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Secrets and Growing Up

Brandon Stark looked tired, very tired as he took a moment to sit down as the camp was finished. Across from him sat Gwen, his darling niece. One of his Pages came over and took his cloak. Rubbing his temples as he began to rub slowly.

"Gwen... Redwynes, why did you have to run into them?" He explained as he leaned his elbow on the table. "I already have one headache with them..." He explained worriedly.

Gwen opened her mouth to snap at her Uncle then thought better of it. She sighed and cleared her throat. It was always better to present facts when in a debate. Or so the Maester always said. And what was an argument but an emotional debate. “I do not understand what the problem is, Uncle." Gwen blamed her behavior on herself, but a small part of it she chalked up to isolation from the opposite sex. That part she understood as being cultural and steeped in tradition. Breaking tradition is not done in one afternoon, but apparently breaking your Uncle’s trust and possibly his heart a little, that took no time at all.

Gwen bit her lip as she started to feel guilty, though she wasn’t entirely sure why. Which in turn upset her because, other than not having a maid around, she guessed that since her Aunts were unmarried and certainly not spinsters that were less than a handful of years her senior they did not count. Struggling to recall etiquette lessons about such a thing was giving her a headache. “Truly Uncle Bran I did not expect to entirely run into them but I do not seem to understand the harm this caused. I am not stupid I need to marry at some point. I am not Beylee who would shun marriage given half the chance. I would like a chance to have what my mother and father had. What you and Aunt Sylvara have. Much as I wish it wasn’t just about the outside it is. Or at least at the start."

"I... I understand but try to limit your interests to closer to home... Look, your cousin wishes no one else to know... But for years he has pined for Honora Redwyne. I have been figuring out ways to approach this. Meanwhile Gryffith has been training and he intends to do well to ask for her hand... They are rather in love... And what goes beyond this is these rumors of Blackfyre trying to take the throne!"

He slammed a hand groaning as took a deep breath. "And if they are not bad enough... I suspect Redwyne would do anything they could to defeat Tyrell. I do not want us caught up in this war. Neither does Lord Barthogan. You understand the difficult position this could place us in?"

Gwen swallowed hard and looked down at the table. Gryffith? In love?. She shoved aside that painful thought for now. She’d deal with it later. Her Uncle was telling her something important. “Uncle it is not difficult to understand that people would take issue with a house that only recently came to power. The Tyrells are new blood in a region ruled by old blood. They were in the right place at the right time. Their forebears made the decision to bend the knee rather than die. Our own line is not so different in that regard."

Shaking her head Gwen raised an eyebrow. “if you didn’t want a foot in this war why are you even considering letting Gryffith ma-” She stumbled a bit and cleared her throat. “Marry the Redwyne girl? With her rabid defense of Ary- her brother, you know if it came to it that she would want to help them."

"I understand that is normally how these things work. That is why I am so worried... I love my son however and they know we would not stand for it. I am giving him a chance to win the Redwyne's over. If he cannot, I will seek another match... Someone who cares for and loves him dearly who he can grow to love." Brandon explained as he sat back slowly then stared at Gwen.

"We cannot march till our stores are full and our banners gather. That would take months. You know your history. My father could not get his army together in time for the dance. Then cross all of the kingdoms? We are not a good ally and they know it my dear." He explained shutting his eyes. "I understand their grievances with the others... But every Warden swears to the Targayrens his loyalty and service. Not Blackfyres, I will not strike my King."

“Not to be contrary Uncle but… You are not Cregan. You have more than what he did at the time. And you have never been one to quake at rumors. If it is as you say then wouldn’t Blackfyre have a point? Legitimate children inherit according to the primogenitor laws. Don’t ask how I know this will keep you sleepless at night if this situation gives you a headache. Regardless, Aegon IV legitimized all his children's Uncle. All of them. That would mean that Blackfyre would need to go past four Princes of the Realm before he could inherit. I don’t see that happening without someone knowing more than a rumor." She did not speak on the hint that her Uncle knew about her girlhood infatuation.

Brandon nodded then sighed. "As a rule I stay out of southern politics. I am not Warden of the north as such it is my brother's choice. One I have to convince him of... Would you like to convince Blacksword to March his army down here? He is Cregan's son more than I am. Warrior with all balls and brains. But hatred of politics." He explained, reminding her he was heir not Warden.

"These rumors have been around for years. But they have merit, much as I loathe it. I am not Cregan and I don't want to be. We have enough problems in the north." Brandon sighed. "Meaning I can't push this unless her family is interested... Meaning Gryffith has to do well here... Failure will mean we have to match him."

“Uncle Barth wouldn’t need me to talk him into it." Gwen tilted her head. “He likes to hear that his brother has come up with the same idea he did. And if her family was interested? What then? You know what you should be doing Uncle so why aren’t you?"

"What I am doing is avoiding trouble. I will talk with him. However... You were his original idea. He thought you and Gryffith would be a good match." He explained why.

Gwen blinked and shook her head. “I would never be a good choice now." She blushed. “Maybe once but not now. Not unless it were his idea. I don’t want to be a replacement. I want to be first in someone’s heart. But if you didn’t notice Lady Redwyne wasn’t directing her venom at me. Let me talk to her. I would do this for Gryffith and you Uncle." Smirking, she put her chin in her hand. “You know I’ll do it without your permission unless you lock me up. Which would be counterproductive to marrying me off. Unless you want Gryffith to hate you. And you know Mathias won’t marry me. He doesn’t fancy me. I am what you made me, rather allowed me to become." Gwen knew she was a pawn but she was going to be the biggest pawn on the board. She just hoped her Uncle knew that she could handle it.

Standing she leaned over the table balancing on her fingertips looking him directly in the eye. Gone was the girl she pretended to be to fool others. Here stood a woman who knew her mind's capabilities and her battleground. One who'd taken a calculated risk to be seen by every House in attendance. She'd let her Aunts trot her around knowing her height and hair would be a beacon for every male eye. She wore her house colors and she'd been the one that steered them away from the Northern encampment.

She acknowledged that she was out of her depth with Arystide but that was a fluke. No one was perfect. But the Redwyne Pavilion had the biggest crowd and damn her Uncle for getting in the way before she sang. That would have gotten even more attention. She still didn't regret what she had done, unless it ruined Gryffith's chances of happiness. That would cast a shadow over the strategy.

“You taught me to use my gifts for the House. I paid attention to the lessons, asked questions and learned more. You gave me this knowledge. Not only how to use a weapon but how to use my brain in defense of myself and those I love. Strategy. Tactics. Histories of kings and queens. How they became what they were. How they rose into power. Don’t cripple me now when you just brought me to where I can do the most good."

“Look I don’t intend to stop you but it is delicate. Griffith wants to win her hand his own way... The boy is too shy to sing in public, too nervous to speak up to her in a crowded room, but his sword... Even Mathias with all his strength can barely match him. He’s my equal or more in battle, I’ve had many more years than him." Brandon explained shaking his head at the idea of corralling her in place.

“Look... I may not have much but... I do have friends coming to this but perhaps for now don’t get us embittered between several powerful houses with enough troops to wage wars for a decade? ...Beylee needs a chaperone for the day. How about you watch her and keep her out of trouble and I won’t mention your visit to the Redwyne’s to anyone?" He offered to let it be water under the bridge at least.

“If you want to help you may, later Gwen. You have Stark stubbornness and Riverlands pride, a dangerous combination." He added reminding her of their shared parentage. “You are nothing I made you... If you were you’d be praying with us at the weirwoods than in a Sept. You are more like mother and father than anything else, or my sister..." He chuckled a moment then frowned. “Also if you see Torrhen and Cregard be careful those two are around here somewhere why Edric sent them down I’ll never know." He added, cracking his fingers. “I am going to rest while I can it is a long trip... Please don’t make me have to give you a guard, I know few of my men from house Mormont like to spend time with you but this is supposed to be fun. Just responsible fun, not your poor uncle tearing out his hair trying to keep the ghost of your father from haunting my tomb." He added, shaking his head.

Gwen thought for a moment. "Uncle Edric was passed over to inherit. He's hard to read but if it were me I'd be out to make sure you had an accident where I couldn't be implicit."

“Gwen! Edric is my brother. He is a Stark though we may not get along, he is family, he’d not slay his brothers for a plot of land. I love my brother and his children even if they are maddening we must love our family. We will not treat him like some ruffian of low moral standing." He sternly tried to remind her that she was speaking about family and it was rude without evidence to talk of such things.

Gwen tilted her head. “You brought it up Uncle. Honestly I’m surprised that Uncle Tobias hasn’t sent someone up here to make sure I don’t come back. Perhaps he loves me more than I thought?" She paced a moment. “You know I’d do anything for Beylee as much as she annoys me at times so I will do as you ask. Though wrestling her into a court dress is punishment enough."

“I suggested you be careful around your cousins. They are dangerous and their father married close to his own kin. I just don’t want you getting roped into that sort of life." He spoke with a sigh leaning back. “Now no need for Beylee to be a dress, just make sure she isn’t trying to knock men off horses with Ashe. I get enough trouble from that boy alone." He added, sighing he’d have to wrangle his son later too.

Gwen shuttered delicately in distaste about her other Uncle’s history. "I prefer to have a few more degrees of separation from the father of my hypothetical children and more branches on the tree. Fine, I will handle Beylee. Aunt Luci and Quinn and myself will be her keepers. Gods knows that she and our Reed cousin will be chaperones enough that I may never get married."

She reached out to touch his hand. “I know you want to show Luci, Quinn and myself off..." Gwen sighed. “Whom am I meeting? At least give me that so I can plan who will sit where and what you expect of me. I would not ask you your plans for fear that you’d do the same for me, and that I am not ready to fully give away."

“Right now? Worry not about being shown off it’s your first tourney... More will come, you only need to catch eyes and have fun. Your marriage is the future not today or in the days to come. I did not marry off my boys so early and your uncle has no pull here. Enjoy and see, after all spend enough around southerners you’ll learn how it’s somehow warmer in the north." He teased her again, squeezing her hand.

Gwen smiled broadly. She had her grandfather Quincy’s smile with even white teeth and deep dimples. It was one of the things that had drawn Lyanna Stark to him. Her grandmother described it as ‘The summer sun had come to the north and shined only for her.’ and praised that it was passed down. Gwen teased back. “You know I might find it warmer in the north but dipping my toes in water that isn’t my bath sounds delightful."

“Whatever you do just no further than talking Gwen? If war does come down here I want us all out of it and safe back in Winterfell. Not galavanting around looking for lovers or riding off to rescue princesses." He added a simple request he made of her. “You’ll have plenty more chances and plenty more men... You’ll find ones who matter and ones who never did." He added in a tone as if he missed his own youth on days like this.

Gwen looked at her Uncle like he had decided to dance in dragonfire. “Uncle, you realize there will be dancing? And I am dancing. That is not negotiable. You know I love to dance just as much as I love to swing blades. You cannot be serious about telling me I can’t dance with anyone."

“I am fine with dancing, just don’t offer more than that." He spoke, waving his hand. “Please, I need a nap my dear." He groaned as he waved for her to go onward with her day. As he began to relax into the chair.

“As you wish Uncle." Gwen dips a quick curtsey and leaves the tent. Motioning one of the Northmen over she looks him in the eye intensely. “No one is to disturb my Uncle for anything less than someone bleeding, broken or dying for the next two hours. Find another family member if you need assistance. They can all pull their weight for that long. The youngest Stark girl and the Reed girl will be with my Aunts and myself."

Wine, Wolves & Words

Someone had bumped into Gwendolyn, thankfully it was a gentle thing and she watched her wine slosh to the rim of her cup but didn't spill over. But the hard body that brushed hers muttered a swear and she flushed slightly as she realized that they, no, he had spilled wine on himself. Turning she watched the man with beautiful red hair take off his vest.

She'd never seen a man disrobe. It was fascinating and it made her breath catch. She could feel the blush that she was sure stained her cheeks. "I'm deeply sorry. I-" Her eyes traveled over him. The flex and pull of his muscles arrested her speech.

"You all right, Milady?" He asked as he came up from his bow. His eyes capturing hers for a moment to assess her response.
"I do beg your pardons, but where indeed are my manners. Milady I am Captain Arystide Redwyne, at your service. If there is anything I can do to make up for my boorish behaviour you need but command me, my ladies…"

Lavender gray eyes tangled with bright blue and a spark of interest liberally laced with innocent desire could be seen before Gwendolyn bit her lip and looked at the wine the man, Arystide, replaced. It was an upgrade from the simple white she had purchased.

Watching the exchange between Arystide and her niece Quinn stepped in to save her some embarrassment. Quinn was more used to half naked men than someone who'd spent most of her life in the North. Though most farmers don't have a sailor's physique. Regardless she wanted to give Gwennie some time to compose herself. "Nothing to apologize about just a little mistake. Thank you for the wine Captain. I am Quinn Carmyne of House Carmyne." She sank into a curtsey then indicated her sister. "Luci Carmyne of House Carmyne." Luci smiled sweetly up at Arystide. "And Gwendolyn Carmyne also of House Carmyne Ward of Winterfell. Whom is quite alright just startled."

Arystide smiled brightly at that. "Ah, I thank you Lady Quin of House Carmyne... It seems I have accidently sailed straight into the Riverlands. Such a delight. Will your House be represented in the Tournament? A Black Swan and a hunting hound if I remember correctly?" He asked smoothly, before ordering his own usual red and taking the ladies in. "I hope at the very least you will enjoy our Pavillion, each Tournament we seek to improve upon it, for both Highborn and smallfolk alike" He spoke, offering them several topics to delve into.

He moved gracefully as always, Armand mentally noted to himself, before he felt the familiar pull around his neck.
Finnegan this time looped him along.

"Come on, you shy little butterfly. You'll never be able to meet a woman if you keep standing here in the shadows" He laughingly stated as he dragged him along. Naturally moving up behind Arystide.

"Ah, there you distracted did you?" Finnegan cut in, releasing Armand just in time before calling out and drawing their attention.

Armand knew he couldn't back up now. "We were wondering what happened to our wine"

Arystide turned to his cousin and younger brother, smiling apologetically.
"I am afraid I dropped it"

"Getting distracted by such lovely ladies it is no wonder" Finnegan accepted graciously before allowing Arystide to introduce them.

"Dear ladies allow me to introduce to you to my cousin Finnegan Redwyne and my younger brother Armand" Both of them bowed, though Armand being the more humble didn't bow as deep as Finnegan and could help roll his eyes upward to the heavens at their shenanigans.

Curtseys were made as introductions were made and Luci spoke up this time. "Actually Captain, it's a silver wolf for our grandmother Lyanna Carmyne, formerly Stark. We are young to our position though the family is very old. But I daresay we rose to the occasion."

Recovering herself Gwendolyn stated. "I could not fathom what else you could add. You even have a stage. Pray do tell, will you gentlemen be singing on it?" She teased all three of them, flirting shamelessly. "I do love a man who can sing."

Arystide instantly gently took the hand of Luci, bringing it up.
"Oh and rise you did, my fair lady" He smiled planting the lightest of kisses upon her knuckles. He held her gaze for a moment longer, before answering Gwendolyn. "But I fear I am but a poor singer, I can offer a backup voice, but the true lark amongst us is our young brother here" He said before he smirked at Armand who felt put on the spot for a moment. "Grab your lute brother, you heard the fair maidens, they wish to hear you sing"

"I...I am not all that great.." He protested. "I am no bard after all"

Arystide scoffed. "Too modest as always"

Finnegan turned to the ladies, saying. "Ladies, if you wish to hear him, you'll have to command him. He's a tad bit shy"

At this a red tint graced Armand's cheeks, rather cornered now. "Only, if they wish" He uttered softly.

Intrest peaked Gwendolyn smiled warmly at Armand. "If you'd like I can sing with you. I'm no bard either. Besides where one sounds good two is better. Only if you like though." Gwendolyn looked at the others. "I'm sorry that was presumptuous of me." She sipped her wine to stop from talking. Apparently the Reach had beautiful men.

"If you like...Lady Gwendolyn. Then I shall fetch my lute, please excuse me" He bowed to the ladies before departing.
"Then we best get you ladies seated. Poor hosts would we be if we left you standing" Arystide said before offering his arm for one of them to hook onto.

Luci and Quinn looked at each other knowingly bumping Gwendolyn so she fell into Arystide. They then linked arms with Finnegan and looked totally innocent.

The slight shove from her Aunts put Gwendolyn off balance and she stumbled into Arystide.

He caught her easily, his reflexes fast and quick as his arms were strong. Pulling her in and holding her close against him, closer than was appropriate, but such was the troubles with accidents. They cared not for propriety.
"Careful, my lady.." He uttered with a voice like warm caramel as he caught her eyes with his.

He fluidly brought her upright before pushing an escaping lock back behind her ear. The movement was gentle, allowing his roughened fingers to brush softly along the shell of her ear, innocently of course. "Shall we?" He asked again, offering his arm for her to take.

Lips parted on an apology that was lost in the sensation that spread through her. It was like when she laid too long on her arm and then got up. The tingles were sharper but not painful but warm and heady. She had been tipsy once and it felt quite like that but more. He pulled her too close and she wanted to be closer and farther away from him.

His voice sent tingles through her. Her eyes were drawn to his mouth. Her half lidded eyes caught his as she thought about how soft his lips were and if he was going to kiss her. Her thoughts in her eyes as he brought her upright.

She blushed prettily and closed her eyes as he tucked her hair behind her ear. Her breath caught, she exhaled in a soft rush that only he would hear. She was still blushing as she took his arm.

Quinn and Luci watched the interaction with small smiles. They remembered their first fancy. The feeling didn't last because usually the match was unsuitable. This match wasn't unsuitable, however he'd not be getting her alone.

Brandon Stark had only just finished dropping off the gifts with one the stewards around the camp to be delivered. Namely noting the disappearance of his ward and niece. Mathias having returned from putting away the horses looked around. "Where is-" He began only for his uncle to raise a hand, grab his direwolf cloak from their things as the Starks men set about setting up the northern encampment here.

"We passed the Redwyne camp. We start there" The two men started to walk a couple of his sworn swords following along, the two thankful their cloaks be used to hide the smiles they wore at their lords expense. More of their Stark men falling till about eight of them entered the Red Wyne tent Mathias going wide eyed at the sight before them as Bran crossed his arms.

He was a big man, tall and broad as many northmen were with black hair... Of course across his back was the massive pelt of the dire wolf he'd slain. He wore it for special occasions and in the cold, the first man to kill one hundreds of years. He'd done with a knife as he stared daggers across the room, not yet speaking that confident Stark sternness that came with expectation of explanation first then he would pass judgement, harsh judgement.

Arystide calmly set the lady back on her feet as he watched the men enter the pavillion. Raising an eyebrow he watched them march up like a small army, with the alpha wolf at the front of the pack."My Lords Stark" He greeted offering common courtesies as a made a slight bow.
"With what can I be of assistance?"

The question was of a lighthearted tone as he reached behind the lady Gwen and took his goblet, taking a proper swig from it."Aaaahh that hit the spot" He put the goblet back before shielding the lady slightly, unsure what the Starks wanted, but willing to play ball.

Brandon took his step forward staring over the man. "My niece and the others are needed back in our camp" He added fairly straight forward, the men behind a bit more apprehensive unlike the shining knights and nobles of the south sworn swords had seen bandits, wildlings, and worse. These men were veteran's who know what true battle was not the things the played of in southward dirt circles as ladies watched and gasped at the prissy little blows the bled more than they hurt.

"And I'd watch your hands from here on. Wolves bite, hard" He added with a certain careful monotone. Mathias next to him cut an even more imposing figure well over six foot with arms like tree trunks and with that massive hunk of steel they called greatswords in the north on his back. He didn't even seem bothered by the heft of it as he looked between his uncle and his cousin. carefully ready to grab for it if needed.

"I am not holding them here against their will Lord Stark. As for your discourtesies I have done little to deserve them, nor the veiled threats, but alas such must be the pack rules I suppose" Arystide cut back turning to Lady Gwen making certain she'd want to leave.

"Lady, be assured the choice is yours, nor will I bear you ill will for their conduct" He took her hand gently and placed another kiss on her knuckles. "Should our parting be for a long while I can but hope you will enjoy the tournament" He offered.

"You are not the ones in trouble. As for discourtesies I don't imagine any happened unless someone wants to tell me something?" He paused then added. "Gryffith is looking forward to facing you in the melee" He moved a hand for Gwen to take and step away. "Come now, your father entrusted you to me. Can't have you wandering off" He gently spoke eyes moving to Gwyn.

"Waltzing in dressed for war, veiled threats, such things are considered discourtesies down south, Lord Stark. As for your son he can look forward to a lot of things, but not that particular thing. I don't partake, you must confuse me with my elder brother Arnaud" Arystide calmly cut back before he winced sharply at the mentioning of his name. Or rather who it was that called him out.

Honora strode up to him furiously, tossing a fresh vest at him. "Arystide! For heavens sake dress yourself! Act with a little more decorum!" She snapped as she cut in between the men.
The lightning flash courtesy she did was so quick it barely registered.

"My Lords Stark, pardon the intrusion, but I have need of my brother" She stated "So if the killing can be postponed until after the festivities that would be most helpful"

Brandon gave a nod and small bow of respect to Honora she entered. "Of course Lady Redwyne, besides not really sporting for us to fight Southerners... You've never really known a war, just playing at it" He added smirking at Arystide as Mathias looked him over, his father moving to take Gwen's hand and lead her away.

Mathias spoke up. "So you'll be jousting then? I'll see you there then, may the better man win" He offered being friendly and honest, even giving a hand to shake politely. "And forgive the weapons we just came in from the road didn't mean to cause such a seen" He added trying to make up for Brandon's... Lack of decorum not getting why he was so uptight about it.

Gwendolyn put her hand on Arystide's arm and stiffened her spine looking at the Northmen. "Might I speak for myself?"

"We may only play at it, because our good Northern Lords are frightening enough on their own, yet for all their might even they bend the knee when Dragons come out to play" Honora smiled sweetly, cutting back. "He'll not be jousting either...his forte is sailing, you'll meet our other brother in the field Ser Mathias" She answered for Arystide who smirked at Brandon at Gwendolyn's actions.

Gwendolyn looked from Lady Redwyne to Brandon. "There will be no killing. I apologize for the inconvenience Arystide my cousin is rather protective. I have enjoyed the precious little time in your presence I would not be adverse to more of it later. I don't believe that this posturing solves anything."

Squeezing Arystide's arm lightly Gwendolyn smiled at him. "I expect to see you later Arystide, yes?" Luci and Quinn blinked and hid smiles at Gwendolyn standing up to their cousin. Gwendolyn slowly moved to stand in front of Arystide looking over her shoulder mouthed Later. and raised her eyebrow in question.

"Yet even frightening wolves have beautiful songs Lady Honora" Brandon spoke not turning around moving to stand outside with two of his men. "Gwen, Mathias. We are needed back at our camp" His voice commanding and strong but not devoid of empathy.

Mathias confused, "I mean we will all see each other later" He explained as he turned and waved at them all. "I am sorry again for the intrusion. Oh uh...I am not a Knight Lady Honora, I keep to our old gods. Still good luck to all today and may the gods watch over!" He spoke cheerful and kind, gentle for such a big man.

She did a silent doubletake before stating. "Apparently they sing only for the moon or at each other, as always they avoid the races of Man" She answered not giving an inch. "It matters not, song or no, the world is already full of empty promises and broken dreams, nothing a wolvensong would be able to fix"

Arystide looked at her curiously, knowing his sister well enough to know this was rather unusual behaviour.

"You're forgiven Ser Mathias, may your old gods watch over you" She answered sweetly back,

Gwendolyn blinked at Lady Redwyne's comment. Tipping her head she looked at the woman. She sounded like she wanted to bite off a few of her cousins and Uncle's fingers.

Luci and Quinn moved to the Northmen's side. Gwendolyn looking slightly confused up at Mathias and her Uncle Brandon.

Reunion & Mischievous Innocent Fun

Finally. I was a hair's breadth away from either pulling all Beylee's hair out or throwing myself off the horse for some peace. That child. Gwendolyn thought as she dismounted her stallion. She smirked as he nosed her with enough force to make a grown man stagger. Expecting it since it was a game they played Gwendolyn was ready for it. Moving with the stallion she was not bowled over. "Still trying that old trick Mentyr."

Stroking Mentyr's soft nose Gwendolyn grinned as she heard familiar grumbles of stable hands. "Demon steed…" it was well known that Mentyr was a one woman horse. He bit, kicked, shoved and generally lived up to his nickname in any way he could. He only behaved if she was near. Hence why she had to tend to the beast. Not that she minded.

"Come Mentyr." Gwendolyn commanded softly and walked to where servants were setting up the tents. She had walked past Ashe who was headed to the lists. Sizing up the competition already with no care for his horse. Gwendolyn rolled her eyes as Mathias went after Ashe. Beylee had made it back to Uncle Brandon's side with Gryffith in his wake. Glancing back she saw Mentyr was being his normal obedient self following in her wake.

Leading Mentyr to the stables Gwendolyn started to free him from his tack. As Gwendolyn pulled off his saddle, Mentyr flicked his ears at the passersby. "Do not even think about lashing out at anyone, Mentyr. I will relegate you to pulling a wagon. You'll be the most pompous draft horse in Westeros."

Mentyr snorted as if to say "You wouldn't dare. You love me too much."

Looking over at him Gwendolyn raised an eyebrow. "Test me."

"You speak to that beast as if you were carrying on a conversation with a child." A dark haired woman with jade green eyes stated. Gwendolyn turned smiling at her Aunt Quinn. "Gwennie, are you sure that he will stay in the confines of the stall? He looks like he'd easily crash through it."

Gwendolyn turned toward the stall. "Positive unless he thinks I'm in danger. If I am then just stand back and let him have his head. Also he claims me as much as I claim him. I raised him so…"

"You're going to stink of horse until you get a bath. Luci and I are headed to an inn to freshen up and Beylee and you are coming with us." Gwendolyn stopped rubbing down Mentyr and had started to open her mouth to protest but was cut off. "Not a word. March."

Gwendolyn knew when Quinn got that look in her eye there was nothing you could do but what she wanted. Quinn was sweet but persistent. "Good luck getting Beylee. And you're only two years older than me, you tart."

Quinn's eyes narrowed. "You did not just call me that. Luci! Gwendolyn just called me a… a-"

"Tart." Gwendolyn finished smirking at Quinn as Luci came around the corner.

"Gwendolyn Carmyne what would Grandmother say?" Luci was the peacemaker of the family. Sweet demure and soft spoken, she never seemed to get upset.

Gwendolyn sighed. "I'm sorry I called you a tart Aunt Quinn. Can we go now?" She nodded to the maid who picked out a teal and crimson dress from a suspicious trunk. "Aunt Quinn, did you have Uncle Tobias pay for gowns for me? How many are there?!"

Quinn didn't even look phased; she just shrugged. "I didn't trust that the cousins wouldn't put you in winter wear. Deliver the trunks to the inn please Roze."

"I have my own mind! I'm eight and ten, not eight!" Gwendolyn raised her voice about to launch into a hissy fit.

"I had them include breeches and thin tunics like the lads wear."

Gwendolyn's attitude did an about face. "Did I mention that I love you?"

Quinn smirked. "I know. Let's go."

The ladies and their maids trailing them converged on an inn called The Green Man. It wasn't overly expensive and they intended on haggling, Luci and Quinn putting on a good show. They mentioned if not them the next person who could very likely smell like they knew sheep. Intimately.

They were set up with a room and a bath was ordered. As the bath was drawn and Gwendolyn bathed all three girls had a reunion of sorts.

“And Tobias really had no problem with Luci and I having gowns made for you since you're representing us along with the cousins.” Quinn was finishing off a pear as she was speaking to Gwendolyn.

Luci raised an eyebrow. “After you pestered him for a month I’d imagine he’d attempt to give you the Moon if you asked. Not to mention you involved Grandmother.”

Smirking, Quinn wiped her mouth delicately. “Yes well I can’t exactly get her back so I’ll spoil her when I do see her.”

Gwendolyn, done with her bath, wrung out her hair and looked over at her Aunts. “So however did you get my measurements?”

Quinn looked like a cat that got into the cream. “A lady never tells.”

Shrugging Gwendolyn pulled on the outfit. It was a rich teal with deep crimson lining the square neckline and was echoed along her hemline. The embroidered flowers and vines on the hands were painstakingly sewn into it. The vines were a deep green, the roses echoed the crimson trim, the thistles in a deep violet color, gold wheat heads and blue forget me nots. It was exquisite and the stitches so small that Gwendolyn knew right away this was Luci's part. Gwendolyn traced the embroidery softly and looked up as Luci said, "I did that one but Mya outdid me. There's a snow white dress that is astonishing. I honestly don't know how she talked Tobias into the thread on that one." Gwendolyn was about to question Luci who saw and held her hand up to stop interruptions. "You will have to see that dress to believe it. It… well it's indescribable. And we've already promised her that you'd wear it later, not right now." Luci giggled. "Janyce practiced her embroidery on your tunics. It is rather adorable and definitely not something a man would wear so that mollified Tobias. Very… fairytale inspired. Jarren pronounced them insultingly womanly. He is in that phase. You just have a lot of presents we are sending back to Winterfell. Now turn round so I can lace you. Then we will go get some wine and do some betting. Introduce you to some young men."

Gwendolyn narrowed her eyes. "Uncle put you up to this."

Quinn and Luci both laughed. "Actually it was Grandmother." They both answered. "Betting was Tobias. Collectively we are supposed to pick people that we think will win."

Gwendolyn raised an eyebrow. "Fair of face doesn't mean he'll win, Quinn."

"I know that but it also doesn't mean he won't." Quinn snapped. "If you're done dawdling we can go."

The three women walked back to the area where the seven kingdoms' houses were setting up. They chatted as they walked around. What they conversed about was unimportant. What was important was that they were seen. Walking about alone without a chaperone was impossible, however the three of them together was a bit more acceptable, a little daring and in some circles still unacceptable.

They were free with their smiles at the young men that they ran across; Gwendolyn's hair and height were very distinctive. There was no way that you could miss them as they trekked the grounds pointing out people in the houses as they passed and sharing the names of those residing in that they were aware of. Starting off with familial ties they went down the list of who they were aware of and what their ages were, if they were betrothed or had married recently or sadly had died. The subject mostly consisted of the men of the houses that were bachelors and looking, or in some cases not.

They laughed and joked with one another like sisters even after not seeing one another for ten years. The girls had kept in contact with each other by raven frequently and so knew each other as if they had been raised in the same house.

Gwendolyn bit her lip in worry. She knew that the cousins and Brandon would be upset with her at the very least, most likely all of them. Northmen were a protective bunch. Not that Uncle Tobias wasn't, he was just not from the North so things were… different. She just knew that her Uncle wouldn't be as angry as the others would be. She was about to say something to that effect but was distracted by a colorful intricate display. The excitement over rode the knot of fear as Gwendolyn watched with wide eyes the games and people drinking freely. Not that she had never seen people enjoy themselves but there was just more of a free spirit than she was used to. Joy was not scarce in the North, for this was joy just not in what her sheltered life had beheld.

While Gwendolyn was not overly shy she was a bit overwhelmed and tried to take it all in to understand the situation and where she would fit in. What exactly did one do in this situation? What did one not do?

Suddenly her Aunt Luci tapped Gwendolyn on the shoulder. Gwendolyn blinked and looked down at her Aunts. “Clear your shock Gwennie you look five and ten. That look will get us in more trouble than people not realizing that we left the maids behind.”

A warning bell peeled through Gwendolyn and she cleared her expression as her Aunts pulled her over to the place where they were selling wine. Arbor gold, next to other whites, reds and an interesting assortment of blushes. Gwendolyn had a feeling that she better enjoy herself because when the cousins found them she was gonna be in a whole world of trouble. It was bad enough when I was flirting with the boy’s friends… this will probably be worse. The women paid for their wine and looked around at what else they could enjoy before their cousins lowered the boom.

Character Sheets:

Character Sheets:

As Sena teased GiGi, who was grinning and laughing softly. "Nah chiquita unless you have any more hiding or you have cherries. I will not be held responsible for what happens if cherries are involved." 

“Everyone is dressed so cute tonight.” Karina proclaimed with a strong sense of defeat and motioning at GiGi. “I feel like such a slob now.” She sighed. 

Looking down at her casual attire compared to others in the box with them GiGi raised an eyebrow and opened her mouth to correct Karina. That was when Aaron swooped in. Blinking GiGi tilted her head as the two bandmates acted like bad stage actors. She was able to just catch her laughter at their antics and softly clear her throat as Aaron mixed bad Spanish and equally horrible French. 

Shaking her head and chuckling, GiGi saw out of the corner of her eye someone sit down. Smiling at the band member who was speaking to her.

“Mademoiselle..” Tony said, cooly sitting across from Sena and GiGi. With fluid dacerlike movements he crossed one leg over the other broadly and sipped from his drink as the cigar burned in his other hand. “Who is our guest?” He said with a collected smile. 

“This is GiGi,” Sena said, glancing up at GiGi then back at Tony. “She works for us now.”

“‘Works?’” Tony replied, eyebrows raising behind his sunglasses.


“We have enough associates.” Tony said, taking a sip from his glass. “How about friends? I’m Tony.” He said looking at GiGi.

Leaning back GiGi let her gaze travel over Tony and grinned leaning forward to roll to her feet in front of Tony. "Friends? Let's hope the…" She looked around cutting her eyes to the arm candy he and Aaron had brought in. "Accessories aren't what you had in mind for the term. I'm very, how do you say, idiosyncratic in my singularity. You will never meet anyone like me." Gigi took his glass and inhaled the sultry fumes from the cognac. "Cheers to once in a lifetime opportunities." She took a slow sip not breaking eye contact. It wasn't a large sip, cognac was meant to be savored. Vaguely she heard the conversation around them mention band names and she raised her eyebrow and swallowed slowly as she placed the glass back in Tony's hand. Never breaking eye contact. "Not so much ice next time. Brings out more of the flavor. You'd be amazed at how different… enhancements... bring out different sides of cognac." 

"I only speak robot and English. Multiple languages of robot admitly."

GiGi wanted to strangle the little voice that chirped like Alice from the Disney cartoon. For. Fucks. Sake. Having an adult moment here you ostentatious amazon. Just as GiGi who was sure Squeekers was talking to. Rolling her eyes she glanced over at the female. Her outfit screamed not a baseball game so loud that people in Japan could easily translate the message.

"Irregular but good, it certainly was compelling and rather memorable."

GiGi blinked lost.

"Not unless you want to replace all this lovely glass... Move to it, not play it. Better for everyone's ears." This girl was drinking her fruity cocktail nibbling on a pineapple chunk contentedly. "So, Cheers?"

Blinking again GiGi was puzzled. Not knowing what to say she looked back at Sena then Tony and sat back down next to Sena. She avoided Karina’s seat in case Karina wanted it back. Looking back at Tony with a smarmy grin GiGi tilted her head and went back to the question at hand. "But none of that was an answer. More like a warning. So here is your answer. It depends on how you define friends. So Tony what is your definition of friends?"


Pushing her long blonde hair back GiGi secured it with a comb over her right ear. She debated not using the can of Aquanet but her hair wouldn't hold the crimp if she didn't use it. She didn't just crimp her hair, she braided sections and pulled them back with Bobby pins. The simple outfit of a white shirt and black suspenders paired with high waisted short shorts was frankly brilliant in GiGi’s opinion. Tying on the white converse she glanced up at the clock. "Oh shit I'm late!" 

Snatching up her keys GiGi booked it for the car. Thankfully the car started right away. The humidity was killer and GiGi got to the stadium just in the middle of the national anthem. Pausing out of respect she let the guitar player finish then rushed as fast as she could to the box. She mulled over the riffs and improvisation he took with the liberties of the Star Spangled Banner and decided that it wasn't half bad. Hendrix he was not but not a whole lot of people could touch him. Three words would get you through a rock concert "Jimmy is god." Or that was the rumor. She had yet to use it. Busy. Between the dive and the paper, far too busy.

These thoughts ran through her head as she headed to the… famous? Or was it an infamous box? GiGi saw a pair of what her midwest mama would call "a tall drink of water" with arm candy some feet ahead of her. She was pretty sure that those boys were more than "corn fed". Apparently, it was think like mama day. She rolled her eyes at her thoughts as she followed in their wake, enjoying the view.

Nearing the door GiGi’s nose wrinkled with the sent of cigarettes and a hint of desperation? She looked around and saw a blonde girl holding the offending cigarette. GiGi snorted and walked around the edges of the box and found a spot near Karina and Sena.

Raising an eyebrow at the man who stated that someone, Karina or Sena’s, Spanish was as good as his golf game. "Un poco demasiado familiar Pedro." After all tu was far too familiar to address someone you're not friends with. "Let’s hope your golf is better than your Spanish. Need to work on your… honorifics and sentence structure. It's a little loose carajo." She smirked as she said it, taking the overly harsh sting down a notch. A tiny notch. She still called the guy a dick but she didn’t take well to people, especially males, messing with her friends. And she considered Sena and Karina friends.

As a child GiGi had been told she had a beautiful smile and she used it to her advantage. She was always lauded by her grandmother as looking like her mother, GiGi’s great grandmother. Who was blonde with green eyes and 100% España, or 100% from Spain. GiGi had grown up bilingual and spoke fluent Madrid Spanish. While there were offshoots everywhere, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican… etc. Madrid Spanish was like comparing US English, the Queen's English, Australian English etc you get the point… It was still the root of all the others.

Smirking, GiGi perched on the arm of the chair between Karina and Sena. She leaned over and snagged a piece of pineapple off Sena’s drink and popped it in her mouth.


Blinking at Karina and tipping her head a little at the assumption that she'd serve them a dirty piece of flatware, GiGi hid her smile but her eyes sparkled. She tapped beside her lip not wanting to smear her lipstick. "Don't believe everything you see on TV sweets. I wouldn't work here if it wasn't clean. Orange juice and coffee coming right up ladies."

GiGi smirked as she recalled the fan that was so eager to have the girl's autograph. It had been hard not to stare intently at Sena after reading the little message. She mentally shrugged as she walked over to get the drinks for the girls.

The man sitting muttered something about a quiet morning. "Not a chance, guapo. Lo siento, that's not on the menu around here. What can I get you?" Nevaeh popped a hip out eyes running over the pretty boy.

Cutting her eyes back to the girls GiGi made sure that no one was mobbing them. Where are their bodyguards? She quickly got the orange juice and coffee with a small chilled container of cream, just in case it was needed. Walking past Nevaeh and caught a quick glance at the babe at the table who was likely soon to be drooled over by Nevaeh, maybe herself. It was a big maybe. He had a nice bod and killer eyes but that didn't mean he could move.

GiGi liked being picky. She wasn't picky about much but a guy had to check all her boxes or he didn't get past the friend zone. Lifting an eyebrow at Nevaeh and gliding over to her table GiGi set down the drinks in front of the ladies. "You ladies need a few minutes more or are you ready now?"

Location: Chef's Drive-In

With the radio blaring out a song about a cheating jerk that wanted the girl he was singing to help him mess around on his girl while she was on vacation. Josie should kick the shite out of that little bastard. GiGi was taking an order as she heard over the music a chopper that sounded really close. Really, really close. That sounds like it is on the roof!! What the heck is going on?!

Looking around GiGi saw people pointing and running from the helicopter that was landing in a patch of grass across the street. Stunned, like the people at the table, she watched as a group of people exited the chopper. Snapping out of it before the people at the table she snagged her pad and pen, beginning to take notes on what was going on around her. This is why that pad is never far from me. I’m getting all of this and turning it into an article. Damnit where the hell is PJ?!

Noticing what she could see from the distance and as people milled about, GiGi hopped that they were coming into the dive so she could get a better idea of who it was exactly. The first occupant was a slender girl in black then another in a riot of color. The girls shared the same color hair though their fashion was opposite ends of the spectrum. Raising an eyebrow, GiGi blinked as she realized who these girls were. Oh… it’s Miami Rebellion…

Cutting her eyes to Nevaeh to see if the slightly older waitress had noticed GiGi winced as she heard a shriek of “MIAMI REBELLION!!!”

Because of course at least one fan was in the dive at this time. Looks like I’m gonna be late to the paper…

Nevaeh glared at GiGi “You leave me after this for that damned rag and I will hunt you down and murder you. I will not be stuck with the fan club!!” Was hissed as a warning low and deep.

”You’ll have Gladys…” GiGi defended whispering.

“Those teenagers will eat Gladys alive and Chef will lose hundreds of dollars on walked cheques.” Nevaeh hissed back. “Just for that you have their table. I’m not dealing with Danny. He wasn’t happy with our last encounter.”

”Do I even want to know?” GiGi was a little bit curious.

“Now why is anyone ever upset with me?” Nevaeh countered.

”Upset with you is not what you said.”

“Humm you’re right. He was expecting… Sade and instead got Boy George.”

Just then the bells from the door clanged and the girls walked in. GiGi rolled her eyes at Nevaeh. ”Saved by the bell. And you call me evil. Fine. Just so we don’t have a bigger issue.” She watched as fate said ”Be careful what you wish for.” as the group sat in her section. Because of course… I should have stayed in bed today. Or maybe I’m not giving them enough credit. Maybe... hopefully… Here goes.

Walking up GiGi took in the clash that was the sisters. The girls are sisters but their personalities are totally day and night. I really like the outfits… both actually. Please don’t be Prima Donnas!!!

Not wanting to be caught gawking, or at least not for long, GiGi quickly walked over to the girls with a smile just as the colorful girl was reading out loud the sales flyer as if she had never even thought of putting the words in the same sentence, let alone the same paragraph. Vaguely in the background GiGi noticed that the radio was playing Come and Get Your Love as she snagged a couple of menus. “Hello!! Welcome to Chef’s. Here’s our menu. What can I get you to drink?” She let her eyes move over the girls with no small amount of curiosity. She was friendly and found that she smiled easily now that she was in their presence.
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