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Current Recruiting for X-Men. Original characters wanted. Will be kicking off a new original plot line!!! Don't miss this!!…
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Two more days to a year that I'm not supposed to be counting. The little Tom Hanks in my soul is marking days without you. Castaway on an island surrounded by an ocean of tears getting deeper daily.
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Want a Slice of Life? Sol City is your ticket! Large, friendly group always room for more!…
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November 10th, 2017 4:30 pm CST. You let go and I wasn't ready. I'm still not ready. I miss you.
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Two months and a week. I miss you. This sucks. Is it bad that I pretend that you PCS'd and will be back before long? Then I remember you're gone and won't be back even if I wished it. And I do. Daily.


Ugh...I hate this part. So I'm super into Sailor Moon...which no one else is...and that's okay. I also really love Items, Escaflowne, Vampire Knight, Fushigi Yugi, Ah My Goddess, K Dramas, Chinese and Tiwanise Dramas as well. I torture people by making them read the TV.

Oh this is where I tell you I'm American...and I just lost a few people but oh well. Trust me if I could afford to live overseas I would. So yeah...that's me.

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Uná O’Brian


Location: Institute

Interaction: Nik


Uná raised an eyebrow at Veronica. Jesus she acts like she didn't willingly walk in on her own two feet. Paranoid, selfish, immature girl. I have no idea what she expects to find out but there are certain aspects of last night that I will not be sharing with strangers. I don’t know her from Adam and I certainly don't want to now.

Just as Uná was thinking of how much of a selfish petulant child that Veronica was Matt's stomach rumbled. Covering a grin Uná waited till he was done and Nikki gave her shoulder a squeeze. She looked back and up at him.

Nik's words were somber. Uná frowned for a moment as his hand fell from her shoulder. He summed up the issue of the feelings involved with last night really well. If I wasn't already in love with him then that would seal it. Her eyes widened. Wait! What?! Oh. My. God. It's true. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THIS! I'M NOT EVEN SIXTEEN JUST YET!

Uná didn't even feel his hand fall from her shoulder as she panicked missing everything else he said before grabbing a bite to eat and hitting the gym later. Mentally shaking herself Uná smiled again and looked at everyone. "That sounds brilliant Nik. Daniela still needs to get settled in and food." She looked at Daniela pouting and trying to keep the grin at bay so her eyes twinkled with mischief. "You really need some real food. We can all go together. Unless of course someone objects…? Well I'm going for sure."

Squeezing Nikki's hand Uná leaned up on her tip-toes and whispered in his ear. "We should talk about...stuff…" She rocked back on her heels and smiled at him with an uncertain look that clearly stated she didn't know if she was welcome in his life but hoped she was.

Wanting to drag Nik along Uná held back as they all found their way to the surface. Coming out of the subterranean levels they had to cross the courtyard to get to the cafeteria. Uná took a deep breath as the sun hit her face. Closing her eyes she tilted her face up to its warmth. She heard a haunting melody faint but there.

Shading her eyes for a moment Uná shuddered as goosebumps ran across her skin. Feeling a chill despite the heat she let go of Nik to rub her arms. "Where is that coming from? Does anyone else-" She stopped as she felt eyes on her.

Turning she looked behind her and from across the courtyard she saw a man walking with the Dean staring at the group. More than that though as if staring at her. A tingling chill ran down her spine as the haunting voice seemed to be trying to tell her something that she wasn’t quite grasping and stayed just out of reach.

Uná couldn't seem to break eye contact. She was pale and had the look of being frightened. She knew she was staring and it was considered rude but couldn't look away. This must be how a rabbit feels staring at a wolf. Frozen to the spot. I really hope someone else heard that song… It was illogical to think she was frightened. Some Jedi mind tricks here carry on. I'm not really afraid. He hasn't done anything of the sort to be suspicious.
Uná O’Brian


Location: Institute; Danger Room

Interaction: Everyone

Mentions: A lot of people

Uná blinked at Jasper's sudden mood swing. "Oh my apologies Jasper. Though I can see it would have been more fun if you'd been there from the get go." Smiling at Jasper.

Following Jasper Drake and one of the Uná doubles walked in. Meeting the double's eyes Uná let it go. It faded out and Uná let out a soft sigh.

The second Uná double followed a screeching Cleo in. Both the double and Uná looked heartbroken as Cleo’s words echoed back at everyone. Uná shuddered as Cleo delivered the blow that Uná didn't want to face. I can't get away from it… I'll always hurt people. My parents, Cleo, Ms. Everose… I shouldn't be here. What if it's Nikki next time? I can't deal with that. What if I kill someone? What if it's Nikki?...

Snapping her head toward the new blonde who called her freckles Uná's expression cleared. "Being the voice of reason isn't being in charge."

Uná's eyes glided over to Veronica as she made the statement that she wanted to get on with her normal life and laughed without humor. "I hate to stuff you in a barrel kook but your life isn't ever going to be 'normal'. Better wise up to that soon."

Uná sighed heavily and let the last illusion go as Heidi started talking. She was basically restating what Uná said and found obvious. Which means she hadn't seen Uná address it earlier. Great I left Heidi out of the conversation. It's so easy to forget that she's deaf. I'll try to do better next time.

The sparks of lightning that followed the "Enough" that was yelled got Uná's attention quite readily. Uná backed up into Nik, which wasn’t hard since she wasn't that far from him anyway.

As the words poured out of Daniela's mouth Uná smiled brightly. Well there's two people who are willing to be there for me. Nikki and Daniela. I just have to keep them safe. And that power is pretty cool. Uná mouthed Thank you to Daniela as she caught her eye.

Uná blinked as a curly haired boy named Matt introduced himself. She puzzled over why he wanted something from last night and she opened her mouth to ask just that just as Drake decided to join the living. She winced slightly at the near shout of his name. "Thank you Drake, Matt and Daniela. As I said before to Veronica my name is Uná O’Brian. Uná like the fairy in Legend. With Tim Curry. About the unicorns...with Tom Cruz before he was persona non grata…" She trailed off looking around at the others.

Clearing her throat Uná went on. "I can make illusions reality. I was taking some medication that allowed me to access my powers without being unconsciousness but those seem to have backfired. I just used the last of the compound to get Cleo and Drake back in here. I'll try to keep everything sunshine and rainbows so that I don't let a nightmare lose." She made sure she faced Heidi so that she included Heidi as well.

Looking around at everyone else Uná raised an eyebrow in question. "Who's next?"
Kaylee Everose & Coleman St John

Cole looked back at her from across the desk for a moment. He still wasn’t sure how exactly to put into words what it was like to erase someone from existence in a blaze of screaming rage. He thought about it and leaned forward putting his elbows back on the desk and folding his hands together. “Imagine if you could… look through time, like the time of someone’s life and see it all... someone bad, or no... someone evil and you could erase that.” He said. His expression was stern; though a flood memories were cascading through his mind. “You couldn’t fix all the hurt they had caused, but you take them away from reality, forever.” He looked her in the eyes squarely, “When I pulled that guy outta the car in the desert, that’s what I did. When I got my hands on him, I erased him from existence. I didn’t just kill him, he was gone forever. No heaven. No hell. Just gone… And that’s what I did to that mutant who took Una last night.”

Kaylee blinked and sighed heavily. "Oh well that's ultimate justice. Like the Angel of Death, or retribution from Hell. Justice verses Vengeance." She raised an eyebrow at Cole. "You apparently had reasons. And the situation was out of hand. I also assume that you haven't done it very often. So it can be a bit disconcerting, or at least it sounds that way."

Tilting her head Kaylee studied Cole. "Is there more or…?" She had a feeling there was more to it.

“I don’t know what it is,” Cole said, relaxing back into his chair. He rubbed the stubble on his chin and glanced towards the courtyard through his window. “I’m a little surprised at you though,” He said before shifting his focus back towards her. “Heaven and Hell, all that stuff, I figured you were pretty much a firm rationalist, not much of a believer.” The next question carried a lot more than which he thought he could keep sitting and he was still saving the one question he wanted answered. “There is more, but let’s get outta here and take a walk.”

Kaylee smiled. "Well you don't have to rationalize everything. I'm not a Vulcan and just because I'm religious doesn't mean I'm not rational. Belief doesn't mean suspension of reason." Rising from the chair Kaylee shook out her dress and titled her head toward the door.
Location: University; Developing photos

Mentions: Paige; Joel @Pilatus; Milo @RoccanIronclad; Ryan @Infinite Cosmos & Elise @KatKook

Up to her wrists in developer Siobhan was working on processing the photos from the flower shop and the barbeque, which was a success. She had a few that were hanging to dry and was taking her time on the others. “Never rush perfection.”

Siobhan had booked four hours on that Thursday when she knew that the classes were not in session so that she didn’t run off any of the students. Since it was Spring they could be taking or were studying for finals.

Within the first hour and a half she was done developing and all of the ones she wanted to do by hand were drying so that she could cut them afterward. The candid shots from the party would be for the people involved. Joel, Paige, Milo, Ryan and Elise.

Her favorite photo by far was the one that she took of Joel just before everyone left. He had those bedroom eyes of his practically screaming “Come here. Now.” Siobhan shivered each time she saw it.

There was a very nice one of Ryan and Elise talking looking cozy. They looked good together. That boy deserved someone that wouldn't ruin his life.

The snap of Paige and Milo. That was brilliant. It showed off both of them smiling at each other happy and content. Siobhan recalled they had kissed quickly after that. This picture she had done in color, but had washed it down to a pastel rather than the full bright color. It gave the photo an ethereal quality and sweetness that Siobhan thought Paige might appreciate. Or at least Siobhan hoped so.

Siobhan had posted some of the photos online and tagged the others in them. As expected they were getting a lot of attention. Most of the questions she'd received were asking her to confirm if that really was Joel in the picture or if that was the chef that had recently won a Chef Bruno competition.

She answered all of those questions and more. There was one that stuck out to her as a little odd. Someone had anonymously asked about "the pretty blonde". It wasn't so much the question but the way it was phrased that bothered Siobhan paired with the questioners anonymity. That was the one question she had ignored.

Pushing the dark thoughts aside, Siobhan tested the photos and found that they were all dry. She packed everything up in the darkroom and headed outside. Washing up she called Joel.
Uná O’Brian


Location: Institute; Danger Room

Interaction: Nik, Ronnie, Cleo & Drake

Mentions: Aya, Jasper & Heidi

Uná smiled warmly at Nik as she took his hand. "Molly Ringwald? Really?" Uná shook her head in mock disappointment. "Alley Sheedy. She gets Estevez in the end."

Turning toward a new face Uná raised her eyebrow. "You can get a better run down of the events last night. Since you’re new I'll let your attitude slide but if you talk to be or my friends like that again expect retaliation."

Una looked around. She didn't want to relive a lot of last night but if the brat wanted to know where she fit in fine. "We went out to a club. We drank. We partied. We got drunk. They, being Nik, Aya, Chloe, Jasper and Drake, got into a fight with a weird ass creature. I got kidnapped. The rest of the group found me after I was taken to another place. Something like a guy with a flaming scull waltzed into the place and well I don't know what happened until I woke up and Heidi was with me walking out the front doors. Then things got worse. I was trapped in an illusion I couldn't stop. Finally it ended… I don't remember how and the place I was being held burned to the ground."

Uná held on to Nik's hand like a lifeline. She was terrified of what happened and remembered more than that but didn't want to get in depth too much. "Look we're all here for different reasons like Dean Ashford said. We should be helping each other." She switched hands with Nik extending her right hand. "I'm Uná O’Brian and I can create realistic illusions. The other two will be here shortly. Trust me." She smiled and held her hand out to Ronnie waiting for her to take it. She was using the last of the compound to reach the other two who'd walked off.

… … … … … … … … … … …

Uná turned the corner in front of Cleo and blocked her path. "I know you heard me. We all need to talk get back to the Danger Room. Don't make me drag you back." She looked a little miffed. "We need to talk. And you and Drake are setting a bad example for the other kids. We don’t leave teammates behind."

… … … … … … … … … … …

Grabbing the back of Drake's jacket Uná used his momentum to spin him around. She snatched the cigarette out of his mouth and broke it in half then snatched his pack and crushed it. "Nasty habit that. March your ass back there we need to understand what is going on with you. So you've got some explanations to give. Plus you need to set an example for the new kids that we don't leave teammates hanging. Now move it Drake." Uná was defiant and looked angry.

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Judge & Tonic

The crowd at the mall was minimal. Thank goodness for that. I really just want to enjoy some light shopping. Sipping her coffee Jocelyn walked around window shopping.

The mall was small but The Judge towered over most of those he walked by. He got a few interesting looks but that could be due to the fact that he had a pink fanny pack and had his blackberry out. He walked up to a store that seemed to be selling pretzels as he did the guy selling them seemed like he had almost seen a ghost as he looked up at The Judge. “Hello! How are you today?” The Judge asked as the man just kinda coughed for a moment before speaking.

“Uh.. hi.. I’m well. Can I help you with anything?”

“Yes! In fact, The Judge would like to know if he can get one of your big pretzels please, extra salt and cheese?”
The man kind of tilted his head before nodding “Yeah… Yeah coming right up.”

A few minutes later The Judge was on his way again just looking through the windows seeing if anything caught his eye. He seemed to be completely walking without looking at anyone, but they seemed to notice him. He wore a light grey polo that seemed to be just a bit too tight for him, and his jeans which seemed to be just loose enough to not be skinny jeans, but at the same time they were just skinny enough to not need a belt to wear. However, he still wore a black belt. He had just finished up his pretzel as he threw the remaining part away in the trash can. He continued to look in the window completely oblivious to his surroundings as he walked forward, he moved at a decent pace scanning the stores for whatever might have caught his eye. *Thud* He stopped as he felt something hit him.

Jocelyn had been off in space wondering when the next time that The Judge was going to happen to be in town for a match. She was wondering if she could manage to get time off for it, when someone ran into her. She went sprawling on her butt at the feet of the person who had run into her.

Blinking rapidly Jocelyn looked up… and up… and up. She was already a tiny little thing but this made it ridiculous. Her jaw dropped as she saw the object of her thoughts materialize and with a pink fanny pack no less. "Uh… hello." She waved lamely, but it was rather cute and endearing as she blushed.

OMG!!! Seriously?! You meet your wrestling crush and "uh hello" and a lame wave is all you manage! Not to mention you're sprawling at his feet like some sacrifice to a pagan god!!! OMG!!! This is humiliating!!

The Judge stepped back, he hadn’t been paying any attention and here he was making a fool of himself. “Oh, I’m so sorry Ma’am!” his eyes fell to the woman with the blonde hair beneath him, his look of worry would change to a smile as he saw her, not because he thought it was funny, not because he enjoyed knocking her over. But because he needed to make sure she didn’t see him as a threat.

The Judge offered a hand for her to take. “I’d ask that you forgive me, I wasn’t watching where I was going at all, I was just checking out the stores in this town!” He exclaimed, he seemed to be incredibly confident with his words and a smile on his face that was a mile long; but, that wasn’t quite what was going on in his head. Watch where you’re going dumbass! You are bigger than you think, and you may have hurt her.

“You aren’t hurt. Are you? If you are, please let me know. I know a bit about first aid and taking care of injuries.” this time as he spoke his smile seemed more genuine than the one he had put on originally, there was a slight look of worry on his face as he spoke these words as well. As if half expecting her to start to yell at him to watch where he was going, but he tried his hardest to not let it show.

Taking the hand outstretched Jocelyn smiled and laughed softly. "No harm done, besides a giant blow to my pide. Apology accepted. I'm sorry I was off in la la land wondering when you'd be doing a match here in Keystone so I could call in sick at work to see you in action." She admitted candidly. "Little did I know that I'd actually get to meet you in person." Jocelyn laughed softly rising with his assistance. Dusting off her shorts and backside she stood.

His face brightened up even more as realization hit that she was a fan, it was a look of excitement, and intrigue, it was the same type of excitement on his face as a 5 year old if you told them you just got them a puppy.

After she got up he scratched the back of his head and gave a slight bow in return “Thank you for accepting my apology! I am glad that I ran into a fan! Most people would be very upset, or intimidated… or a bit of both. Which if you think abou-” he stopped himself as he closed his eyes and chuckled. “Sorry, stopping myself before I bore you with some odd talk about social reactions… If you already know who I am, please if you would I’d be happy to know who you are.”

His hand stuck out for her to shake, “Well… at least I think you know who I am, I don’t mean to speak for you, but if you need an introduction, I can oblige.” he gave her a playful grin as he spoke his massive hand still outstretched if she wanted to take it.

Jocelyn's enthusiasm was resplendent to witness. A huge grin broke across her face and she blushed prettily. Taking his hand she shook it as a giggle of happiness slipped free. "Oh I know who you are. How could anyone not!? Only like the greatest wrestler in the world! The Judge! I mean seriously who could stand up to this face? No heel that I know of! And I'm babbling. Yeah just gonna-" She put her free hand over her mouth to stop the torrent of words but her gray-green eyes sparkled and she could not stay still.

Practically hopping up and down with excitement Jocelyn attempted to regain her composure. She was hard pressed to stiffel her excitement but she managed to calm herself down to just grinning and letting out a cute giggle now and again. OMG where is my intellect? I sound like a brainless girl! Why?! This is mortifying! Say something smart! Impress him with your wit! Something! Jeebus one good looking guy and your brain turns to mush!

He laughed at her comments as she shook his hand, his eyes connecting with hers as she covered her mouth. “Well, I mean, certainly not Johnny Gargano, he didn’t stand a chance yesterday." he said with a grin as he seemed to almost flex as he spoke. But he remained having eye contact with her as his head tilted. “What was your name by the way?" he asked giving her a toothy smile and chuckle as he did

“I like your eyes by the way, I’ve never seen any like that, they are pretty.” The Judge would say nonchalantly. He looked around finally breaking his eye contact before looking back at her, that smile still wide as ever. “Sorry that might have been awkward for you, I kinda just say whatever is on my mind at the time” he seemed to scratch his head with a slight chuckle. “Well I’ll tell you what, I know you said it’s okay, but I still feel bad for essentially body slamming you, is there anything I can do? Get you some coffee, some VIP passes to tonight’s show? Both?" He brought out a ticket on the lanyard that said ‘Backstage, WWE’ and had a barcode on it, he held it out for her to take.

“And if I’m not mistaken there was a coffee shop back there.” he said pointing behind him and looking back before turning to look at

Lifting her hand from her mouth Jocelyn gaped at the backstage pass. "Jocelyn. My name is Jocelyn. Coffee is good. I… uh...You think my eyes are pretty? I… thank you. You don't need to apologize, you can body check me anytime." She went bright red. "Ohmygod that came out wrong! I mean...not that you would want to or maybe you would...oh God… I'm gonna die of embarrassment. Coffee? Yes. Backstage pass? That's really too generous. I shouldn't accept."

The Judge watched her stumble over her words and cleared his throat at her comment his eyebrows raising as he himself turned a bit red and looked up at the ceiling slightly. “Hey, that’s okay, no worries to worry, it happens. I say things that seem to just spill out as well” he’d say trying to reassure her. Man, don’t just stand there, how many times have you been in that exact type of situation not knowing what to say and the stupidest thing comes out. Come on Caleb… no, Come on, what would the Judge do?

“It’s very nice to meet you Jocelyn.” his smile to her now, desp[ite being slightly red in his own face was genuine, and warm, it would seem almost comforting to most people. “I Insist on the pass though, after all, once we get coffee we will be friends, and I always get my friends backstage and VIP passes to the show. Free of charge of course... That is, of course if you are okay with being friends for now.” As those words came out he thought to himself “You idiot, she is going to take offense to that or be creeped out! We don’t want to scare people away or seem creepy, just cause you are trying to be playful because you see a pretty girl who also likes wrestling and is your fan doesn’t give you the right to break character like that! He looked at her now there was a bit of worry in the back of his mind but he would wait to see what she said.

Blushing Jocelyn bit her lip and then smiled as his words came across as flirting. No way! I'm imagining things. He's flirting with me? Me?! Pushed by some inner demon Jocelyn flirted back. "For now…?"

Nodding she accepted the pass. "Well then coffee and you can count me as a friend. My friends call me Joss or Jossy. At least they would if I had any. Anyways..." Smirking and lifting a blonde brow. "For now, my treat on the coffee. Won't you be recognized? I'm pretty sure you're going to be beating the women off with a stick." She looked him over. "Hope you have a big one handy cause there might be more than a few."

Jocelyn groaned inwardly as she ran her hand through her waist length pin straight blonde hair. Just someone kill me now. Can you please not say the first thing that comes to mind? Think before you speak! Jeebus Joss get a grip! Stick? Big one? Could you be more crude? See this is why you don't have friends much less a boyfriend.

Outwardly he continued to grin at her as she spoke, inwardly he was literally screaming about the ‘for now’ comment. But he seemed to pause as he realized her question. Okay, maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing to say, nice job Caleb. Now follow it up, you gotta remain mysterious, after all, she is coming to the show tonight...hopefully.

“Yeah, for now. if his grin could get any farther up his face it would, but at this point it had reached its maximum height, his dimples were showing and he seemed slightly red. “After all, you never know what will happen in the future, right?” he’d respond with before standing up straight now that she took the pass. He seemed to step out of her way as he motioned for her to join him moving towards the coffee shop. “Well Joss, let’s get that coffee.” He paused for a moment almost like he was thinking about what he was about to say, the fact though was he did not think about it really the question just popped up and out of his mouth it went. “How can a girl like yourself not have any friends? Usually pe-.” Usually people like what?! Like what?! I swear you have never been out in public before, quickly think of something. People who are smart, no you don’t know that, people who dress well, no that sounds creepy, screw it, just go in for it. “People who are pretty like yourself tend to have many friends. Color me shocked.”

Smooth he thought to himself sarcastically. If he wasn’t red before he definitely was red enough for her and everyone in the mall to notice he was blushing now at her comment. “Haha, don’t worry, not too many people recognize me that often, and even if they do they tend to want a picture, or an autograph, I don’t really have to chase many people away, usually they are respectful, I’ve only had a couple people who have caused some issues… mostly press, then it’s usually parents who want me to come to a party for their kid or sign something, hardly ever do I have to worry about having a stick with me.” he was still trying to play it off as if he didn’t get the possible innuendo, but the red on his face said completely otherwise.

Blinking Jocelyn noticed he said pretty. Called her pretty. Again. "I'm not… never mind. I guess I just don't get out much. And the only people I really know are fellow scientists. Uh… I'm a geneticist. Bit of a nerd. Like Leonard and Sheldon and Amy from The Big Bang theory. Which is hysterical by the way and so very true. Did you want me to call you by your first name, Caleb? If you don't mind that is! We are friends...for now." She grinned at that last part teasing him unmercilessly.

Walking beside Jocelyn glanced up and over judging his reaction. He is quite handsome when he blushes. Very much so when he smiles too. I could get used to having a friend. At least that.

They got to the door of the coffee shop and she reached for the door handle. "I would have thought with you being as amazing as you are that you'd be mobbed everywhere you went. Do people really not recognize you? I mean I did."

His eyes quickly shifted as she began to say something that she wasn’t but when she left it alone he seemed to leave it alone, his eyes quickly moving back to straight ahead. “Ah, I love that show!” he exclaimed as she spoke about the Big Bang Theory television show. “A nerd huh? I’m pretty nerdy myself if you haven’t noticed.” he pointed to his small pink fanny pack which laughed at himself for wearing. “But a geneticist, that’s pretty awesome, so you are probably about 10 times smarter than me.” he scratched at his head again as he said that laughing the joke off despite it being self deprecating.

When she said ‘for now’ he raised his finger up to her and spoke in an equally playful tone, “For now” he had repeated that smile till on his face. “Yeah, you can call me Caleb if you want, it would make more sense than calling me The Judge, or Judge, all the time. Especially when we hang out more.” he said, giving a nod.

When she reached for the door handle he seemed to stop watching her reach for it, he wasn’t sure what he should do, afterall, he should technically get the door for her, but didn’t want to intrude on her independence, in fact she was already almost at the door!

He calmly waited for her to start opening the door and brought his large muscly arm above her to grab the top of the door after she had opened it and held it open for her offering her the ability to step in. Crisis averted, that was smooth thinking he thought to himself. “Haha, yeah I mean, I can put on a decent wrestling match, but all credit to the writers on a lot of the stuff that happens, they really are the workhorse behind the shows.”

“As far as people recognizing me, I mean it happens but not nearly as much as you would think, it’s not like I'm J-Cole, or Tom Brady, or Robert Downey Jr.”
He chuckled as he watched her, to see how she reacted at this point. “It does give me a thrill when I meet someone who does recognize me, and you may have noticed me, but not everyone is as cultured and awesome as yourself.” he gave her a bit of a wink as he said that and would follow her if she walked inside.

Jocelyn noticed she was tiny enough that she didn't have to duck under Caleb's arm as she walked into the coffee shop. Inhaling deeply she caught the smell of coffee, chocolate, rich vanilla, cinnamon, caramel and baked goods. "I love the smell of coffee. It reminds me of home. They say that memories are attached to scents. This is the smell of home for me."

Walking up to the counter Jocelyn smiled at the woman behind the counter. "Do you happen to have Earl Grey?"

The woman grinned and nodded. Turning to Caleb and giving a little flourish Jocelyn reached out and pulled him closer to the counter so that the woman wouldn't have to strain to hear his request.

Caleb walked in following behind her and was looking around the shop, and then up at the board. He moved as Jocelyn had pulled him, he wasn’t expected to be pulled so he moved a bit further than expected, moving literally right next to Jocelyn as he looked up at the Menu. “Can I please, get a cold Chai tea, with milk and extra chai.” he’d say lifting his arm up and pointing at the menu for just a moment with a smile on his face. “Oh, and a medium please.” he’d add on as he looked down at Jocelyn and gave her another smile.

After taking the order he’d say to her. “That’s an interesting thought, I guess that’s why I love the smell of the rain, so much. It reminds me of my own home. So where is home for you then? Did you live close to a coffee shop?"

After they would have finished ordering he would tell her, "I appreciate again, you offering to pay for the coffee, you really didn’t have to but I feel honored that you did." he’d say following her to wherever he thought would be best to sit in this coffee shop.

Jocelyn picked a couch by a large window. Settling in she cupped the teacup and sipped sighing. "Oh no. My family are farmers in a tiny little town called Pilot Grove just east of here. Coffee was always a staple for them."

Taking another sip Jocelyn smiled at Caleb. "Please it was my treat and if it pains you that much you can treat me next time. Sound fair?"

Jocelyn leaned toward Caleb. "Let's pretend I don't know as much about you as I do and you tell me where home is and why you like the rain. Which I confess I do too." She was grinning broadly by the end of that statement and had kicked off her shoes pulling her legs under her, looking quite girlishly adorable.

Caleb took up his chai tea, the cup was tiny in his hands as he walked with her to the couch and sat down listening to her. “I see, well that makes a lot of sense. And don’t worry it doesn’t pain me, I just appreciate it, but I’ll still take care of the next one!” he exclaimed.

Caleb sat and thought for a moment before looking at her with her legs under her a slight blush hitting his cheeks before he shook it off quickly. “Well you see, I grew up in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon. Over there it rained ALL the time, and I mean ALL the time." He took a sip and grinned as he looked at the cup, “Not bad!” he’d say pointing at the cup before shaking his head, “Sorry! Focusing!” He’d say as he had obviously gotten distracted. “But we had a saying in Oregon, specifically the west part of it. You get 3 months of sun and 9 months of rain, which is basically true, but I always like the cold better than being too hot. So, then rain represents that coldness cause you can always bundle up more!”

He grinned as he spoke and stopped himself from going into another rabbit trail “But also, I think it’s just awesome, awesome to watch, awesome to listen to, and thunder and lightning are so powerful and fun to watch, it’s like watching a light show if you’ve ever seen one of those. But most of all, I like rain because.” he stopped for a moment, a smile now softer on his face as he seemed to look out the window as he spoke. “Because the rain is seen as a dark moment for a lot of people, sadness, and darkness. But from that we get life, and plants and water for our food and ourselves. So it reminds me that no matter how long the rain lasts, it rains because it will bring life.” he’d stop as he kind of blinked at her now not knowing what to expect her to say.

You just had to get philosophical didn’t ya, sappy?! Well way to go no telling how she’ll react now!

Excitedly Jocelyn leaned closer as he talked about rain. She put a hand on his arm as he blinked back into reality. "Exactly! Rain is always a good thing! Well in moderation of course. Flooding is bad. But most things are good in moderation."

Jocelyn bit her lip. "Thunder still makes me squeak like a girl. It's embarrassing!"

Oh good, she didn’t mind your little tyrade! he thought to himself.

“I’m glad you understand! Not many people do! And don’t worry! It can be scary for sure, I guess I just may be used to it. It is easier to listen to when you have someone around though!” He said encouragingly.

“But yeah, other than that, I miss home at times, after all, it’s nice, cool and it’s beautiful, has some great trails, and great food… and beer as well.” he’d look up for a moment as he sipped on his drink again and set it down. “Plus they always turned out for me, whenever I was a heel, or a face, they always gave me the best of reactions. I’m hoping for a great reaction tonight, we got some good stuff planned. But besides work." he’d say the last part with a wave of dismissing it. “Sorry about that, back on topic, honestly, I could sit under like a glass ceiling and stare up into the sky or sit in a car and watch the lightning, and rain all night. To me it’s relaxing. There was one time where I was in Seattle, and this bolt of lightning hit right in front of our van. It was super bright and loud, but it was really awesome.”

Caleb picked up his drink again as he took another sip before asking, “What brought you to leave your hometown?”

Jocelyn smiled warmly as he talked. "Sounds like you miss it. I left my hometown for school. My parents wanted me to be all that I could be. So I graduated early from high school at the very top of the class and went straight into college and did the same there. I got really lucky that I found a job here at Lexcore. It allows me to send money to my parents and stay close. What about you?"

Caleb nodded as he spoke, “I do miss it sometimes, but it’s nice here, but I really don’t have anyone to go back home to, my family moved away from each other, I don’t REALLY have a place that I call my own except a small apartment. Most of my friends have gone off to do their own lives, get married, have kids, etc. I guess I miss more the memories that once were if that makes sense. Even just gaining popularity in the indie circuit there was fun, a lot of people at a professional level they just are different. Ya know?” he’d say now finishing his chai before setting it down again.

Jocelyn nodded then looked at Caleb with curiosity. "So how come you're not practicing for your match tomorrow?" She scooted forward and felt her cotton shorts ride up. Blushing she set down her tea and attempted to regain the few inches of material with all the dignity she could muster.

Rocking back and forth attempting to slowly wiggle the material back down and not draw attention to her actions she glared down at her lap. Pulling her feet out from under her she made a disgruntled sound as her shorts went from somewhat short shorts to booty shorts. Standing she brushed the material down to its former mid-thigh starting point. Blushing bright red she mumbled an apology and sat back down.

He was about to speak but she seemed uncomfortable and as she stood up he realized why, turning away slightly he scratched his head once more laughing. “Well you see, it’s not going to be the match that what I needed to practice for it will be later in the show, I’d tell you more but I don’t want to spoil it for you.” he winked at her as he said it before continuing.

“Plus, the person who I’m going to be running with today, is someone who a lot of people have been waiting for, and we have practiced about 20 times early this morning. We are pretty confident, especially since he is a pure professional.” He grinned as he looked up and seemed to be thinking about it for a moment as he looked at her, “It’s gonna be a blast. Just you wait. What about yourself? Did you get off work early?

Jocelyn nodded emphatically. "I got the day off so I could go. And trust me that wasn't easy. No matter how I beg and plead, don't tell me what's going to happen."

Looking around Jocelyn noticed that they'd been in deep conversation for about a half hour. They pretty well had the place to themselves. "I didn't ever notice that we were all alone."

Caleb looked around, as he realized they really were alone, even the person at the counter had seemed to have gone in the back or left somewhere. He seemed to look all around him. He leaned in closer to Jocelyn, “I’m glad you got the day off then, had you not, we never would have bumped into each other! Well I guess we scared everyone off, but it can’t be helped.” he said with a smile as he leaned back and gave a chuckle, “I do have to say though, definitely worth it, little did I know I would bump into someone who would be willing to clear out an entire coffee shop with our conversations” he gave her another grin as he lifted his now empty cup into the air as if giving a toast to the two of them.

Gently clinking her cup against Caleb's Jocelyn grinned. "I have to ask Caleb, what were you planning to do today?" She pointed at the fanny pack. "Cause it looks super serious and I interrupted you plans." Her grin got bigger. "Perhaps meeting up with a girlfriend? Do I need to watch my back for some ninja girl?"

What in the world possessed me to ask that question?! I haven't seen his name linked with anyone but how is it my business?! Oh God just let the floor swallow me up!

He would look down at the pink fanny pack and laughed, “Oh I was just looking around the mall, trying to see if there was anything that I liked or wanted to purchase. I always wear this though.” he gave another smile. “Whenever I go out, it’s so off putting and makes people shocked, so they usually think I'm just some muscled dad. You could almost call it a deterrent!”

He laughed at the comment, about the girlfriend, “No, not quite, I'm single, been single for a while. No ninja girlfriends that’s for sure. Why do you ask? Are you interested?” he asked playfully.

Instantly inside he started screaming What are you doing, you just met her!

Blushing Jocelyn started to stammer. " see… what I mean...umm...I… well..." She looked down at her cup of Earl Grey and her next word was practically a whisper of a whisper. "...yes." She looked up at him from beneath her lashes.

What in the world just happened! Wait what if you're not his type? Oh God it'll be like high school all over again! Not to mention the disaster of what could loosely be called your social life in college! No one wanted to date you because you were too young, too smart, too pure. This will make that look like a cake walk! You idolize him this is going to be the most embarrassing moment of your life…

Much more casually than she felt Jocelyn shrugged and managed to mentally beat a compound sentence into her brain as a response. She cleared her throat. "But of course you'd have to be interested in me and I don't see that happening. Plus you'd have your fans to consider and if you even want to be tied down to one girl. So there are a lot of things you'd have to consider. Besides you just met me and I mean what if I have some quirk that drives you bonkers like babbling on and on and on." She quickly pointed out her outfit. "Or what if I don't wear the right clothes? You have to be very picky and let's face it there is soooo much nerd here that it is amazing that they haven't consulted me on at least one episode of BBT." She was babbling and she was bluffing hoping he didn't see through it.

He seemed to stare almost blankly at her honesty, and wasn’t sure what to say as she began to speak and babble about the things that were the reasons he shouldn’t date her, simply stood up. Without saying a word he walked over to her and knelt down, there was no one else around and he looked up at her and smiled. “Sure.” he gave her a smile, his hand outstretched as if inviting her to grab it.

I repeat, you just met her, you, you know what… actually it’s been awhile, she seems fun, funny, down to earth, and she likes your profession so you won’t have to worry about that. Not to mention.. She is stunning, hell, nut up or shut up kid.

“I’m okay with us dating, only on condition though, I get to be the boyfriend.” he gave her another wink before continuing, “That is of course, if you are okay with walking around with me wearing a pink fanny pack, and sometimes having to act with other females on television. If you can be okay with it, sometimes I come home and just pass out right away. What do you say?” his voice was low, calming and welcoming his heart racing as he spoke.

Stunned. Jocelyn was stunned. "Pardon?" Out of instinct she put her much smaller hand in his and her brain seemed to stop. His hand was warm and dry. Slightly calloused and firm as she curled her fingers around it.

He chuckled as his own hand encompassed hers. “I said, sure, let’s do it. As long as you can be okay with me, you know, doing the whole wrestling thing. I wouldn’t mind you as my girlfriend, you know, I know we just met but, hey, what better time like the present to go out on a whim. I think you are funny and smart, and you are beautiful, I'd enjoy getting to know you more. Besides, for the first time in a long time. I got to be Caleb with you.”

He seemed to pause as he kind of leaned back slightly, “Unless, you’d rather not. “ he’d say with a bit of concern in his voice.

Jocelyn's hand tightened in his. "You're so not getting off that easy. Yes I'd be thrilled to be your girlfriend. We have to discuss your version of beautiful at some point, but little steps. But yes I'm totally fine with your art as long as I get to be at every show. I am a huge fan after all. And I understand if you want to keep our relationship private. As long as I know it's just acting I'm okay with it."

Pulling Caleb back closer she tapped him on the nose. "Besides I got the better end of the deal."

He smiled as she spoke the grin on his face going ear to ear. “If you can take work off I’m happy to have you fly out with me to each show wherever we are going. Right now we are just going between Central, Keystone and Kansas to help ease tensions. But, I don’t think we need to talk about my version of beautiful at all. But that’s a talking point for another time.”

He nodded as he spoke quietly, “Right, private……." he seemed to go quiet for a moment, “Nah, I don’t feel like being secretive, or private.” He would move just slightly closer to her, his other hand moving on top of hers already in his hand. “If that’s okay with you.” he’d say, giving a large red smile.

Jocelyn giggled and slapped a hand over her mouth quelling the giggle. "Okay." Looking around then back at Caleb. "I could almost accuse you of planning this but that seems far fetched. It looks like we've been deserted." Smirking Jocelyn laughed softly. "I could assume you had some mental powers of persuasion but I doubt it."

He laughed as she spoke looking around there really was still no one there. “I wish I could tell you that you were right on that one. I wish I thought that far ahead, but unfortunately, not quite. I don’t have some special power of persuasion, although I am charismatic at times.” he’d say, giving her a wink.

He’d look up at the counter and see the barista was still not there. “Well, whole place to ourselves, but..” he stopped and looked at his watch real quick. “It’s about that time for me to head to the arena…. Do you want to come along?” he’d ask standing up fully now.

He looked over and now that he was looking over the counter he could see the barista taking pictures and hiding behind the corner, “Besides; I don’t think we are as alone as we once thought.” he’d say with a chuckle watching the barista who realized she had been spotted and hid back into the break room.

Smirking Jocelyn stood as Caleb did. Nodding she replied to his question of going with him. "Of course I'd love to go with you. Sounds like you don't want this to end." She teased him just a little. "I'm all yours till ten. I might be flexible on that though since I have tomorrow off for your show."

Caleb chuckled at her teasing as he kept hold of her hand and stopped as they walked out to the parking lot. “Wait. Did you drive a car here? I definitely did.” he asked as he seemed to realize if she had driven the predicament of choosing which car and coming back for the other. He didn’t let it mess with his head too much though, he’d be pretty down to take whichever.

Shaking her head Jocelyn smiled. "Nope I walked. We can take your car." She assumed that the arena was pretty far from the mall.

He nodded as he would then walk them to his car, it was a blue 2017 Chevy Camaro, he would open the door for her to let her get in. When she would be seated he would turn the car on and off they went towards the Arena.


At the arena, walking her in the back Jocelyn would be able to meet many people, from the Ring announcer Joseann Offerman, to Jerry the King Lawler, to Triple H, to Drew Mcintyre, Baron Corbin, Edge, Randy Orton (His mentor) even the boss himself, Vince Mcmahon. He showed her his dressing room and introduced her to multiple new people, he offered her either a place backstage or out in the front row if she wanted. But he had to get ready, he was on first. He had to go get changed.

After changing he was the first one on, after the theatrics, after the announcements and the crowd going absolutely nuts he stood behind the curtain watching the television. ‘3, 2, 1, you're on!’ the coordinator said to him. That’s when his music hit. As it did the crowd roared with excitement, as The Judge walked out, in the back they could hear. “We are just 24 hours removed from when The judge had the fight of his life, fell off of a cell, and speared Garganno through the cell. I’m not sure how he’s still standing but he came out on top last night, and this place has become unglued with excitement.”

The roar of the crowd surged through Jocelyn and she let go of the inherent shyness that came with her personality. No one cared, she was a fan like the rest a kinship was formed. Her seat in the front row was a coveted seat and she made sure that she was discretionary enough to not be distracting. Though she could say how long that would be true.

Her mind whirled with the names and faces of the people she met. Actually met! Not five seconds but long heartfelt conversations. Jocelyn smiled wryly and wondered how she'd keep up with them all.

The Judge came out and was giving high fives as he walked down the ramp. The crowd cheered along as he moved seamlessly into the ring. Walking up he grabbed the mic.

“Hello Central!” he yelled out as the crowd cheered once more. He spun around the ring for a moment and when he caught sight of Jocelyn, he gave her a wink, it was also right where the camera was so many people saw it on the titantron as if he was winking at the whole crowd. “Man… I feel like hell.” he laughed as the crowd as well cheered. “But, I did what I said I’d do, I took Gargano, I took the best he could give me, and I gave it twice back. I did what I said I'd do, I put Gargano.. Down, I didn’t just put him down, I put him through the damn cell! Gargano, if you are listening.... Enjoy the hospital bed.” he’d say before running his hand over his head.

“Now down to business, I gotta be honest, I’m feeling hurt, I’m feeling weak, I’m feeling…. Like it doesn’t matter how sore I am, like I want to fight. I am the most dominant force here in the WWE, there is no one that can compare to me, you set up anyone in that locker room in a one on one fight, I guarantee you, they will wind up like Gargano, so it’s about time I start doing what I’ve always wanted to do, and start cleaning up the trash of that locker room.”

As soon as he said that music hit the air.

Jocelyn blushed as Caleb winked at her. She hooted and hollered with the best of them. As the music started she turned to see what they had planned.

RIcochet (a 5 foot 9, 188 pound man with a tattoo on his pec and a shaved head ) stepped out of the tunnel and raised his hand up and down as the lights sparkled around him with laser lights hitting his body. The crowd once again roared for their United States champion. He began to walk out as he spoke into a mic. “Judge, I gotta say, I respect you for what you did to Gargano, and I respect what you can do in that ring. But as far as being the most dominant. I don’t know about that, I mean, I look around your waist. And I don’t see a belt.” he’d say slapping the golden United States championship belt around his waist.

Ricochet rolled into the ring as he spoke, “And until you are a champion, I don’t think you can say you’ve become a dominant force anywhere. In fa-”

The Judge would throw his mic down and grab Ricochet’s from his hand, “Fine then, put your belt on the line.” Ricochet smiled as he nodded.

After a short moment of getting a referee out there the match would start, it started pretty normally, The Judge getting Ricochet in a few head locks, slowing down the match just slightly. But it wasn’t until The Judge bounced off the ropes to try to clothesline Ricochet that Ricochet would jump over the close line, then The Judge would run back and try to spear Ricochet from behind who did a backflip as The Judge went right into the middle ropes.

The crowd cheered at the sequence of events as Ricochet said loud enough for the TV to pick up, “You can’t beat what you can’t touch.”

The Judge went ahead and locked up with Ricochet easily overpowering him once again pushing him to the ground but this time when he got up a flurry of punches went to Ricochet’s chest and face as he backed up into the corner. “This is it, kick, toss out, interference” Ricochet said as soon as he did he kicked The Judge right in the leg, then in the chest then in the face slapping his leg so it sounded like hitting skin each time. The Judge reeled back and Ricochet ran at him and the Judge bent down and with both hands lifted Ricochet in the air and tossed him outside the ring.

The second he did he ran over to the other side of the ring. And on the television you wouldn’t be able to see it, but the crowd all could, running out from the Crowd came a hooded man who picked up Ricochet and put him on his shoulders, that’s when everyone could see his face. It was Brock Lesnar the Wrestler turned MMA star, turned Wrestler again, and he F-5’d Ricochet by lifting him from his shoulders and dropping him to the ground.

The Judge, unaware, turned around as Lesnar entered the ring and would find himself with a shoulder in the gut falling onto the mat as Lesnar got up. The crowd roared with boos as the bell rang. Lesnar then picked The Judge up and F-5’d him as well The Judge hitting the ground as a rather plump man with a balding hairline came out from the crowd with a microphone. As he spoke the crowd joined in.

“Ladies and gentlemen my name is Paul Heyman, and I am the advocate for the most DOMINANT superstar in all of the WWE, BROOOCK LESNAR!!!”

Heyman got into the ring and looked down at The Judge on the ground writhing in what appeared to be pain. “Brock took special notice of your comments earlier tonight, so he figured he’d come and give you a notice. For years they have stood in the Beast’s path and for years he has beaten, battered, broken, decimated, annihilated, and conquered them all. But you, you beat little Johnny Gargano and you think you are the best thing in the WWE? Please. In the words of a washed up beaten wrestler who is now a part timer. If you want some, come get some… but I can tell you now Judge, if you come after Brock Lesnar, you will regret every second, every moment, every hour that you made that choice, because like everyone else, he will conquer you as well. And that’s not a prediction. That’s a Spoiler.”

Hissing at Heyman Jocelyn then looked over and smiled brightly at Caleb. Waiting for his answer with impatience.

Heyman would flip the mic as Lesnar’s music hit and he began to walk away

The Judge would slowly get up and walk to the back. A little later in the show he would be getting interviewed by a young woman with black hair, with a tight dress that revealed a bit much. “Judge, after what we saw tonight, are you really thinking of going after Lesnar?”

The Judge simply stood there and gave a nod. “Of course I am Charli, I appreciate your concern but I’ve been in tougher situations against tougher opponents, when I find Lesnar, he’s going to realize the mistake he made.”

“But Judge, sorry if I seem worried, but have you seen what Lesnar has been doing to his opponents, he’d been putting some out for weeks, some for months he’s been beyond scary… I just..” she now seemed to start acting shy, “I don’t want you to get hurt..." She paused before adding, "and I'm sure none of the WWE universe does either!" On the titantron and on TV it would show her head moving from his face down to his muscles, a hand tightening on the mic.

“Charli, I appreciate it, and I know what he’s been doing. But this is what I was talking about at the start, I’m going to start clearing up the trash, the filth that is in this locker room. And now, that starts with you Brock Lesnar.” he stared right in the Camera as he spoke.

“When I find you tonight, I’m going to show you why you can’t beat me, because no matter what you do. You can’t keep me down. So when we finally fight, I'm bringing Judgement day down upon you!” he paused as he looked at Charli, “Oh and Charli, my eyes are up here.” he’d say before winking and walking away as Charli pushed her hair behind her ears and coughed slightly.

Jocelyn was floored at Caleb's acting skills. This is sooooo much better live than on Pay Per View!!! Seriously that was amazing!!!! Who knew?! He's so sassy! I mean if I didn't like him before then I'd definitely like him now! There has to be more! Musing about what was going to happen Jocelyn wasn't sure if she should run backstage or wait to see what was going to happen next.

About an hour further into the show right after a great tag team match. The titantron would suddenly flicker to the backstage area and show the Camera man running with noises “It’s over here, over here!”

When the Camera caught up It showed The Judge and Brock Lesnar beating on each other, throwing punches, as soon as the camera caught up The Judge would grab Brock Lesnar’s head and slam it against the wall as he grabbed Brock and started to walk him down the hall before tossing him into a trash can down the hall as the things clattered along the ground.

“Gonna dominate me. Huh?! Is that a spoiler?!” he yelled as he grabbed him and started to punch Lesnar in the head.

Paul Heyman could be heard yelling “Hey!, Brock! No!”

The Judge picked up Brock Lesnar and put him on his shoulder he then would move towards a bunch of boxes where Lesnar would squirm off the back of The Judge and shove him into the boxes himself. Now it was Lesnar’s turn, he started to punch The Judge as he was on the ground. Lifting him up and wrapping his arms around his waist as Lesnar’s front was on his back, Lesnar would german Suplex The Judge right into a metal garage door. The crowd would sound off with aloud ‘oooh’ as the sound of metal on flesh rang through the titantron.

Jocelyn winced as the clang reverberated in the arena. She watched the screen like a hawk biting her lip wondering what was going to happen next.

Lesnar would begin to pick up The Judge again as he hit him with clubbing forearms to the back. The Judge would suddenly stand up straight and headbutt Lesnar as he stumbled backwards and up some stairs. The two continued to trade blows as the Camera stopped following them.

Then they would appear, on top of the titantron and the staging lights near 70 feet in the air. The Judge would get a good hit on Lesnar knocking him back and then follow it up with a belly to belly suplex forcing Brock Lesnar to land on the top of the stage as the crowd cheered as The Judge got up and raised his arms to the sky screaming out loudly.
Of course that would only last for a moment as Brock Lesnar got up and another clubbing blow to the back of The Judge’s head sent him tumbling forward towards the edge as the crowd gasped. But The Judge got up and charged Brock Lesnar who would meet him with a flurry of blows, each person throwing punch after punch as the crowd cheered. Here was the moment, Lesnar was supposed to push him away and get speared, The Judge was ready.

Lesnar shoved The Judge. Maybe it was the shove was too hard, maybe it was that someone forgot to clear the wiring like they had during their practices, maybe it was because The Judge wasn’t ready enough, whatever it was, the shove actually caused The Judge to stumble back, his foot catching on the stage scaffolding that held up the giant red area and lights.

A gasp, a cry of fear, crying, as The Judge, fell, and fell, 70 feet down to the ground, but never hitting the ground. No, landing directly onto the barricade which immediately bent around him, then the scaffolding would fall landing also on top of him.

Jocelyn gasped as she saw Caleb fall and land. Oh God that wasn't planned!! Oh no I have to get over there! No wait… they're going to take him back to the EMT station. That's where I need to go!

Cries of horror could be heard as screams everywhere as the cameras were instantly shut off. Medical personnel rushed out; the background crew began to work to pull the lights, and parts of the stage that had been pulled down off of him.

Running Jocelyn made for backstage. She almost got stopped but she held up her backstage pass and the guard let her pass. It was simple to find the EMT station and she waited quietly in the corner of the empty room.

The crying could be heard throughout the arena as they finally moved the stage lighting and scaffolding off of The Judge, Medical personnel swarmed around him. But it only took about 2 minutes, and The Judge stood up, the medical personnel around him as they helped him into the back. He waved at everyone and gave them a thumbs up as the crowd greeted him with applause.

In the back he would be in the medical office as he sat there holding onto his stomach and ribs as the doctors argued outside about something going on. In the room.

Once the doctors adjourned outside Jocelyn came forward. "Caleb you goof, what happened? What hurts?" She came up beside him looking up into his eyes. She didn't touch him assuming that he was really hurting but was unsure if she should give herself away or not. She really wanted to hold his hand and heal him but what if he freaked out?

He looked at Jocelyn as she walked into the room, he groaned slightly, "I'm sorry, I think I screwed things up… I'm not sure how the next few hours are going to last."

He pointed to his skin where his ribs were and you could see massive amounts of reddish/purple on his skin. “I’m bleeding internally and there’s nothing they can do. They can’t take me to a hospital because they won’t be able to open me up.” he’d say slightly weakly before coughing into his hand as blood appeared on his hands as he coughed it up.

A look of worry came across her features. "Caleb you should be more than bleeding internally… does that have something to do with them not being able to open you up?" Jocelyn whispered softly in a serious tone.

He looked her in the eyes and with an almost look of shame got up slightly as he spoke walking over to the counter where there was a scalpel. "Nobody knows this. Nobody, but you are right. I should be dead, but instead I'm just dying with a punctured lung and damaged insides… but."

He took the scalpel, held it facing toward his arm and stabbed down as he did the scalpel broke off the piece flying into the air above him and clattering on the ground. "My skin can't be broken." He'd say looking away from her. He'd cough again, more blood coming up.

"I'm sorry, I know that's a lot for you to probably process right now. And without being able to be opened up the doctors are trying to figure out which hospital to go to. Since it's either they find a way to open me up. Or I die."

Jocelyn almost laughed. Instead she impulsively reached up and hesitated just before she touched Caleb's face. "Caleb you have no idea how lucky you really are." Placing her hands on his face Jocelyn reached up on tip toes and pulled him down into a kiss.

Feeling her power pull from deep within her rise in a rush to the surface of her skin and anywhere else that they were in contact. It was like a warm pleasant tingle. A tingle that spilled into Caleb and created a tingle in him as well. Well she assumed. She couldn't read minds but she hoped it wasn't painful.

Stepping closer Jocelyn's right hand slid down to Caleb's chest. She continued the kiss attempting to keep it as light as she could. She wanted to deepen the kiss but didn't want him to think her more forward than he already did.

Caleb would give her a strange look as she talked about how lucky he was, he seemed confused. “What do you mean, I’m lu-” He seemed to have been caught completely off guard as she kissed him. He would have his hands up for a moment but they would slowly go down as he closed his eyes and moved his head down as she wished.

He felt the tingling sensation spill out to his body as he seemed to tighten up at that, he felt himself feeling better with each passing second as if he was being… being healed. But that would be impossible…. Unless…

He wanted to move her, and ask her, though it seemed pretty obvious at this time, it couldn’t have been anything else. His hands began to move up but he didn’t want to stop it, her lips felt good, he hadn't actually kissed anyone in a very long time. He let it go for a couple of more seconds before putting his hands gently on her shoulders and kissed her back, for as long as she let him.

Jocelyn could tell that the healing was over but she held on for just a little longer. Breaking the kiss for air Jocelyn came down off her tip toes. She touched her still tingling lips with her fingertips and looked up at Caleb. "I uh…" She cleared her throat. "I apologize if I was a bit...forward. How do you feel?"

He sat there, seeming to be almost shocked at the situation that just played out; he seemed to stammer as he spoke. “It’s, it’s alright. You don’t have to apologize, did you… just?”

He seemed to stop as his hands came up to his lips and then went to his sides, and looked at her, “I didn’t know you could….” He paused as he moved toward her, “Oh you are brilliant you are!” he exclaimed and if she would let him he would pick her up in his arms and hug her.

Jocelyn squeaked as Caleb picked her up and hugged her. Laughing she put her hands on his shoulders. "Told you you're lucky." she put her forehead to his and bit her lip. "I wasn't sure if that would really work. Glad it did or my first boyfriend wouldn't have given… never mind." She blushed.

He would laugh with her holding her close to him, his forehead against hers, his eyes closing gently. A slight eyebrow raised for a moment but it went away. “I can’t believe it, I really am lucky… Jocelyn, you saved my life.” he’d say softly as he turned towards the bed and sat her down on it. “Thank you. For everything.” he’d say softly.

As Caleb set her down on the bed Jocelyn fussed with her hair. "Well you're welcome." She tossed her hair blushing and grinning. "Perhaps I did it for purely selfish reasons. Like I rather like keeping my favorite WWE face alive, and he happens to kiss well." She teased with a twinkle in her eyes.

He would laugh, “Well, be as selfish as you want.” he’d joke with her as he looked back at the doctors outside still discussing things with each other. The crowd could still be heard. As the final match of the night continued. Caleb looked at Jocelyn and right as he was about to open his mouth the door flung open as Vince Mcmahon walked in.

“How are you feeling?! That was a hell of a fall.”

“I’m okay Vince, thanks to some help I should be just fine.”

“Good, that had me really worried don’t do that again, and you and I will need to have a debriefing of what’s going on, someone is going to get fucking fired.” he growled out before looking at Jocelyn, he seemed to look like he was thinking looking between her and The Judge before nodding. “Anyway, you two have fun. Caleb, I will be in contact soon.”

Caleb nodded and waved as Vince left before he turned to Jocelyn, “Hey, you wanna get out of here?” he asked inquisitively.

Jocelyn nodded. "Pretty sure we both have questions for one another." She had moved closer to Caleb when Vince was eyeing them both. "Yeah let's blow this popsicle stand."

He would laugh. "Yes, I think we both have a lot to share. Let me give you a ride home and we can talk about everything."

If they got back in his car he'd turn and look at her as he sighed, "It started out slowly, at first pain was dulled. Then I was having to cut my head deeper and harder to get blood to come out. I'm not sure all of what I can do, but my strength has increased tremendously, and… my skin can't be cut, and my bones don't break." he'd share as he began driving, "I know, odd, but thus far nobody knows but you, Vince, and the medical doctors who take care of me."

"About as weird as being able to heal by touching something. Anything. Thank God I'm not a doctor or nurse. Can you imagine what would happen if I were to touch people daily? I shudder to think what would become of me once anyone found out." Jocelyn shook her head as Caleb opened her door for her. She sat down quickly and buckled her belt. "Though now that I think about it things have happening that require me to use it more often...Nah that is too coincidental."

Jocelyn smiles at a comfortable silence that descended in the vehicle and she hums along to the radio softly creating a counter melody. They quickly arrived at her place. "So this is me. You sure you're alright Caleb?" She put her hand on his arm and looked up at him. The car was dark but not pitch black so she could see somewhat decently.
“I can tell you one thing is for sure, if anyone were to find out, and if they wanted to come after me they’d find themselves having to fight me first.” he’d speak in a bit of a protective tone. “I think it’s perfect, personally, I can’t be cut and the only thing about me that gets hurt is my insides, and I find the one person who not only seems to like me, but also can keep me from dying.” he gives her a wink as he nods. “I don’t call that coincidence I call it fate”

As they got to her place he would look at her place his hand over the top of hers. “Of course I’m fine. I have you.” He would move his hand gently to her cheek and leaned in and gave her a kiss. “Try not to miss me too much, I’ll talk to you tomorrow, or tonight.” he said, giving her a wink, his hand gently moving to her hand.
Uná O’Brian


Location: Institute; Danger Room

Interaction: Open


Uná had walked into the room behind Daniela and Aya worried about Aya the whole way to the Danger Room. Ashford was the quintessential Dean figure and slightly mysterious. Looking around Uná spotted the faces of her friends and new people as well. Her gaze was drawn to Nik. Her heart squeezed hard. Oh please let him not be weirded out! Please!

Flinching at the scream that came from Drake, Uná snapped her head in his direction. His mumbled excuse wasn't enough to stop her worry. She saw Cleo head out almost stopping her but Nik's reentry shifted her thoughts back to him.

Looking back toward Nik she saw him talking about one of her favorite movies The Breakfast Club. She wrinkled her nose at the Molly Ringwald label. She hooked up with Judd in the movie. If anything she was much more Ally Sheedy. Actually much more Ally Sheedy. She gets Estevez at the end of the movie. But he's right we're all … interesting. She saw the new people being a bit awkward and decided that it was time to bring them into the fold. She smiled but not with the full confidence that she normally had, though only those that knew her would realize it was dimmer than the sunny smile she normally had.

After Cleo dodged out Uná was determined that they'd get some training done and why not include everyone? Get them all used to each other so they could run like a well oiled machine. Knowing strengths and weaknesses of your partners made it easier to achieve the best outcome. Walking up to the open door, effectively blocking it so that anyone leaving would have to shimmy past her, and clearing her throat she put one hand out to Nik a question in her eyes of Are you strong enough to take my hand?. She'd already decided that if he wasn’t then they could be friends. It would hurt but she could be strong. She'd have to be.

This interaction was pivotal in their relationship. He hadn't gone running or met her this morning. Not that he always has to be in my pocket but I like spending time with him. But can you really blame him? Honestly? I mean who wants to deal with a psycho that can make her dreams and nightmares reality? Yeah great pep talk Uná...truly inspiring. She attempted to keep the smile bright but it was no use. Her feelings started to bubble to the surface as well as her insecurities. Looking around hoping he didn't see how much this was costing her she spotted Cleo.

Cleo was almost around the corner. "Oi Blondie!! Get your invisible butt back here and be social. We all have a lot to talk about and I'm not repeating myself." Uná's voice carried down the empty hallway and her eyes narrowed on the back of Cleo's head then she looked back over at Daniela then Nik. She kept the smile on feeling more like he'd be able to see through it. He'd proved more than a few times over that he knew her inside and out.

Kaylee Everose

Kaylee shut the door to Cole's office and raised a brow at his terse command. She smoothed down the sundress and sat across from him. Calmly she waited for the moment to settle. She waited to give him time to gather his thoughts, and she waited to make sure that he knew the gravity of the situation. 

With grace and economy of motion Kaylee placed the coffee she had made for Cole in front of him. "I was wondering if you would be interested in continuing where we left off, before we were so rudely interrupted."

Leaning back Kaylee kept an intense interest trained on Cole. She was going to get some answers to the plethora of questions she had running rampant in her head. Not to mention she wanted to update him on the new students that had popped up in her email. "Or we can talk about the elephant in the room." 
Uná O’Brian


Location: Institute

Interaction: Daniela @Chev & Aya @c3p-0h


Smiling Uná helped Daniela up and started back toward the main building of the school. "So Daniela you're safe here. This school is almost an entity all its own. Pretty sure the cops if they came here would get a story they'd believe and go away. Ashford is like our Obi-Wan."

Uná grinned and wrinkled her nose cutely. "This is not the kid you're looking for. Move along. They'd go with it and you'd be fine. Come on, we'll head to the cafeteria and see what we can find. Then we can worry about where your room is."

As Uná practically dragged Daniela along one had to wonder at where Uná got the energy to be consistently on the go. They entered one of the side entrances and were making their way through the school. Uná pointed out the stairs to the upper lobby and talked about how that connected to the dorms as well with a great view, while they stayed on the first floor. Second floor was dorm rooms, Ashford was ambitious about how many students would eventually be here. Behind the lobby/cafeteria were the classrooms and the teachers offices.

There was no doubt that it seemed like everyone was taking advantage of the Saturday and either socializing or running around getting homework done. Uná looked up the hall, about to turn toward the cafeteria when she saw Aya stumbling around. "Oh my God Aya! Are you alright?" Rushing she dragged Daniela over with her.
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