts.

Tying her apron on Fernando leaned down and kissed her cheek. “Go sit and I’ll bring you a menu. Then I’ll call you a cab.”

Smirking, Fernando shrugged and said “Perhaps I’ll stay here so you have to take me home.”

GiGi laughed then stopped seeing he was serious. “Oh sorry. You were serious. No no no Nando. You eat, you leave. I have a very busy schedule.” She raised an eyebrow and motioned between the two of them. “Are you trying to make this a thing?”

Fernando looked confused. “You don’t…?”

”Don’t put words in my mouth. But if you must know I don’t normally sleep with someone on the first night if they’re a long term thing.” GiGi shrugged. “Sorry. Now sit down, order and I’ll call a cab after that.” She watched as Fernando raised an eyebrow but sat down and looked over the menu.

“GiGi you evil woman.” A smooth deep voice scolded. “That poor boy saw heaven and you just shut the gates on him.”

Snorting GiGi turned to the voice and put her hands on her hips. “Yeah, not even Nevaeh. We are not doing the hypocritical thing this morning.”

Nevaeh looked between Fernando and GiGi then sniffed, patting her hair. “Ain’t gettin’ any younger woman.”

”Yes mama. I know mama.” GiGi snarked at Nevaeh. “Besides I’ve already slept with him. They don’t want more than that normally.”

“Honey ain’t nothin’ normal about that latin angel you have in there.” Nevaeh remarked as they got into gear and started prepping for the start of the day.

Collaboration between Uná & Jasper

Uná O’Brian


Location: Institute

Interaction: Nik @webboysurf

Mentions: Jasper @ViolentViolet; Aya @c3p-0h & Sena @Pilatus

Uná gathered up her things and headed out waving to Aya as she left. Aya was just worried about me. That was what best friends do.Sena wasn't that bad was she? She couldn't be. I felt like she understood me. Like I could talk to her. A connection.

She put her headphones in and switched on her Spotify. The Way You Make Me Feel sounded in her ears as she danced down the hall. As she came up from the split her phone made the noise of a lightsaber turning on which meant that she had a text message.

>Just got out of DR, no plans 2nite. U?<

Uná's heart skipped a beat. She grinned and texted back. >Just gonna hit up Jasper for a favor then I'm free.< Uná thought for a moment and also sent. >Wanna meet me in the game room? Pretty sure that's where she is.<

Uná danced into the game room and pulled out her headphones looking around. Grinning she spotted Jasper's dark hair and slid gracefully over to her.

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