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Current Recruiting for X-Men. Original characters wanted. Will be kicking off a new original plot line!!! Don't miss this!!…
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Two more days to a year that I'm not supposed to be counting. The little Tom Hanks in my soul is marking days without you. Castaway on an island surrounded by an ocean of tears getting deeper daily.
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Want a Slice of Life? Sol City is your ticket! Large, friendly group always room for more!…
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November 10th, 2017 4:30 pm CST. You let go and I wasn't ready. I'm still not ready. I miss you.
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Two months and a week. I miss you. This sucks. Is it bad that I pretend that you PCS'd and will be back before long? Then I remember you're gone and won't be back even if I wished it. And I do. Daily.


Ugh...I hate this part. So I'm super into Sailor Moon...which no one else is...and that's okay. I also really love Items, Escaflowne, Vampire Knight, Fushigi Yugi, Ah My Goddess, K Dramas, Chinese and Tiwanise Dramas as well. I torture people by making them read the TV.

Oh this is where I tell you I'm American...and I just lost a few people but oh well. Trust me if I could afford to live overseas I would. So yeah...that's me.

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Kaylee Everose

Location: LA Roads; The Blue Dahlia

Interaction: Coleman St John @Pilatus


Kaylee nodded and left it alone. He’ll tell me when he wants to. She grinned at the sounds of people having a good time but not too good of a time as they went into The Blue Dahlia. Wonder if he can dance? Best time to find out. This band was a good call.

She smiled at him as he told her to relax. “I know it looks like I can’t do that but I can. I am. So just for the record do you dance?” Kaylee was interested and since this date was going so well she decided that a second one would be nice. There was something there between them and she wanted to explore it.

The waitress that had taken their drink order came over and asked if she wanted another. Kaylee indicated the water and nodded. “So if you could have dinner with anyone living or dead who would it be? Why that person? What would you eat? What would you discuss? Language is not a problem they would understand you and you them.” She enjoyed these topics it made people think and express themselves. She tilted her head questioningly. She wondered if his answer would scratch the surface or if he’d consider it and dig deep.

The waitress brought her a bottle of water and Kaylee paid her. Collecting the cash the waitress wandered off to another table. Kaylee opened the water and sipped it leaning forward toward Cole intently her focus on him solely.

She saw his aura play here and there. A little flash then to sink back inside. Random intervals no real pattern to it. It was fascinating. As if more of a living thing than most auras. Most auras only moved when emotions were high with the person. Cole’s seemed to have a mind of its own. She’d only seen one other person with an aura that moved like that. The O’Brian girl, Uná. Interesting to say the least but mostly different.

Thinking about the students brought up that Ashford had asked about putting a couple of students on a transfer to the Xavier institute. The young boy Sy and Sally. Sally needed someone that was more in line with her power base and who better to train her than Xavier. Xavier also had more dealings with the Shiar than anyone else and had expressed an interest in meeting the boy. Khloe's family had reached out and they wanted her to come back and do a little more with her idol career. She'd let all of them know and they could decide if they wanted to leave with an open slot to come back to the institute at a later time.

She shut down that line of thinking and went back to paying attention to Cole. Who unsurprisingly had waited till she had his attention once again. Kaylee smirked and laughed softly. "I'm back. Go a head."
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It's good.

Location: Mountain track, old lumber mill

Interaction: Joel @Pilatus

Mentions: Paige

Siobhan watched the dash cam intently as Joel drove beautifully. She had asked to come out here with him since Paige had warned her not to go near downtown. Siobhan took that a step farther and decided not to be in town at all. She had passed it along to her parents who had heeded the warning.

Siobhan was burning with curiosity as to why Paige had left such specific instructions. Stay away from town…? The curiosity is driving me banana crackers. I’m sure it’s about an ongoing investigation that she can’t talk about. Well we shall see. She saw Joel driving from the wrong direction and jogged out to meet him.

She went white as a sheet when they told her about the car and someone in it. She teeters and grabs Joel and looks at him then she looks back toward town. She can see black smoke in the area that Paige told her not to go to. She had been on a kick of just randomly taking pictures of people on the street and she was planning on doing the Run today. Oh god Paige just saved her life!!! She’d have to get her a new BMW or something.

Shaking off the swoon she looked back at Joel. “I was going to do some shots of the city about where all that smoke is...Paige told me to stay away from Downtown. I was going to go in and get lighting shots and people who were in I came out here and got shots of the track instead...That could have been me.” She swallowed audibly and hugged him. She trembled a little but took comfort from him.

Soaking up the attention for a moment Siobhan took a deep breath. Exhaling she looked around. “Well I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that the emergency services have been called. But we have no idea how long that will be. I did manage to make lunch. And before you ask it is not a sandwich.”
Brighid O'Shay

Location: Hood Keep

Interaction: Finlay @Marrok

Mentions: Everyone that's the way the wind blows. Eliza no longer thinks of me as a friend. That didn't take long… She turned toward Bartholomew, or Tholo, was next then Vitius as they spoke she inclined her head and smiled sadly at them as they stated the chains stay off.

Then there was Sadon. She had no idea why he'd been sentenced. He pulled back his hood and revealed his gray hair. It was like moonlight from a half moon. She remembered the first time she saw it.
I watch across a crowded ballroom as couples dance. Some looking like they're in love others like they're going through the motions that society placed on them. My mentor, Calpernia, was invited I was just here to make connections. Her words not mine.

Sighing softly I fidget with my gown. The light pink form fitting, but simply cut, chiffon was not normal for me. Calpernia had insisted I wear it. At least she had caved on my footwear. Flats that she'd had dyed to match the dress. I'd much preferred my black, gray or sometimes blue, garments that you couldn't tell what my shape was. This, this seemed to scream that I had a figure and I was uncomfortable with the attention it caused.

Leaning against the wall alone I tried to blend in. I had hoped that Eliza was in attendance. My hopes flagged with each person that strolled in. I literally knew no one other than Calpernia.

“I told you Fendrel parties are the best.” I looked over at the young man who was speaking. He is with a friend and they can't be much older than my eighteen. His attention on me was...strange. He tapped his friend grinning wolfishly. “Look at this pretty little wallflower. Why are you back here in the dark, little one?”

I looked around. Surely they weren't talking to me? They both close in and I shrink further back in the shadows and they grin wider at my movements. I start to look for a way to get around them but every time I see one they cut it off. I am herded outside and I realized quickly there is no one out here.

Before the two could touch me the door creaked open just enough to let a figure come through- A flash of grey hair stepped outside, he had a forlorn look about him. Whos is that? His despondent eyes swam around the place before finding their way towards me and the two men.

“Eh, beat it kid, we’re busy he-”
“That grey tuft, isn’t he a Fendrel?”
“Nah, can’t be, right?”
“It doesn’t matter, this is none of his business, just tell him to get lost.”

“I may be reading this wrong, but that girl doesn’t look like she’s taken well to your… ‘advances’. I suggest backing off.”

“Who the fuck do you think you ar- wait, aren’t you Sadon?”
“HAH that pathetic excuse for a Fendrel? Whose he to tell us what to do.”

The figure- Sadon, didn’t react. His face never broke, I felt a pang of guilt, it was like he was wearing a porcelain mask. The two figures lunged at Sadon but he dodged effortlessly- soon they began stumbling on themselves, not landing a single hit.

Both my assailants looked tired. Sadon got around them after they stumbled past them and hit one with a neck chop, knocking the guy out cold. His friend swung widely but Fendrel sweeped his leg. He chin landed on concrete, I almost felt a bit sad for him.

Sadon looked at me now, he opened his mouth to say something but he didn’t. A few seconds passed before he just turned around walking towards the door.

“Thank you. I appreciate the rescue.” I was struck by how his hair looked like spun moonlight. His features almost delicate, right on the edge. I walked over to him rubbing my arms at the slight chill in the air. I smiled winningly and curtsied. “I’m Brighid O’Shay.” If I could get him to respond then maybe he wouldn’t look so sad.

“Ah.” he turned around, almost surprised that I referred to him, “I am… Sadon, Sadon Fendrel. Those two, I’ll handle them.” he then bowed awkwardly as if he just remembered to, “Enjoy the party.”

I looked puzzled. That sounded like a brush off. “Do you play chess?” I heard myself say shocking myself. I don’t normally try to make people stay and talk to me. I normally let them wander on by.

“... I suppose I am capable, yes. Why do you ask?”

“I enjoy it more than parties. Complicated conversation that I never understand half of the innuendo. How to hold you fan, fork... anything you really have in your hands. Not to mention your hands and where to place them. Dancing and the question of how much touching is appropriate or how much conversation is expected. It’s all so complicated. Chess is simple in its rules and no one gets hurt in chess.” I looked up at the stars and sighed. “Plus you don’t have to dress up for chess. You can wear comfortable clothes.” I let my gaze fall back to him. I was going to push the boundaries of propriety with this next question but I’d get no real enjoyment out of the night if I didn’t ask. “Would you fancy a game?”

“Alright, sure.” Sadon said, a look of sympathy about him. “I’ll grab the chessboard, it is quiet enough out here so we can play here.” he then started walking back inside. After a few minutes the door opened and out came Sadon with a chessboard by his side. He sat by the fountain and set up the pieces.

I sat down and listened to the fountain splashing as Sadon set up the board.
“Black or white?” I rubbed my arms a little at the cool night air. Calpernia was worse than some matchmaking mama. The chiffon whispered as I rubbed my arms and I cursed that I hadn’t given in to making it silk, at least that held body heat. Possibly not a good idea if it had been really windy.

“Black.” he replied. I saw the door creak open again, the person had the insignia of Fendrel on his tabard. The bulky figure picked up the two unconscious men and before he turned around to leave Sadon called out to him. Whispering something in his ears. The guard nodded and walked away. A few moments later the guard came back with an opulent cloak, who handed it off to him with a grunt and left them to their own devices. The cloak had the Fendrel insignia embroidered on the left shoulder. I was then offered this cloak.

I accepted the cloak and put it on grateful for the warmth as I sat down in front of the white pieces. I caressed the ivory pawn as I confidently placed my first piece starting the forward march. Back and forth we went my concentration split between the attractive man and the board. I caught him not paying attention to the board a few times and each time made my cheeks warm. I teased him looking up from the board.
“I have you in three moves, Sadon. It’s a wonder you don’t see it.” I smirked when he looked up at me and I felt my cheeks go hot.

His silvery eyes then swam around the board, widening slightly when he realized she was right.
“You’re right, Lady O’Shay.” he tipped his king horizontally, “Sorry, my focus... wasn’t entirely all here.”

“No need to be so formal. This is the most fun I’ve had in awhile…” I bit my lip. “My apologies I shouldn’t have taken liberties with assuming to call you by your first name.” I could feel the shame slump my posture and I became unsure in why he chose to forfeit. My hand hovered over the board indecisively. “Giving up? Why? You could have gotten out of that easily.”

“No worries, refer to me as you like. It’s just that I can’t wholly foc-” An unfamiliar voice interrupted him, I could tell that Sadon froze up.

A man with a fierce gaze and a choking presence was now glaring at Sadon. He looked very similar to Sadon, ashen grey hair with silver eyes.
“Sadon. This... is what you do at our gatherings? Your presence is required. Two minutes..”

“Yes… Father.” Sadon replied, his ‘mask’ hardened, making him impossible to read.. He placed his hand on his chest and bowed to me, “Apologies Miss Bridghid.”

Brighid looked at the man who went wild eyed and pointed his bow at Vitius. Well isn't this fun. Looks like we find out who needs to be watched.

She heard the song of a sword leaving a sheath and watched in slow motion as it pointed at her neck. Knowingly fully well she could step out of range but she wanted to let it be known that she wasn't the aggressor. She looked at the male that was holding the sword as he said something about unauthorized use of magic and prisoners. He threatened to cut my head off called me by my gender and threatened those whom I released? Well I guess the walking clank will keep this is entertaining. This one and the archer need to be watched. She kept her eyes on the tin man. She raised an eyebrow as Finlay started yelling and tossing the chains at someone, out of the corner of her eye she couldn’t tell who. He then grabbed the blade.

He sliced his hands and her eyes widened as the coppery scent of blood washed over her. She got side tracked as she wondered how the vampires would take it. Snapping back to reality as Finlay was mentioning these people being her best friends? Yeah she had an issue with my best friend pulling a sword on me because they thought that they were better than me. I also had an issue with them aiming a bow at someone’s head just because they were different. Not to mention she had issues with people she thought were her friends; then decided that their friendship, no matter that they’d known each other for at least four years now, wasn’t worth mentioning. Brighid was hurt. Eliza hadn’t said a word of knowing her. And the summoner fool had put his chains back on. At least Vitius and Tholo had the right idea. She couldn’t believe Sadon had wanted them back on as well.

She almost lost it laughing when Finlay said that the next person to hand him anything without him asking for it he’d take their head. The man was funny. It took all her will to keep a straight face. He turned to leave and gave them fifteen minutes.

Brighid couldn’t turn away from someone in need. She was a Healer. She knew she could fix him without scaring him further. She just had to. She shook her head and decided to deal with a problem she knew she could fix. Healing Finlay.

She turned toward the man that the little fairy was hiding in the shirt color of. She nodded to him and stated in a soft calm voice. “I’ll be right back. I need to heal Finlay.” As she passed the rooms she called out. “Vitius. Tholo. I’ll be back in a few.”

Brighid broke away from the rest of the group that lingered in the hallway not looking back after telling the male and fairy as well as Vitius and Tholo that she would be back. He’s hurt. It might not be my fault but he’s right and I have more to lose then most. If I fail I die. Others have the luxury of not worrying about that, I do not. She took off after Finlay.

Turning the corner she caught the edge of his cloak in her vision and quickened her pace a bit to catch up. She almost stumbled into him as she turned the corner. She stopped in time not to plaster herself to his back. “You’re hurt. I can fix that.”

Finlay spun gradually, seemingly unsurprised by her approach. Her footsteps no doubt telegraphed her impending arrival long before he set eyes on her.. His face wore a metaphorical mask that epitomized inconvenience. “I’m bleedin’,” he corrected. “Takes a bit more to hurt.” He stood there and looked at the open wound on his hand. A small smirk crept out. “Yunno, they say the Commander’s hood started out yella and that’s why she starts us all out the same.” The crimson fluid trickled slowly down his arm, following the flow of his veins on his wrist. “It only got red with blood when she first took a stand against it all. And then a legend was born.” He closed his hand slowly before reopening it. It was deep enough that it’d likely need stitches. “How d’ya suppose you can fix this?

Brighid sucked in a breath at the wound. “That’s deeper than I thought.” She looked back up at him. “I’m a Healer. A White Healer. Not that it matters now all anyone sees is a wolf. Interestingly enough that hasn’t changed the fact that I can do some general spells and my speciality. If I could have your hands.” Brighid waited for him to place his hands in hers. “As for standing against it all… someone has to or it never stops. I can appreciate standing against injustice and evil but one voice doesn’t get heard in the dark. It’s the multitude; and those backing her had just as much to do with it, if not more, than she did. Bet it took a lot of convincing till she found people who would listen and help.” She raised an eyebrow and bounced her hands gently.

He gave a small huff of surrender as he presented his hands. He could argue, claim to be able to tough it out, but if there was someone offering a magical cure, it was foolish to ignore it. “You earn your red and you won’t be looked at as a wolf,” he assured her as he looked her up and down. “You let someone catch you with a sword again, though, and yer gonna get stares.” There was no humor in his voice. It seemed like a genuine statement. After a moment, he looked at his own hands as his eyes darted between the two, a nervous tell that occurred when Finlay was thinking deeply. “Brighid, wolf, caster.” He recited in monotone. “Give me something exciting,” he instructed. “What else?

Brighid held the top of his forearms which were parallel to the floor at the moment. She raised an eyebrow at his notice of the fact that she could have moved out of the tin man’s sword range before he’d had it drawn. “Ah you noticed that. I felt I was being a bit more patronizing if I let him telegraph his suspicions. Besides while I believe what I said fully I did also want to make sure whom I needed to watch out for and make it apparent to others whom needed to watch out for.” She raised an eyebrow at his comment of give him something exciting. “Exciting? What could I have that would be in the least bit exciting to a Red Hood? Besides the more excited you get the more you’re going to bleed all over the keep. I rather fancy that you’d not like to have all the vampires and werewolves know where you reside.” She fluttered her eyes shut and her lips parted. Turning his arms over she ran her fingers from forearm to catch his hands in hers. She didn’t seem to notice the blood or really care. She sucked in a breath and shakily breathed out “Eless- sina rúatan's harwe...”

She knew all he could feel is possibly a tingling sensation and that the pain would vanish just before that, perhaps nothing. It was different for some people. Some healing felt like a wash of warm water, static shock, some people could smell flowers, hear the tinkling of bells. Even taste honey, mint, cinnamon or cloves. Though taste was rare. Rarer still was seeing it, and just about unheard of was all sensory experience. It was mostly different for different people that were being healed.

Except for her the pain was always there. It reminded her of the conditioning they went through to be Whites. She breathed through the pain and the heady rush of feelings that came with it, shaky and breathy but wanting to distract herself she continued talking. “Some people can feel, smell, hear, taste or see healing magic. But full sensory experience is just about unheard of. They test you for full sensory experience when you test for Healing. If you don’t have three out of five you don’t get in. Only those who have a full sensory experience are some of the best. As a White they stretch your pain threshold and teach you various ways to work through it, bury it, turn it into something...else or push past it. If you don’t know, as a White we take the pain as well as healing you. Most Healers don’t experience anything when they heal other than Whites that is and usually that is only the pain.” She shivered let her breath out shakily and let go. His hands clear not a mark in sight. She kept her eyes closed and tried to calm down.

Her heart pounded like a drum and her breathing was ragged. She circled a hand counter clockwise her palm facing downward and open at the start fingers splayed. Her wrist rotated upward as she made the clockwise motion and she closed her hand making a fist that came palm up at the end of the motion while saying, “Awaime as sina sercë.” Suddenly all the blood was gone. She breathed in and out slowly. “Well normally this doesn’t affect me that much. But I’m guessing that I’ll be feeling things more acutely from here on out. Only been like this about two weeks now, since the last full moon.” She didn’t look up at Finlay and turned to go.

Finlay made a fist, examining the handiwork before his eyes returned to Brighid. Pleased, he opened his mouth to say something, but stopped short. As he stood there, the floor space he was occupying was suddenly shrouded in shadow. There was someone standing behind him. Finlay steeled himself as he turned, but he needn’t see with his own eyes to know with whom he was about to face. His vision trailed from the floor and climbed up the onyx cloth to the pitch void that covered Zeke’s face. No words were spoken, you could just hear the latter breathing, each huff that rained down from the towering figure rolled with a gravelly undertone. Finlay stared into the void for just a moment before nodding uncomfortably. After the unspoken exchange, Zeke turned and walked away, leaving Finlay standing there in the corridor to contemplate his next move.

Well then,” he said to himself in a whisper. “ I suppose the fun begins.” He then turned to follow Brighid back to where the rest of the initiates were.

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Brighid O'Shay

Location: Hood Keep

Interaction: Everyone

Mentions: Everyone

Brighid looked at the others in the hallway then down at her chains.Lehta.” The lock clicked open and the chains slid off her hands at which point she looked over at Finlay. “You might need these at some point for someone.” She didn’t wait for him to take them she put them in his hand. She had learned recently that being sweet earned you misfortune eventually and something was growing inside her to rise to the occasion.

She turned to the others her eyes as hard as diamonds. “My name is Brighid O’Shay. You will use either Brighid or O’Shay. I will not be referred to as she-wolf, bitch, girl, woman, or any other derogatory name you come up with. And I will afford you the same basic courtesy. I am not here to be a whipping boy to any of your resentments nor will I tolerate anyone else being abused by your prejudice and bigotry if you have any. I am here for my own reasons and even if I had not been turned in by the village I stumbled into after being attacked I would still be here. Yes I was sentenced but if I had the presence of mind at the time I’d have volunteered. As it is I was out of my mind with a fever and was isolated till the Red Hoods called for me. So those of you who wish to berate me, the vampire,” She indicated Vitius @ZAVAZggg. She watched him walk off still chained. “The newly turned?” She indicated Nyssa @Damo021 then inhaled and shook her head and shrugged moving on. “The fairy,” She indicated Loona @Tenma Tendo. “The...summoner,” She indicated Edwin @Duoya raising an eyebrow since he smelled faintly of sulphur. She approached him and unlocked his chains with a firm, “Lehta.” She then took his chains to Finlay. Turning back to the group her eyes still hard swung over them. “Fendrel,” She indicated Sadon @Inertia coming over to him she looked down at his chains she sneered at them as if they were alive. “Lehta.” Then turning to Finlay and handing over those chains as well. Finally she turned to Bartholomew @Argetlam350 and indicated him as she said “Or the male werewolf.” She stated as she reached for his chains and they fell and again she deposited them with Finlay. Turning back to the group once again meeting everyone’s eyes. “For what they or I had no choice in being then by all means do so. But know that also means that I don’t have to heal you. Yes I am a healer and a werewolf. Deal with it. That being said I also don’t expect that we monsters... I use the term loosely, for I have met humans that are more monstrous than any werewolf or vampire ever recorded… will hold such hatred inside of us for at the very least those we will be working with closely.”

She cut her eyes across the group and walked into the room with the vampire and stopped in front of him. She looked up at him the smile she had on her face sad and did not reach her eyes. She reached out and caught his chains in her grasp. “Lehta.” The chains popped open and she gathered them up and nodding to him she turned and walked to the doorway. “I will not judge you on something you cannot control. If you need anything let me know. My name is Brighid O’Shay. I shall be across the hall.” She took the chains out the doorway with her.

Walking over to Finlay she handed him the final set of chains. “Hopefully you won’t need them for anyone here again.” She turned back to the group. “So now that I’ve introduced myself who’s next?”
Jocelyn Victoria Beatrice Harmon AKA Tonic

Location: Boston; 20 months after the Incident

Interaction: Finnlay @sly13

Yet another day. They all seem to run together. I’m a glutton for punishment. I decided that I can’t leave. Not till I fix what is broken. To fix it I have to know how it broke first. That’s complicated.

I skim over details with Athena and Oberon about life every check in. No need for them to know that something is wrong. Athena would worry. Can’t have that. I’ve taken to shadowing Finnlay if he goes out to the Black Rose, I’m there. The gym, I’m there. Nightly jaunts, I’m there. Always with “I'm here if you need to talk. I'm not leaving. Is breá liom tú." and healing as needed. Sometimes if I’m lucky it seems like I almost get a response. Almost. But almost doesn’t count. Unless it’s horseshoes or hand grenades. This is neither.

It’s like I’m living with someone who switched off their humanity. Black and white, no gray. Boston is ruled with an iron fist. Most days I’m thankful I’m practically immortal. I’ve taken to stretching myself thin across the patrols Finnlay normally haunts. Collection of petty criminals that wind up in jail. Better in jail than to face off with an executioner.

"I'm here if you need to talk. I'm not leaving. Is breá liom tú." I say as I hand him a cup of tea. “Did you need anything before I head over to the library?” I know the answer. I’m not really studying for a class like I’ve let him believe. I use it as an excuse to do digging into newspapers, online articles, information in general. Like that James was dead.

I know this would be easier if I just let Athena do it but I can’t. I can’t make myself admit that there is a problem out loud. Don’t get me wrong I know that there is a problem. I carry this guilt like a cross and sharing the weight would probably help me out but I can’t. I did this to him. I have to fix it. No one else needs to know. He’ll be okay once I reach him. But it has to be soon.

I can feel parts of me shutting down. Maybe it’s just a coping mechanism. Just boxing up little parts of me to function better. Boxes that say ‘Open Later’ or something like that...Maybe. “Did you hear me, mo chroí?” I thought about how I was going to start questioning the low lifes that I caught asking them what was up and see if something floated to the top.
Kaylee Everose

Location: LA Roads

Interaction: Coleman St John @Pilatus


Kaylee felt the wind rush by as she held onto Cole. She'd been on bikes before but none as nice as this one. She held on tight to Cole with the excuse of the road. She pressed her cheek to his back and smiled at his warmth.

All too soon it ended and they were climbing off the bike. It was a venue that was laid back. She moved off the bike with Cole's help. Not that she needed it but it was nice. She’d been looking forward to this concert for a while now. She had a guilty pleasure of a capella and cover bands and she was glad someone else was indulgent enough to go with her.

Kaylee looked over at Cole and smiled warmly. “If there is anything on your mind you know I’m here. I’m not pushing you just seem like you’ve wanted to say something but it hasn’t been what you really said.” She squeezed his arm affectionately. “Come on let’s go have fun.”
Ethan Aster

Location: Friday

Interaction: Marcus @Zaxter996

Mentions: Siobhan; Victoria @PrinceAlexus & Joel @Pilatus

Ethan’s fingers knocked out a new melody for a song that he’d been working on all week. That damned muse is just out of reach. Although this time she is a tall curvy redhead as opposed to a short brunette that is getting predictable. Who knows maybe Victoria will surprise me. He sighed and gave up. Going to the front hallway Ethan grabbed his coat and checked his news feed and noticed that Club Aether was pretty torn up. He shook his head as he smirked humorlessly. “Well shit. At least no one was hurt.”

Drew came down the hall and looked up at Ethan. “So been thinking about looping in that guy from Club Aether and he seemed decent. Be a good thing for him in the situation.”

Ethan nodded and hopped on facebook and contacted Marcus. Marcus we’re looking for another guitarist. You in? You know what they say about doors closing and all that.

Ethan’s phone rang and he picked up he was expecting this call. “Yes?”

“Well that footage was interesting to say the least. It’s been uploaded. Security systems are easier to hack in Hollywood.” The girl on the other end of the phone whined.

Ethan sighed. “Let me guess you want double?” He rubbed his head like he was getting a headache.

“He says double like I’m pulling teeth. It was hard enough to loop into the system but to wait till she talked to Cardinal and piggy back her IP and upload it making it seamless that she uploaded it to every overseas tabloid and a few of the choice one’s in the states. That was pure genius.”

Ethan grinned at that comment. “So be it. I’ll let Nikki know you’ve done your job.”

“Thank you. If I never hear from him again it’ll be too soon.” She hung up.

Ethan grinned then laughed. Victoria would be chasing down viral sex videos for a while. It would give him a reason for distance and it was a fail safe for him to wash his hands of her. But not yet. I still have plans for her.
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