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Current November 10th, 2017 4:30 pm CST. You let go and I wasn't ready. I'm still not ready. I miss you.
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Two months and a week. I miss you. This sucks. Is it bad that I pretend that you PCS'd and will be back before long? Then I remember you're gone and won't be back even if I wished it. And I do. Daily.
3 mos ago
Two months, four days. I miss you. Can't listen to Mike and the Mechanics "In The Living Years" anymore. It came on at work yesterday as the last song and I cried.
4 mos ago
Starting the New Year without you sucks...having birthdays without you is going to suck whether they're mine or someone else's.
4 mos ago
One month, two weeks, two days and the first Christmas without you. I miss you.


Ugh...I hate this part. So I'm super into Sailor Moon...which no one else is...and that's okay. I also really love Items, Escaflowne, Vampire Knight, Fushigi Yugi, Ah My Goddess, K Dramas, Chinese and Tiwanise Dramas as well. I torture people by making them read the TV.

Oh this is where I tell you I'm American...and I just lost a few people but oh well. Trust me if I could afford to live overseas I would. So yeah...that's me.

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Location: The Old Starboard; Monday Noon
Interaction: Paige (@Pilatus)


Siobhan looks up from the coffee and smiles. “You're not late just on time actually.” She motions the waiter over and has Paige tell him what she wanted. As the waiter walks off Siobhan continues the conversation. “So went to the stupid Gala thing and since you weren't there I decided to make friends. That didn't work out so well.” She recounts the story from last night. Of course pausing so that they could order. Siobhan slowed down when she got to the part when she was with Joel. “So don't yell at me too much for this next part. I was a little drunk and got locked out on the roof with a guy. Who turned out to be pretty cool. I didn't have my phone and we're lucky he had his. Like I said I was drunk. So who'd you have dinner with?” Siobhan looked a bit guilty. For all of the conversation they had she didn't know all really. Well I wanted to get to know him and getting Karen fixed is as good as any a reason to get to know him.

Location: The Old Starboard; Monday Noon

Interaction: Paige (@Pilatus)

Siobhan had texted Paige about an hour ago ~Hey meet me at Old Starboard at noon for lunch. I need to talk about what happened last night.~ and so here she was. Sitting here so that she could sort through some things with Paige as a sounding board. She hoped that she had sounded coherent and not as mixed up as she felt. Siobhan looked down at her phone. She had gotten here early because she didn’t have anything better to do, but she was only about a half hour early. She was going to tell Paige all about last night. She got a coffee and smirked waiting for Paige. The coffee reminded her of the conversation with Joel.“For pleasure?” He shrugged. “Drink coffee and read Wikipedia mostly.” He said slyly looking back at her. “Stay up ‘til around four and get up whenever.” Siobhan sipped her coffee and grimaced at the fact that Paige was probably going to rake her over the coals about getting drunk and going off alone. Having Paige mad at her wasn't even the worst of it. Paige might pull strings and have someone tail her to make sure she stayed out of trouble. Ugh that'd suck. But she was still going to tell Paige.
Siobhan & Joel

Location: City Hall Roof; Sunday

Interaction: Each other Siobhan (@Almalthia) Joel (@Pilatus)


Siobhan raised an eyebrow and grinned. “Tokyo! Well that's good news! Bet they'd love you over there!!” She scooted closer at the mention of a secret and leaned in. The excitement coming off him had her forgetting that she was keeping her distance. “Yes I can keep a secret. I have a problem with injustice and I love it when people get their just desserts for actions, you know karma. Go ahead.” She hadn't worn any perfume, she never did anyway. She knew to many people were allergic to the stuff. Just her coffee scented shampoo and conditioner as well as her vanilla body wash. She played with her braid absentmindedly as if it were something she'd do while concentrating. She was starting to shiver occasionally and she wanted to stand up and walk around but didn't want to flash Joel.

It was funny how she felt the need to scoot closer to hear what he had to say even though there was no one else around. His brow furrowed slightly in curiosity as she scooted right up next to him. She carried clean scent of coffee? And vanilla behind the smell of the scotch which, he would have to admit, he'd never come across before. Most of the time it was the usual flowers and fruit so he had to give her credit for uniqueness there. However,like all women, she loved the idea of getting in on a good secret. “A couple weeks before the race,” He began. “Some of the big wheels at Nissan offered me a… certain amount of money to not participate.” He said casually looking away. His grin was very smug as he thought about his words. “I turned them down and made a counter offer.” He paused briefly only for emphasis and looked over at her, telling a good story was extremely satisfying, particularly ones where he was the winner and betting big on the streets was something he'd grown up doing. “I told them to double it plus one more thing if I won.” He said. “If I lost, I'd never race the Grand Prix again.”

Siobhan laughed out loud. “You only bet on a sure thing then. How stupid of anyone to bet against you if you had anything close to that tone or that look. I wouldn’t bet against you if either of those things were a factor. I get this vision of how The Godfather should have gone.” She is laughing as she saying this barely able to get it out. “Marlon Brando and you glaring at each other and him taking the bet. Oh that’s rich.” She laughs a bit more and smiling broadly. “Well now is Tokyo business or pleasure?”

Joel shrugged, “I don't know if I'm that good.” He said, enjoying the sound of her laugh. He thought she might have a little too much faith in him for having only just met. “And I only got them by about a quarter of an inch, so yea....” He shook his head, “I tell ya, for that last eighth of a mile or so, I damn near pinched a hole in the seat.” He was now broadly smiling as he thought back to how close the finish had indeed been and how he’d essentially won because his front air dam was just a little longer than the the one on the GT-R. “No, Tokyo is business mostly.” He said. “Well, maybe more like fifty-fifty, I've gotta pick up the other part of my wager and ship it back over here.” He looked over at her to see that she was damn near on top of him at this point from the cold and decided to relent from withholding his jacket since she'd proved her point. “Here, I'm gonna give you this, because I don’t want you to keel over in the middle of this conversation from hypothermia.”

Siobhan laughed even harder at him describing the feeling in the last eighth of a mile tilting her head back covering her mouth with her hands laughing then catching his eye she cleared her throat as he started talking about Tokyo. As he moved to give her the jacket she smiled at him sweetly and slipped into it moaning as the warmth came in contact with her chilled skin. She’d decided that she’d let him give her the jacket but she’d be giving it back when that door opened. “Sure you don’t have some padding still left?” She laughed softly. “Thank you Mr. Nicolosi. So more like Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and less like Marlon Brando. I can see that. I know a few names in the Tokyo area where my paintings went or I was commissioned to paint something. Haven’t been there myself. I only got as close as Beijing.” She moved back enough that they had some breathing room and smirked at him. “So what do you do for pleasure then?”

The cold steadily leaked through his formerly warm black shirt, but it wasn't unbearable. He had to give her credit for making it as long as she did in that tiny dress. “I've been over there a couple times, can't say I know much about the art scene though.” He said. “I actually do have a nice little painting of Mount Fuji I got over there, real simple, I guess traditional style, I like those, kinda pricey though.” He watched her scoot back slightly and was both disappointed and relieved that she had enough class to not instantly drape herself all over him in her fading inebriation. “For pleasure?” He shrugged. Not much. He thought to himself. His hobbies were admittedly narrow. There wasn't a lot he liked to do outside of work out and tune cars. “Drink coffee and read Wikipedia mostly.” He said slyly looking back at her. “Stay up ‘til around four and get up whenever.”

“There is a really nice coffee joint around the corner from my place called The Coffee Pot. I like to head out there after I get up to get a better cup of coffee than Starbucks. Read Wikipedia? You do know that is editable and that you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the...well not everything you read. For example Moby Dick. Boring. And they say everyone should read that before they die. I’ll stick with my subscription to National Geographic thank you. Would have thought you’d be the type of man to take life by the horns and shake things up. Like street racing or well hell...cause havoc and let loose the dogs of war. But stay up till four, drink coffee and read Wikipedia? You’re teasing. With a body like that? You’re...humm...rescuing damsels in distress while singing karaoke.” She teasingly replies as she pokes him in the side. “Cause those abs under that shirt scream great control of a diaphragm.” She laughs at her joke.

Joel laughed as it sounded like she was actually taking him seriously for a moment. He didn't feel the need to comment about the Pot as the locals called it. He'd been there plenty of times. It was a tad on the hipster side and he liked going in there if for no other reason than just to look out of place. “I tell ya what,” He said with a confident chuckle. “You have that Corvette hauled to my shop and you can find out what my hobbies are.” He said reaching into the coat pocket slowly so as not to spook her and took a pen out. Though he was genuinely trying not to, his hand gently brushed against her. He scribbled a number on the back of a new card and handed it to her. “I'm flying out on Wednesday, just call that number and tell him it's for me and he’ll take care of you. We’ll get it inside before I leave.”

Siobhan shivered as his hand brushed her hip. She held her breath as he got a pen of the side pocket of the jacket making a slight hiss through her teeth as she let the breath go. Snapping her eyes up to his to see what his reaction to the ‘accidental’ brush. He didn’t make eye contact. Maybe it wasn’t on purpose. It really could have been accidental. Her lips parted unconsciously and as he wrote out the number as she got herself composed and smirked as she took the card. Siobhan looked up at him smirking and said in a slightly husky voice. “So this number doesn’t exactly have a pocket.” She mused as she indicated her dress. “I was going for sexy rather than serviceable. Pockets didn’t rate high on the list.” She slipped it into his inside breast pocket. “Got it covered. So you’re not fixing me up with someone else to get rid of me are you? Cause I can tell you that I’m damned persistent when I want to be Mr. Nicolosi. I know my mind and if you say you’re the best than I want you. It’s a tall order, think you’re man enough to fill it?” She smirked at the double entendre that she wondered if he was going to roll with or comment on. [En garde. See what you do with that.[

“I'm sure you'll find a place for it,” Joel replied. “And that number is to my rollback driver.” He literally couldn't believe she was going to pay money to fix up a ‘73 Corvette. Though it wasn't normally his forte, he didn't have any doubt about his abilities. People had peculiar tastes and he was more than obliged to take their money for it. Tall order. What a joke “If I had a dollar for every old Chevrolet he's hauled, I probably wouldn't have needed to win the race.” He teased. He was really getting a kick out of her big talk as he knew exactly what he was talking about. “I hope you're planning on selling a lot paintings.” He said with an air of amusement.

Siobhan could feel them falling back into a comfortable teasing conversation. She grinned at Joel. “I’ve sold more paintings than you know Mr. Nicolosi. Karen isn’t really mine. Well she is but she isn’t. It’s a story for another time. I’ll tell you when I bring her in. Or when you start to work on her. I have to be there. I promise not to get in the way but it’s non-negotiable. You won’t even know I’m there. Still think you can deliver or can’t handle a girl in your shop?” Siobhan poked him in the shoulder lightly.

“That's pretty weird that you name your car,” Joel shot back. He couldn't help himself. “I usually let the factory do that.” He was trying not to laugh and when she poked him on the shoulder he let it all out heartily. She seemed so serious about it. Oh well. He didn't think a female had called him ‘Mr. Nicolosi’ since he had a crazy substitute teacher back in high school and the thought of that was equally as funny. “You can hang around all you like,” He said. In truth, he did actually like the thought of it. He loved to talk while he worked and she was especially easy on the eyes. A vast improvement from the bored old men and Southside factory workers that normally stopped by to chat outside his bay door. “I wasn't kidding about the hours though,” He continued and looked over at her matter-of-factly, “I’ll work all night and sleep half the day when I feel like it. ‘Think you can handle that’?”

Siobhan laughed along with him and answered him quickly. “I’m not a baby. I’m less of a morning person and more of a night owl anyway. So yes I can handle it, very well as a matter of fact. I’ll tell you all about Karen when you meet her. I don’t want to spoil the surprise. How much are we talking? Can you give me a ballpark?”

“Wait a minute here,” Joel said in a mock protest. “Just a little while ago you were miss high and mighty big shot parents at the bar. Now you're concerned how much it's going to cost?” He laughed some more and honestly could not remember the last time he'd laughed so much. It'd been a while for sure. “No, I can't give you a ‘ballpark’.” He said. The price game was one he'd played a thousand times. If people needed to ask, they were usually already in over their head. “It just depends what you want to do with it and then what I have to do with it to make you happy.” In his mind, he was thinking of what tools he was going to buy when he got back from Tokyo and that her little project would be a good test for some new toys. Since he was officially screening his work, he never dreamed the first client he took would be a good looking chick with a beater Corvette, but he'd managed to talk himself right into it.

He was starting to draw a picture of it in his mind, though he had no clue what she wanted. The damn things were narrow and long, the stance would have to widened and lowered to get it to handle. The old hydraulic valve assembly in the carbureted engine might as well be tossed for a simpler fuel injected setup which meant a crate engine. The figures were adding up fast when he thought he heard footsteps coming up the stairs behind them. He turned and looked at her, “I think our rescue is approaching.”

Siobhan smirked and laughed softly. “Good. That’s just the answer I wanted to hear. I was hoping you weren’t going to give an estimate so I could know if you had plans on low balling the price. I want to pay for what I’m getting at a fair price. Oh and I don’t expect it to be done super fast. I’m looking for quality. Plus that means I get damned good conversation out of it and I’m fine with that.” Siobhan went to stand up and managed to without flashing Joel. She reached a hand down for him to help him up if needed. Siobhan takes the jacket off and puts it around Joel and just before the door opens she reaches into the inside pocket that she put the business cards in and smirking kisses him on the lips lightly. “Thank you Mr. Nicolosi. See you later.” She waves as the door opens and brushes past the man who opened the door.
I would love to do a Delta City arch. That would allow me to bring in another character. I'm all for this arch plus not only that if we open up another city we could have the option of playing in Sol or Delta. It gives us options for our characters and gives the players options as well.
Siobhan & Joel

Location: City Hall Roof; Sunday

Interaction: Each other Siobhan (@Almalthia) Joel (@Pilatus)



Joel wasn't ever a smoker, but something about the moment felt like a cigarette. He smirked a little and shrugged to himself thinking he'd maybe seen too many commercials. The view from the top of City Hall was spectacular and he stood with one foot casually perched on the ledge as he looked out across the river, over the lights and beyond. In the far distance he could see all the way out to the international airport. The breeze blew lightly and there was just enough chill for a breath to be seen. An old song by Glenn Frey passed through his mind and he thought about the last few weeks and all that had happened. He still couldn't shake the broken expression on Marlin's face as the doors had closed between them. Though he knew he was right and was justified in what he'd done, he didn't like hurting people in any way. It just wasn't his nature.

Moments passed in sweet solitude until he heard a clamoring approach from the roof access. Watching carefully, he angled himself behind the opening so that he could still see when Sio came stumbling out the door like a like an alcoholic marching band. It was dim on the roof, but not so dim that he couldn't see his business card flutter to the ground as she made her merry way and the heavy door closed behind her with an authoritative clang. You gotta be fucking kidding me. He thought. Is she some kind of stalker? Tommy warned him about those too. He checked his phone briefly just to make damn sure he had a signal before slowly making his way quietly to the door to see if by an act of God it didn't lock. Walking slowly and watching her, he wasn't sure what to make of her drunken escapade, though he doubted Scott Weiland would approve of her slightly off-key rendition of one his favorite songs.

The door knob stopped firmly in his grasp, not budging a further centimeter. Shit. He thought. This is some stalker level shit. He wasn't paying a lot of attention to her ramblings, but heard his name mentioned and it made him slightly nervous. He felt like he was in that PlayStation game he played as a kid. What was it called? He wondered briefly. Metal Gear Solid...Yeah, that was it. He just needed a box to hide under and text Tommy to come to the roof.


Siobhan heard something behind her and whipped around almost spilling her scotch. That would be a crime if I spilled any… She backed up a step or two.What if it’s some weirdo? I really don’t need this on this night of all nights. Siobhan clears her throat. “Is there someone there?” Her anxiety clearly evident even though she tried to hide it. She was scared enough to be sober, at least in this moment.She was alone with someone possibly at just the kind of party where Genny had been assaulted four years and two weeks ago and tonight was the four year anniversary of Genny’s suicide.

It all came rushing back and the past crashed against her mind and she remembered the awful scene she had walked into that morning four years ago. She shook her head and tried to push down the memory. Maybe I’m just being jumpy. But somehow I don’t think so...

Siobhan looked around and in the dim light she could just make out someone by the roof access door. She froze like a deer in headlights. Eyes as round as dinner plates she slowly sank down and grabbed the scotch bottle by the neck and left her heels on the ground for now. Wearing heels might have been a mistake…and I’m an idiot. Paige is gonna kill me when she finds out.

“Look I don’t know who you are but leaving me alone would be best. I’m not in the mood to entertain and tonight is just not a night to piss off someone who still has a lot of anger that she can’t take out on her best friend since they killed themselves. So walking off now and disappearing back inside would be best for you.”
Siobhan tried to look intimidating, if a kitten could be intimidating she’d have nailed it. The outfit looked a little too sexy to be intimidating. Her over the shoulder fishtail braid was a bit mussed strands of coppery red waves falling around her face only reinforced the attractive flush of temper and alcohol. Her light blue-green eyes flicking from fright to irritation as the internal struggle went on.

Joel looked back from the door with a cross expression. “I would love to leave you alone,” He said flatly, “But you locked the damn door.” He knew better than to reason with a drunk. The fact that he was there first didn't matter. Bending down slightly he picked up his business card and flicked it at her.

Siobhan glanced at the card leaving it on the ground. “Yeah I'm not picking that up right now. And I didn't realize the door was locked. My apologies.”

Joel's eyebrow cocked a little at her words. He didn't think he'd ever heard anyone actually say, ‘my apologies’ it was more or less something people said in books or on the Hallmark channel. “If you still want that old junk Corvette looked at, you may just want to pick up that card, chick.” He really didn't care whether or not she did or didn't, but it annoyed him for it to continue laying there on the ground.

Siobhan looked back at the card and stepped forward to it. Sinking down to pick up the card managing not to flash him she grabbed it. “Thanks.” looking at the card reading the name on it. “Ah so you work on cars as well as race. Nice. Oh and this is yours.” She hold out the scotch within reach but only just. Still keeping far enough out of arm's reach , she hoped.

Leaning against the door, Joel's expression remained fairly critical. She was so forward in showing off her backside downstairs and now she was suddenly skittish and defensive. Just what I need. He thought. Another woman that can't decide who she wants to be. “‘I'm not picking that up right now.’” He said, slightly mocking and referring to the bottle to see if she was aware enough to catch on to the irony of her situation. “Just calm your panties while I get us down from here.” He took out his phone and started to type out a message to Tommy to come to the roof.

“Calm my panties?!? You know this situation doesn't have a damned thing to do with my panties. Being drunk and alone with someone was not my intention and if you don't want the Glenlivet then I can just keep it.” Siobhan stepped back and collected her shoes. Realizing she'd need at least something to lean on to put them back on she walked over next to Joel. “If we're getting down I'll put my shoes on. Assuming you are being a gentleman and not going to isn't the easiest thing to do to strap these back on.” She puts a hand on the wall and puts down the scotch and starts to try to get her shoes on. Fumbling around with them she gets frustrated and sighs. “Normally I wouldn't ask this but can I get some help please?”

Joel snickered in amusement. He liked that he could piss her off so easily. One minute she's flirty and showing skin all over the bar, the next she's arguing over God knows what with Marlin, then she's stark drunk, then she's defensive and finally she’s back in his face concerned that he was going to be a gentleman while bouncing around in a dress that's a few inches too short. He wondered where they hid the channel selector for this one. This chick is friggin nuts, dude. He thought to himself.

“Yes I see the halirity of the situation. Look I don’t normally act like this...and yet here I am.” Siobhan laughed at herself and the situation. “Well it is rather amusing, and I deserved that. And the regurgitated comment about not grabbing the bottle. I’m drunk not stupid. I was keeping my distance. Lone drunk female blah blah blah. When you have a best friend that was...well you tend to be on guard after that. are we getting down? Did you hide a lock pick in your snazzy suit?” She thought. Funny how him laughing let me think the situation is less of a dangerous one. Remember you’re not Genny and he isn’t Kenny and we’ll all be fine. He’s going to fix Karen. Remember that. That’s a safe memory. Unless you want him to add leaky female to the list of atrocities that you’ve already committed in the last ten minutes. God I hate leaky females and being one of them just pisses me off and makes me cry more. Vicious cycle.

“You weren't keeping your distance back there at the bar just now.” Joel said. He was glad some of the tension retracted. He'd already experienced all the drama he cared to endure within the previous hour. She seemed to keep wanting to talk about her deceased friend, but those sort of morbid subjects weren't particularly his favorite after a night of attempted drinking. He decided he would just let her talk and get it out of her system. He pecked away a message on his phone as she talked. “No, I'm just sending a text to my friend,” He said. “He’s down on the floor and will come up and get us.” Considering Tommy's extensive friends list, Joel wasn't sure how long that would take, but it was presently their best option. He didn't even want to think about trying to explain it.

“That is me being friendly. The flirty version you saw earlier may have been laying it on a little thick. Want me to lie to you and tell you that you're not the slightest bit attractive? Or if it had been me in your lap you'd have paid more attention to me than anyone else? Well we'd have been in a dark corner away from prying eyes…” She pauses to look at him under her lashes smirks and continues. “... but I made my point there. But that's not who you see now. Yes well, that best friend I was chatting about earlier? She committed suicide today four years ago and I was the one to find her.” Suddenly remembering that she still had a scotch she sipped it leaning against the wall next to Joel. “So I'm a tad maudlin at present. Normally I stay home but my parents requested my presence. And in a desperate attempt to find halfway decent conversation I decided, wrongly apparently, to sit with at least some people other than my parents and have a conversation to take my mind off things.” She turned toward Joel leaning on her left side and waited till she caught his eyes with hers. “And well you know the rest except that I honestly didn't know that anyone was out here. I'd say I'm sorry but this has been the highlight of my night so I won't apologize. I refuse to apologize for the first conversation that hasn't been a mass of political intrigue. But back to the distance part. You did state you wanted to be alone. Or have you changed your mind for some strange reason and actually want m- some company?”
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Location: City Hall; Sunday

Interaction: No one

Mentions: Genny, Joel (@Pilatus) & Ashton (@Silver Fox)

Having nothing more to say Siobhan walked away as the elevator doors closed and went up to the landing where she first met Paige where her parents said they’d be. As she got up there and sat down putting her clutch in her mother’s purse she saw something out the corner of her eye. Was that the maintenance door? Her parents were dancing and smiling she turned to the door that she had seen shut not moments ago. Ignoring that voice in the back of her head that kept her out of trouble she decided to explore the reason she saw it shut. Walking over to it she found it unlocked and opened it. Hearing nothing she stepped into the stairwell and looked up then down. Maybe I could find a place away from all the elite to finish off the scotch. After all I started the bottle why not finish it?

Curiosity and tipsy decisions got the better of her and deciding that she’d go up not down. She giggled and took off her strappy gold heels and hooked them over her fingers as she somehow managed to hold the bottle and her glass in the other hand. “Okay so that’s impressive. Too bad no one is here to see this.” Humming Interstate Love Song she breathily sang, “Waiting on a Sunday afternoon…” She carried on with the song as she got to the top of the staircase and saw the warning sign giggling again she stepped over it somehow not tripping falling or losing her balance; an act of god for sure, and saw another door. Humming the song she opened the door that lead to the roof and closed it, not realizing she locked it. She turned around and seeing the city lights she smiled and restarted the song singing louder to get over the noise as she wandered around but not so loud to attract attention to the fact that someone was on the roof. Her inhibitions low she sang and her voice blended over the tones very well with just enough of a rough edge to keep it interesting. “Waiting on a Sunday afternoon. For what I read between the lines. Your lies. Feeling like a hand in rusted shame. So do you laugh at those who cry? Reply?” She sighs and drops her shoes and pours two fingers of scotch. She puts the bottle down not realizing she flashed anyone; not realizing Joel is on the roof, and looks out over the city. “My reply? No. Do I need to apologize? Possibly. Will I? Probably not. I’m so tired of the insecurity of females. Genny I miss you.” She sighs again. “Well here’s to Genny.” She lifts the glass and knocks back the two fingers of scotch. She looks at the bottle on the ground and the now empty glass. “Humm this is where I wish I was a Jedi so that I can lift the bottle without flashing...fuck it no one.” She bent over and grabbed the bottle again and poured two more fingers into the glass. “That’ll work. Wait wasn’t this supposed to be for Joel.” She shrugs then pauses. “Wait he did ask to be left alone pretty nicely. Matter of fact he’s been the only one to be nice to me tonight...fuck Ashton. Oh I bet he thinks I’m mad at him. I’ll let him know I’m not mad at him.”

Siobhan puts the bottle down again flashing her barely there panties their color matches her dress. “This is the last drink. I need to stop anyway. Sip this for a little bit.” Starting to sing again. “Leavin’ on a southern train. Only yesterday you lied. Promises of what I seemed to be. Only watched the time go by. All of the things you said to me. Breathing is the hardest thing to do. With all I’ve said and all that’s dead for you. You lied. Goodbye. Leavin’ on a southern train. Only yesterday you lied. Promises of what I seemed to be. Only watched the time go by. All of the things you said to me.” The song is sung with a lot of emotion but is very good none the less and the note is held at the end and Siobhan sighs. “Sometime Genny I think you’re a fucking coward by killing yourself and letting me find it.”

Location: City Hall; Sunday

Interaction: Marilania, (@PrinceAlexus) & Joel (@Pilatus)

Siobhan looked from Marilania to Joel and back again to Joel. Siobhan noticed the nice way Joel pretty much said leave me alone and let the people move out of the elevator. She tilted her head back to Marilania and raised an eyebrow archly. Knowing Joel had one chance to get away she decided to engage Marilania so he could get away. She spoke softly and calmly so that only Marilania could hear, and Joel if he was paying attention. “It's Siobhan. Pronounced Sha-Vaughn. Have what I want like I'm some little girl to be placated? What I wanted was an opinion on my art from a med student that would be honest. When I walked in here what I wanted some nice conversation...lucky me I got this. I honestly wanted to know if the race winner knew a fabulous mechanic to get Karen up and purring. Now you're playing pity party cause I called you on your behavior? You're as bad as your sister and I expected better. I thought you'd be the more level headed of the two of you. Ms. Olympus can apologize to me later. That's going to be fun later hanging out with Paige and Milo. You shouldn't apologize for your sister. She should be adult enough to apologize for her behavior. What's done is done and I won't hold her actions against you. Besides she thinks of me, wrongly mind you, as competition for Milo's affection. Honestly if you hadn't gone all drama queen on me I'd have been fine with you calmly letting me know that Ren didn't mean anything to you and was just a side fling, testing the waters so to speak. While I don't approve of stringing men along I know it happens, unfortunately. So I really don't see how I blew things out of proportion. You're the one who has made insinuations and disparaging remarks about someone who isn't here to defend themselves. Making it painfully obvious that you still care about said person with you practically sitting on your new paramour. Have you even considered how uncouth your actions were to him? Or didn't that register with you yet? I could placate you with an apology for your misinterpretation but I think that would be low of me to do so I won't. As for embarrassing yourself I think you embarrassed those around you more since you scampered off to leave the rest of them to pick up the pieces. Then again they might be used to it. It seemed like it when you left. Truce after all of your not so subtle accusations and inconsiderate way you handled the situation? Not likely since it seems like you’re buying time to stab me in the back later.”

Siobhan checked her phone and quickly read the text Paige sent. Siobhan texted back quickly. ~City Hall. She’s very drunk. If you know where Milo is then you should bring him with you. She’s so drunk she might end up making out with some random guy. Don’t listen to me I’m about to cut myself off but I’m looking for some good conversation and the elite here lack the integrity. Putting the phone away Siobhan waited for a response. Purposely not crossing her arms and keeping her posture open as well as her mind.
Cycle? Slaughter?

*Gets excited that she might get to make a character*

Edit: I just realized I really only quoted the last words of about half those sentences...
FYI might have talked a friend into joining. Yay me!!!!
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